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Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight and Friday fair
ViU. iaece
yoc "
NO. 4577
Commission Be-
luspection of Mines
rtied by Superintendent and
LFalling Rock Kills a
i Mine Being Examined.
h Pi. Oct. 30. The arbl-
foninlHlon began Its work
L i, Itionprtlnp nf the lllillCS
fuic '""--
hi. nnmnnnv th moriiiliir.
ICtllC VW"F"v "
bers were accompanied only
..norintunrlpnt nnil the II if!
E. man) nsralnst accidents.
fl return here this evening,
momhpri! wnrp nrnnarlnc 'tu
mine this morning they had
Beside the shaft until tho body
HU miner wuu iiuu juai. uccii
filling rock, was brought
iFlremen Reinstated.
ibarre. Pa., Oct. 30. Since
It Morton's threat to order a
jagaiast the anthracite coal
he union firemen of the an-
mines were reinstated, the
! mines and many lndepend-
have given the men
feces back. Other operators
made concessions and a
solution seems probable.
Lines Will Place Four
icth Steamers in Trade From
id to Asiatic Ports.
, 111., Oct. 30. The Itecord-
sterday said:
laaagtment o ftho Harriman
ireparing to make a vigorous
for increased traffic through
Orders will be given for the
ion of four mammoth steam-
' between Portland and AbI
t of the steamers will be be-
1000,000 and $3,000,000 each,
r tonnage will probably be as
those building for the Hill
reen, Formerly of Spokane
ham, Willing to Put Up for
k Oct. 30. Harry Green.
owner of tho Spokan basa-
, rated yesterday that he Is
' put up monoy to secure a
i I9t Salt Lake in the Pacific
ink Uaguc.
ito itited that First Baseman
teen offered money to start
i Spokane to Join the now
t Montana towns including
, Great Palls, Anaconda,
"Won. Bozeman and
' F'Vfni His Grandson
F, " "wine car sirucK a
' " morning and killed
.;;vn; a walthy retired
m Ms grandson, Ford Fen
SECURED $20,000.
U6ti Bank at Gardner, III.,
of That Amount.
r. III. rv on ...
rbr tk.'rC V ""-"A statement
ULrr. wenange Bank toilav.
"eobber8 who looted
Jesterdav mnn,in.
- quia Insulted by Member
LnimL. .
oi Deputli
av. Mnrnnla
Dion this
Inn fro tn
the latter
me cnam
Order Prepared and Issued by Direc
tion of President Roosevelt Chol
era Has- About Disappeared From
Washington, Oct. 30. A general
order was promulgated by the war
department this afternoon naming the
new military post to be constructed
in the vicinity ot Manila, "Fort Wil
liam McKInley." The order was pre
pared 'and issued by direction of
President Roosevelt.
In a cablegram received today.
Governor Taft states that cholera has
practically disappeared from the
Island of Luzon" and in Manila onl
two cases a day have been reported
during the last 10 days.
Wealthy Ranchman Shot to Death
and Mother's Skull Crushed Sus
pects of Crime,
Butte. Mont;, Oct. 30. A Miner
speciol from Bearmouth says James
Conn, a wealthy ranchman on Willow
Creek, was found shot to death in
his home Tuesday. His mother lay
upon the floor with her Bkull crushed,
and .she cannot live.
The discovery of the crime was
made yesterday and officers are rrow
at the scene.
A demented woman who had lived
with tho Conn family for somo time
and who killed her husband about 20
years ago, was on the premises, and
it Is suggested that perhaps she com
mittted tho tragedy. Another theory
is that the murderer was the lone
bandit who held up the North Coast
limited Friday morning.
Will Be Continued Until Objectiona
ble Agreements Are Withdrawn
Sustained by Relief Fund.
Hazelton, Pa., Oct. 30. Upon the
advice of President John Mitchell, of
the United Mine Workers, District
President Duffy this morning order
ed the strike continued at the col
lieries of Markle, Pardee, the Co
brothers and tho Wents Company.
