East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 26, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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Wo Soil Strictly At Ono Price.
For Men, Boys and Children
Sec Window DiSpIay-
We nro showing the largest assort
ment of Sweutors ever brought to the
nty. We have thorn in white, black,
blue ami in the lutest fancy stripes,
ami we sell them for much less than
uthcr stores.
Child' en's Sweaters, 50c to $J.
Boy's Sweaters, 50c to $J.50.
Men's Sweaters, 50c to $5.
BA Eli &? DALE Y
One Pr P-Vfi.-s, Furnishers arid Hatters, Pendleton
729 Main Street
Hotel Pendleton.
Nestor. Portland.
A. Xylnndcr. Portland.
G. H. Richardson. Portland.
1. K. Sene. San Francisco.
F. I.. Rogors. Spokane.
Cyrl K. Baker. Portland.
Mrs. E. E. James. Spokane.
A. iSinsheimor. Portland.
V. C. Wouel. Portland.
S. S. ell. Spokane.
W. .. Olendening, Portland.
H. li. Reese, Spokano.
I. eo Myors. Spokane.
E. M. Reed. Spokane.
George C. Blakeslee and wife, Spo
kane. Walter J. Ball. Tacoraa.
n. Bay. La Grande.
F. H. Bay. La Grande.
General Passenger Agent Craig States
That We Are Given Equal Rates
With Spokane, Still Farther East
The Impression hns long prevailed.
and It hns heen published ns n fact.
that the transportation companies sell
through tickets to the coast from the
; East nt the same price ns they sell
them to Pendleton. It has heon refer
I red to frequently of late In Eastern
i Oregon papers, and the matter has
' been called to the attention of Gen
' eral Passenger Agent Crnlg, of the O.
R & X. Company, who writes as fol
, lows
' The settlers" rate from Missouri
j River to Pendleton, for Instance, is
. $:: 50 less than to Portland, the rntet
! being $22.50 and $2ii respectively. B
reason of our taking Spokane husl
I ness through Pendloton and the N. V.
j and G. N. taking Pendleton business
. through Spokane, must necessarily lie
. the smtne. This should not be com
plained of by Pendleton, however. In
asmuch ns Spokane is considerably
further east and If there is any dls-
l satisfaction on the part of either
i place it would naturally he Spokane."
This is certainly good news for -this
) section of the country. While many
! will continue to go on to the coast.
i owing to the small difference In the
fare, yet those who have this section
of the country in view take advantage
of the difference.
it is to the advantage of the rail
road companies to sell tickets to the
terminals, ns homeseekors are likely
to "hack track" over their roads in be
coming finally located and this makes
business for the railroads. For this
reason It Is suggested that they en
courage the purchase of through tick
ets. Still. It Is good news to loam
that Pendleton has the $2.50 advan
tage, and with the entire East now
looking toward the arid hinds of this
section, about to he made productive
under the proposed irrigation law.
many will be benefited by this smnll
difference In railroad fare.
Pendleton should also congratulate
herself on the fact that she has an
equal show with Spokane, which Is
much larger and still farther east
than Pendleton.
The Golden Rule.
J. P. Hnyden. Portland.
Mrs. J. P. Hayden, Portland.
Wallace Williams. Portland.
P. E. Hunsucker. Spokane.
Gus Freeman. Cold Springs.
Mrs. M. A. Benjamin. Waitsburg.
F. E. Hamilton, Portland.
W. L. Davis. Portland.
George McGilvery. Spokane.
G. D. Galley. Spokane.
Blrt Sparks. O.ikesdale.
A. O. Pertevs. Oakesdale.
Henry T. Hill. Helix.
C. A. Vanderhoff, city.
Mrs. S. E. Rice. Iowa.
Miss M. E. Rice. Iowa.
G. H. Sutherland. Walla Walla.
G. O. Barnhard, Spokane.
George Cameron. Walla Walla.
G. G. Gambee. Ukiah.
Fred M. Mannory, Lewiston.
Paul Peterson, Silver City.
G. M. Lewis, Nebraska.
G. C. Hollam, Nebraska.
E. B. Gambee. Ukiah.
Russia -will today hand over to
China the Shanghai Kwan Nut
Chwang railway.
