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Overcoats and Suits
$4.45 to $20
$4.90 to $25
It has been filially decided that
Shanghai is to bo evacuated by the j
powers at au early date.
in 1SS0 there wore 7C establish
ments in the United States that were
manufacturing electrical apparatus.
Today there are about GOO such estab
lishments. Adjutant-General Corbin in his last
report, says that the early marriage
of the younger officers of the army it
greatly to be deplored and should be
Seven hundred rubber workers em
ployed by the Morgan & Wright Co..
of Chicago, went out on a strike Fri
day because the company would not
recognize their union.
Will Visit a Few Days In England,
Then Go to Germany.
, William Proebstel. a pioneer of I.a
Orande, and a brother of ex-State
, Senator Proebstel, of Weston, writes
that he tins arrived at Queeustown
I accompanied by his daughter, Miss
.Mollle, en route to the old home In
Germany. The voyage was made on
the White Star steamer Teutonic.
The letter states that a most enjoy
able ocean voyage'was had. Neither
of them was sick during the six days
they were on water, a most remarka
ble experience for persons not accus
tomed to ocean travel. They will visit
a few days in London among the his
torlc scenes of that city, when the
journey will bo continued to the con
tinent, where an extended stay will
be made In Germany, among the
scenes of Mr. Proebstel's boyhood
Miss Proebstel finds many interesting
anecdotes along the way, which sho
relates in her letter, mailed from
Queenstown, also on tire date her
father's was written. They expect to
At Ynrkton Manitoba, a youni
Daukhobor woman dressed herself in. return to Oiegon in May
white cotton and proclaimed lierseir .
the Virgin Mary Many of the zealous Deafness Cannot Be Cured
IiniiMiii aiv hnltoi'a lint crnrv
launuuii... . .v ..... ......... by local applications aa Miey cannot reach
George H. Stunts;, who first discov- the diseased portion of the car. Tbcre U
ered iron in Northern Minnesota, died f "'; oat wajr to cure deafness, and that
One Hundred and Fifty Miles of Stage
Line to Reach a Thriving Oregon
Hums, Hartley county. In this state,
lias the distinction of being the far
thest county peal from n railroad in
the United States, according to .1. J.
Donegal!, a business lunn of that town
who Is now In Portland. He was
obliged to take a stage ride of 150
miles to Ontario, on the Oregon Short
Line, when he came to this city this
week, nnd he considers the trip n very
tiresome one, says the Telegram.
"It takes two nights nnd one day
to ride from Hums to Ontario," lie
said last evening, "nnd the passenger
s nearly tired to death by the time
he reaches the railroad, as It Is impos
sible to sleep on the stage, mid the
road iu most places is rough enough
to keep one busy holding on.
There are stopping places every
miles or so, where one may obtain a
meal and where the hoises are chang
ed, but the meal is usually a poor
one. although the price is 50 cents.
The passengers, however, do not care
for the nrtco f they could oUtain
something fit to eat. and would be
glad to pay a dollar for a decent meal.
The rolling stock of tlie stage
company consists of buckboards, dead
nx wagons or any old thing in mo
shape of a vehicle. The fare is $10
which is considered cheap for a loti
mile stage ride, as stnge companies
usually charge 10 cents a mile.
We are quite happy over in minis,
however, and only feel our Isolation
when we want to take a trip to tne
outer world. Our people are mostly
stockraisers nnd so are not anxious
for a railroad that would settle up the
country with farmers and crowd the
stock to the wall. livery nouy is do
ing well now, and such might not bo
the case after population becomes
more dense.
"The county, however, Is in a very
undeveloped state, and there is a
large amount of land that might he
rendered productive It farmers would
take hold of it.- A portion of Harney
valley Is self-irlgatlng, being moisten
ed by tlte melting snows from the ad
jacent mountains. This land Is very
rich nnd will raise anything.
"There is some talk of the Salt Lake
& Coos Day railroad being built
through Harney county, nnd it would
come to Burns, In all probability.
Whether this road ever materializes
or not, however, is n matter of con
jecture with our people.
"Portland Dally papers are three
days old when they reach Bums and
the Boise papers are two nays oiu
We deal altogether with Portland
howover. and as all our Interests are
in Oregon, the Portland papers are
the only ones we care to read regn
Mr. Douegan is on his way to Kose
burg to visit relatives, and he expects
to spend a week or two in Western
Oregon before returning to Hatney
at Diiluth recently in extreme pover
ty, although his discovery resulted In
-making millionaires out of a score of
other men.
