East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 15, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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Mens' Fall and
Winter Clothing
Larqe varii-n, handsome
fabrics and patterns; the
best of staeon; all sizes
for the regular bu It man,
thf -hort, s'o.it and tall,
thin man $5 00 to $25.00
All lengths, immense as
sortment, the 1 et quali
ties at the sn a lest prices
$4.45 to $25.00
We carry an up- o-Jate l.neof
Mens and Boys Shoes
One Price Clothiers, Furnishers and Hatters
No 729 Main Street, Pendleton, Oregon.
mk 1
flit I
9i 1 ill ;
Ex-Queen Llltokalani Is coming to
the States again to press her claims to
the crown lands of Hawaii.
The Neue Frele Presse, In a dis
patch from Belgrade, announces that
the Servian cabinet has resigned.
Lightweight Champion Joe Gans
easily knocked out Kid McPartlond at
Buffalo. Monday night In five rounds.
Albert Loeh, a prominent hankei
and member of the board of trade of 1
New York, died in that city Monday 1
of apoplexy.
There were shootings nnd riotings 1
at several political meetings In Porto '
Rico Monday. One man was killed
nnd others were wounded. j
Turkey protests to the powers that,
Bulgaria Is sheltering the Macedoni-j
nns and inadequately guarding her'
A nephew of the Duke of Portland ,
has married a plowgirl at St. Paul.
He gives up the Church of England
to marry the "milk drinker."
Scalpers at Washington, D. C. have
been permanently enjoined by the
court from selling excursion tickets.
An excursion ticket bears a contract,
the violation of v Urn constitutes a
What Is said to be the smallest liv
ing child ever born is in an incuba
tor at the Bellevue hospital at New
York. The child, a boy, weighs one
pound and seven ounces and Is 14
inches In length.
Practically all of the window glass
factories in the country will be start
ed tomorrow for the season. The
starting of the factories In Indiana
alone means employment to nearly
20,000 men and boys.
Hotel Pendleton.
H. B. Iangworthy, Chicago .
L. A. Swetland, Portland.
Bernard MacDonald, Spokane.
L. H. Long, Spokane.
B. B. Morse, Boise City.
O. R. Ball, Portland.
E. K. Williams. Portland.
W. R. Glendening. Portland.
E. K. Clarke, Portland.
Miss J. Meyerhoffer, Salt Lake.
W. N. Dill, Decatur.
J. D. Freyer, Stanley'Basln.
L. O. Lakin, Portlnnd.
O. L. Warden. Portland.
George Harris, Portland.
C. B. Christy. Malvern.
A. D. Chase, Portland.
A. Slnshelmer Portland.
E. C. Wavren, Portland.
F. S. McMahon, Portland.
F. R. Hawke, Portland.
W. R. Dunbar and wife. Vancouver.
H. P. Smith. San Francisco.
A. h. Heatfield, San Francisco.
Mrs. W. U Campbell. .Mitchell.
Mrs. I.. M. Wheeler, Albany.
T. W. Jackson, Spokane.
J. V. O'Conner, New York.
The Golden Rule.
W. T. Glnn, Walla Walla.
G. D. Galley, Portland.
F. H. Richmond, Helix.
Miss S. Brooks. Susanvllle.
E. K. Allen, Milwaukee.
Mrs. Z. W. Lockwood. Helix.
Miss Stella Meachun, St. Louis.
J. C. Lockwood, Helix.
R. E. Porter, Meacnam.
Mrs. L. Cornelius, Seattle.
Le 'Parke, Portland.
C. I Mason, Orinnell.
C. N. Daniel, city.
Mrs. J. Green, Boise City.
Nellie Stewart. Boise City.
F. S. Abel, Grinnell.
F. E. Hall, Lewiston.
Elected by Acclamation to the Posi
tion of Grand Chancellor of the Or
egon Grand Lodge of the Knights
of Pythias A Deserved and Popu
lar Recognition.
James W. Mnloney.of this city, was
elected grand chancelllor of the
Knights of Pythlns for the state of
Oregon at their annual election of of
ficers at Portland yesterday.
J. T. ninUIc. who Is a delegate from
Damon lodge, made the nomination,
which was received by great applause
by the Knights present, showing that
Mr. Maloney was the most popular
man in the lodge nnd the man want
ed for the position.
Mr Maloney was vice-chancellor,
from which position he goes to the
highest office at the hand? of the stnte
organization. He succeeds J. H. Alt
kin, of Huiu.jgton.
No mnn Is better and more favor
ably known amouk Knights of Phyth
Ins in Eastern Oregon than Mr. Ma
loney. He Is not only a popular
Knight, but has held high political po-
o.Liui.s ill wiv IlllllUg UL LUC )?UIIIU.
Ho was elected county recorder two
successive terms, which position he
held with credit to himself, and has
been assistant cashier of the First
National Bank of this city for the
past two years. Before making his
home In Pendleton. Mr. Maloney was
In the mercantile business in Athena,
where he was also postmaster for a'
term. He Is a man who gains and .
holds the good will and confidence of
all who make his acquaintance and isj
very popular.
