East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 18, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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    Mens' Fall and
Winter Clothing
Large variety, handsome
fabrics and patterns; the
best of season, all sizes
for the regular built man,
the short, stout and tall,
thin man. $5.00 to $25.00
All lengths, immense as
sortment, the best quali
ties at the smailest prices
$4.45 to $25.00
We carry an up-to-date line of
Mens and Boys Shoes
One Price Clothiers, Furnishers and Hatters
No 729 Main Street, Pendleton, Oregon.
West Point officials report that haz
ing has been eradicated from that
Paul Kruger, cx-presldent of the
Boer republic, is said to be failing
rapidly in health.
It is estimated that the world's out
put of coal for 1901 was 86G,165,H0
short tons, with the United States in
the lead.
Seven hundred coal miners struck
at Parsons, Kan., Thursday, because
the company refused to pay the engi
neers the union scale.
Another sensation is looked for in
the St. Louis boodle cases. It has
been intimated that the sheriff or his
deputies have been aiding the bood
lers to delay prosecution.
While holding up a train near Odes
sa, Russia, yesterday, Circassian bri
gands stabbed to death the conductor
and Prince Gedevanhoff, who was
sleeping in the first-class carriage.
Sir Thomas Lipton's third challenge
for the America's cup has been accept,
ed by the New York Yacht Club. The
race will occur August 20, 22 and 25,
1903, under the same conditions as
the former contests.
All of the restaurants of the city
of Chicago are to be drawn under one
central management. A co-operative
grocery store, bakery, meat market
and storage warehouse will supply all
of the cafes at the wholesale rates
and do away with competition.
Hotel Pendleton.
B. L. Thrift, Chicago.
M. Kline.
Fanchon Kline.
W. R. Glendenlng. Portland.
Mrs. B. C. Skiles, Portland.
A. B. Crosfleld.
F. S, Schroeder, La Grande.
F. C. Runyan, Chicago.
L C. Baker, Portland.
0. Grinnell, Spokane.
S .V. Knox, Weston.
B. Blackburn, Baker City.
Fred Rogers, Portland.
John A. Gross, Walla Walla.
B. H .Clarke, city.
C. B. Pratt, Omaha.
F. J. Macgougan, Walla Walla.
D. Shults, Spokane.
C. A. Nartey, Huntington.
C, B. Towne, Rochester.
F. D. Poole, Jr., Portland.
G. Y. Harry, Portland.
R. H. Carton, Spokane.
G. S. Youngman. Portland.
Eddie Gregory, Walla Walla.
Eddie Miller, Walla Walla.
1. M. Bates, Walla Walla.
The Klondike's output for this year
is estimated at $12,000,000. The total
shipped to date from Dawson Is given
at $10,255,000.
The average salaries paid to male
school teachers in Washington is
$55M2, and to females, $44.89. The
number of school children in the state
is 188,582.
The yield of corn In the fields
around Athena will be from 25 to 35
bushels per acre. Corn Is a paying
crop ,in Umatilla county, and the acre
age is increasing each year.
Dr. Douglas RIggs was found dead
Thursday on the Mount Hood road.
He had left his team standing on the
road, tied up tho lines, and had Iain
down beside the wagon, whero ho was
Grover Meyers, a young Centralis
shingle weaver was fined $100 Thurs
day, by Justico White, of Chehallls,
for furnishing a girl about 14 years
old with liquor last Sunday, and get
tnlg her drunk.
It has been discovered that under
tho new initiative and referendum
amendment!) no act of tho legislature
can so Into effect for 90 days after
tho close of the session. This applies
also to appropriations.
It is understood that a large part
of the Hood River exhibit of apples
at tho recent fruit fair, will be taken
to Chicago by the Harrlman system
of railroads, to be, placed on exhibi
tion at their office in that city.
Charles Messerve, a newspaper man
of ability, has completed arrange
ments for Installing an up-to-date
printing plant at Medford, the coat
of which will be several thousand dol
lars. Ho will issue a newspaper and
conduct a Job printing office.
The Golden Rule.
Ethel Oliver, Walla Walla.
W. H. Maxwell, Walla Walla.
Ed Coeman, Portland.
R. W. Steele, Portland.
F. Himerdenzer, Sleepy Eye.
F. Mutz, Sleepy Eye.
J. E. Halsey, Sleepy Eye.
Ray Barton, city. ,
C. D. Rinker, Spokane.
W. F. Gonnell, Portland.
A. J. Hall, Spokane.
W, J. Cameron, Spokane.
A. George, Portland.
W. F. Kyle, Spokane.
G. J. McEroy, city.
Marvin Jack, Havana.
James A. Howard, city.
Mrs. R. R. Duffy, Ontario.
