East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 26, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 4

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    Not Hardwood Sawdust
Are nhsolutoly pure. Try them und you will
be surprised at the diflerenee betwoun AT
WOOD'S SPICES and the ordinary ones.
Brock & HoCoraias Company
La Grande has her carnwal. Walla
Walla her fruit fair and Pendleton
hns her general prosperity.
In with the cornorttions There Is
out- remarkable thing nbmit lite-whole
matter, however, ana that I that the
fellow who does the most kiektiif; is
generally the fellow who hns the least
amount of property, ami the blRgest
kicker of all. is the fellow that never
pays a rent of taxes.
Walla Walln may boast of hor fruit
fair, but she isn't in it when it comes
to hold-ups. Sho has not hid but one
in the past 10 days.
Old Ireland still retains hor spirit
of independence. Individually and
collectively, her citizens always speak
and act their sentiments.
It is suggested that there are more
hold-ups reported in Pendleton than
actually occur. The explanation is
given thnt it has become so fashion
able to got held up nowadays that in
order to be instyle one must be held-tin.
The beef merger proposition is be
ing held in abeyance for the present
This is thought to be on acotint of the
president's attitude against trusts. If
the president's statements have suc
ceeded in bluffing those freebooters,
his talking has not been in vain after
General Passenger Agent Craig, of
the O. K. & N. Co.. gives out the in-
formation that transportation rates for
Hiomeseekers from the East are S2.S0
less to Pendleton than to the coast,
and that Pendleton is placed on an
equal footing with Snoknne. This Is
I good news and corrects a long mis
taken idea. hile the difterenco Is
small, yet it will tell in the future
immigration to this country. Immi
gration heretofore has gone to the
const from choice and a great deal of
it has drifted back into this rpuntry
later, but now with the Irrigation
plans laid and thoroughly advertised
throughout the Easl the hulk of the
immigration is looking this way, and
the nest few years will find this the
great central point for the Enstern im
migration. The S2.S0 will help many
an honest honieseeker.
Hotel proprietors will now have to
IVe more courteous to their guests. If
one should get behind with his board
bill it will not do to "dan" him. The
crank yesterday at Washington set
the example and now othe-s will fol
low suit, llecause of an imaginary
discourtesy the guest blew up the
hotel with dynamite and ti en com
mitted suicide..
The Taconia Evening News re
cently published the statemeut that
the only woolen mills In the northwest
were located on the' Sound. Now it
eats crow In making the following
stntoment: "The American Wool nutl
.Cotton Reporter says that woolen
mills on Paget Sound arc like snakes
in Ireland, conspicuous by their ul
seuce. Never mind, Taconia will soon
have a large one, ready to grasp the
great advantages awaiting it "
If reports! are true from Hawaii in
regard to the leper scandal, somebody
should he mada to pay the ponnlty.
Thoee poor unfonunates, without hope
oxcept in death, should not be per
mitted to produce a posterity, oven in
a marriage state, much lees in the
mannor of animals. Amqng Undo
Sam's many newly-acquired posses
sions he will find many things that
will shock the sensibilities of the hon
orable and conscientious American.
. Kansas City packers are making a J
move which will result in nothing
--e a breeder of strike and anarch
ills. The managers have forbidden
the employes to discuss the beefmcr
gor question upon pain of being dis
charged. When men are shut off from
freedom of speech and the right to talk
among thomsolves about live issues of
the day, then it Is well that they
should break through finch bonds.'
There Is no necessity of being an agi
tator, but when you ehut an American
citizen off from discussing the things
that are of interest to him, you might
as well chain him down while you are
at it. -
The office of tax assessor is an un
pleasant one. Thore are ti.eso who
swear at hirn for assessing -.heir prop
erty too high and tho-e ate those who
swear nt him for asesslng the other
fellow' property too low. Then there
are those who swear fal3oly about
their property and the assessor Is
sworn at for this. The corporators
claim that the;' are robbel and the
citizens claim that the assessor stands
President Iloosevelt's annoyance nt
the foolish sermon preached in his
presence on Sunday was quite natural.
Aside from the bad taste of holding
him up as "providentially placed in
the executive chair" .in place of a much
older, wiser and abler man, the pre
sentation or Fr. Roosevelt as a modern
David raised up to "crush the Goliath
of monopoly" bordered on tlio gro
tesque. "
President Roosevelt has not pro
posed to himself or to a nation to kill
the modem giant. He sees a great
deal of good in trusts, and would pro
ceud cautiously in dealing with them.
But even if he had proclaimed mor
tal combat, the stone In his sling Is so
small and the range at which he proposes-
to hurl it Is so long that not
only would Monopoly's skull bo quite
safe from the misBile. but the giant
would roar with laughter at the pre
sumption of his harmless antagonist.
, m
The president's pebble the only
one on the beach that he views with
pride and confidence Is an amend
ment to the constitution giving the
sovereign nation supervision of the
trusts and other monopolies. News
papers that are friendly to the presi
dent have elaborately proved that
such an amendment cannot possibly
be adopted, under the most favorable
circumstances, in less than five years. I
Vet nothing Is needed to prove the ab
solute Impossibility of securing the
ratification of such nn amendment, j
not In five years but ever, boyond the
fact, as shown in the laBt congress,
that the democrats are opposed to it
as an uncalled-for surrender of the re
served rights of the states, and the
other fact that the most influential re
publicans In the senate are against
it because it would hurt their best
friends and deprive their states of
revenues that greatly reduce taxes on
To imagine that with those influ
ences and the enormous power of the
corporations thomsolves arrayed
against the amendment It could over
command a two-thirds vote in congress
and secure ratification by three-fourths
of the states is to believe the incredi
ble. The Rev. Mr. Washburn's modern
David will nover slay Monopoly with
that sling and pebble. He might as
well try o kill - mountain lion with
a potato pop-gun. No wonder Mr.
