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Verdict of Manslaughter for the Par
ticipants In Flgit.
Portland, Ore., Sopt. 29. William
Baldwin and his son, George W. Bald
win, were found guilty of manslaueh
ter tonight by a Jury on a charge or
killing Frank Carlson last July. Young
Baldwin and Carlson engaged in a
prize fight to settle a difficulty over a
girl and a blow over the heart caused
Carlson's death. The elder Baldwin
was a spectator at the fight. The Jury
recommended George W. Baldwin to
the morcy of the court, but made no
recommendation as to tho father.
The elder Baldwin was regarded by
the Jury as tho greater offender, be
cause the evidence showed that he
urged on and practically forced con
tlnuance of the fatal fight after tho
boyB were ready to quit.
Illinois State Fair.
Springfield, III., Sept. 29. The Illi
nois State Fair is celebrating its
Jubilee with the greatest exhibition
ever held in tho Prairie state. The
gates were thrown open today and
within an hour tho grounds contained
a crowd that for exceeded the most
sanguine expectations of the manage
ment. The fair Is complete in all
departments, the displays of live stock
agricultural products and machinery
being of more than usual note. The
card for the races is a long ono and
exceedingly liberal, with flvo races
each day and purses from $600 to
flOOO each.
Dr. Alexander and Dr. Wilson, With
White Janitor and Seven Negroes,
Rob 100 Graves Within Three
Indianapolis. Sept. 29. The inves
tigation of recent grave robberies in
this city came to a sensational climax
today with the arrest of Dr. Alexan
der, demonstrator at tho Central Med.
leal College of Indiana; Dr. Wilson,
of tho sarao college; George Hay
maker, while Janitor, and 6evon ne
groes. One negro confessed that 300
graves wero robbed in three months,
for which the medical faculty paid
Stanton, One of Her Accomplices, Is
Charged With Perjury.
Freehold, N. J" Sept. 29. Conflict
ing rumors are circulated as to the
whereabouts of Actress Laura Bigger,
who has not been apprehended. She
Is now belloved to be in Wilmington.
Lawyer Patterson this morning added
perjury to the charge against Stanton,
one of hor accomplices, in addition to
that of conspiracy.
Interstate Commission in St. Louis.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 29. Members
of the Interstate commerce commis
sion nro gathered In St. Louis to In
vestigate the complaint of tho St
Louis traffic bureau against the Kan
sas City Southern, the Cotton Belt
and the Texas & Pacific railroads.
The object of the investigation Is to
determine whethor these lines can
collect from St. Louis to local points
if In excess of the sums of tho locals
on Shreveport
No Meat, No Work.
New York, Sept. 29. Giving as nn
excuse that they could not work with
out meat. 20 inmates of tho state pris
on at Trenton, N. J., have struct-
work in tho brush shop and most of
thorn arc now in chains in the dun.
geons. Before tne present high rates
were charged it was the custom to
five the prisoners who worked liberal
supplies of meat, but lately rice has
been substituted.
Agree to Compromise.
Colorado Springs, Sopt. 29. A com
promise is being effected between
Harry Stratton. son of the late million
alio, and tho executors joI the estate.
Tho son will probably secure a quar
ter of a million and bequests to other
relatives will be doubled.
To Marry Miss Hanna,
Chicago, Sopt. 09. It has been an
nounced hero that Josoph H. Medlll
McCormlck son of the new ambassa
dor to Russia, is to marry Miss Ruth
Hanna, youngest daughter of Mark
R. R, Hlliman, arrested in What-
I com. Wash, for fareerv Ik wnn (ih
attack hD, Oakland, Cal., to answer to the
Sicily the Scene of Another
Terrible Storm and Death
Roll is Appalling.
Two Towns Completely Destroyed and
Inhabitants Are Fleeing, Terror
Stricken, to the MountainsWorse
Than Friday's Cyclone.
London, Sopt. 29. Tho Central
Nows Agoncy's Home correspondent
wires that another cyclone, believed
to have been oven more terrible than
Friday's, has destroyed the towns of
Belpasso and Torre. Santa Marie, in
Callallna province, Sicily. In the for
mer placo many cathedrals were
crushed and many ships blown along
shore. It is feared I hat tho death roll
wlll1e appalling. Tho people were
terror-etrlcl-.cn and are fleeing to tho
British Ship Claverdon Loses Five of
Her Crew in Hurricane.