Other officers elected at the grand
louge meeting were: li. Wniilmnii, or
Portland, vice-chancellor: L. M
Curl, of Albany, grand prelate; M. F.
Davis, or Union, grand master at
arms: John W. Wall, of Hlllsboro.
grand Inner guard: G. C. Mosier of
Portland, grand outer guard, and J.
A. Aitken, of Huntington, grand
morning, speaking of his trip. "The
exhibit includes high-grade Herefords,
Durhama, Jerseys and in fact, almost
evory grade of cattlo known. The
Herefords and Durhams were the
most prominent, however, the Sparks
Brothers of Reno, Nevada, and the
Oak Hill Farm, owned by the Ladds,
nf Portland showing many prize win
ners. "C. B. Wade, the blg-Umatllla coun
ty stockman, bought a red roan cow
auctioned off by the Ijulds, paying
$1000 for her. He nlso bought a
thoroughbred roan hull for $925, and
n yearling heifer for $S0O. A person
'an judge what kind Xf cattle were
on display when they bring prices
like that. Eastern cattlemen, who
weie at the fair said they never saw
such a fine lot of catMe at any one
time and they were men who make It
a business to deal In fine cattle."
Injured by Mine Explosion,
Howard Drullard, a minor employed
at Bill Turner's property, adjoining
the Oro Fino mine, near Granite, was
bought to Baker City Saturday after
noon and taken to St. Elizabeth hos
pital for treatment he having met
with a severe mishap through the
premature explosion of a powder
charge. His face is badly bruised and
lacerated and the eyes pninfully in
jured, though it is not thought the
sight will be permanently lost Baker
City Herald.
The treatment of Catarrh with antiseptic and f?S
n.n.lina Int.'nHH rnl.mn ... , .I A . f J
uoviliiwui Miu-iiiu, iuuuuat ouvi, iiiv.uiv.uicu LOOaCCO
.. .1 ;nn..inc .- ...... vtn--,ni - in.-i -.1: . ; . Vl
tin 1 1 viuiviiv vi iu uiiuui ui juvui i'i'lilitlJOIl, IS
just as senseless as would be kindling- a fire on top of'
the pot to make it boil. Troe, these jive temporary
relief, but the cavities nnd passages of the head nud tic
bronchial tubes soon fill up again with mucus.
Taking cold is the first step towards Catarrh, for it
checks perspiration, and, the poisonous acids and
vapors which should pass off through the skin, are
thrown back upon the mucous membrane or inner skin, ;
producing inflammation nud excessive flow of mucus'
much of which is nbsorbed into the blood, and thmnn-J,
reaches every part of the system, involving the Stomach, Kidnevsf5
parts of the body. When the disease assumes the dry form tk 1
becomes exceedinirlv foul, blindincr headaches nre fn.r, "
hearing affected and a constant ringing in the ears. No remV
not reach the polluted blood can cure Catarrh. S. S, S, exwl tZH
rirntlntinTl nil nftpnsivi matt...- , MB
... v.., ,i,m wnenncid
blood is again coursing through the Q!l
mucous membranes become healthy and ti?J
........ w, ...v. 0..,lv. j.uuum symptonjy
pear, nnd a permanent, thorough m :. T,n
S. S. S. beiutr a strictlv vegetable blood purifier Hoe
Rtntn.irli nnil estion. but thennnetite nnd p-ennrnl IwnWl, .' ,?l
under its tonic effects. Write us about your case and get the hit
, T.-t , 1 l 1 i- . . 'vul
aavice iree. .1200c on uioou anu skih diseases seui on application
Portland bank clearings for the past
nine months nre neurly equal to those
for the entire year of 1901.
The B. P. O. E. Will Entertain at Mu
sic Hall Thursday Evening.
Pendleton Lodge No. 2S8, B. P. O.
E will give an "Old Clothes" social
iu Music hall Thursday evening, at
which time those fortunate enough to
get an invitation have a chance of in'
dulging in dancing and card playing.
The invitation being sent out, reads,
"The Elks' lodge ot Pendleton, believ
ing that a great many people of the
city could be benefited and assisted
through the winter with the old
clothes of their more fortunate fellow
beings, take this method of procuring
contributions or such articles. You
are therefore asked to be our guest
on this occasion, and if you have any
old clothes which j'ou have laid aside
as useless, or old cast-off wearing ap
parel of any kind, the same will be
thankfully received and distributed
during the winter where it will do the
most good. Tie your contributions in
a bundle, without marks, and leave the
same in the ante-room of the lodge
hall on the evening of the social."
Nearly 34.000 francs have been col
lected for the proposed statute of the
late Eroll Zola.
C. B. Wade Purchases Fine Blooded
Animals at Inter-State Fair.