Roosevelt hung his head under such
a sermon. If the "cuss words" that
he thought on this occasion woro to
to lie printed or spoken, even the most
sanguine clerical flatterer would sor
rowful admit that ho had taken a
terrible "fall from grace." Now York-
Roosevelt to reconsider his decision,
It Is a Rlgn of n serious split in the
The Iowa convention resolved in
favor of "any modification of the tnrlff
schedules that may be required to pre
vent their affording shelter to monop
oly" This declaration would not have
been made, after h heated discussion,
unless the Iowa republicans had good
reason to know that some of the tariff
schedules "do nfford sheltor to mo
nopoly," The far m prs cannot buy a
reaper or a plough or .n roll of barbed
wire, n barrel of sugnr- or content, a
box of tin-plate or a foot of Iron pipe
without paying tribute to monopoly
that Is sheltered by the tariff.
Yet 3lr. Henderson flatly declares
that he docs "not believe thut a single
schedule of the Dlngley tnrlff lnw can
he so amended ns to relieve the peo
ple front the oppression. of the trusts:"
und Senntor Hnunn, who is a power In
the upper house. Is quoted as snylng:
"As long as I remain In the senate nnd
an raise a hand to atop It you shall
never touch a schedule of the tariff."
Even Representative Llttlcfleld of
Maine, who hns posed ns n ehnhiplon
republican trust-tlghtur. in a speech
Jn Roston on Monday denied Presi
dent Haveiueyer's admission thnt the,
"tariff is the mother of trusts." and I
announced that ho (s opposed Jo "dls-.
! turblug the business of the country"
' ...... Mlt.,... .. !. Tl. 1a... I
"J It. If lUH 111 lilt" IIllfiiV )
Iown Is not the onlv state In which '
tlio republicans have declnred In favor '
of the repeal of protection to monop
olies. Minnesota. Oregon and Idnho
adopted resolutions looking to this
remedy. The Intter state was par
ticular emphatic, declaring that
"many of the industries of the coun
try have outgrown tlteir infancy." nnd 1
favoring "a levlslon of the tariff with,
out unreasonable delay which will
place upon the free list every article
controlled by nny monopoly, nnd such
other articles nnd products as are be-'
vend the need of protection."
No democratic convention has gone
beyond this. The resolution adopted
by the democratic congressmen ,
which Speaker Henderson frantically
denounces as "frw-trnde poison"
was much more moderate, calling only
"A measure to reduce the duties -on
all nrticles nnd commodities nianufac-1
tured In the United Stntes by a trust;
or trusts, so ns to destroy any illegal '
combinations, nnd to reduce the duty j
on any article or commodity manufac
tured In the United Stntes and sold in j
a foreign country more cheaply than
In the United Stntes." :
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It Is no wondor that Speaker Hon-
dursnu's homo-shell created consterna-'
tion nt Oyster liny, where the controll
ing spirits of the senate had met to,
induce the president to continue his 1
silence on the tariff or at tho most to j
"throw a tub to the whale," In tho I
shape of a promise to recommend a
tariff commission to the next eon-
Kress! But the new irrepressible cou-'
Ilict is on, and it will not cease until .
justice shall he done to the overtaxed
and plundered victims of tariff-sheltered
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E. J
When Speaker Henderson finds him
solf bo out of harmony with IiIb party
at homo that he declines to stand for
rf..i.li.pllnn tn enncress. even restat
ing the personal appeal of President,
It's kind o' hard to understand the
case of Ezra Jones.
Wo thought thnt he'd grow up to ho
a rep'lar lazy hones,
nut his father felt quite hopeful when
he saw him out ono day,
A-tollln' with a golf stick an' declar-
in' it was play.
He'd stop an' hit thnt little hall a most
tremendous lick.
An' then he'd run up hill nn' down,
all on the double quick.
To see him so industrious done His
folks a heap o' Rood.
It's plnln he Isn't lazy; hut he
Ho started In for ping-pond, nn' his
enterprise was such
The doctor said as how he'd have to
quit or use n crutch.
And as for pool an' billiards, I have
seen him, I declare,
A-tollIng hard for hours, 1111' holdln'
one foot in tlio air.
The neighbors when they used to go
a-vlsitln' would brag
About tho scientific way he hit the
punchln' bag,
But there's jes' ono thing about him
that was never understood;
Ho's got a heap o' muscle, but ho
You'd think that any one with such a
wondorfnl right arm,
Would look on it ns fun to holp a bit
around the farm.
Ho never sits down Idle from the
dawn till set o sun;
Thoro's alius somcthln' doln', but, he
don't clt nothln" done.
An Ezry nln't the only ono whoso
talents goes nstray.
You see a lot o' folks a-koepln' busy,
day by day;
You look for them to do things; you'
are cortaln that thoy could;
nut at last they dlsap'plnt you 'cause
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