East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 27, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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ay's Bargains
fhlch Cannot Fail to Please the
' Most Exacting
Iren's Heavy Ribbed School Hose 0
Kh 12ic, sale price u
iron's School Handkerchiefs, hem- On
fch 5c, special, each ; ul
l.yarda Outing Flannel, desirable pat
feif snpftial. ner vard "l
fO I
idea of Prices Prevailing Through
the House.
Bros. Dry Goods Company.
. .lected rPHHV
! ChlB9SiWKW
at Joerger'B.
and tobacco.
809 West Court
s, 30c a bottle,
ply you with
ae grapes, thoy
iwley Bros.
ag at Phillips
Irani. .SBrmnrttdne taBtes cood
i'81MS'eaio-mudo confcc-
y la 'i,;. regular treat for your
J'Shanter capB for
bell's. Oh my!
bo terrors at the
ent, where good
romen In Pendle-
6arlng our exclu-
al, comfortable
ten Rule and en
candy? Delta
pthat was when
no more.
vheat farm, 10
all summer
'-fenced. Good
me gajoa-'itParMwBox 49G.
Mi fiwilr.-fBt!
j .AH thevoltieH that
Bracelet is
lad miration
Whltaker, the dentist.
Olympia oysters at Castle's.
Fine yellow Crawford peaches at
Hawley Bros.
The best variety of vegetables at
P. S. Younger & Son's.
Wanted Bell boy at Hotel Pendle
ton. Apply at hotel office.
Pine sound citrons for preserves,
at Martin's Family Grocery.
Fresh oysters, the best in the mar
ket, nt F. S. Younger & Son's.
Children's silver Bets, knife, fork
and spoon, 33c, to $1.45. Nolf's.
Cigars, tobacco and smokers' sup
plies at Jack Candlsh's,' Patton's old
For Itent Seven-room house, hot
and cold water. Mrs. A. Nelson, 912
East Webb street.
All kinds of city and country prop
erty for sale. lUhorn & Cook, room
10, Taylor building.
The- recognized leaders for men.
The Florshelm shoes and Stetson
hats at Alexander's.
I have several water tanks for sale;
also household furniture Good bar
gains. Henry Schultz.
Dont forget Honor Bright spices,
baking powder and extracts are Bold
by F. S. Younger & Son.
All kinds of candy, such as cara
mels, creams, chocolates, taffy and
nut candles made at the Delta.
Overcoats for men. Just rlghl in
every detail, material, workmanship,
style, fit and price at Alexander's.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. WUHs Moxon,
of St. Johns, on September 19, a
daughter. Mother and child are do
ing nicely.
A bicycle was left in my place of
business over two months ago. Owner
can have same by calling and describ
ing property. M. Gratz.
Buy Chase & Sanborn coffee and
teas and you will use no other. It Is
medium in price and tha quality 1b the
best. A. C. Rohrman'a gvocery.
Hoch Bros, will serve their custom
ers with a chicken lunch this evening.
These have grown very popular at
this popular resort and their friends
never fall to avail themselves of the
Tho boys of Hoso Company No.. 5
are making preparations for their
grand ball, which takes place at Mu
sic Hall October 22. W. W. Hoke, 0.
A. Eppongor and Homer Stephens
have tho matter In charg: and thlsj
means a Buccess.
At bedtime I take a pleasant herb
drink, tho next morning I feel bright
and my complexion is better. My
doctor says that It acts gently on the
stomach, liver and kidneys and is a
pleasant laxative. It Is made from
herb., and is prepared as easily as
tea. It Is called Lanes Medicine,
Lane's Family Medicine moves the
bowels each day. Price 25c and GOc.
For Bale by Tallman & Co., sole
F. S. Younger & Son have the best
Nice tender celery at Martin's Fam
lly Grocery and Bakery.
Fall and winter styles await your
inspection at Sclbert & Schulz, tail
ors. N
A beautiful foot makes a woman at
tractive. Leo Teutsch has the neces
sary footwear.
We have a bargain in n solid ma
hogany second-hand piano. $25 takes
It. Must- make room on our floor for
new goods. S. L. Wakefield & Co.