W. B. Williamson, Pomeroy.
F. J. Gardner, Portland.
The Place to Live.
Weston is among the prettiest homo
towns in Oregon and has tho only
state educational Institution the
Eastern Oregon State Normal School
In this part of the state. Weston
13 abundantly supplied with pure
water'and has granted free water for
household purposes for 10 years to
all persons who build houses prior to
April 1, 1903. You can obtain a good
building site on Normal Heights, with
water, sidewalks, grading and shade
trees free, at a low figure. If you are
seeking a pleasant home at an educa
tional center, Address the Weston
Improvement Co., Weston, Or.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to me must settle by Octo
ber 10th, or their acounts and notes
will bo placed In the band of an at
torney with instruction to collect.
Henrlch Mellmann Writes Letter to
Statesman In Regard to Proposed
Road Also Promises Cheaper Pow
er and Lights.
Hcurcht Mellmann, president of the
Washington & Oregon Electric Rail
way, Light and Power Company, again
comes to tho front with tho statement
that he is only waiting for something
to begin actual construction of tho
proposed electric railroad between
here and Dayton. Mr, Mellmann Is
somewhat irritated because of the re
port which was published In the East
Oregonlnn and Walla Walla papers,
saying that he was In San Francisco,
and Colonel Ferguson, whom he had
here to look over the proposed route,
had given an adverse report about
the feasibility of the road.
Mr. Mellmann Is now in San Fran
cisco and writes the following letter
to the Walla Walla Statesman In re
gard to his proposed road:
"San Francisco, Oct. 13. 1902.
"Editor Evening Statesman,
"Walla Walla, Wash.
"Dear Sir: In looking over your val
uable paper of the 9th Inst., we find
the following: 'H. Mellmann, presi
dent of the Oregon & Washington
Electric Railway, Light and Power
Company, Is at his home in Oakland,
Cal. It is reported that Colonel Fer
guson, who was here several weeks
ago to make a report on the contem
plated interurban line, has rendered
an adverse opinion to his superiors,
the principal reason of which is that
there is not enough diversified farming
In the section through which the con
templatcd road would pass. The prin
cipal product is wheat and the road
would share little in trausprotiug this
"I do not know who could have been
so reckless as to give you the inform
ation contained herein. The report of
Colonel Ferguson so far from being
adverse was exceedingly fiattcrlug, so
much so, that I am enabled to tell
you, that as the preliminaries have
all been settled, we are only now
awaiting tho report of the engineers
before beginning the construction of
this road, which I believe and hope
will greatly contribute to the pros
perity of tho great Northwest.
"By giving the above an early in
sertion, you will greatly oblige,
"Yours very truly,
"Washington & Oregon Electric Rail
way, Light and Power Company,
"By H. Mellmann."
Tho above may look good on paper
to Mr. Mellmann, hut the rople of
Fendloton would rather see some ac
tive operations commenced on the
field than to hear so much talk. There
is a general belief in the minds of
the people that railroads are easier
built on paper than on land. This
makes some skeptical about the pro
posed electrical railroad, but perhaps
Mr, Mellmann means business. It is
to bo hoped that he does. An elec
trie railroad between here and Day'
ton with a train running every two
hours would be a great innovation to
tho citizens at both ends of the line
and those living along the line. In
addition to the accommodation it
would be, it would Increase values on
lands lying adjacent to the road ma
terlally. People are also promised
cheaper power and especially electric
The franchises have been secured
for tho whole road except at the two
extreme ends. Pendleton has refus
ed to grant the franchise out and out
for tho operation of the compauy on
tho streetB, but it has announced that
It would under its own restrictions,
Dayton has also balked at giving the
franchlso over her streets, unless the
company will sign certain agreements
which heretofore have not been offer
ed by the company. Dayton, like Pen
dleton, does not care to tie up ner
streets with a franchise until she sees
that something Is going to como of It,
and then it will be with such restric
tions as will protect the town.
W. D. Lyman Will Deliver the First
Lecture November 7 "Webster the
Orator," His Subject.
The committee of arrangements,
consisting of S. A. Lowell, Dr. Rob
ettson, E. B. Conklln, Mrs. Bryson
nnd Mrs. Wade, met last ovenlng nnd
decided to start the course of four
university extension lectures Novem
ber 7. These lectures hnve been ar
ranged to bo given at tho Congrega
tional church and continue weekly for
four weeks. When tho- courso of four
lectures are finished nn elocutionary
entertainment will bo given.
Tho lectures are to be under the
auspices of Whatman College, and W.
1). Lyman will deliver tho first. His
subject has been announced as "Web
Bter. the Orator," for the first and
"Lincoln, the Statesman," will bo the
second. One will bo delivered by
Professor L F. Anderson, on "Greecu
end Athens." and one by Professor
I! ran 11 on some scientific sublect
which has not yet been announced.