Fifteen collieries are affected and
7000 men, Including the steam work
ers, are out. The strike will be con
tinued until the objectionable ngree.
ments are withdrawn. The strikers
will ,be cared for from the miners' re
lief fund.
Many Others Threatened In the Jop-
lin District Several Abandoned.
.Tnnlin Mn (let 30. Two other
large mines adjoining the one which
caved in yesterday, aiso caveu in una
morning. Others are inveuwueu.
Rnvnrn 1 hnvn henn n.hft.ndoned. The
ruined mines are all producers and
had paid half a million in uiviaenus.
Bodies of Prosperous Farmers ot
Wisconsin Found In Ruins of Their
Rlkhnrn Win Dpt. 30. William
winiinrnlin'nv IiIr brother. Albert, and
his sister, Julia, all prosperous farm.
ers, were found liurneu to ueam in
the ruiiiB of their home this morning.
ltBi," a
. me sn ns n
"UH morning,
In FaVSr nt nj.lt
Yon, I "A
Ind ru.,. ,tat campaign. Both
IWo v "V? tow"- Neither
. DelnK iS twn tn r l
Vl ull today. "'
One Killed and Thirty Injured In
Overturned Tram Car.
Chatham, England, Opt. 30. One
was killed and 30 were Injured by the
overturning of a tram car today. The
car broke loose on a steep incline,
dashed forward, struck a curve and
was derailed. Many were injured se
riously. Old Couple Married.
The oldest couple to wed in Uma
tilla countv for sovoral years were
Joined for life Wednesday evening at
the homo of the bride in this city,
by Ilov. J. T, Hoskins. The contract
ing parties were Louis M. Ely and Ma
tllda Scott. The groom is 83 years
ot age and the bride 72.
New Director.
At a meetlne- of the Presbyterian
church members last night at the
church. Fred Nolf was elected to suc
ceed James Crawford as trustee of
Pendleton Academy, Mr. Crawford's
time having expired. Ono member oi
this board is elected hy the church
independently of the school board
Jt !'
Dr. Wise of Portland, Lectures to a Large Audience on
"Shakespeare theGreat Moral Teacher."
Tlt- Qtnnlinn A Wlfip'a lppftirn hp.
fore the teachers' institute at tho
nnnrf hniiRo Inst pvpnltiir wns nnp nf
the most interesting events in the
history of educational circles In Uma
tilla county.
Ttfntwlthstnmllnir tho fnet that n
popular show was on at the opera
house, trie court room was orowuen,
there being more than GOO persons
Splendid Musical Program.
Tlpslrlpo tho lpptnrp n RIltpTlclld mil-
atpnl nrnrrrnm war rp.ndp.red. Pro
fessor Nowlin called the meeting to
order at 9 o'clock and Introduced
Miss Cozby Raley, as "Pendleton's
most talented musician," and she
was fully up to the standard desig
nated. She played tne "Norwegian
Wedding Procession," which was pro
nounced a rare treat by the audience.
Mrs. J. Borle, Introduced as "East
ern Oregon's Sweetest Singer" so de
llirhtprl tho niullenre that she was re
quired to respond with an encore, and
this too, while suffering witn a se
vere cold.
At the close of tho lecture, Mrs.
Marston, who was introduced as
"Pendleton's popular music teacher
sang a very appropriate solo.
Dr. Wise's subject, as announced
yesterday, was "Shakespeare as a
Moral Teacher." In introducing me
,iinMn!iiisiifii crp.ntleman. Professor
Nowlin stated that he was one of the
foremost men in the iMortnwest, botn
In scholarly attainments, and liberal
Vinnirlit nnrt hoforp he had finished
his address the audience fully agreed
with the county superintendent.
Dr. Wise's Address.
