East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 18, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 6

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The best
at one -half price
It takes nrn of tho ordinary "quarts " to mako n irallon, but a ItAYNEU QUART is a
full quart, an honest quart of 33 ounces, four to the Ballon. Now, you pay your dealer at
least 11.50 a bottle tor whiskey that cannot possibly bo any better than IIAYNEIt, If as
rood, or f7.M a calloo. It you buy H AYNElt WHISKEY you save at least (3.50 on every
irallon. Wo sell two gallons tor about the samo as you par for ono callon of probably poorer
whiskey. Just think that over and remember that IIAYNKK WHISKEY coes direct from
ouramuiery to you, carries a uMirKLPtjrATKajtituisTi'iiusuuisTiuusifs uuak
ANTEE of PURITY and AGE and saves you tho dealers' enormous profits. That's why
It's so rood and so cheap. That's why wo bavo over a quarter of a million satisfied cus
tomers. That's why YOU should try It Your money back It you're not satisfied.
Direct from our distillery to YOU
Saves Dealers' Profits ! Prevents Adulteration !
job Hil H
RYE for 11.00. and we will pay the express charses. Try It and
If you don't find It all right and as good as you ever used or can buy from
anybody else at any price, then send It back at our oxpenso and your M.OO
will be returned to you by next mall. Just think that offer over. How could
It bo f alrerr If you aro not perfectly satisfied, you aro not out a cent- Better
let us send you a trial order. If you don't want four quarts yourself, net n
f rieud to Join you. Wo ship In a plain sealed case, no marks to show what's
lnstde. . , ,
If you can uso !0 Quarts or can cet some of your friends to Join you,
we will semi n SiO OuartH for 81C.OO br Frclcht l'rennld. thus
savins; you H4.0I). We have been In business over 86 years and haven
paid-up capital of (500,000.00 so you run no risk.
Write our nearest office and do It NOW,
48 Distillxht, Troy, O. Estabusiiid 1808.
1 1
iS I!
Sick Headache, Constipation,
Wind and Pains in Stomach, Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver and Female Ailments.
Tho Salo now exceeds SIX MILLION Boxos nor Annum
Prepared only by the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, England.
Sold Everywhere, In Boxes, lOc. and 25c.
.U.S. A. Depot, 36S Canal Street, New York.
One of the most comfort
able homes in Pendleton.
Electric lights, nice lawn
and shade trees, s ab e
for two horses
A half section of fine wheat
land, all in summer-fallow,
north of Pendleton.
Good improvements.
Almost a section of land in
one body, a short dis
tance north of town.
Let Us Do
Your Hauling
We do trucking and hauling
of all description at reason
able prices.
Your horses will be well cared
for if taken to the Old Dutch
Henry Feed Yard, corner
West Alta and Lillith streets.
Hay, grain and all kinds of
feed bought and sold.
Horses for sale at all times.
Successtor to ;Hays & Connerley.
Daily East Oregonian by carrier,
only 15 cents a week.
We have a select stock of bea
ver, mink, marten and fox
They are of the highest quality
and we quote prices lower
than others
A second shipment of waists,
coats and skirts. " The ladies
took such a fancy to our new
ideas in stylish goods that we
soon sold our first shipment.
A Monte Carlo, or a nice tailor
made skirt? We make them
to fit you in style of the hour.
ED. EBEN, Pop.
In ,1 Its ttasen mere
thuuld bo clcuiu
Ely's Cream Hair
cleanse?, footbeaaniiiti' 'Is
I lie dloi'iiscd uiu nil . 1
Itcureacatarrhawlilr vs
jwnjr a cold Id J lie- UtaJ
Creuin Halm l jilnoil Into tho nwtrlla, spreads
over the membrane umi la ausoroeo. jiaiuia im
mediate and a euro follow. It la not drying dota
not produce acedn. Large Size, 60 oenta at Drug.
gliti or by mall ; Trial Size, 10 cents by mall.
