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Eastern Oregon Weather
Fair tonight and Friday; prob-
ably cootcr Friday.
NO. 45o3
ilM.WMMHM-ike Lead-
1, P,!0lllfe
w4 Ul f VTBB
e titan, " 9Ih
ipnny 0,
jrs at a
kocr this
lito have
pflred up-
tt colliery
it wag ln-
ric; nd. .onftvWftyn, .difficult.
rB oa.pr'imo we jnr u;ei hub
whohad '
vcr in his
it usage.
on miner.
Ioub near
I glit, and
car track.
id struck
irr.-:Pi ;Wg(,2. Eleven
lors wer
rifTtty. 'ShefMCcobs with
y -oonipMr r militia,
& ifMtegMHl mailing
steam coal, and Is using furnace coal,
of which It has about 25 tons. Thl
condition prevails at many other In
It was said at the office of the
charities department that no real
distress has been experienced in any
of the city charitable Institutions.
The price of anthracite has reach
cd $21, but some retailers are ped
dltng out their small supplies at $15
or $16 to old customers.
Importation of "Welch nnthracite
and French bituminous can in no way
relieve the situation, for the few car
goes that have been landed aro st
little account. There are only about
8000 tons of this coal now on the way
but orders have been placed this
week for 25.000 tons. At least
month is required, however, to fill
the orders. The cost of importing
Welch coal under normal conditions
Is about $7.
Hessey, Arrested by the Police,
Wanted In Walla Walla.
Acting under instructions from the
Walla Walla county officers, a man
named Hessey was picked up hore
today by the police. A telephone
message came from Walla Walla,
giving a description of Hessey and
saying to arrrest and hold him until
the officers arrived. He Is wanted
there for grand larceny, but the par
ticulars of his crime are not known.
An officer will arrive this evening
and return with the prisoner.
Epidemic of Suicides.
San Francisco, Oct. 2. An epldem
ic of suicides has been raging here
for the past 10 days. Nlnteon cases
have been reported, four shooting,
10 poisoning, Ave asphyxiation.
Seven men and 12 women are the
victims of deatU by their own hands.
ent when c APT. BUTTS. OF WYOMING.
td through ..., .. . .
-Tthe sheriff ocl mnlmL,lu'
SSEIl8 ObJted to Reprimand Delivered by
I IX A-J ..fill
retrial and wm f
,11 each. pear Before General Funston,
lit ..J i"
f arfc.5 Jk
a" to;
ads tnrtw,-
went, .tl
ition and
wrigut a i
Fort niloy, Kan., Oct. 2. For
Presi- swearing in the presence of superior
ening for officers, when reprimanded by Colo-
no pre- nol Sanno, of the Eighteenth Infant
in tile ,, nnn)nln Tl.ilto f T?nr-i Ui,t.coll
certain ,vyon"ng, ueiougmg 10 us same reg
Arm on Inient, is said to be in danger of
nference court martial. The incident occur
rtion. In re,i nf ty.f. nloRA nf vfiRterHnv'a mn.
.1 I - "
O.U.I.V v.. -1.,.l Tl.. ll. .
;uiJituu xjukva win uuvg to amjtjur
before General Funston In the event
of being arrested and court martial
resident od. Butts is a famous Indian fighter
ecrotary and author of a standard military
Ho is de- manual of athletic exercises,
of the
.1 report,
Senator Deprive Officers of Coats and Hel
lis nf at- mets and Turn Hokc on Th.m
la 1.1 ef- ... . .
hJV. . iu, Vlil., 6. J W11U llUi.
curred on tlio campus of the State
ed. University this morning when four
renorted officers attempted to arrest students
President for bicycling on sidewalks.
Governor lve hundred students seized the
tend the omcers, deprived them of their coats
unorrow. aml helmets, tied them to a tree and
turned the hose on them. Thev were
men pui on separate street cars and
Lawson Mine in Washington
Blown Up by Explosion of
Fire Damp,
Five Bodies Recovered; All Scandi
navians Victims Have Families
Wild Scene at the Mine.