Preaideut Roosevelt has made
known his determination to visit the
Pacific Coast nest spring.
Lieutenant Peary, the arctic ex
plorer, says he has made his last at
tempt to reach the north pole.'
Five matrimonial agencies and two
"turf commissions" were raided by
the Chicago police and the operators
Cuba will form an artillery force of
500 men to guard the Cuban coast,
to take place of American soldiers
now there.
John D. Long, ovseeretary of the
navy, has been chosen president of
the board of overseers of Harvard
A'T;hree thousand Chlueee carpenters
at Hong Koug have gone on a strike
for better wages. They demand 06
cents a day.
Secretary Shaw has told Wall street
that If the banks get any money from
tho United States treasury they will
have to give full value for it.
Tho commissioner of internal reve
nue calls attention to the fact that no
Internal revenue tax can bo collected
on cigars shipped from the Philip-,
pines. i
A novel engine for marine propul
sion has been invented which it Is
claimed will reduce the time requlrod l
to cross the Atlantic ocean to three!
Great excitement was created in 1
7 nlrTi vastdrHav Hv o .ffin' snnt nilf . Ian m thnt thrp Is Rt least ntlt co-ii,t rf linn? ovistf.il in the COlin-
by the Dalzlel News Agouc'y under a dreaded ' "''nca'n"ha?'. ! try.
New York date. Baying it was suppos- 'T'tgn Hallo Cntnrrh Cure it tbe onir Under those circumstances it Is In ,
ed that an anarchistic attempt on the pmitive cure now Known to tue medical j foresting to rend that the receipts of
life of President Roosevelt was involv fraternity- Catarrh being """".''f!!; I cattle in the stock yards last week
ed In the wrecking of tho Golden , na'iu rtarrb cZTli taken j were greater than over before-lt was i
Bagle hotel In Washington. Wednes- internally, setinc dlwtiT npon the blond ! a record-breaking week. That indl-
day night, and the subsequent suicide and rawon surface of the y"ni. there- i liateg tlmt cattie have been found,
of the perpetrator of the outrage. The .".Urth by ! where they wore not supposed to exist,
newspapers here got out "specials, hn,iin,. hp the eontltntinn and BMiKtlm or that a great many shippers,
and flaming placards and bovs were 1 nature in dninz ir work. The proprietor rnanoe to bunch tholr consignments i
bawling the startling new throu In any event It cor ,
the streets with the result that half , ,,,, i, fnnB to cure, Hend for'tairly shows that there are still cattle
of tho population of London went m nt ttirannlnia. ' m the country. It may be that he ex I
home believing that the assassination j , ' ,'V.X-3' & co- ToleJ' 0 , ceptionally high prices have led to a
of the president of the United States, L,;,rFmiir rill, are the beat, is-.oud scouring of the ranges and,
had lteen 'attempted. farms for additional beeves, and that
i VISIT WHITMAN'S GRAVE. , scarcity will follow after the run shall ;
have ended; but It seems more prou-,
' able thnt the supply Is not so nearly j
exhausted as has been feared.
Prices have been good lor a long
time. For three years ihcrc has heen
every Inducement held out to cattlo
growers In the condition of tho mar
kcts, and It Is not Improbable that
tens of thousands of growers have
been adding to their herds, with tho
result that a larger supply or animals
Is now coming forward. This country
Is too large to have a beef famine.
It is not likely thnt cattle will ever
again be n drug on the market, but
the ranges and farms will keep tho
people supplied with roasts and
steaks. Idaho Statesmnn.
Dramatic Notes,
The Joint engagement of Lowls
James nud Frederick Warde on Thurs
day, October 0, will he the noxt nota
ble attraction nt the Frazer opera
house. They will appear in Wagon
hals nml Kemper's stupendous spec
tacular production of "The Tempest."
This exquisite comedy Is nlmost un
known to provincial nudlences, and
even in New York, the only produc
tion it has had in 20 years, was tha'
given by Augustlu Daly nearly 10
years ago.
"The Tempest" which Louis James
and Frederic!; Warde will i-rcsent nt
the Fraxer opera house on Thursday.