ELY BltOTHBHS. M Warren Street. New York.
Farmers Custom Mil.
Fred Walters, Proprietor
Capacity 160 barrels a day
Flour exchanged for wheat
FJour, Mill Feed, Chopped Feed, eUs
always on hand.
How They Travel, Work and Succeed
Rehearsals, Taking Orders and De.
Pendleton has recently been visited
by representatives of a portrait com
pany, whoso business Is to enlarge
pictures. A great deal has been said
about tho "picture cnlargcrs," and
their methods, but fow. realize tho
magnitude of this Industry, If It may
bo called an Industry, and tho largo
nmount of money It takes out ol the
country, and tho manner In which It Is
Character of the Men.
It Is but little short of buncoing and
many of Its employes aro conlldcnco
men of tho first order. Still It has
men In Its employe that aro persuaded
that tho business Is legitimate and who
try to deal legitimately with the pub
He These aro few, howovor, and they
do not last long with the company,
as It Is claimed that tho conscientious
man does not make a good canvasser
and his placo Is eooh taken by a man
of little moral stalling, who has a
smooth tongue and plenty of "gall."
Organized Work.
The work over tho country Is con
ducted jy several men who act In con
junction with each other. There is
usually a stato agent, and then under
dim aro superintendents, foremen and
common canvassers. Four or live go
together. When they reach a good
town they make their headquarters
at a cheap hotel or at a lodging house
and tho bead man, or "boss." .remains
at headnuarters and his men all start
out In tho morning in different direc
tions under an assignment, and not
a person in a placo is permitted to
escape. At noon they report, take
dinner together and exchange experi
ences, tho "boss" being an eager lis
tener and frequent "suggester." He
Is supposed to bo skilled and can solve
any problem that may come up. No
one is supposed to escape giving an
order if the "boss" should go after
one he always gets it.
The "Boss" Works.
The "boss" sometimes at-his leisure
Miring the day takes big orders
works lodges and other institutions
.here be may take orders amounting
o hundreds of dollars instead of tho
pqtty orders taken by his men. There
Is no such thing as failure from his
point of view and the canvasser who
alls, labors under great embarrass
ment in explaining how it occurred.
This idea is so instilled In tho can
vassers that they become so persist
ent and resort to so many schemes to
get orders that only those who have
como in contact with them know to
what desperate straits they will go.
At night tho canvassers and the
"boss" all get together In a room and
rehearse the work as studiously as tho
most difficult play in Shakespcaro Is
rehearsed, and a mistake in speech,
attitude or action is criticised as rig-
Idly as it would be by the master
manager of a theatrical company.
Ono of the employes takes his can
vassing outfit and retires from the
room and another employe represents
tho landlady, man, or person who is
supposed to bo called upon. All of the
different housahold is represented In
tho cour3o of a "full dress" rehearsal,
and at these rehearsals the young
canvasser fits himself for the work.
During rehearsal the "audience" Is
quiet as death, and after it is over the
employes who witness tho rehearsal
aro first required to comment and
after all aro through tho "boss" ex
plains who was right and who was
The Characters.
Every phase of humanity Is Illus
trated In these rehearsals. Tho wo
man who has just lost a dear friend,
tho angry woman who Is always busy,
tho society woman, tho old maid, tho
poor woman with many children, tho
man of tho house, tho house, girl, the
young woman of tho house. These
persons aro all represented in these
rehearsals and the canvasser is taught
how to meet them and get an order.
Failure is out of tho question In re
hearsals. How it is Done.
