East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 28, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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    rrf COOD GOODS at AlexuiulprV K
ou aij
. . I . .lMaB . .
i Bo arucie ui "' ""I'"'0"1" renter pleasure ana com-
a a sumptuous rux uua. uur siock embrace every
model that lias been accorded Fashions' Favor.
lining October 21st, we will make adduction of
Loo each day on our $100.00 Jackets
1.50 " 75.oo "
i.oo " " " 5o.oo
Until Sold
;ander Dept. Store
ling and Paperhanging 1
Are our specialties and wo are prepared to It
fivfi rtrflt-eiass wnrlr.
Our painters are the best -
Our paperhangers are the best
Our paints are the best
Our wall papers are the best
Guaranteed at money saving prices. Let
us figure with rou.
for SHARP New Ideas.
Opera House Block.
Large Attractions to Follow Consec
utively. Haverly's Mastoddn Minstrels Tomor
row ,'Nlght
Haverly's Minstrels this season put
forward as their' star vocalist. Geo.
Morgan, a mn1r mntnilln nhnn iv,-
wlll expect to create something ot a
sensation hero. .Mr. Morgan Is an
Englishman wWhis 1 icon thn fnnt.n.
ed soloist of Moore & Burgess' min
strels of London. Enelnnd. If la
claimed that no 'male singer ever liv
ed who could produce notes of the
altitude of this phenomenal vocalist.
Me strmes a B flat above the coveted
high C of tenors nnH It c ndthor
falsetto or "squeak," but a clear, ring
ing lone, his heretofore unheard of
range of voice, is calculated tn
all students of vocalism. Other nrom-
inent singers with the company are
Frank Coombs, lyric tenor, John S.
Roland, basso nrofimcln lntn nf "Tim
Bostonians," and Charles Richards,
baritone. Prices, first 1 3 rnws 1
last three 75c; gallery 60c. Box seats
$1.50. Big concert on day of performance.
Royal Italian Band.
The voicing of the Royal Italian
band, which comes to the Praser
piaynouse next Monday for a concert.
a s umereni trom that of the aver
age military concert band as dnv la
from night. To begin, there Is a pre-
iiumierance ot reeds In this band
which Is of Itself a great advantage
Then the leads nf tho lrallnn imi
are all played by trumpets, and not
uuraeis. wnich are used in the ordi
nary bands. The trumpet is a much
more ditncuit insimmnm tn mnur
than the cornet, and has a decidedly
purer and sweeter tone and greater
carrying power. Nor Is tho trumpet
nit uiuv insiriimnnr fmin.i i rini.
Ian band that is a stranger to our or
Kiui.auon. uooes, French horns,
uuiuuaruinoes and nuglehorns are
rarely heard outside of Italian orenn
izations, nnd when they aro used in
miiur omnia tney are Invariably play
ed by either an Italian or German,
generally an Italian,
Those Instruments, with their pure,
beautiful tones, are what have made
it possible for this band to attain the
perfection it has in
it.uui.iiuh fcaaU
great Italian operas and masterpieces,
Your Dreams of
Musical Content
Can uow be realised. Invest 111 a
piano and appreciate the beauties
of our instruments, of sympathetic
tone, of Irreproachable style and
finish. If you're not prepared to
pay spot cash, we'd like to tell you
about our easy payment plan.
S. L Wakefield & Co.
Wliolesnlo nnd ltetull Music Dealers
"If you waut to know what smatly dressed men will wear
this season, ask to no titeln-lllock Smart Clothes"
Have You Seen the New
Arrivals of NECKWEAR?
E have just opened what we are positive Is the finest
collection of NECKWEAR to sell at
50 Cents
Money on Stoves
'getting the best at lowest prices. We handle only
: best makes of stoves.
Wilson A Ir-Tlght Coal Stoves,
Wilson Alr-Tlglit Wood Stoves,
Ttllby Air-Tight Wood Stoves,
' Universal Cook Stoves and Steel Ranged.
he Thompson Hardware Co.
K mil m
KJSl Hardware Man
vAL BLANKS wrftetie East o-
HftW a t gonfan JFor ia free cat-
W ' A f supply always kept in stock.
Save the half of the
coal y ot have, been
throwing away
One-half the carbon In
soft coal is GAS. The cut
shows low Coin's Original
Hot Blast Stove bums this
as half of the coal, which
is allowed to pass up the
chimney with all other
stoves. This wonderful
stove makes soft coal at
$2a ton equal to hard coal
at $9 a ton. Same clean
liness and even heat day
uud night. Fire is never
out. Come In and see them
"The Convict's Daughter."