Black Diamond, Wash., Oct. 2. A
frightful disaster occurred in Lie
Lawson mines, located one half mile
from this place, this morning. Fire
damp exploded just as the day shift
went to work,and 14 men are known
to be killed.
One body was recovered, but the
others are imprisoned under the
Men, women and children for miles
around are rushing to the sceno of
the disaster. The miners killed by
the explosion are mostly married
men and white.
The mine is owned by the Pacific
Coast Company, and was considered
safe. A special train carrying a
force of men to lend aid, and officers
of the company, was called from Se
Five Bodies Recovered,
Black Diamond, Oct.2 .Five dead
bodies have been recovered from the
debris of the mine wrecked today by
an explosion of fire damp. The
bodies are those of Scandinavians.
Work of uncovering the victims of
the disaster is carried on by willing
Two Billions of Dollars Wil
Be Arrayed Against the
Packing Trust,
Will Have Assistance of Government
Legal Department to Thwart the
Merger of Large Packing Compa
Denver, Oct. 2. The National
Livestock Association, several of the
largo Western railways and the gov
ernnient legal department will com
bine in a fight against the proposed
packing house merger.
President Springer, of the Live
stock Association, made this state
ment today after a conference with
President Moore, of the Kansas City
stock yards and officers of the asso
ciation. Capital reaching the amount
of $2,000,000,000, will bo represented
in the fight against the merger.
rich.. Oflt. -ll . Jm tl.OUS- told never in return Th. I,,
if jHtV: ttoltod thoir in- helmota and coats were cut to 'pieces
Wilfeoal strlk and dlstriouted as spuvonlrs among
n ;,wk' 4ip uay. May- in e siuaems.
a -he: m Jrffwd if the
r'tHJlMlir; tlm0- Marines for West India.
rsonoiK, Oct. z. The cruiser Prai
TRIAL. rlo arrived here this afternoon and is
now taking aboard 500 marines for
ork, Sum- servlco at Culebra, West Indies.
Large Numbers of Delegates Gather
Ing at Zanesvllle, Ohio,
Zanesvillo, O., Oct. 2. Arriving
trans today brought scores of dele
gates and visitors to the state Chris
tlan Endeavor convention, which will
be in session here during the remain
der of the week. Cleveland, Dayton,
Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, San
dusky and other chief cities of the
stato have sent large delegations. As
fast as they arrived the visitors were
met at tho station by whito-capped
members of tho reception committee
and escorted to headquarters where
they were registered and assigned to
private families who are entertaining,
Tho gathering will be formally
Compiles With Request of Com
missioners of Idaho Prison.
Boise. Trtnhn. OnL 2. Thfl VftHltrnn.
tion of Charles B. Arney as warden onened thls evening, when Dr. Emo-
of the state penitentiary was filed l "". iBiueiii 01 ueuwvu urn
this morning with the secretary of versify, will speak on "Education .for
the board of prison commissioners, Evangelization." At the subsequent
but appended to the resignation was 01 convention a numoer
a demand to have the prison books ol prominent unnsuan worners win
experted. The two communications uo "ellru, uie nurauer inciuoing i-res
ar fia follows; Ident Medbury, of Indiana; Uev. Er
"Boise, Idaho, Sept. 30. State ncst Bourner Allen, of Toledo; Miss
Board of Prison Commissioners Anna Louise Mlnicb, of Indianapolis;
Gentlemen: Pursuant to your request Mellville Ritchie, of Cincinnati; S.
of date of 26th, notice of which was u- Muruon, or uieveiana, anu uev. j
mailed to me on the 27th and re
ceived by me on -the 28th, I hereby
tender my resignation as warden of
the Idaho state penitentiary. Yours,
Asks For Auditing.
