East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 10, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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The long hip form is the original
long hip corset'. It has set the
mode in corset styles. The long hip
gives that deep graceful dip, rounds
off the hips into graceful curves,
takes all strain from the abdomen
and chest and places it upon the hips
and back muscles. Absolutely
hygienic The only corset for the
new style skirts.
Form 989 $.00.
Form 973 $X.25.
Erect Form 990 $.00
Erect Form 992 $. 50
There are numerous other models of the W B
Corsets of winch you will also find at our store.
complete assortment ot styles and sizes.
IA 1 itl t r.lUUElU 11. iiUn
nwaru. luwu iuuus.
oysters nt Castle's.
nniT Kfiii'ii in i r.uinnii n .
i repairing go to Teutsch's.
means Pendteton Indian
nil nf slum renalrlnc: al
means Pendleton Indian
n ljisTprn nnrl cviva ovatnrR
limburgcr and Swiss
Everything tastes good.
nni in iiiiv unnr niumr nn i
will pay the highest prices.
A bargain. E. T. Wade,
es or fall and winter street
mp nifWDtt tww mm wppit nr.
ducks at tue Standard Gro-
Friend Indeed"
1 i . ...
at this season of the
r Hu. i . ; 1
WM a nf Hir lafnct
and finishp-: in
UffiWIU. t
--aa nil uiirr thi.
Set the swell
ew ideas,
Whttaker, the dentist.
Oyster cocktails at Gratz's.
Olympla oysters at Castle's.
Nouman's for cigars and tobacco.
Hot Wienerwurst and saur kraut at
P. I. It. means Petdleton Indian
The best shoe lepalr. work at
Teutsch s.
Cigars, tobacco and smokers' sup
plies at Jack Can dish's.
Your suits will be the helghth of
fashion if made by Slebert & Schulz.
Full line office supplies, inks, pen
cils, tablets and blank books. Noll's.
Log Cabin maple syrup and H. O.
self-rising buckwheat at Martin's
We have the neatest and largest
Mock of jardiniere at prices so low as
to surprise you. C. Rohrman.
Light Brahma and Buff Cochin
chickens for Bale at the Standard
Grocery at the lowest market price.
The Daily East Oregonian is on Bale
in Portland at the Rich news stand in
Hotel Perkins, and at the Hotel Portland.
Lost Irish setter with "Y" on fore
head. Information as to its where
abouts will be appreciated. J. V.
Lost A white German Spitz dog.
answers to name of "Bonnie." Finder
return to Mrs. Henry Scales and re
ceive reward.
Lamp fixtures, all size- chimneys,
wicks, burners, brackets, reflectors,
shades, globes in stock at all prices.
C. Rnhrman
Wanted A boy with some experi
ence in store and with horses, to
drive delivery wagon. Call at Rohr
man's grocery.
Over 400 head of sheep have been
slaughtered near Condon, in another
clash between cattle and sheepmen,
which occurred last week.
See Withee for sewing machines;
the latest and best on earth; chain
and lock stitch combined, prices 14
degrees below zero. Call and see
me. It will pay you.
Why have gray hair. Get walnut
coloring, $1 per bottle, express pre
paid. San Francisco Hair Store, 1401
First avenue, Seattle, manufacturers
of all kinds of hair goode. Send for
Umatilla County Settlers Enter Sixty.
Four Hundred Acres Coal Entries,
a New Feature.
me busiest month for tho Tj
urande land office force for some tim
nas just closed, w th the Ootohor
rush. Extra help has been repeated
ly employed to meet the demands
made upon the office. Ordinarily the
humdrum" life in a land office is
equal to the monotony of the countv
Jail, but such was not the case during
uctoDer. Homeseekers from almost
every state in the Union have be
sieged the plats and maps. The tim
ber cruiser, the coal' expert, the oil
fiend and the forest reserve enthusi
ast have poured their delicious stories
into the ears of the officials and na-
tient clerks. One of the new features
of October was the coal land entries.
That is the opening chapter in a long
story for Oregon. Mining claims and
timber land entries have monopolized
the record. The timber belts in the
Blue and Powder River Mountains are
staked fro mcenter to circumference.