October !. is said to be the last and
Is acknowledged to be the best of
Shakespeare's dramas and under the
form or an allegory, might he called
the dramatic will and Inst testament
of the great poet, his adieu to that
faithful public whose applause he had
gained for five and twenty master
pieces and for more than 11 other
plays, which, full of Imagination and
chnrm. would have made for any lessor
mortal the most enviable of crowns;
in a word, this drama Is a poetic syn
thesis or ns Prospero would express
I. Ii. tlm In tiin Hire nf n ninclctail. It Is
n microcosm of that dramatic world
which his Imagination had created.
Nlel vs. Jackson.
San Francisco, Cal.. Sept. 2(1. Al
Nell, the local featherweight, and
"Yninip- Peter Jackson." the Baltimore
colored tighter, have completed their
work or preparation and appear to ue
In flue fettle for their 20-round go
which Is scheduled to be pulled off
here tonight. Neil is In splendid form
and expresses confidence in his nblllty
to defeat the colored man. 'ine two
will weigh In at the ringside at l&
Come to us for your
And Preserving Tomatoes, ripe for rai...
pickling. Cabbage for sauerkraut Red and SB
Citrons, pears, apples, plums, grapes, Our .8t?S
mium takers. -l:sl!
Cake and maple syrup for your breaks,
The place to get clean, fresh foods ftv
R. MARTIN, Proprietor $
Telephone Red 341
The Pendleton Business p
Large, well lighted, well veotllatedcrJI
Comfortable Rooms.
Commercial Course Bookkeeping by actual busicty
id by "SadUr's Buduet System," thorough and coothS
Law enters into every business transaction, and rovlrt
edge of his rights and how to protect his interest; Qw&X
I Stenographic Course Shorthand by the Gregg 124?
Typewriting, Snelling, Paragraphing, Punctuation, ComsM,'1' S
Ing, Care nd Management of 'Writing machines, jjj
Call at the olllo" of or write to H. N. ROBIN'SO.V.t
Comer Court and Johnwm Sts Pendleton. Orteou.
S1C0 Rewar, S1"0
The rrBclr of thu pajM-r will be plea
A Parson's Noble Act.
"I want all the world to know,",
writes Rev. C. J. Budlong. of Asha
way. R, I., " what n thoroughly good I
ami reliable medicine I found in Elec
tric Bitters. They cured me of jaun-.
dice and liver troubles that had cans J
ed me great suffering for many years i
For a genuine, all around cure they ;
excell anything I ever saw." Elec- j
trie Bitters are the surprise of nil for
their wonderful work In Liver. Kid !
ney and Stomach troubles. Don't j
fall to try them. Only 50 cts. Satis j
faction Is guaranteed by Tallman &
A-' ' 7R. frW8?n
OfTerB: Colloge Preparatory Course
Bnslnoss Course
Teachers' Course
Tnkes all crades from Slllr-Prirnan,' up. QradiutatMYSx
I f man Class in such C illeues as Yale, Priucetou, Staufari
j $ Graduates taking i!7 weeks Supplemental Vork tt?J
Certificates on same bi is as Normal Schools Fall tail
. -Vi tuTYiluir 1R Viir pntnlnmil fllldr-H
1 1 F.L. FORBES, D.D.,PriJ
Report of Shortage Is a Mistake J
Sufficient to Supply Demand.
For a long time it has been repre
sented that there was a shortage or
cattle. Prices have been high nnd
the animals have been shipped freely, j
Consequently the idea developed thati
stocks had been depleted and that a I
Makethe Hair Grow
With vrorm sham"' nt I't riounx SoArnnd
li(;htilresjin;;snf Ot Tn riiA. purest of emol
lient skin cures. This treatment at once
f tops falling hair, remove crmts, scales, auil
dzuilruK, soothes irntateil, Ucliuif; surfaces,
stimulates the hair follicles, supplies the
roou ith energy and itoitrHhiuuut, and
makes the hair grow whim all else falls.
r..fM P-rriBl) iHPC.Curr.,
' w tc ltvt iiuLfui Luir,"tre&
The Corvallls ferry doas an im
.menae htwiness every day. the num
ber of ferriajree ior the month of Aug
ust being 5350. A small day's bus!-
neon ih 17
Washington State Press Association . 1
Makes Interesting Trip.