For Sale On the Luhr ranch, four
miles east of Pilot Rock, all tho per
sonal property belonging to the estate
of John Luhr, deceased, consisting of
farm machinery and Implements,
horses, sheep, cattle and hogs. Julia
I. Luhr, Pilot Rock.
Uncle Sam, In the person of 10 of
his government officials, has charge of
every department of the Hayncr Dls
tlllery. During the entire process t
distillation, after tne wnisicey is stor
ed In their warehouses, during the
seven years It remains there, from the
very grain they buy to the whiskey
you get, Uncle Sam Is constantly in
the watch to see that everything is all
right. They dare not take a gallon
of their whiskey from their own ware
house unless he says It's all right
And when he does say so, that whis
key goes direct to you, with all Its
original richness .and flavor, carrying
United States registered distiller's
guarantee of purity and age, and sav
lng you the dealer's" big profits. If you
use whiskey, either medicinally or
otherwise, you should read the offer or
The Hayner Distilling Company else
where In this paper.
r tsKbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!
lei :ilBpIKro
StwelJH Optician
SHpot Continue ' """1
of our Atlantic City Sea Salt will maketwo de
ilt water baths, equal to a sea bath, '
ve bath brushes, bath sponges, wash rags, bath
d everything that helps to improve your bath,
em Main St., Toward the Court House
your salt water baths as you. did while"bri"'ydur
at the sea shore ? You can have the same thing
Brickyard Ships 600,000 Brick for Pen
dleton Improvements.
F. M. Galley, manager of the Mil-
tnn nrnnmr- wna ! n fnu-n Knf Ill'flflV.
and gave a practical test with a hand
separator, at the dairy farm of Chas.
Scaroni, on Pino CreeK. Mr. uaney
says the Hazlewood company Intends
tr Ar nvnrvHilnir nnciRfhlA in intrnrtllPO
vv. " w - . . j r if . . .
hand separators in this vicinity, be
lieving tnat wnen once tneir aavan
tage Is once determined farmers will
no loncer bother about making butter.
but will ship the cream.
Blackleg has appeared among tne
cattle of Coubo Creek residents, Na
than Sams and William Winn having
each lost two head from this disease.
Those familiar with blackleg, who
have seen the afflicted cattle, say there
is no doubt about the correctness of
this diagnosis, as the symptoms are
.plain. The flesh of the swollen leg
turns black, and fat cattle are the
first to suffer, while poor stock seoms
to be comparatively Immune. Angus
McDonald and Frank Winn are vacci
nating against the contagion, this be
ing accomplished' by drawing a pre
pared thread beneath the skin.
The Weston brickyard has been ex
periencing the usual active demand
for its products during tho busy
building season. In fact, It is exceed
ing the business of former years '.t
this time, and the year 1902 bids fair
to-go down In history as the most pros
perous witnessed by the yard. Ship
ments for the new Sisters' hospital .it
Ppmllptnn have lust been finished,
amounting to 400,000 brick. The yard
has shipped 300.000 brick for the new
Baumelster building at Walla Walla,
and will soon fill a 200,000 order for
the new Pendleton Academy building.
There are other large orders In pros,
pect, although the contracts have not
yet been entered Into. The brickyard
omnlnvn nn nvpra nf about 40 men.
the force being sometimes greater and
sometimes less than tnis numuer.
When tie present season cloEes It will
have made auout 4,uuu,uuu uncK
worth $28,000. By far tho greater por
tnr, nt tliln nmnunt In nxnended dur
ing the year for labor and wood, and
finds its way directly into local circu
lnMnn And vet. nearly every dollai
of It comes from outside the continu
Weston Normal School Notes.
on- wine of the old nor-
mni hiillillnir is to bo converted Into
a much-needed addition to our plant.
This will accommodate a iumbor of
young men who can be provided wm
Lnnr at tlltk VHtinfT ladleS 1-0.11.
uuuiu L j " n
President Martindale returned on
mntinv lirinE-lntr with him his 8-year
old son. who has been qulto ill since
hio nrrlvnl Mr Martindale went by
way of Prinevllle to prove up on a
timber claim and arrived xnursuay.
Mr. J. N. Conklln, a brother of E. 0.
ni,ii iirlnflnnl nf Pendleton nubile
schools,' was a visitor on Friday. Mr.
Conklin Is a teacher, thougn nox now
teaching. ' He taught last winter at
Island City, Union county.
President Martindale ha3 outlined
n lftpturo course for the winter and
already has eecured Hon. J, H, Acker
man, who will be with us In October,
and Judge Lowell, always acceptable
to a Weston audience, wiio win proo
ni.lv ho 1 luted for February.
Rev. W. E. Potwinp of Pendleton,
conducted devotional exercises at the
shntui nn wedneadav morning, ana
gave to teachers and students a short,
but very profitable talk, empuasizing
tho thought that education consists
in iiovelonine the physical, mental
and spiritual, and not in "pouring In"
Jn8tructlon. Wo hope Mr. Potwino
will visit us often. Leader.
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse.