San Francisco, Sept. 29. Tho Brit
ish ship Claverdon, which arrived
from Hamburg today, reports passing
through a hurricane with a loss of
five of her crew. The storm was en
countered August 27. Heavy seas
swept over the ship and washed every;
thing movable overboard. All the
sails, with the exception of the lower
mainsail were carried away. Five of
the crew were drowned nnd nine of
the others .injured. To lower boats
and rescue the drowning sailors was
impossible. The following sailors
were drowned; G. Nelson, A. Grlppen
burger, T. B. Royet, F. Gerstinlcon
and Augustus Fisks. '
Congressman Llttlefield Not Seeking
It, But Will Not Refuse.
San Francisco, Sept. 29. Congress
man Llttlefield arrived here today a:
fcaid In an Interview be was not look
ing for the speakership, hut If it was
offered to him he would accept. Mr.
Llttlefield will stump the state for
Scarcity of Coal Causes a Shut-Down
at Pawtucket.
Pawtuckett, R. I., Sept. 10. Two of
the largest schools in Pawtucket have
been closed on acount of tho scarcity
of coal. It is stated that a majority
of the schools will -have to be shut
To Evangelize the Great West
Omaha. Neb.. Sept. 29. Fifty thous
and Christians are expected In
Omaha two weeks hence, to remain
six days. The occasion will bo the
International convention of the DIs-
ciples of Christ and such an attempt
will be made to evangelize the West
as has never before been conceived,
From all over the world delegates will
come, for the church has spread
throughout the elvijlzed world and
to many points where civilization is
still in its inclpiency. since its organ
ization by Alexander Campbell In
tho backwoods of Kentucky, less than
25 years ago.
Some of the speakers who will be
oresent are: Benton McMillan, of
Tennessee; Champ Clark, of Missouri:
Governor Bushiw'l. of Ohio; Zack
Sweeney, minister to Turkey undo
President Harrison; Governor Stan-
Icy, of Kansas, and Silas A. Holcomb,
Justice to the Nebraska Supreme
Peat for Fuel,
Chicago, Sopt. 29, Peat, cut from
tho swamps near South Chicago, and
dried until fit for fuel, m,ay be placed
on the market as a rival of high-priced
coal If experiments now being made
are nuccpsaful. For years residents
of that district havo noticed the beds
of burning peat', -which were ignited
In the summer, often burning long
after winter began, and havo been
known to continue through the year,
Cholera In Japan.
Yokohama, Sent 29. Tho number
of cholera cases recorded up to date
from tho outbreak in Japan this year
Is estimated at 61S2. of which 7884
have resulted In fatalities.
Striking Miners Again Using
Forcible Means to Keep
Men From Work,
President Mitchell and Others Hold
Ing an Important Conference at
Philadelphia Today and It Is Hoped
Good Will Result.
Shamokln, Pa., Sent, 29. Five hun
dred nrmed strikers held up tho
miners' accommodation train near
Green Ridge this morning and would
not allow tho trainmen to take 20 non
unionists to work. Shots were fired
at the strikers, and tho latter," In re
taliation, fired back and also threw
clubs and stones. A dozen inmates
of tho ca?a were struck, and injured;
The train retreated to Mount Carmel,
where tho non-unionists escaped to
their homes. Tho sheriff has cworn in
100 extra deputies to keep order un
til the arrival of troops.
Flro Bosses Penmann, Rhodes and
Raffert were dragged from a street
car nt Mount Carmel this aftornoon
and brutally beaten by strikers. No
collieries nre running today. The
strikers are active and determined to
keep non-union men from working.
Tho arrival of troops Is anxiously
Important Conference.
Philadelphia, Sept. 29. What Is be
lieved to be an Important conference
In regard to 'the strike situation, Is
being held hero this ttfternoon be
tween President Mitchell, the secre
tary of this district and Presidents
Nichols, Duffy and Fahey, who arrived
by appointment this morning. So far
they absolutely refuse to mako a
statement regarding tho purposo of
the meeting. Important development
aj-e expected.
Will Tell Nothing.
Philadelphia, Sept. 29. fThe confer-
-once held hero today ended at 2
o'clock.1 President Mitchell says posi
tively that (here is nothing to give to
the press now. He left at 3 o'clock for
Belasco's New Playhouse.