Walla Walla. Sept. 2C.-A visit to '
the historic spot where, nearl 55 years mTj i m mf)AA T)'DT7U El
bko the Cayuse Indians foully mur- f I H tt ,TJU Y JlU
.lart Marcus Whitman. Mrs. Whit- I AllXlA IJKJ.VV iAlluu!
is sanding 100,000 circulars man and 12 other white people, at the ;
ast tb be riven circulation by firat home established by a white wo-ij
inflhmSS the coun-' man on the entire Pacific Coast, clos-i
Only a few das more re' i
main liefore the contest clos' i
. tk
Several pupil have sent
in theu advertisements. We
w nt a I t more.
Come nnd look at our Tb-
let- on display, then write
ad Remember the
in th" East
the Harrin.nn Unp through the conn-, man on " . f
trr tbat will seriu many homeseeKers , ea me oni'' " h , h ' 1
) .i.vJ ,,.ntTV 1 the state prose association. The trip,
to this country. , ye3tordaJ. aftornoon, ,n tt
Figures 'given otit by theMndlan or-, tra,n jlirn3i,ea by the Oregon Rail-! 5
flo ?. lVnshincton to to sho that j r. vQVp!tlnn Comnanv. and -ni
.T.ll.,.. fCylmrl1 la the . T O-ol,, ttttn.
tlie tjuemawu- ii"." ...-w. ... , personal caareu ui w""h.
ono school of Its kind that will sur-; fira, pa8Sencer agent of the company,
vivo iii the Pacioc Northwest. I rivnr 100 delecntes and friends made
.1 tt.a lr. i.t.,1 tnnlr 11 look OVOr th0l4 OUT
K0rafe ,e con.est closes bt-ptember 30
S?irr M?l5 Water was pumped upon which Is located the Whitman Any pup, has a hance to
through a 4V-inoh nine at the rate of monument, a stately granite
io(Z B.illon every 2 hov.is. a brief history of the tragedy which
72,000 gallons evtry 0,.curred In November. 1847. Presl-
The trial of Gnorse Baldwin, charg- jJent P(!nrose 0f whitman College,
ed with the murder of Frank Carlson, j aoronlJ)aned the party, and at the
Is iu progress in Portland. A long prave of Dr.. Whitman gave a brief
iict f witnesses ate to be examined ,,, f th llfe nA work of the
and tho case will probably be long m88i(mnry and his 'family. The edit-!
ors enjoyed the trip very hiucu, uu
Mr. Craig was highly complimented
upon tho plan of showing the newspa
per men the historic spot unu mimi
the success of the excursion in eon
oral. Nearly all of the newepapurr
men left the city last night.
drawn out. ,
The headquarters, band and four
troops of the Ninth Cavalry colored
hare been ordered to Fort Walla
Walla. This squadron has a colored
captain, the only negro officer of tbat
rank : Id the United States army.
prize Try
win tut
The ndver'i.ement winning
your $
the prize wiil occupy .our s
& reRitlar spare in the East $
Oregon an n xt week. -I
Watch for it
Boov Store.
25c and 50c
Every Sunday
Dancing begins Sunday at 2 p. m. Admission to in $
form 25 cents ; ladies free. Busses to and fc
grounds day and night. jt
RESTAURANT ON GROUNDS. The grove can tee 6
picnio parties by applying to PETER SMHt'l
St. George.
F.W.Schmidt &Co.
Reliable Druggists.
Phone, Main 851.
Comes when the Tri
sian finishes one c.
terpicces m rugs, Ji'?,
are now showing int:
In colonnp, inpatte-y
ty of des-gn and es-"
finish thee rugs are fg
of art. 1 be p"s
$4 t0 1
Special Bale of
ona-iiana bbwhs--
Is reached in BYERS BEST. Better flour caw
The cream of the wheat crop enters w5"
Flour, which is right for Dreau
Fancy Baking.
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
tw nnnirrni I
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Moens, Proprietor.