"Boise, Idaho,, Sept. 30. To State
Board of Prison Commissioners-
Gentlemen: I most respectfully re-
C. Slayter, of Akron.
r Before
ted tho ap-
ew York I
erators be
K jfec
A Pendleton Firm That Is Dolnn ,
Flourishing Business. '
S. F. Wakefield & Co.. music deal
ihow cause ers ,lave slnco the 15th of Septem
it hn ir.Bti. ber sold pianos and organs to tho fol
:ihe Donelly lowing well-known people:
jf was set d' orBuson, an oin ronaDio jew
on.; u. j. iiomrocK, a ceieoraion
Smith & Barnes: W. T. Riebv. a
Schiller, of western fame; George
h. Mcuonaid, a beautiful Smith &
l uarnes; u. a. jonnson, the Hamil
ton, or fans Exposition fame; Mr.
Leo Gard. nlfin n HnmlHnn- Mr nil.
Of I vpi Vnnttu n Qmltl. P. T) n .... . r I r
i . i. I . .- v, . um..vi. w uniucD, w i 11,
j;wiiu ucuib iratuer, a Western Cottago Organ;
T scarcity of n H. Brlccs. a Chicaeo CottAKe: W.
t hospital H. Bovd. a Hamilton llkewin.! n rc
st a week, cargoli, a Smith & Barnes, his
irtunato as choice: a. J. nmiiwoi n nhi.n
tons about cottago; J. IT. Morro and son, two
WBt tWO Kincrsblll-Vfi! Rlvln P.r.-lltr finrt Mr
al for Cllll- ChnrluH Hnf,IIncR mr1i n nrlrn nlnnn
i, supply of In tho Ludwig.
Merrill's Plan to Regulate Vice Meets
With Opposition From Mayor
Portland, Oct. 2. Councilman
Merrill's resolution rcquestinK tho no
lice department to enforce tho laws
quest tho designation by you of an aeainst gambling was Introduced and
expert accountant with Instructions i"""c " luul iuncu yc
to come to the Idaho state peniten- terda; afternoon. The resolutioa is
tinrv nnrt thorr. nu.nt with mm nil a Plain request to have ordinances
the books, bills and accounts, reports, enforced, but it is intended to com,
files and entries made durlne tho Pel gamblers to pay a monthly II-
rm nr mv inrnmhonnv wnrrten cense. There was a largo nudltnce
f H,ia 4r.citnMnn TMa t Ha. In the gallery of tho council cham'
sire in common Justice to myself, the ber to learn what disposition would
state and my bondsmen. My books, " ioiri iBnomuun.
etc., will be left in the hands of my Amonf 4thosP Present were several
clerk, in whom I have the most ab- en interested In gambling houses
if f.m,firipn,. nn,i wi,n will net wliilo the remainder, for tho most
for me m making up the statement "a"; WT BI,"8;, ln
nrnrtnrv to n clearance. Yours. The plan of Merrill, as gulfing
1 ' - ' I ot n Un ma n t,n f,min, l.nr.
It is expected E. L. Ballard will B"J,eu up " r.' c"u,'u1 . u,,jr
take charge tomorrow. "r "
opmt to -rue pcM which all aro anxious to air their
Former Minneapolis Chief of Police ' it w noi making roniana an open
. j n.,u. -j d..-i.uj lown, out a ciotseu town, ib mo t-on
Accepted Bribe, and Is Punished. L tlo of lhe Bupporten ot tho rea.
Minneapolis. Oct. 2. Fred Ames, nlntJnn. "The reHohitlon nrnvliloa
former chief of police of this city, tnat tho pojice department of the
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers,
New York, Oct, 2. -Tho wheat
market wan firm today nnd at ono
time showed an advance of 4c, but
tho closo was unchanged from yes'
tornay, 74 lfc for December wheat
Tho Minneapolis millers having set
tied with tho strikers, that market
was active nnd higher for- cnBh wheat
.which sold 2 cents over Dccombor,
Closing prices: New York, 74H;
Chicago, r.9r?.
St, Paul, 192.
L. & N., 140.
Union Pacific, 106.
Steel, 02.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, Oct. 2. Wheat 69.
Wheat In San Francisco.
