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    Not Hardwood Sawdust
Are absolutely puro. Try thorn nnd you will
be surprised at tho differunce between AT
WOOD'S SPfOES and the ordinary ones.
Brook & r&cConfi&s Cnoipassisy &
Dlt H,jV'd ''ay- All that tho president can tlo
ia 10 api'iy wie law. no can 1101 runi
: pel tho oporators to employ certain
, men. or fix tho wages that they shall
pay, neither can he compel any class ;
of jnen to work. In cases of puhlic tPCtlon from flro of the forest reserva
The credit business la ba.l enouch. 1 necosslty he may, howover, proceed
. , ti.t
wiiom wo received me Rpiemuu iui-
ests of this continent, with their
abundance of birds and wild game.
In aome ounrtcr-j thlB method has i
been sneered lit as "Iho Digger Indian
plan." But, despite sneers, It Is the
! ! aolrmtlfln fnrR-
J ' ' 4 1 1 1 UJ1UIIVU "J "V J" " - .
the forest floor clean nnil clear of ac
cumulations of doaO limbs nnd stuff.
Tho Indians began as the moisture
nnd snow receded, carefully burning
the dry spots ns they appeared In the
spring, after tho Brass nnd fallen
loaves had served their purpose of
conserving the moisture and aiding It
to penetrate tho Soil. Tho burned
places were speedMy covered with
green herbage, furnishing cover for
the ground nesting birds, so that
these weto not extounlnnted nor hin
dered In nesting' and rearing their
broods. This system was described
nnd advocated by .toaquln Miller In a
raper solicited by aud read to the an
nual nicotine of th's American Fores
try Congress some years ngo. and It i
ronmiends Itself tt nil observers of
nature who understand the necessity
of following her laws and preserving
her equilibrium.
The subject Is one that must com
rel the 'attention of the government
In finally maturing a plan for the pro-
but the installment plan is worse, i
Citizens of small cities like Pendle-, operation of the mines
ton do not suffer so much from either
in a manner that will compel Uiol
Ho may say
that a public necessity exists and
of these curses as do tho larzer cities. have the government take charge of
but still they suffer iu a way, espe-J,ho nilnes and operate, them for the
dally, somo citizens. I lllJ"c good. Hut the trusts will be
the winners here. If the government
tlous. Tho conservative use of fire
has been objected to on tho ground
There are a few citizens In Pendle'
ton who buy extensively on the credit ! confiscates their property they have
It Is not necessary. They
usually have the monov to nav for 'rom t,ie wa'
what thev want an.i tin. merchants ! bee" swindled In cases of this cliar-
! recourse against the government,
from the way the government
would sell them much more than they
wish to buy. There are fow dead
beats here compared to the popula
tion. In the cities it is different. There j
Is a large citizenship there that buys
all it can get. It will tako anything
from a spool of thread to a piano. It
will agTee to pay anythlug in the
future and take anything It can get.
It-really hopes of meeting the demand
but Its hopes are like the hopes in
drawing the lucky ticket in a lottery
prize. Still, there is hope in the most
hopeless cases.
This class does a great deal of
damage. It fools the business men,
who hope in get returns. But It fi
nally ends by the business men tak
ing back the property and "pinching"
a better class of trade in order, to re
coup for the amount lost.
But in the smaller cities, like Pen
dleton, where prosperity reigns, the
installment man gets in his graft oc
casionally. It is done here on a dif
ferent scale and among what Is con
sidered a better class. It is done by
the foreign merchant, instead of the!
local business man. There are pianos,
sewing machines, typewriters and nu
merous other things sold on the
installment plan.
The gullible patron does not seem
to realize how ".easy" he is. He will
permit the agent to come along and
sell him something on the "easy"
plan at a high price on "easy" pay
ments. He will also take up a cata
log of some distant concern which
shows nice pictures of the articles de
sired and send away and buy it, when
acter in time of war heretofore. It
would doubtless please the operators
if the government would take charge
of tho mines now. They certainly
are not making anything out of them.
hut if the government takes charge
they will receive full compensation
for all of the coal that Is mined by
tho government together with the in
terest and trimmings usually atten
dant upon such claims.
While the town is building up at a
rapid rate, its general health should
not bo neglected. Its neat appear
ance shrould also be preserved. A
growing town becomes as ragged
and unkempt, if neglected, as any
other institution suffering neglect,
and Its civic improvement should he
looked after at all times. This Is as
important as Its sewerage.
that It disturbs the? ground nesting
birds. All observers know that these
are exterminated, not by such proper!
use of (Ire, but by the close trampling (
of sheep when grazing In the forest
Proper use ol fire Is entirely consis
tent with the grow.h of young trees,
which under the I'idipn system were
preserved In such quantities as to
continually renew tho forest nnd pro
tect Its permanency. It should be,
sufficient compliment to this natural
method thnt the Indians lived In. pre
served, made permmet and transmit-1
ted to us on this continent the moat
extensive, valuable and useful forests
In the world. Under our management '
these fine forests have rapidly de-
creased and disappeared nnd tho ef-(
feet Is already sen in the decrease I
moisture of tho earth's crust and in-'
creasing aridity of the climate. j
tho American Forestry Congress
should urge upon congress the need
of putting tho forest reserves In the
hands and keeping of expert forestors
who. In practicing methods of Euro
pean fores'try. will be merely restoring
those of the Indians, who studied and
followed nature as closely as any of
the modern physlei&ts, according to
their lights. San Francisco Call.