Kline & Co. Moved.
Wo have moved our wine and liquor
store from Court street to C19 Main
street, near W. & C. R. depot, whero
we are prepared to servo the public.
A. Kline & Co.
low lor aie.
A 3-year-old cow for sale; will be
fresh in a month; is very gentle. In
quire at this office.
r 11
rinkes the Hair grow. Clears
the Complexion. Softens and
whitens the Hands. Preserves
and beautifies the skin of In
fants and Children.
9- Absolutely purs. drllcstrtynieJic&leil, surprisioIr
eflectlve. Cl-TICUK m.,ap I. not only- the most tfllcicious
of ikin purifiers iml hesatlflers. but the purest init weel
st of toilet, balti.aad btbjr snips.
Bold efr.Twhe-e. Uritish derti Niwbert, Loailou.
roTTKXlJ.AX&C. four., hole Proos.. Uostoo, U.S. A.
Tho homllest man in Pendleton, as
well as the handsomest, and others,
are Invited to call c any druggist
i-nd, get free a trial bottle of Kemp's
Balsam for tho throat and lungs, a
remedy that is guaranteed to cure and
relievo all chronic and acute coughs,
asthma, bronchitis and consumption.
Price 25c and 50c. For salo by Tall
man & Co.. sole agents.
For Sale On the Luhr ranch, four
miles east of Pilot Rock, all the per
sonal property belonging to the estate
of John Luhr, deceased, consisting of
farm machinery and Implements,
horses, sheep, cattle and hogs. Julia
I. Luhr, Pilot Rock.
Bay Them Now! I
They are regular snaps.
We are closing out three
lines of hooks at prices
lower than actual cost.
We need the room and
therefore make the sacri
fice. These nicely bound
books by our standard
authors at
10, 15 & 20c
Make your selection from
display in our window
1 Book Store.
A seasonable and reliable
friend for these cold nights
is one of our
Now is the tiire to buy one
because it may save a se
vere sickness by having one
ready in case of sudden
chills or colds. Heat cures
many pains, and this is tie
best way to apply it. Ve
guarantee every one of
Don't fort'tit that Trimm-nrlr
I Cough Balsam cures.
Guaranteed at
I Yost Breakfast.
Will be made more enjoyable by having del
hot cakes wan mapic syrup.
We Have
FRESH BUCKWHEAT, this season's crop.
LinMTT MAni? MTMPT? MT7 A T j.
ijwi'sj-' ......, sjiu Kinu your tnotli.
iieiifl rn innki lDt
CABBAGE for sauerkraut.
FINE APPLES for cooking and eating.
SQUASH for baking.
npnr.FRv anh nAinn,,
K. MARTIN, Proprietor
Telephone Main 44 i
" C
Offers: College Preparatory Course
Business Courso
Teachers' Courso
m t . . , 4 T , ' n
lUKes uu graues iruin ouo-rrimary up. urauuates enter Yi&
man (JIuhh liinunli OnlletmH iih Vale. Prinnntnn. Rtnnfnnl
Graduates taking 27 weeks Supplemental Work can take State
Certificates on same bails an Normal Bohools Fall term opens Se
F. L. FORBES, D. D., Principal.
I Wood, Coal
I and Hay
Exclusive agent for the celebrated
Gov. Test 122 over Rock Spring and 278 over Roslyn
Alain 1121 P. P. COLLIER & CO. Mala St
We are Now Selling a
Drop 'Head Sewing Machine
The Columbia
Lodging House
F. X. SCHEMPP, Prop.
Warranted five years, and wfll
keep machine in repair dunt
that period without charge.
Why send off or buy Iron
can buv cheancr from a reliable '
I'hDne Mtsln 34
af JIOSlUJT DHL Willi Jll(rj uu
Give your ehildron a thorough business education.
m iiim n m - - . v miir
Offors an opportunity to educate your children and t
wiuiu iui wiu uinuu m Hie uubinuss worm.
sond your ehildron away to a business col
lege when Pendleton affords'an insti
tution as thorough and com
petent us any. ,
Competent teachors with all modern dovices for insim
ing. The course includes Bookkeeping, Commer
cial Law, Short Hand, Typewriting and nil
that goos to make it first-class. Par
ents, call at tho Pendleton
Business College and
investigate t
H. N. ROBINSON. LL. X).. Pr-ln. finlliurfi on Court Stref
Is reached in BYERS' BEST. Better flour cannot be
Tl, . r 1 . . .... n....' HeSt
xsiu 1.1 cuii ui wie wneat crop enters in oya -
Flour, which is right for bread and
Fancy Baking.
W. S. Bycrs, Proprietor.
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Moens, Proprietor