San Francisco, Oct. 2. Wheat-
Messages Sent twenty-two Hundred
Miles In England,
Sydney, N. S. W.. Oct. 2. It is re
ported hero upon npparontlv cood
authority that commun'cation by
wireless tciegrapn lias been ostali
Hshod between Capo Dreton and
Cornwall, England, and that complnto
messages havo passe.l between tho
two points. Engecinr Vyvian, In
charge of tho operator's table ot the
head station, refused to either deny
or confirm tho report.
Cape Breton and Cornwall aro 2200
miles distant from cich other and
it communication has been accom
plished it Is looked upon as a great
triumph for the now system . f tele
Macedonians Capture a Town
From the Turks and Annihi
late tho Garrison,
Promised $100,000, But Received Only
$5000 and the Horse Laugh, Hence
He "Squealed" on the Briber.
St. Louis, Oct. 2. Ex-Councilman
Uthoff testified in the bribory case
this morning. Ho told how Bnydcr
offered him a package containing
?50,ooo for his vote in favor of tho
traction bill, which ho docllned. Sny
der then promlesd him $100,000 and
that amount ho agreed to. Snydor
told him ho did not havo that sum
of money with him, but would pro
euro It and call lator. Uthoff voted
for tho traction bill tho some doy In
accordance with agreement. Moot
ing Snyder in New York a few days
later ho demanded tho monoy prom
ised, but got only SG0Q0 and tho
horso laugh.
Turks Surround 3000 Rebels at Rado
vls Latter Escape, Leaving Half
Their Number Dead on the Field
Fierce Fighting.
Vlonna, Oct. 2. Dispatches today
stato that 1000 Macedonians captur
ed tho Important town of Mitrovltza,
Scrvla, from tho Turks, annihilating
tho garrison and gaining a strong
foothold for further operations,
Tho victors destroyed 100 mllci of
inllway in tho vicinity of tho cap
tured town and laid overythlnc to
Turkish troops surrounded 300
rebols at Hadovls and a fierce fight
ensued, tho trapped soldiers fighting
desperately. After a 14-hour olrug
glo tho Macedonians broko through
tho cordon nnd escaped, leaving 150
dead and wounded men behind them.
Tho Turks suffered a loss of 78,
killed and wounded.
Tho attacking party greatly out
numbered tho robols, but tho latter,
goaded by desporatlon, put up a val
iant fight. Whon escape was finally
accomplished, half thoir number had
succumbed to tho fiorconcss of tho
was this morning sentenced to a term clty ebfllI enf0rco the laws against
In the penitentiary for receiving -ambllne and similar vices minUliln
1 1 J Jn..i,tal.l. .H-nM Am I u
Dnues jruiu uioreimmuie wumeu m thn offfindfirK hv imnoalnir nnd rol
mum ior i uwvuu piwwuuu. lectins fines. If tho vlo atora con
Hnno in hronlr thAflft nrdlnnnru thev
oceia im.io.u v, nnci. ar0 agaln to ue arrested and J'ned
Spokane, Wash., Oct. 2. several and, so on indefinitely."
hundred farmers In Eastern Wash- Mayor Williams declares that bo is
ington and Oregon aro finding It more personally opposed to such an ar
profitable to raise sugar beets than I rangement, and will oppose it unless
wheat. They aro turning an incrcas- the romainder of the city government
ed acreage from wheat to beet cui- favors tho plan, when, of necessity,
ture, with large profits in sight. The there will le nothing for him to do
averago Income per acre for this sea- but permit matters to tako their
son's crop of sugar beets 1b estlmat- course for the time being.
ed at $31. GO, Farmers are now pull
Ing tho crop. They say beet raising I Heir to Oukedom.
Ib threee times as profitable as wheat! London, Oct. 2. The Duchess of
growing, nosiaes requiring less ex- Manchester, former v MIkh He en
pensive machinery and apparatus to Zimmerman, of Cincinnati, eave birth
Jl. 41 I .
uuiiuie me crop. I to a boy this morning.