New York, Sopt 29. David Be
lasco, playwright and manager, who
has repeatedly won the admiration of
the theatrical world by some artistic
novelty, has JUBt completed his great
est triumph In his new Belasco thea
ter, remodeled from the former Tho
ater Republic In West Forty-second
street. It Is one of tho moat beauti
ful playhouses in America, and will
bo dedicated tonight by Mrs. Leslie
Carter In her succss of last season,
"Du Barry." Tho auditorium of tho
new theater Is exceedingly rich In Its
decorations, the general stylo being
that of the Napoleonic period. But
it is behind tho curtain that tho most
notable improvements havo been made'
The stage Is a model and embraces
many inventions and contrivances re
sulting from Mr. Belasco's 30 years of
experience. The flooring of the stage
consists of a complicated series of
trap doors over a deop cellar blasted
from solid rock. Every known olec
trlcal contrlvanco will bo used,
Through the aid of electrical devices
every pleco of scenery and stage prop
erty can bo dropped from the stage or
wings to the cellar In a fow minutes,
Charged With Bribery.
Cleveland, O., Sept. 29. Tho grand
Jury has returned an Indictment
against Dr. F, Wl Daykln for offering
a bribe to a city official. Mr. Daykln
was arrested some time slnco on tho
charco of having paid 2000 to Coun
cllman Charles Kohl to vote against
the granting of a franchiso to a natu
ral gas company, Kohl made tho mat
ter public and turned tho money over
to Mayor Johnson.
Football at Walla Walla.
Walla Walla, Sept. 29. The football
season was opened In this city today,
the Walla Walla high school team do
featlng tho school team from Dayton
by a score of 39 to 0, The Jaytnn
team was light and could not with
stand tho rushes of tho heavy Walla
Walla team.
Congressman Tongue has been re
quested to go to Ohio and take part
in the campaign In that state.
Reported by I. U Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
New York, Sept 29. Cables wero
lower today, which, with a llborul In
crease In the visible supply tuado tho
Eastern markets heavy and prices
closed about ,Jc under Saturday. Tho
visible supply showed an Increase for
tho week of 2,315,000, making a total
of. 24,842,000, compared with 3,530.000
nt this dato last year. New York
closed 73, ar.d Chicago, CSyi for De
cember. Closed Saturday, 73
Opened today, 734.
Raago today, 7373.
Closed todny, 73 , k
St. Paul, 184-.
L. h N., 13S.
Union Pacific, 102i.
Stool. 3S.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, Sept. 29. Wheat SGliS?
Wheat In San Francisco.
San Francisco, Sopt 29. iWJicat
Electric Power to Irrigate.
Now Orleans, La., Sept 29. Tho
Southern Pnclfic railroad Is behind a
scheme for tho oulpmont of rlco plnn
tntlons In Louisiana and Texas with
electric power for mill Irrigating
pumps and harvesting machlnory.
Experts say tho schema will revolu
tionize rlco culture, os It solves tho
cheap Irrlgntloirqucstlon.
Rifle, Revolver and Knife Found by
His Side His Drug Store Burned
With the Stock in It.
Lacentor, Wash., Sept. 29. Dr. W.
Davis was burned in his drug stor-j
early this morning, and It Is probabl
a caso of suicide. A Winchester rlfia,
revolver and knife wero found besldo
tho dead body. Tho deceased had of
ten threatened to burn tho wholo
Immense Damage to Property,
No Lives Lost.
Fort Worth, Texas, Sopt. 29,
Heavy rain continues to fall in this
section and tho Guadeloupe River Is
30 feet abovo mean mark. No Uvea
aro reported lost, but Immense dam
ago has been dono to property.
Advances Payment of Interest
$140,000,000 Securities.
New York, Sopt. 29. Morgan rollov-
od tho money market this morning by
advancing payments of Interest on
$140,000,000 securities held by his
nrm. Ho also makes payments of $5,
000,000 dividends not duo until Octo
her ID on United States steel stock.
Walla Walla Pioneer Association
lects Its Officers.
Walla Walla, Sept, 29. At tho Pio
neer reunion hero Saturday, the fol
lowing officers were elected;
President Dr. N. O. Hlalock. ,
First Vice-president Milton Hvans.
Second Vicn-presldont A. C. Dick
Ineon. Secretary Marvin Evans.
Treasurer IIvl Ankeny,
In accepting re-election to tho oftlco
of president. Dr. Hlalock made a hap
py llttlo speech. Ho said he would
rather bo president of tho Pioneers'
Association than president of tho
United States, becauso ho would feel
morn In place.