Statistics show that owing to tho
drouth the wheat harvest in New
South Wales this year has been very
poor. Tho shortage is estimated at
ll.0O0.000 bushels. Queensland and
other states of the federation will also
have poor harvests.
A colored portei named Richard
Cole, has been arrested for making
an assault upon Mrs. Dsnuis, the
Washington dressmaker, who was
found in her room, beaten into Insen
sibility. 10 months ago. Mrs. Dennis
npvor recalned consciousness, but
lingered for 10 months without being
able to elve the slightest clue. She
died last week.
Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is
caused by an Inflamed condition of the
mucus lining of the Kustacblan Tube,
When this tube Is Inflamed yon have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when It Is entirely closed, Deafness Is the
(suit and unless tne innammatlon can be
taken out and this tube restored to Its
normal condition, bearing will be destroy
ed forever: nine cases out ot ten are
caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing but
an Inflamed condition of the mucus sur
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by Catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Halls catarrh
Cure. Bend for circulars, tree.
I. J. CHENEY' & CO., Toledo, O.
Hold by Druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family rills are the best.
Charles Lane, of Oakland, Is old
.mil rich. Nevertheless, he spends
most of his tlme-every summer In
Alaska, nnd is niaklni: money at
It Is estimated that of 0000 people,
the normal population of Nome, only
about 2500 will remain there this win
ter. The remainder will return to the
.United States for the winter.
The labor unions of Oregon will ask
the next legislature to create a com
missioner of labor. President G. Y.
Harry is the choice of tho state Fed
eration for the position, it created.
n. A. Lewis, of Lowiston, Idaho,
thinking the small vote ho received
as candidate for county treasurer was
nn Avldenee of his unpopularity among
the neonlo. resigned from the city
Thomas J. U. Nicholson, secretary
nf th Pacific Coast Elevator Compa
nv. has been sued for SiO.Ooo dama-
ges for breach of promise by Miss
Jildora Devereaux, a stcnognipner ui
Portsmouth, Or.
Henry Dietrich, rt farmer living
near Tacomn. was committed to the
insane asylum lust Friday. When ar
rested ho was discovered In his barn
proving for Wine commands. He
had shot his horses and cattle and
had throwu away his clothing, stating
that he would end his fast In 10 days
and the Lord would then show Mm
how to reform the world.
tot r,n i.r dnv above expenses.
The stockmen have each agreed to
an assessment of $20 which is con-
sldered ample for tne ereemm m
nblo corrals between
the points
Said About Pendleton People In the
Advance of November 8.
O. Swank, a prominent farmer or
tills county, was in Adams today. Mr.
fi urn n L- in tho owner of two large
farms, one near Pendleton and the
other in the neighborhood oi jiniun.
Ho sold his crop before lie tnrcsneii
rerelvlnir therefor 52 & cents per
Harry Krebs we call him Winnie,
here in Adams was up irum rumm.
ton Wednesday. Mr. Krebs was en
gaged In business in Uiwton, the little
mining town on the edge of the Green
horns, for several months but is now
located nt Pendleton. His many
friends In Adams wis.i him succeas
wherever lie may be.
Mike Keating, ouo ot tho oldest tuiil
best known plumbers in Pendleton is
In .Vilnius. Mr. KeiltllK collies to
Adams to superintend the laying of
water and gasoline pipes In the new
!,,,.. f Jnmes Lleualleil. Ho
will bo hero for a few days. Mr. Keat
ing Is in the employ or Tom Taylor,
the hardware ninn, In whose employ
Mr. Keating has been for many years.
He lias no superior ns n workman in
Eastern Oregon.
The Glass House.
Willi G4 undefended divorce cases on
the day's calendar. New York Is in no
position to cast slurs on South Da
kota. New atK worm.
An explorer of the Canadian geo
logical survey has lately discovered a
iivn.- anil miles lone, emptying into
Hudson's Hay.
A Sermon on Wheat.
There has been much inquiry among
the uninitiated Into the mystic terms
of grain lately, among which was the
question as to the reason why blue-
stem wheat was selling at a higher
rate than other grades of wheat grown
In this section of the country.
Bluestem Is a very hard wheat and
when made into flour produces a much
whiter article than other grades. It
is the hardest variety of grain to
grow and will only produce well in
favored localities. Very-few sections
In the state of Oregon can produce a
good crop of bluestem. For these
reasons there Is an ever increasing
demand for bluestem flour, the princl.
pal calls being at the present time
from South America and South Afrl.
ca, Oregon Daily Journal.