One of the most novel, Interesting
and mirth-producing plays which It
has been Pendleton's good fortune to
witness, will be the popular and suc
cessful melodrama, "The Convict's
Daughter," the great mechanical,
electrical and scenie, masterpiece, en
dowed this year with many new and
surprising features which will be the
attraction at Frazer's Thursday, Octo
ber 30. The plot Is too well known to
call for detailed description, and at
this time it is sufficient to say that
the startling realistic scenes, the in
troduction of side-splitting comedy,
and the beautiful stage 'settings are
all that the modern theater-goer could
reasonably aBk for.
The cast is large and composed en
tirely of competent people, which,
taken all In all, makes this produc
tion one of the strongest ever seen at
the theater. Prices, lower floor, 7Cc;
box seats, $1; gallery, 50c.
"A Wise Member."
"A Wise Member," James Banor's
greatest comedy, will be given an
elaborate production at the Frazer on
Tuesday, November 4, by C. B. Har
vln and an exceptional company. As
a comedy organization this company
is, taken in its entirety, one of the
best now on the road. The play
abounds-'with funny situations and
Prices, first 13 rows, $1; last three
rows, 75c; box seats $1.50; gallery,
Ground Slack Smokeless.
Cleveland, 0 Oct. 28. A novel de
parture in fuel feeding, with a view
of obtaining smokeless results, is be
ing tried at a large manufacturing
plant in this city. With two huge mill
stones slack coal Is ground to dust
and this Is fed into the fire, burns by
an automiatlc feeding gear and air
blast. The dust, when blown into the
(ire burns with the freedom of a spray
of oil and produces a surprising heat
One ton of slack is said to do the work
of two used in the old way.
Let Us Do
Your Hauling
We do trucking and hauling
of all description at reason
able prices.
Your horses will be well cared
for if taken to the Old Dutch
Henry ieed Yard, corner
West Alta and Lillith streets.
Hay, grain and all kinds of
feed bought and sold.
Horses for sale at all times.
Successtor to Hays & Connerley.
ever brought to this city. The silk comprises every fashiona
ble weave and a most striking range of colors and patterns.
"Dame Fashion" says that thero may be a greater varloty
of widths and sizes than usual this season, so you may
exercise your own individual taste in this regard, and our
variety of shapes Is groat enough to allow you plonty of
latitude; yet, 'whatever you choose from our stook will be
in perfect form,
Dress Ties to fit every size jollar;
Club and Batwlng Ties. Four-fn-Hands,
Imperials and Ascots.
We are receiving new lots frequently, so wo Invite
yon to visit this department as often as you llko, to keep
in touoh with new ideas. ,
H Eitabllatatd lt-70. Incorpornlcil lew.
Leaders in Fur Fashions
Fur Coats Fur Capes
Fur Collarettes Fur Boas, Muffs, Etc,
Made in All the Fashionable Furs
PricoB Lower Than Any House on
Pacific Coast, Quality Considered
Send for Illustrated Catalogue Fur UurmcnU Mado to Order
Pror. Guahua "How do I know you.
want to See the ahow
Hulliganl "Aw, come ctt! I'm
only aatin"'you fer a dime. Can't you
t!ord ter take a chance at dat price?"
catchy music. This is the second sea
son of this comedy, ana wuue doui
nlav ware an unaualified
success last season, M. Marvin has
made somo changes In both, retaining
all that was best and adding many
new and pleasing features. Prices,
first 13 rows 75c; last three rows, 50c;
gallery 25c; box seats $1.
Helena, Moot., Oct. 4, 1M2.
Dr. C A. I'errlu,
Helena, Mont
I wliti to thank you (or my re
lief I waa (uttering agonlea
lrom plica and waa taking mor
fihln. to rellere ina, when, on
tie ad Tic ol a friend, I procured
a bottle ol jour Perrln File Spe
cific and tooc a tabletpoonlul at
night and anotherin ibe morn
lug. At ball part 12, noon, my
wile gave me another tablaipoon
lul, when my pain all atopped.
In two dari 1 waa able to attend
my regular built.au entirely re
Ho red. It waa almply wonderful,
Truly youri,
Jullu Meyboefer, Furrier,
...G. P. Rummelin & Sons...
J 26 Second St., Near Washington, Portland, Ore.
Frazer Opera louse I iawerich
Waltz me
At the Lead
The Biggest Minstrel Show that will visit the Coast this season
PRICES: First Ten Rows $1, Last Six Rowb 75o, Gallery 50o,
Box Seats $1,50
Big Parade and Concert at 1.30
htata Kotijir fatt
at l'KA.Jl'K'H
I lMf f"N I expect people (o know what
rlvVV UJ T VU you have to sell If you don't
The new store can never be AnCDTOCO
known nnles It advertises Jr vJ V CZ It I IOC i