Worcester Music Festival,
Worcester, Mann., Sopt. 29. Tho
presence of scores of music lovers
from out of town indicates that tho
Worcester music festival this year
will bo a great financial as well an ar
tistlc snccess. Tho formal opening
takes place In Mechanics' Hal) this
ovenlng and the concerts will continue
through Friday, Walloco Goodrich
will conduct tho choral work and
Franz ICnolsci tho orchestral num
bers. Tho list of soloists Is one of
tho lut ever obtained by thn festival
Drlscoll Renominated,
Syracuse, N. Y., Sept 29, Tho Re
publican congressional ' convention of
tho Twenty-ninth district met hero
today and renominated Congressman
Michael V, Drlscoll by acclamation.
Noted French Author Asphyx
iated in His Room by Gas
From a Stove,
Deceased Has Suffered From Petty
Annoyances Since His Connection
With the Famous Esterhay and
Dreyfus Case.
Paris, Sopt. 29. Emll Zola, tho not
ed novelist, died In this city nt 9
o'clock this mornlnp, from asphyxia
tion, Btipposod to bo tho roHult of au
accident. Tho deceased was b rn tn
Paris In tho year 1S40, and has been
ono of tho foromost lltoratumts of
tho world.
Tho Inst threo years of his life
wero made miserable by tho potty an
noynnces which ho suffered, iuo to
his connection with tho eclobrnted Es
torhazy and Droyfim cases.
Madam Zola was also found in n
critical conditloii, from tho effects of
tho gas.
Tho death of Zola Is surrounded by
sn-nt mystery, and rumors of sulcldo
nro circulated and given consldcrcbln
credonco by n groat many peoplo.
Dr. Nourmnnd, who wns summonod to
attend tho author, says tho sti.ve In
Zola's quarters wns found to bo omit
ting gas Into the room, which w.ib fill
ed with It, whon ho arrived.
The pollco havo forbidden the first
witnesses speaking on tho Bubjcct,
henco, whethor doath was duo to ac
cident or design will bo unknown until
tho oMlclnl finding Is Issued. Zola nnd
his wlfo returned to Paris yesterday
and both wero well. At 9 o'clock this
morning servants henrd groans Issu
ing from their npartmunt nnd enter
ing tho hod-room found Zola undressed
expiring upon tho floor nnd Madame
Zola in bed gasping. A pot dog was
alos found dying in tho corner of tho
room. Tho stovo In tho room wns rod
hot Madamo Zola Is still kept nllvo
by artificial respiration.
Report Says Accidental.
Tho pollco official roport gives as
tho cause of Zola'o death, escape of
mephltlo gaHos from defective chim
ney. This does away with nil thought
of sulcldo.
Charles McKlnnls Died From the Ef
fects of a Horse Kick,
La Grando, Sopt, 29, Charles Mc
Klnnls died Saturday morning from
tho offocts of Injuries rocotved In tho
head by a kicking horso. Charles
was tho son of Mr. mid Mrs. J, L. Mc
ICInnlH, highly ronpected ploncors near
Summervlllc, who havo tho sympnthy
of a Inrgo acqiialntanco.
Tho decnasod was an wccmpllnry
young man of sterling qualities, 21
years of nfo, and was arranging to
go away to school In a fow weeks.
Carriage Makers In Detroit
Detroit, Mich., Sept. 29. Somn
5,.)00 carriage makors, oxceodlngly
prosperous In appoaranco, and who
como from ovory section of tho coun
try aro roglstorod nt Dotrolt'a hotels.
rhoy crc mouthers of tho National
Carrlngo Makers' Association, whoso
annual convention will bo In sosslnn
hero during tho next threo or four
days, Clnclnnntl, Chicago, Colum
bus, Indianapolis, Kansas City. Now
York and other cities havo sent largo
delegations and from nil Indications
the convention will ho tho most not
able ib well as tho largest over held
by the association. Discussion of tall
ies of Inlorost only to tho carriage
makers will occupy tho business ses
sions, and these will bo Interspersed
with nntortalnment features In the
way of boat excursions, fish dinners
and carriage rides.
Intercollegiate Tennis,
Hayerford, Pa., Sopt. 29. Harvard,
Pennsylvania and other leading uni
versities aro represented In tho 22nd
annual tournament of tho Intorcol
legiato Lawn Tennis Association,
which began here today nn tho
grounds of tho Morion Cricket Club.
Tho tournament Is to decldo tho In
tercollegiate championships In singles
and doubles and to the winner, will
bo bwardod tho championship cup of
fe x;d by tho Merlon Club and sevorul
other valuablo trophies.
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