Following Is the substance of tht,
In his forward to the "Ruling Pas
Elnns " Wpnrv Van Dvke offers ud a
prayer of much beauty, praying with
the wordB; "Lord let me never tag a
moral to a story, nor tell a story with
m,i n mpnnlnc." Df him the reading.
the study, the love of whom has been
a ruling passion with the Kngllsli
speaking race and other races for
300 years, it may truly be said that
though ho may not have prayed in
these words, nor prayed at all, to any
Tnnn wns pvpr riven such fulfillment
of the spirit of this prayer as to Wil
liam Shakespeare.
I might search Tar and wine, pon-Ho,-
inni wltliniit. pnminir tinon a sen
tence which so marvelously recalls
the secret of Shakespeare's perieci
art and almost perfect achievement.
tto novor tneced a moral to a story
nor told a story without a meaning.
The story is the moral, and he wno
in a Shakespearian
tale, sees not. though -he have eyes.
Thousand-souled, Myriad-sided has
Shakespeare been railed, ana yei iu
nn Via lo fvontpHt not fis a lioet. not
as a dramatist as a moral teacher.
The soul of Shakespeare is in nis
moral teaching.
Bhni.-oanpnro. mnro than any
other purely literary figure, measures
up to Carlysle's "vaies-rropnei oi
life, the man who "has slezed that
sacred mystery rather on a moral
side, as good and evil, duty and prohi
Qi.ni.-noiU.ni'o l n moral teacher, as
Hfo itself Is a moral teacher, and only
In the way in which life may be saia
to be, using no text save the lives ot
men, deducting no morals, save the
visible and necessary consequences
of acts, good and evil, unconscious,
but none the less, perhaps the more,
real and effective. Shakespeare
teaches like nature, noiselessly ana
silently, proclaiming no laws of moral
koinn. lmt loniUmr us la see that as
nature is governed by laws to which
man must conform, so Is human life
conditioned by moral laws, which arc
binding upon him, oven it they had
not been proclaimed in heaven .or an
nounced upon earth.
A copy of the law of gravitation is
not given to every new-born dweller
on earth for his dally guidance,
though It bo inviolable. None hab
brought homo to man more clearl
than Shakespeare that the moral law.
too, 1 inviolable, rooted as deep and
as strong, as the physical laws of the
universe. And still wo must take ex
ception to the question of Emerson,
'What point of moral, of manners, ot
the conduct of life has he not set
tled?" We hold that the genius of
Shakespeare Justifies this standard.
respecting him. What point of moral
has he not suggested? Here ho is
true to nature. He presents to us
life's moral problems, though he does
not simultaneously give us the solu
tion which we must dig out, not
dream, achieve, not guess, for our
selves. Life is not unlike tho sphynx
In demanding the sacrifice of life
from him who fails to come upon the
key to the riddle of the universe.
Dowden, one of the most illuminating
of Shakespearean critics, has put this
thought very simply: "Shakespeare
will present life as It is. If life pro
poses unexplicable riddles, Shake
speare's art must propose tUein also."
Inexplicable riddles! Is life made
up of these? Let us take a nearer
view of two of the tragedies of Shake
speare and leafn that he was great
and overtowerlng, for as much as the
light of his genius piercod through
the darkness of somo of the unfath
omable mysteries of life, so that much
became inexplicable to him.
Lear and Macbeth, it Is true, bear
out the words of Lowell, "His busi
ness was with men, as they were, not
as they ought to be." But it is none
the less true that this man of vision
"who saw life steadily and saw it
whole," seeing man as ho Is, the
naked moral being as he is, has hplp
ed us to sf-e man as he ough to be,
and as he ought not to be.
Lear Is a study In gratitude, the
vice of black ingratitude to which
monBter, Shakespeare, In words of
Victor Hugo, "Gives two headH,
Goncril and Regan." So terrible Is
this sin, so utterly unspeakable Is Its
manifestation, that words iannot con
vey the hideous and loathsome quali
ty. The turmoil and discord of the
elements are needed lo convey the
horror, the sffrightened storm, the
pitiless rain, tho crash of the ele
ments, all in fitting accompaniment
to the moral clash and ruin which
Goncril and Regan have brought up
on the world; nothing can be worse.
The universe is topsy-turvy, for its
moral foundation has been assailed.
