East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 07, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 6

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    TUESDAY, OCTOBEIl 7, 1902.
Silk Waists made to order lor
6.50, complete.
Skirts and Jackets
Arriving Dally
A Specialty
Gall and Inspect
the new ideas.
ED. EBEN, Pop.
Pendleton Shoe Store Room.
Bays old harness, sad
dles, clothing, rubher,
brass, copper, lead, etc.
Dally East Oregonlan by carrier,
only 15 cents a week.
1 i-auicr 01 ine uiri ucm a 1 ip oy
Reading East Oregonlnn Adams
Advance Holds a Scoop Too Long.
Another chapter Is added to the
Lco-Flshcr "mysterious" weddlnc.
The father of the bride now shows
up nnd Is ns much surprised nt the
wedding which took place about six
months ago, as were the companions
of Lee when he made the announce
ment at Daker City.
John Fisher, a man with a brogue,
and blood In his eye, cnme Into the
East Oregonlan office yesterday after
noon and said that ho had heard that
a notice of the marriage of his (laugh
tor, Elsie, to Herbert Lee. had been
published In this paper. The paper
was produced and Fisher read with
"This is an eye-opener," he Bald.
"This clears up the mystery. But
there is more behind It all. I see
through the scheme now!" Then he
nodded Ills head knowingly and sat
In silence for a few minutes.
"So he has really married the girl."
said Fisher. "Wonder what he did
with my wife and horse? They are
still missing and unaccounted for.
Ho took them all away together. I
took that fellow In out of the cold
and now he is trying to do me. I
understand. They are going to gob
ble that Kansas farm."
It will be remembered that last
week the Baker City papers announc
ed that Hoibert Lee, a popular clerk
in a hardware store, had surprised
his friends by announcing his mar
riage which had taken place six
months previously. The pnpers also
spoke of Lee treating his friends
over the matter and his friends treat
ing him. He had perpetrated a good
joke, they thought, by coming down
to Pendleton last April and plucking
one of Its most beautiful flowers 'and
transplanting it from this garden
spot Into the nugget-laden soil of Ba
ker. The papers failed to state who
the bride was before the marriage,
and an East Oregonlan representa
tive who prides himself on never got
ting scooped on n wedding, wont
to the clerk's offlco to ascertain
whom Leo had married.
missing. No one-knew where they FARMERS' NATIONAL CONGRESS
were. Ho found that three tickets,
hnd been purchased at the ticKci oi-
flee of the local railroad, but suppos-
mi.- ..i . !,,.,. ,,n I fill nn fhn'o.l flint mm W.1R for tho llOrSf!. He
o..l.l.,i Tforl.nrt l.tn linil tint nli.Ulor. fnilml Hint the t CKCtS 1111(1 I1CPI1
tallied 'a' marriage llconse nt the purchased to Hllgnrd. Ho then used
ll..,..tlll .m.rlhnnm tin fniiml ninn ' Mi tnlmilinnn I II (1 11 B t r 1 0 11 S IV. 1)111
UllUlllllit VW.I. I.IUUU. .u.(... ------ lUL v.wi" - ,
knew Leo but they did not could get no irnco 01 ins
daughter or horse.
He gavo up and worked on nil of
theso months nnd would possibly
havo never been enlightened as to
the whereabouts of cither of the tru
ants, but for the recent story In tho
Ho published thejEast Oregonlan.
"But that nln't all."
know that ho was married and could
not throw any light on tho subject.
Tho reporter was mad. Ho surmised
thnt leo had gone away to walin
Walla or some other foreign country
nnd got married for tho solo purposo
of scooping him
Then nn expert on marriages on fellow. "I have, that is, ,
.i.- nrin. iifn- . .1,.'sinnnn fnrm n Kansas. Sly wife
up the records nnd found thnt Leo and daughter lnducad mo to deed it
nn.1 Miss Fisher were married at to Elsie. I finally pursuaded Elslo to
Walla Wnlla last April and thnt the
snld tho old
brldo hailed from Adams, in this
Then tho Adams Advance "woke
up" and found that It had known all
about the matter all of tho time, but
was Just saving It for n scoop to use
on Now Years. He made nil manner
of fun about the matter being "mys
terious." Everybody was "on to It"
at Adams! But still the Advauco
had never given It publicity was
just saving It for a scoop.
But the old man's story. It was a
pathetic one. Ho owns a homo nt
Adams. This was not the pathetic
part. Any man who owns a home at
Adams should be proud of It. But
It was the mining of the Fisher homo
at Adams that made the story pa
thetic. Fisher says that he also owns a
home in Kansas and rents a place on
deed it back, but I found that she
had first deeded it to my wife nnd
thnt she had placed the deed on rec
ord In Knnsas ahead of my deed."
Then he Imagined ho saw through
the scheme to "do" him and ho wont
away to get consolation In the way
that was most consolablo.
Formosa Will Exhibit.
World's Fair, St. Louis. Oct. 7.
James W. Davidson. United States
consul at Daltotel, Tnmsul, Island of
Formosa, writes President Francis,
of the World's Fair that Formosa
will linve a large exhibit. The United
States are the greatest patrons of
Formosn, consuming 90 per cent of
her export tens and buying extensive
ly her camphor, fibers and other pro
ducts. Though belonging to Jnpan,
Formosa has her own governmental
1,11 I f III ..1.II.U ln,lnnnitilniit1t
the reservation near Pendleton. He , " Z X,
Is a teamster, among other things,
nnd spends a portion of his time at
his reservation place and a part of
the timo nt Adams. Ho hnd been
away on a hauling trip last spring,
nnd when he returned to his reserva
tion place he found a note on a
slate 'stating: "Papa: Mamma is
sick and wo have gone to Adams."