The summer just closed has actually
beea a season of exploration in East
ern Oregon. Tracts of timber lands
have been traversed which have never
been thoroughly explored before. Fol
lowing Is the official record for Octo
ber: Timber and stone applications, 110.
Original homestead entries, 131, call
ing for 19,886 acres. Final home
stead proofs 16, calling for 1475 acres.
Desert land entries, 2. Applications
for patents for mineral land, 10. Orig
inal mineral application, 1. Applica
tion for Isolated tracts. 10. Cash re
ceipts Issued, 150, amounting to 49,
075, calling for 17,710 acres. Applica
tions for coal land, 12. Umatilla land
sales, 40, amounting to S3696. and
calling for C448 acres.
Pendleton Tribune to Make the Office
Non-Union Organizer Will Inves
tigate. The Pendleton Tribune has payed
off the union printers working In that
office and an effort is being made to
get non-union printers In their places.
Trouble arose last week between
the printers and their employers
when the union foreman was displac
ed by a printer who hitherto has not
belonged to a union. Another non-
union printer was placed In the office
at the same time and the secretary
of the union was requested to give
them permits to work, which he did.
At a special meeting of the union
yesterday, these permits were revok
ed for just and lawful reasons. This
morning the proprietors of the Tri
bune notified the union printers of
that office that they would continue
to employ these two printers without
permits. At the same .time they paid
off all the union printers and are now
endeavoring to get scab printers in
their places.
G. W. Howell, of Portland, district
organizer of the International Typo
graphical Union, will be here tomor
nw and will endeavor to settle the
difficulties with the Tribune.
Thanksgiving Sale
Every Department Represented
So that the Guest as well as the Hostess may contribute to the beauty of the Day
in their personal famishing made possible by this Great Sale
Ladies' Neck Wear
Some of the most up-to-date things ever shown
in Pendleton.
Silk Ties 25c to $2
Neck Ruches $1.50 to $10
Collars in endless varities
Thanksgiving Linen Sale
Tomorrow we will place on sale our entire
stock of Table Linens, and at prices that
should be cf interest to you
66-inch snow white damask 62c a yd
68 inch snow white damask extra heavy 77c a yd
72-inch snow white satin damask 82c a yd
72-inch snow white satin damcsk . . .$1.38 a yd
Snow white napkins to match $1.95 to $4.50 doz
Towels, full size 15010750
Lace Curtains
Sweeping Reductions,
close at Half Price.
Many odd pairs to
$2.00 kind Hi. 60
2.50 kind 1,95
3 00 kind 2 45
4-5 knd 3-55
6.50 kind 5.20
Black Peau de Soic silk 1.25, sale.,.,.. 97c
Black all wool dress goods ti, sale 68c
Homespun suitings, entirely new $1, sale. 79c
Great Sale of Ladies' Tailor Made
Stilts. Some at Almost Half Price.
Cattle Shipments.
Five cars of cattle will be shipped
from the V, & C. It. stock yards to
morrow evening. They are billed to
the Pacific Meat Company, at Tacoma
and are shipped by J. C. I.onorgan.
When Senator Spooner Is In an ex
citing debate his hair seems ,to bristle
up a little more than usual and be
frequently runs his hands through it
catching it in bunches and twisting
it Into varied fantastic figures.
Wo .
"(C dtratn t)ran..n.l - T T i C I
,ve nave a n, i :.. 1 1... i i
lavuiiLcs ui last vear ami several new
w.i. arc a iew oi our best sellers;
TlmaBoSU1?.n' Beef Tea Vigoral, Tobaaco Flip,
tomato Boullon, Celery Bouillon, Hot Ohooolate,
Hot Lemon. They are all
5 cents
1 Ci.
iePs rrom Main St T.a r tj
Reform in English Prison System.
London, Nov. 8. In England's lour
great convict prisons of Dartmoor
Portland, Parkhurst and Borstal,
young convicts are in future to be
treated as a class apart, and every
possible means will be employed to
keep them from associating with alder
criminals. They will be officially
known as "juvenile adults, the terra
applying to those who at the time of
conviction are 21 years of age or un
der. The scheme is already In force
at Dartmoor, where schoolmasters
are employed in leaching the youths.