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showing for visitors, if efforts In the
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me same article could bo purchased , those in charge of public exhibitions,
The complaint comes from Baker
City and I-a Grande that the street
fair has taken money out of the coun
try that should have remained at
This; Is natural, in view of the
"run down" condition of home pride
In most of Eastern Oregon towns.
A glance at the programs of recent
street fairs is evidence that the home
talent of our sister towns was over
looked. Tho premiums orfered on
nsricultural and industrial exhibits
were not large onough to warrant our constitution, the people will some
producers in making an effort. The 1 day revolt at the arrogance and net-
uvesiucK premiums woum scarcely fie tho trust question in an American
buy a new halter for tho horse or manner,
bull. Eastern Oregon Is a great,
country, and could make a splendid
A telegraphic news item from Kan-j
sas City says: "Packing houses have'
Issued orders forbidding employes to'
discuss tho beef trust question, under'
penalty or being discharged." 1
Adding this disgusting "gag rule"!
to the statement of that ignorant I
magnate who declared recently that.
Providence had given all the coal In'
this country Into the keeping of the,
coal trust, we have a sum of trust 1
doctrine which should bring a blush!
of shame to the cheek of the Ameri
can voter. No wonder the president
or the United States Is opposed to
these combines. His good taste
would drive him to abhor their con
temptibie methods, even though their
power Kept him In the presidential
chair, if no check Is placed upon
ineir neeuiess abuse of American In
suiuuons and the Jlbert es born nr
C. Taylor,
741 Alain Street Phone Alain 871
ha"Eing 0 ifffij
want doctujiSSa
then coffiit,!1
1'ut low. 14
e How
ius&h s
ValuaVi P
Timber f$
from a local merchant at a less price
and a better quality would usually
be obtained.
But the Installment plan! Few
have thought of the extravagance of
this plan. Take a typewriter, for in
stance. An agent comes here from
Portland or Spokane. It costs rail
road fare and hotel bills for him to
come here. Who pays this? The man
who buys, of course,
Such .grain, fruit, vegetable and live
stock as are found In Eastern Ore
gon can not be excelled on tho
coast One of the most valuable ad
vertising mediums is a well conduct
ed fair. It is a table of contents of
the section represented. Visitors
need no further Information.
But on the other hand, If every
thing Is imported and precedence
given to the questionable amuse-
rp. 03 . i mciiia tutu onniiu IUC IllUUClU OVitCL
inese agents f , nlintrv i. in5,r. Mnnnv nini
make the rounds once a month. Their certainly go out of tho town that
expenses and salary have to be paid. should have been left with home at
The greenhorn Installment man has tactions,
to pay them. The same with rhA
piano and sewing machine. The same1 "f f?F, t!10, "f'u 0,.fc8port
i. .1 .u j . . . enjoyed and Indulged In by the peo ,
with all other dealers who sell hero ni ..,i, 0Hrr.i0,i w,i '
iiuuii, ..Kill uiuiv u tut,ttl
by piece-meal or in Job lots. pride and left dollars In the-country ,
rr.l- 11. . V. . 1. ! v.n.A 1
niu iaea is conveyed tnat all of "lut u'uub
these articles coit just the same as
If purchased from "headquarters;" Races and, sames that the Amerl-
i. ic . mu i . can swears by, are forthcoming upon
It is not true. There Is alwavs a way the sught03t inducement They leave
to get the difference between the no stench behind them. They are
price paid these men who travel and clean, moral and not objectionable,
tho original cost, which tho consura
ers must pay. It Is simnly a hold-up
and the chumr who patronlzas them
dewe but little pity.
-'Preldflpt noQvvalt now aks thj
re.praiwntnji.vsf of both sides of tho
trpi.uhln "'th6 coal striUe ito hold a
conference with htm. While he his
no authority to say to either that
you shall ,t.hli Qr tfut, ,a. request
cjornlng from so high authority may
reultIn sojtllng tho .strike, or.jplac
Ing tho situation on a basis that'wlll
Brush up home pride. It pays to
do it, besides It has a much better
appearance. We are all of the "earth
erthy" and need tho help of each
other. But when wo have a dollar
to spend, let us spend It where H
might geUlodged in tho country.
Wo publish a letter from an" exper
ienced mountaineer which treats of
the means necessary to preserve our
forests from flro. It has been called
"Indian forestry," because It la the
methods used by tho Indians from
Who come of a
consumptive fam
ily when thev be-
gin to cough and
the lungs are pain
ful. Hut it is a
fact beyond dis
proof that con
sumption is not
and cannot be in
herited. The mi
crobe which breeds
disease must abso
lutely be received
by the individual
before consump
tion can be devel
oped. Men and women
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paliu in my chest The dcrtor uko alUndrd m
Mid Aatt Ihhz muile. and thai would neur U
uU Main. At Uit I concluded to try Doctor
p," medtcine 1 toiiRht a bottle 6T Gold
cn Medical Discovery.' tool: it. and oon com
roenceil to feel a little better then you .directed
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my work without any pain whatever and can
ran with more ase than I could fonneUy icaM."
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, in paper cavern, is sentmr on
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expense of mailing only. Addie&s Dr.
R V. Pierce Buffalo. N. Y.
7 '
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