The world must go to pieces, for lovo
and reverence and gratitude have
been dethroned and trampled upon,
and enthroned is the devil with all
tho cohorts of hell. The earth quakes
and things are shaken to their very
core, for love, which is the sanction
and support of life, has been annihi
lated and leviled.
Nothing can be more tragic than
the tragedy of Iar, and still there
Is that which lifts up the tragic Into
the region of the sublime, into the
realm of the divine.
It Is the salntliness of Cordolia,
which throuchout opposes the claims
of goodness and light and power of
darkness and evil, raven n ine iov
of the sweet Cordelia did not, as 't.
in truth does, touch with sunlight
the benediction, the blighted life of
her father, it would still he true tnat
Three Believers of That Cult to Be
Tried for Causing the Death of a
White Plains, N. Y., Oct. 30. John
Quimby, his wife and John Lnthrop,
Christian Scientists, were all indicted
for manslaughter in tho second de
gree today, as a result of tho death
of a young girl of typhoid fever.
Maty Baker Eddy, tho rounder of the
cult, Is expected to be on hand to
defend them at the trial.
Battle Between Smith and Sailors
Results In an Injunction Against
Boarding Ships,
Portland, Oct, 30. As a r?Milt of
the battle between sailors and
crimps on tho British ship Morvcn,
British Consul Laldlaw secured an in
junction in tho United States courts
restraining all crimps from boarding
ships In port.
To Fight Trusts.
Portland, Oct. 30. The cigar deal
ers aro forming an association to re
sist the advances of the trusts which
are endeavoring to freeze out all pri
vate enterprises.
Wheat In San Francisco.
San Francisco, Oct. 30. Whoat-
S1.32?1.31 per cental.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, Oct. 30. Wheat 72
&C per bushel.
Implicates Many Prominent
Indianapolis Citizens In the
Grave Robberies.
Says Several Undertakers Have
Amassed a Fortune by Selling
Bodies to the Physicians Will Go
Before the Grand Jury.
Iijdlannpolis, Iud., Oct. 30 Can
troll, tho colored grave robber, wrote
an oi)en letter to a paper this morn
ing In which ho says that ho has boon
mistreated by employers and thrown
down. Ho states that he wants to go
before tho grand Jury whero ho will
glvo ovldonce Implicating many more
prominent physicians. Ho also says
that ho will tell of several undertak
ers who hud been supposed to have
amassed fortunes In that business.
but In reality their money was mado
f lom tho ghoul trado.
Plan to Gain Control of the Lighting
and Trolley Companies In tAmerlca
Has Vast Holdings in England.
New York, Oct. 30. Negotiations
are said to be under way for the con
solidation of tho North American
Company, owned by Morgan & Co.,
and the United Gas Improvement
Company, controlled by WIdner and
Griscom. Their ultimate plan Is to
gain control of the lighting and trol
ley companies of America. The latter
company already has vast holdings In
England, while the Morgan Company
Is very strong In New York and con
trols Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati,
and many smaller cities. Thoy prob
ably plan, after consolidation, to In
vade the far West and tho Paclfip
Morgan Shipping Combine Pays $53,
500,000 for Its Chief Competitor.
Belfast, Ireland, Oct. 30. An offic
ial agreement which has been entered
into by tho White Star Lino and J,
Plerpont Morgan, of the shipping
combine, was mado public today. Tho
true xnva flio Whltn RtjlF I.lllP, SC3.
G00.000 of which tho stockholders re
ceive $15,500,000 in casn and stocK to
n, our., r,p tr.n ono far phpIi r.ufio
given, thus gaining a decisive finan
cial victory by holding ore unui i in
fest minute.
(Concluded on page 8.)
Many Rich Coffee Plantations Buried Under Seven Feet of
Sand and Ashes,
Washington, Oct. 30. The state de
partment today received a telegram
from Consul-General McNalley, of
i..lol otntlnn- tlint thn erUPtlOll
of Santa Maria continues. The city
if Quesanteango is covered wun a
layer of volcanic ashes six Inches
deep. Many rich coffee plantations
along the coast side are buried under
Beven feet of sand and ashes.