An ex.-army officer trains them In phy
sical culture, and "they are Instructed
In carpentry to aid them hi earning
a living when libenit'iil. Another ad
vance step In prison reform has befii
made by the abolition of okum pick
ing by female prisoners, In Its place
needlework has been adopted, and It
will In futuru be the task of the women
convicts to make their own garments
and also those of the male prisoners.
O. R. 4 N. Company Will Sell Tickets
to Portland and Return for $7.
The O. It. & N. Company have an
nounced special rates f $7 for the
round trip for those wishing to attend
the irrigation congress opening at
Portland on the morning of "bo I8tb
Tickets will be sold on the 17th and
be good returning until the 2Jrd.
Results of a Temperance Lecture
Two maiden sisters of mature years
had been to a temperance lecture. To
demonstrate the disastrous effect of
alcohol upon life, the lecturer had
poured a portion of whisky Into a
glass which contained water and a
mass of lively anlmalculae of different
unsightly shapes and sizes. The re
sult of the mixture "was that the
shoals of the ugl-Iooklng fishes were
soon bereft of life and were seen
floating helplessly In the water.
On the way home, when nearlng a
I saloon, one sister remarked to the
"Mary, will you go in and get some
whisky? '
"Some whisky!" astonishingly re
marked the other.
"Yes, dear, for I really can never
again drink water with all those hor
rible things floating about. I would
rather drink them dead than alive."
The fourth annual convention of the
Eastern division of the Oregon State
Teachers' Association, will be held at
La Grande November 4, G and 0.
Toilet Soap Sale
We purchased an enormous
, amount of fine toilet soap just
before the advance in tallow
1 (6o per centj and before the
I soap makers entered into a
soap trust,
Witch Hazel, 3 bars in a
box, for ioc a box.
Fancy Castiles at 3c, 4c and
and 5c a bar.
The genuine Curative Skin
soap, here on sale at 10c a bar
Other Soaps' at 5c, are
Honey, Elderberry, Turkish
Bath, White Rosett.
We also sell the Regular
$1 box soap. Very fine quali
ty at 69c a bar.
One of the prettiest lines that
ever reached the city 65c to $3.95
ieauing statesmen, Musicians,
Poets, etc. We reserve anyone
you may want until the holidays
Toys, Dolls and Gaines
A Correction.
I desire to state that the report that
V. fcj. Finch stole a calf from me Is a
mistake. He had an order for a calf
from my place, and the wrong calf
was turned over to him by my wife.
Gaston Released.
Ed Gaston, charged with assault on
Mrs. Jackson last week, was released
this morning because of the non-ap
pearance of the prosecuting witness.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to me must settle by Octo
ber 10th or their accounts and notes
wllLbe placed In the band of an at
torney with instructions to collect.
Fat Veal.
Plenty of nice fat veal at Farmers'
Meat Market. O. Platzoeder.
U. 8. Bunreme Court
U. 8. Patent Ofllce
Trade Mark and Copyright!
too 7th. it, N. W.. Waablnirton. I f
The Delicacies
of the season are always
- 1 .
lounu at our restaurant,
At present we have !
Finest Oysters f Frog
Legs Clams Crabs
f and Lobsters f
and other salt and fresh
water foods
The French
S T Olf AG E.
Telephone Main 4,
Tha Put nrannnliH 1 m P a tl.rn firm
... ' -- . '
nnn'm rfinrnkjift'atltiA nanir I tmmri
- -r rw.r -
and the people appreciate It and enow
ft by their liberal patronage. It la the
advertising me lum of Mile eeotlon.
The Best Shoe in the Coon
try at Its Price. We Chal-
lenge any $5 shoe to equal
For Rent.
What . known as Jacob's
Enquire of C. B. Wade.
Boston Store!
606 to 609
Biggest and Best Bargains
In Furniture, Stoves, Glassware, China ware ever offered
in Pendleton are now offered.
Our Big Clearance Sale
Is now on. We must reduce our stock in order to make
room (or others. We want it to go rapidly and in order
to do so we have cut lli'j prices. Come in and fet our
knocked down prices and see what you can save, & ;
Remember Joe Basler's Clearaace Sale
Lots of goods sold at greately reduced prices.
Where Whole Families are Shod. a-i n-- rViv rVtiVvvaiiiVvvv 4