A fow photos aro placed on tho
bureau and on tho tables and wall of
the room and the canvasser steps out
side. Tho one to represent tho insido
character prepares for tho ordeal,
"boss"' and all of tho employes seat
themselves as an audience so as not
to be In tho way of the rehearsal. Tho
canvasser knocks at tho door and be
gins tho "attack." If stubbornness is
shown ho forces himself Into tho room,
practically walking over the person at
tho door. Ho begins to "spiel" and
will not bo turned away.. Uo soon
Ieafns all about tho family and tho fa
vorites of the family and secures a
photo of tho favorite and ascertains if
it is tho only ono and tho best one,
If ho can securo tho photo of tho de
ceased member of tho family and It is
tho only ono In oxlstenco this Is con
sidered "dead easy." If ho cannot get
a contract on easy terms, ho gets ono
anyway. He will get the namo of tho
person at tho head of tho family write
It with address, on tho back of somo
favorite photo which ho has secured
to examine, and If tho person has told
him In emphatic terms that ho or she
does no,t wish any work done, ho will
talk' very pleasantly for a few mo-
This is a very important consideration in a woman's correspondence with Mrs. Pinliham. It J
rrcrit satisfaction to led timt ono woman can wnto to unoiner reiuiig nor uiu iuoho innate aim mwww
1 . ! 1 1 i 1 -1, l , il . J 1 -11 1 l. rt 1 tt- n ............ ,,11 rxt
ucuiUK uuout ner nnicss, nun Know umi. nei icuui win uu bucu ujr u. vtuiuuu uiuj, u iuaunuiui rjiuj
lor hor sick sisters, and with a knowlctlgo ot woman's ills greater tnan uiac possesseu uy any otnerp
Mrs.'Piiikliiuii nvnr violates tlio f!iiihliii!n thus entrusted to hcr.ftlHlaltlioUL'hsllCDoMii
thousands of testimonials from women who havo hecnhcnclitcd by her ndvico aiidinediciucrerd
in all her experience has she published such n letter without tho lull consent, nnu oikb I
fecial request ot tho writer.
The reason Mrs. Pinkhnm is so anntlv onalifietl to trivo ailvico in cases of female ills ia for the i
that oyer ono hundred thousand cases come beforo her each year, somo personally, others by wi,u
tins lias been going on lor twenty years, day alter day, and day attcr day. J wenty years 01 constant ran
think of tho knowledge thus gained. Surely, women are wiso in seeking ndvico from a womands
experience, especially when it is absolutely lice.
As mi IlliiKlruf ion of t1if. fiuiil I'nmlni' frntn Klli'li ndvico wn imrawlr.li lilllllisll twolctterif
port rail of Miss Ilattio DcGroat, tlio reading of which should jjivo uvcry sick woman constat!
Airs. j.'iiikuuiu s iiiiiuty to help them, aius is only ono oi thousands oi too same juuuuim
wnicu iurs. jt'uiKiiam has on inc.
"llnAn Tilnn. PnTKirAM: I havo read with Interest vmir advice toothersMt
that I thought I would write to you, for 1 have been suffering for a long time. Ibni
beanng-uown pains, and sucli Miooting pains go through me. 1 nave neaaacne, wo
and fool tirviL Mnnstrtiatinn ir verv tiafnfnl. Kmimf iims bavn to ston work and lite
My stomach bloats terribly, and I am troubled with whites. Hoping to hear boii
soon, 1 remain,
July 21th, 1000. Miss Hattik DkGroat, Succasuma, N.J.
"TlEArt Mrw. PmKiiAM : I can harillv find tvonla r flinnlc vou for V0M tJlisi
wonderful Vegetable Compound. I was in a terrible state, every part of mytofy"
been lor j,yna Ji. l'lnk'liam'8 vegetable Compound. Your letter toiu me utm
and your medicine cured me, and I cannot express my thanW 'I
March 8th, 1001. Mibs Hattie DkGhoat, Succasuma, P.J- I
No Other mndleinn In tlintvnrld linnnrAtvpi1 such WldCSPP
unminllfied nminKumnnt. Vn ntim,- nmiiininA ling such a ret
cures of female trouble: or such hosts of ,'mf.ft,i fr'innfls. Do not be pen
thiir niiv iitlwir ttwwll'l,.s. 1 , - i i. ,,mNidla KomCs
else has no toto.rovt ,
IPw.?. "1)c,lVl:U tI',, '"siuls of euros of women whoso letters are constantly printtaBfl
paper wore not brought about by "something else," but by bydia K. I'inkham's Vegetable Cpol
r w aw
ir' 'v
ments, bow politely, thank them for
their kindness and walk out.