Trust Those Who Have Tried.
I suffered from catarrh of the worst
kind and never hoped for cure, but
Ely's Cream Balm seems to do even
that. Oscar Ostrom, 45 Warren, avo.,
Chicago. Ill
I suffered from catarrh; it got so
bad I could not' work: I used Ely's
Cream Balm and am entirely well,
A. C. Clarke, 341 Shawmut ave., Bos
ton, Mass.
The Balm does not Irritate or cause
fiieezlng. Sold by druggists nt 50
cents, or mailed by Ely Brothers. 5G
Warren St.. New York.
Webfoot Stockmen Will Drive to Mar.
kcts Surprising Situation on the
S. P.
Owing to the difficulty In procuring
cars, and also what they consider ex
cesslve charges, the stockmen have
been considering the advisability of
building stock corrals every 12 miles
abng the route between Kpseuurg
and Portland which will bo usee, for
tho care of stock, says the Junction
It Is the Intention of stockmen to
drive their cattle overland. They
claim, aside from the freight charges,
that there is no telling when cars can
be secured and the expenses incurred
for their care while waiting for cars
cuts deeply into the profits. Only a
short time ago A. J. Packard brought
fn a bunch of cattle and had to hold
them 12 days: It Is claimed cattle
can be driven overland nt a good
profit. Frank Dinges drove a big herd
to Portland In seven days and he net-
The construction of the mines and
metallurgy building has begun. This
will stand In the southern part of the
main group and will ho 525x760 feet,
covering nine acres. It will cost
$408,000 and the design Is one of tho
most beautiful in the group of many
splendid exhibit palaces,
It's Out Treat
We have just received and
placed on exhibition the
most beatiti.'ul line of Holi
day and Popular Books ever
shown in the city, and to
book lovers a glance through
our shelves is a perfect treat.
We invite you all to come and
Our window display will give
you an idea of what we have
inside Select your Books
for 'the Holidays NOW
Book Store.
s,ii ti.- hmiU iimrnimlilv. on rctlrinc 111
a hot lather of Cutiouka Suav, the most
eirectittuklu inirirylw; snap. as wellas purest
ami wete for toilet, bath, ami nursery.
Dry.aiiiiint freely with CntctntA Ointment,
the great sk.n cure anil pureM of emollients.
Wearohl plo m ilutinK uiht. ! or sore hanilj,
Itching, tmrnluz Palms ami luinful finger
emls, tliH one night Ireatmtnt is wonderfnl.
rp2. Kwlou. ' H u hit. IlMut'Ju Illicit." Im
? Thai EVENING or
Should be made according
to the latest fashions, and
should be a perfect fit. We
make a specialty of making &
functions. Art enters into
our work. Bear in mind we
do all kinds of dressmaking
on short notice.
Come to Us for Groceries
Come to Us and Save Money
Come to Us and Get the Best
Wc are in position to sell vou urm.:.. .i
buy in car load lots and save freight, which is jL-
give our customers uic ucncui ot our savin? t.
n. nriv! if :i. . si
T nrr Pahin mnnle Rtrrim :ttA T-T.n -if .
yum iiiutiuu o .....
We want your eggs and butter
and pay the highest prices
R. MARTIN, Propr.
Should be cheerful and so cozily arranged thill
home will be looked forward to with pleasure.,
folk who remain in the house so much oi their t
surrounded by attractively and tastily decorated I
ceilings and nicely painted woodwork. Ourmisss
and paper your homes. You get the highest c
most reasonable price when you leave your
ia.m Opera Hoi
Is none too good for out PATRONS
We have the choicest liouors and wines I
made. No misrepresentation as to quility.a
measurement. We sell at reasonable pneesa
believe in living and letting others live
Sample room now open
I Wood. Coal Pendlelo
and Hay
Exclusive agent for the celebrated-
Gov. Test 122 over Rock Spring and J75mj
m&i P. P. COLLIER & CO.,
ED. EBEN, Propr. ;
The Columbia
Lodging House
1 kA
T I.ti u.iorir nlflll her 0t .
rnr fnrnltiir,. tnflllPQ it a COZV afltl VL
graceful tables, buffets, and chairs will to
room into a handsome one,
Furniture Store near
.... flout
IP "1
1 1 1 DVVDO' HVST.
i ICUU1CU 111 XlXXiXVO JJAJW' ..n,e I
The cream of the wheat ?r?P f" bread
Flour, which is right for
Fancy ds'i
W. S. Byers, PW,
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Moens, Proprietor.