If a person should visit the Spokane
Inter-state fair only to see the stock
display, he would get his moneys
worth, is the opinion of H. H. August
avo, the well known stockman, who
leturncd yesterday from a week's trip
through the upper country and at the
fair, says the Walla Walla Stateman.
"The stock display at the fair beats
anything I ever saw," he said this
Romanze G. Marsland, hound over
to the December term of court on the
charge of larceny, made his escape
from the Jail at Dallas, Or., Monday
For the first time in four years
wheat has reached the price of 60
cents a hushel, at Walla Walla. Over
200,000 bushels have been sold In the
last three days.
English dealers are after Oregon
hops and considerable activity is ex
pected In the market. Four hundred
bales wer sold at Dallas Monday for
25 cents a pound.
Twenty-four barbers took the state
examination nt Portland yesterday,
cutting hair and shaving before the
board of state examiners, and nnswer
Ing questions relative to sanitary con
ditions of shops.
John J. McClosky, manager of the ,
pennant wlanlng Butte team, has ac-,
cepted the challenge of the manager
of the Seattle team to play a series
of games, but wants the wager raised ,
from $1000 to $2000.
Palouse wheat ha? reached 5C cents
and fanners In that section are In
better financial condition than over
before. Whitman county ranchers
have been saved $1C0,000 by the re
ductions In freight rates. i
It Is announced unofficially that Or-'
egon bids on lumber to bo shipped to
the Philippines for construction ot
army barracks, wore tho lowest offer
ed. Portland dealers bellove they
will get the contract for 11,000,000
feet I
Those Frazier Tablets
If you want to have a tablet
That Las the best demand,
And say "Owl is the brand."
They only cost five cents.
And that yon can well afford,
For yon get twice the usual amonnt,
Bat the Owl is not alone, now mind,
For there is a hnndred other kind,
And all of snch a fine degree
That yon can not bear to see
Another kind on your desk.
And they are so very cheap,
That yon will exclaim, "How steep
Those other people are."
Now, if yon want the smoothest snap
From England to the Pacific shore,
Just give yonr legs a little tap.
Then yon will receive a tablet so big,
For a little price so small,
That yon will have to get in and dig,
To get it used np'at all.
And Every Form of Torturing
Disfiguring Skin and Scalp
Humors Cured by
Spckkv Cri:r Tklatmknt Datlip Dip
affected pans ilinmiijililv Kith Hot Water
anil Cimi'i'itA Soai- Ntx'apilt Cittil-i-ha
Ointment, tlm preat kin cure, ami lastly take
a full lime nf iTin i:a Kmwlvext. Tin
treatment wIM alTnril Instant, relief lwrmlt
rest ami sleep.aiid point to a spt-tlv, jH-rnia-neut,
autt economical cure when all elie faili.
Sold eTtryhrt. Ptk.TiieSkt llAItor. C' Tlfi'R
Boar.SV; . Oistiiitt. KHOlTtl . atf III Vr. I
hmsi Dtco ,1D tma I'on .ile trop. Hoba. 1
" Uo u Cure feitr.i.'Xri-i lit Njoi. I if. 1
A seasonable and reliable
friend for these cold nights
is one of our
Now is the tine to buy one
because it may save a se
vere sickness by having one
ready in .case of sudden
chills or colds. Heat cures
many pains, and this is the
best way to apply it. We
guarantee every one of
Don't forget that Tamarack
Cough Balsam cures.
Guaranteed at
Schmidt's "
1 You Breakfast
Will be made more enjoyable by having dela
hot cakes with maple syrup.
I We Have
FRESH BUCKWHEAT, this season's crop.
HOME MADE MINCE MEAT, the kind your motU
used to make.
CABBAGE for sauerkraut.
FINE APPLES for cooking and eating.
SQUASH for bakipg.
R. MARTIN, Proprietor
I Telephone Main 44 X
I guniuinuiiuniiniiii
JBfc -
We are Now Selling a
Drop 'Head Sewing Mscbi
The Columbia
Lodging House
F. X. SCHEMPP, Prop.
Warranted five years, and '
keep machine in repair durs
that period without charge.
Why send off or buy 1
transcient persons when
can buy cheaper from a relii
Flione Main 34
5 Cloftlntc out wall paper at cat
Give your children a thorough business education.
The Pendleton Business Ccll
Offers an opportunity to educate your children and i
them for the battle in tho business world. Don't
send your children away to a business col
lege when Pendleton affords an insti-
tution as thorough and com-
nftfonf u a nnv
Competent teachers with all modern devices for inS
ing. Ihe course includes Bookkeeping,oinffl'
cial Law, Short Hand, Typewriting and all
that goes to make it first-class. Par
ents, call at the Pendleton
Business College and
H. N. ROBINSON, LL. D Prin. College on Conrtj
Is reached in BYERS' BEST. Better flour cannot be
i ne cream ot tne wneat crop enters in rycs
Flour, which is right for bread and
francy Baking.
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
For Health, Strength and fi
Pleasure Drink ::::::: '
Polydore Moens, Proprietor. J
.J , - 7