Detonations were heard continuous
ly in the capital and earthquakes are
Another eruption Is reported to the
department from Tompador. The in
habitants are fleeing, panic-stricken.
Peninsular Educators Meet.
Mnraiintto. Mich.. Oct. 30. Mem
bers of the Upper Peninsula Educa
tional Association aro gathered hero
for their seventh annual meeting,
which will be In session during the
remainder of tho week. Today was
devoted to tho inception of tho arriv
ing delegates and to meetings of
comuilttet-s at which the final details
of the convention program were ar
ranged. Judging from the number of
imminent educators whoso names
appear on the program, tho mooting
will bo one of tne mosi buccchhiui hi
the history of tho association.
The Rigby-Clove Manufacturing Com
pany, With $100,000 Capital.
Articles of Incorporation for tho
Rlgby-Clovo Manufacturing Company
have been filed with tho county clerk,
with William T. Itlgby, OeorRo V.
Rlgby and Jacob Clove as incorporai
tors. ,
This corporation Is for tho purpose
of manufacturing the Rlgby-Clovo
combined harvester and other ma
chinery which the company may ico
lit to build when their manufacturing
plant 1b Instnlled. Tho capital stock
Is $100,000 and the shares aro divid
ed into $100 each. Of this tho corpo
ration leserves tho right to placo
250 shares of the stock as preferred
If they like.
Thought It Was His Own Calf When
It Was First Branded.
Lester Blackburn ramo to Pondlo
ton today on rcqucHt of District Attor
ney Halley from his homo In tho
Potts country. Blackburn Is tho
young man accused of defacing th
urnnd on cattio belonging to oiners n
few weeks aeo nnil of which consider
able has been said, 'ITioso who know
tho young man aro familiar with the
clrcumstancps of tho case and tell
the following facts:
Last spring tho young man's father
bought several head of steers and
gave them to him in tho valley. They
were driven into tho Potts country
to range and it seems that a calf be
longing to a neighbor got Into tho
band and was branded with young
Blackburn's brand.
A few weeks ago ho was out round
ing up his cnttlo and came across tho
calf. A neighbor was with him, who
told Blackburn that tho calf was not
his. Blackburn said If Oil was tho
case tho branding was done through
mistake and ho thought It was his
and that tho owner could have the
calf. His friends thou told him that
ho would have to defaco his own
brand or ho might get himself Into
troiiblo. so tho culf was caught and
tho brand defaced bo Blackburn's
brand was not noticeable. This was
what caused tho talk of defacing
hrnudu. but it Ih assorted by tho
neighbors of Blackburn, ono of whom
is County commissioner unmanu,
and la In town today, that he wwM
tnt nttemnt to defraud -i n V man out
of anything, let alom a calf.
No charges woro brought against
Blackburn, as tho district attorney Is
Inclined to believe that Hie whole af
fair was a mistake, It will bo fur
ther investigated, howovor, but tho
Indications arc that It will bo dropped.
Postponed Because of Elections,
oMraan flct 30. Tho meetlnc of
the Stationary Firemen's Association,
which had been called for today In
Toledo, has been postponed a week on
account of tho elections.
Radcllffe vs. Blevlns.
Tho first suit io ho filed on tho
law docket at the court house Blncu
October 10, was filed tnis morning ny
C. Radcllffe against L. M, Bletrlns.
The complaint la to recover Judgment
for $74.66 alleged to be due for laboi
and $17.E0 due for a shotgun alleged
havn hppn sniri defendant by nlaln-
tiff. James A. Fee and IL J. Slater
are attorneys for piaininr,
We own 4941 feet on the Cele
brated North Pole Hill. Our
present tunnel and workings show
our mine to he the richest on the
entire mother lode.
Price, 15c ,Per Share
Buy before the price advances
Maps., photograph and ore ct I
Been at the office of T. Oahagan, Haft,
man's abstract olllce.