Time rolled on and they returned.
Again he found the same statement
on the slate. It was June now and
election time. Fisher Is patriotic,
and went to Adams to cast his vote
nnd incidentally visit his sick wife.
Here was where the pathetic side
came In. He found that his wife nnd
daughter,, and also his horse were
showing not only her varied products
but the methods of preparing them
for use. The novol methods adopted
by Japan t oteach the Japanese lan
guage to the Chinese Formosans may
form an exhibit lu the department of
education. Half of Formosa Is In
habited by tribes of head-hunters,
some of the wildest people of the
world, who last year secured some
600 human heads from the frontier
districts of the Island.
Wo will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by any one except
ourselves. E. F. &. C. H. BEITEL.
Pilot Itock, Oregon.
Meeting Begins Today at Macon,
Ga., With Large Attendance.
JIncon, On.. Oct. Nearly every
state and territory or tho Union Is
represented nt the Farmers' Nntlonnl
Congress, which bognn Its sessions
todny In the Academy of Music.
Ocorgo L. FlnndorB, of Albany, N. Y.,
is the presiding officer, and John M.
Stnhl, of Chicago, tho secretary of
the congresR. Owing to tho largo nt
tomlnnco of regularly accredited
delegates It was found necessary to
exclude tho general public from to
dny's opening sessions, which wore
devoted to nddrcsscs of wolcomo and
responses and the work of organizing
the congress. Tho roll call by Sec
retary Stnhl showed that attondnnce
to be the largest In tho history of tho
congress. Illinois, Pennsylvania, New
York, Ohio, Nobrnska, Wisconsin, the
Diikotns, Sllnnesotn, KansaB, Texas,
Oeorgia and other commonwealths
hnvo delegations present numbering
from ten to CO representative cltl
The sessions of the congress are to
continue three days, during which
time there will be discussions on
many topics of nntlonnl and Interna
tional character. Some of tho im
portant matters to rcceivo attention
nre tho "Inter-Occnnlc Canal," "Na
tional Irrigation," "Iteciproclty tnd
its Effect on tho Agricultural Inter
ests." "Effect of Present Insular Pos
sessions on the Agriculture of tho
United States," "Preservation of For
est nnd Fruit Trees," "Injurious In
sect nests and Fungi," "Postal ne-
forms Particularly Affecting tho Far
mer" "Mutual Relations of Northern
and Southern Farmers," "Dairy In
terests of the United States as Re
lated to the Markets of the "World,"
"Farm Products in tho Markets of
the World," "tho Lnbor Iroblom
From tho Fnrmers' Standpoint."
New President Installed.
Tnpekn, Knn.. Oct. 7. The Inaugur
ation today of the Hcv. Norman Plass
as president of Wnshburn College
was n great day for tho Institution.
Trustees, faculty, alumni mid stu
dents took part in the nfterniion ex
orcises and this evening they assem
ble to listen to an address by Presi
dent Thwlng of Western Reserve
Will sell you lot
balance , installs
n any other way.
- -""HIMU
Pnncpal city of EisJ
, uiurc is assured, vj
'"""i in rea ... .
safe and sure Tn...
"" to
not wa.t until prjp
OI All Kind, F
Gray's Harbor
Opp. V; &C. R.j
wnen getting figwJ
otners on that lumbal
yours, don't forget ,Vd
and see us. WecW
stock of all kinds of
Btiilding Mate
including shinges, door.l
dows, moulding, scittni
and windows in Utt,t
niing mat is iounQ inia
class lumber yard.
Crowded to the Doors
1 he largest shipment of Fur
niture ever received in Pendle
ton has been delivered to our
store and is now ready for your
inspection and to make selec
tions from.
some noints we want to im
press on your minds, which will
show conclusively, why we are
enabled to give
Than others. They are:
FIRST We bought an exceedingly large
quantity of Furniture, Carpets and Stoves
direct from the factories, saved the middle
men's profits and got the goods right down
to rock bottom prices.
SECOND We saved money on the freight
on account of the large shipment, which is
quite an item.
THIRD We paid spot cash and got all the
discounts, which amounted to considerable.
FOURTH We secured the cream of the
Furniture market and have all the newest
styles of the East, and not old stock.
The shipment includes the finest there is
to be had, and we will enumerate some of
the many desirable new things.
Combination china closets and book
cases, the very latest and finest made.
Side boards, all sizes.
Extension tables that are right.
Dining chairs, an endless variety.
Buffets, rare beauties.
Bed room suits, the swell Jkind.
Odd dressers, just the things to
Iron beds, all the chic models.
Brass beds, certainly bright ideas.
Lounges, easy and comfortable.
Couches, finest in the land.
Odd rockers, large and very select
Antique furniture, a novelty, attract
ive, ornamental and useful.
The world's best heating and cook-i
ine stoves and steel ranges. The cele-
brated and always satisfactory Charter!
Oak stoves and ranges, manufacture
. . . .. .It.
DV tne o rtPRt stnvp factorv in is
United States.
No larger, more cnmnlete or morf
select stock can be seen in this part i
LINOLEUMS The newest &?
Plihlishinor nrirac in thic rase will!
nnt fin iuciina 4f Ua mraai hafB&i
we are offering. We promise to sm
vn mnnpv ana it i ran we n'i
J "tvilfcj, UIIU II JJ TT IIJ V ,
shftW vnil ihat ura ma Ira 4hp nrOfill
good. We want you to see the ffitf
it . a
nmcent stock and get our prices