Delivering Pictures.
In a few weeks the man who do
livers the pictures, and who is drilled
as skillfully as Is the canvasser, calls
with the enlarged picture and has it
in a frame. Tho original photo, ho
states is in New York or Chicago and
will bo forwarded provided tho picture
and framo presented aro taken and
paid for In advance.
Tho man who delivers the enlarged
picture will not hear to any statement
that the picture was not ordered, but
Insists that his company does not em
ploy that kind of men, and threatens,
bulldoze, wherever he thinks it will
go, until he gets the money. They
run up against tho "real thing" occa
sionally, but this is seldom, as most
people aro of a peaccablo turn of
mind and their victims aro often wo
men of tho most timid Inclination.
Thus these institutions tako thous-"
ands of dollars out of tho country an
nually, and but few peoplo know how
much drilling, buncoing, bulldozing
and wrong is dono In making it a go.
It Is ono ot the most scientific semi-blackmalllng-buncolng
institutions in
the country today.
Younrj Milwaukee Society Woman,
Getting ready to move Into my now
meat market on Alta street, opposite
tho Pendleton Savings Bank. On
October 20, I will close my business
In tho Court street market, which will
bo continued by Mr. Mlescko.
All persons knowing themselves In
debted to mo will please call ot the
old stand on Court street, and settle
as I will bo found thero until Nov. 1.
After that dato I will bo pleased to
sec both old friends and new at tho
Union Market on Alta street.
tl'JN thousand cured
women have written
to teh how Wine of
Carilui bestows tho
blessing of health on every
woman who takes it, rich
and poor alike. Mrs.
Helena HIa.it, No. 123 Sev
enth Street, Milwaukee,
Wis., is ono of the young
women whom Wino of Car
dui has rescued from a life
of suffering. She writes:
"Wine of Cardul Is certainly 'worn
out women's best friend and I am pleased
to give my experience with it. A few
months ago I caught a severe cold, hav
ing been out in inclement weather, which
settled all over me, particularly In the
abdomen. I was in almost constant pain.
I consulted a physician and took his
medicine for a month and without any
relief, I then decided I would try your
medicine and it was a lucky day for me
when I did so. I noticed a change in a
few days and felt encouraged to continue
taking Wine of Cardul, and my patience
was rewarded, for in two weeks my pains
had left me and I felt like a new woman."
Mrt tltltnaBlau.
n.o woman i
,l (mm fema-'t"
should do anjttoG
irt flrf-nrt
1 nnerationj
that Nature is
nr' . Af l
'Y1 VI!
n-nmen by,"
gives ."""-r.
lira til DV RH"1? ,JH
chance to uuuu up
eased tissue. Wiiioct-j
the , menstrua flow gffi
reueveu or iuu m -.-. ,
in the system,
organs strong and hejlW
Any woman """"i.j.tMlO
untold pains because she i w.
to undergo lPTOetff,
and treatment uu ,vta.
not securing relieiwu. . .
dui is offered to her.
liiiv tn deter her. bM ?H m
of Cardul inUtepnwJ.
w th as muca "Tr
as though a dozen doeta"
it. Many PW'Xir nsti
WineofCardui toJffiEfri
0 Cardui from your
Um tewedj that cure "
jjM . ( .f.. BL-.c.'.tff;Warl . ,L
4t . ,
.-r ... F' . .......
"itlirBafr TTalaWrHaWrmaM
! ' msmi in i iaa iMawa