Good Calicoes Red, Blues and Fancies,
per yd.. . 4-c
Good Ginghams We carry none but good
quality. Apron Checks, per yd 5c
Outing Flannels per yd 4c
6c, other stores, our price 5c
8c, other stores, our price, 16 for. . . .$1.00
I2c, other stores, our price 10c
Dress Goods Beginning at ioc and then
I2c, 15c, 20c, 25c up to $1.50 per yard,
with stops all along the line, and it dees
not matter which price you pick out you'll
find it cheaper, quality considered, than at
any other store in town.
Underwear For Women and Children in
wool, in wool and cotton, in all cotton,
pants, vest separate and union suits. Best
25c garment on earth. Best 35c garment
on earth. Best 50c garment on earth.
Hosiery For Women and Children. Plain
and ribbed in grey and black in all wool,
part wool and cotton, 5c, ioc, 15c, 20c,
25c ind 35c. No matter which you select
you will be getting the best values obtain
able. Plenty of Clerks and courteous treatment for
all. No trouble to show 'goods, and ypur
money back ff you say so.
Women's Ready
Ladies, it is now no more trouble (or
you to get your CLOTHES than (or your hus
bands and brothers to get theirs. We are pre
pared to fit you out with Tailor-.Mnde Suits
from $6.4-8 to $20 00, each in grand assort
ment of styles and colors, and we guarantee
you a fit every time. Alterations made on the
premises while you wait.
The coats in three-quarter lengths, in full
lengths and Monte Carlo styles, 1 10 and up, all
late style.
The jackets 22, 24, 26 to 27 inch lengths
$2.50 to S15. Great assortment. Low prices,
and they always fit,
In silk, wool and cotton, in walking lengths
and regular lengths, in black and colors, in
prices from 98c to $10 each, and no matter
which you buy you get this season's styles.
In silk, velvet, wool, sateen, etamine and
cotton. This grandest assortment we have ever
shown and at the lowest prices. 75c, $1, $1.50,
$2.50 to 7.50. Have them suitable for wed
dings, and fit you while you wait.
Petticoats, wrappers, dressing sack?,
musliu underwear. No trouble to show
them. Plenty clerks, plenty light, courteous
Painful Acldent to Child.
Tho baby child of Mr. and Mrs. B.
N, French, caught Its hand in the
cream separator last Friday morniiis
with the result that the fore finger of
Its right hand was mashed off. Tho
little sufferer was brought to town
and the wound dressed by Dr. Snapp.
At last accounts tho little one was
getting along nicely. Ukiah Sentinel.
Funeral of Levi Hays.
The funeral of tho late Levi Hays,
who died Friday morning, will be
held at the Church of tho Redeemer
Sunday afternoon.
No time has boon set for the funer
al of Charles Craig, who died Friday
at Pilot Rock. Word of tho death was
telegraphed to a nephew lu Maine,
but no answer has been received.
Your Place
What is .known aa the Western
crowd on' Wall street has been hit
hard the last threedaye, losing some
thing like $10,000,000.
Ho, for Klne'e Grove.
The picnic at Klne's grove will bo
conducted tomorrow; afternoon and
evening from 2 to 11 o clock. The reg
ular dancing will take place and a
good time is assured by Peter Smith,
the proprietor.
Attention Wbodmen.
All members of Pendloton Camp
No. 41, W. O. W., are requested to bo
present at the meeting this evening at
8 o'clock, In La Dow hall, to arrange
for the funeral of Neighbor Levi Hays.
J. P. WALKEU. Clerk.
All kinds
and the
very latest
Ty a
12 50
JLfi Shoes
1 Shoes
Hundreds of bars of Fine Toi
let Soap, offered this week at 3c,
5c, 8c and ioc a bar.
Santa Glaus Headquarters.
Is always ready at our tables.
There is a variety of tempt
ing and excellent food on our
bill of fare. Everything is
served by courteous and at
tentive waiters.
The French Restauram
Tlphon Main 4.
Boston Store
Where Whole Families are Shod.
titrict dbtrcac U H tumble m io qpuKfy willing worker to readM
nptrior ttrric m bookkeeper ui leaogTanhtr. Onr hutnutioa id
wdfufgally thorough a fc to wldaly kaowa tbat reputation aloaa Wiaga
aa moit of our itudeata. Qaallty alwaya conaU. Rxamla fata ar
bcliltlea better, bow Uum rrr Woe. laviaatrioaa, willing ttndeata aaafca
rapU advancement la til tadUs takao. Call, or writ for our aatalog.
Tark and Wasliiugtoa treelt A. P. iUautrony, 1,1 B., Friaclaw,
Come and el our prices on
The new stock of Fall Furniture is now in and includes
all the modern ideas of he East, West, North and South,
so you have a co -nplutc assortment to select from. Ve
keep our promise to yavo you money on Furniture, Car
pets, Stoves, Ranges and Household Furnishings.
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