Cholera Causes 2740 Deaths In One
Manila, Oct. 2. It iu understood
that C124 cases of cholera and 2740
deaths from that dlsoaso wore
ported in tho proylnco of Hollo, island
of Panay, on Monday. ThlB Ib the
highest record for any district Blnce
tho outbreak occurred, and oxcecdH
the total of Manila and many of tho
provinces Blnce the commencement
The town of Mingo, In tho province
of Hollo, was tho worst BiiCforer, 1173
cases being roportod there Monday,
At Cabetaum there were 899 cases
and at Dumangas 399 enses foro re
ported Monday. The pcoplo aro flee
Ing to tho mountalnH, leaving thq
dead unburled and tho dying uncared
for. Tho government has ordored ad
dltloual doctors and medicines to bo
sent to Hollo. The number of vie
Urns make ordinary sanitary meas
ures impossible.
Tho totals for all tho province
Monday wero 6300 casts and 3091
Treasury Committee Agrees on Stan
dard for Money Securities,
Washington, Oct. 2. Au advisory
committee, consisting of Treasurer
Roberts, Comptroller Illdgoloy and
Assistant Socrotury Alios, was ap
pointed by Secretary Shaw to pass
upon municipal bonds offered at the
meeting this morning, decided to
tako afl standard, accoptabio securi
ties, all such as wero accoptabio at
Now York's saving banks.
Tho commlttoo tnndo public thin
afternoon a list stating what mu
nicipal hnmlR would hn acceptable as
security for government doposlts. No
fnr western cities aro included. The
committee has nlroady nccoptod $1,-
000,000 worth of Philadelphia and
New York bonds that were offorod.
Arguments Closed Yesterday at Th
Hague and Decision Awaited.
Washington, Oct. 2. The otato de
partment today rccoived a dlBnatch
from Judge Penllold, solicitor for tho
state department, which says thu ar
gumcnts for both sides on tho Plus
fund at Tho Hague, closed yostorday.
Tho arbitration court has 30 days In
wiiicn to render its decision.
After Fort Years of Service In the
United 8tates Army.
Washington, Oct, 2. Tho war de
partment today announced the vol
untary detlremont of General Blsheo
Mrs. Hughes, of Portland, Narrowly
Escapes Drowning In the River.
Salem, Ore., Oct. 2. Mrs. llonry
H. HiighoB, wife of tho well known
Portland railroad man, narrowly es
caped death by drowning In tho Wil
lamette rlvor TiiOKdiiy afternoon. She
was saved by Mrs, II. O. Moyors, a
prominent Hocloty woman of thin city,
who caught lior Juct as oho was sink
ing for tho third time.
The accident which camo so near
resulting In tho deuth of Mrs. HiiBhos
was calmed by the tipping of a boat
In willed hIio stood to Imvo her pic
turo taken by Mrs. Moyors. Vho two
women woro accompanied only by
Mrs. Moyora' llttlu daughter, so there
wuh no one to assist in tho rescuo
but Mrs, Moyors,
Want Own Bishop,
Hnselton, Pn., Oct. 2. A Bcoro of
prlostB and Iwlco as many laymen.
representing Uio Greek Catholic
church of tho United tSatoa and Ca
nada, are gathering iioro for a con
ference that promises to have an im
portant effect on the future of the
Greek church in America, Tho mm
berH of tho denomination at PTesont
are under the Jurisdiction of the He-
man hlahops. Thoy want a blshon
of their own and bh hooh as they be
come organized it Is said that An
drew IfodolKiy, who rocently was ap
pointed thoir vicar-Konoral. will bo
olocted to the Episcopacy and placed
over them.
Indian Golf Tournament
Marlon, Ind., Oct. 2. The annual
state golf tournament opened today on
tho HnkH of tho local organisation
with roprewontatlvos In attendaneo
from Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne and
other leading cities of tho stato. Judg
ing from tho promptltiido of playors
nd olllciaiH in thu opening round and
tho high standing of the participants
no tournament will provo tho most
now en route homo from the Phllliv-
pines. Qeneral Blsheo has been idon- notablo In tho history of tho state or-
tinea wnn tue Bervice jor v years, ganlratlon,
a?. .. . ...r- "" m-A -7 . au. iMsal ulkkkl