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    Not Hardwood Sawdust
Ak absolutely pure. Try them and you will
be surprised at the difference between AT
WOOD'S Sl'lCES and the ordinary ones.
y Brock &. oComas Company :
TO rue noDE'jN oruqchsts . pendletun A
of those who are becoming concerned
for the dignity of the republic's chief
Dignity is all very well, but if it
happens to stand in the way of some
thing more substantial, dignity must
take n rear sent.
Mr. Roosevelt In IPOS Is running for
the presidency of the United States
in 1901. Other cltlnens who have
aimed at that exnlted office have wait
ed until after the convention met be
fore public and informally opening
the campaign, but that is nut Mr.
Hoosevelt's way.
I ...
This is n free country, and every
. man in it 1ms a right to adopt his own .
method of reaching for what lie wants
! Therefore criticism of Mr. Roosevelt's,
' appearance as a hot campaigner two '
I oars ahead of the usual time, while
i allowable, should be tolerant and
He conceives, for example that It
! v ill serve bis ambition to seem to be
at outs with his party ou the trust is
: sue Hence the numerous speecues.
I Special Sales
At I he rair
Two Days Fall of Bargain Opportunities
in hlstor . Such a crime could not ,
ronie from normal conditions It was j past and to come, that are designed
an inheritance from the violation of
the laws of nature by the ancestry of
the criminal. He was the descendant
to spread the impression among the
people that he is hostile to trusts, but
which, by avoiding all mention of
iiear-at-hand remedies for trust rob-
of Rrigham Young, of Mormon church hery mich as tariff revision and in
fante. The life that Brlgham Young I terference with railroad dlsciimlna-
'led is likely to rtevelnn freak? In I tlon assure the able gentlemen w no
TO the anthracite coal strike ever . vea vet to clme I the, tr,f ondMVcktrt "!!
. i nonierny tor ears yet to come, .a- llrflts tht tbev have uothlng to fear
ono.' inie quesuou is w:nS to u Tunf ls lmerrlng. When you violate
a serious one throughout the country. her taws vou mU8t pay tUe penalty.
"Kliy don't Morgan stop It? ls nsked. The country that permits It must pay
Why don't this one or that one stop the penalty.
Jt? Why doesn't the president stop
It? many have asked. It is not a The tire at Island City was an mi-
proposition that can behandled by any fortunate one. It wsb one of those
from him.
Mr. Roosevelt considers that It
would le a great help to him in bis
campaign to have the republican on
vention of his own state endorse bis
candidacy, so be does what ls neces
surv tn eVt tbp endorsement. That Is
one man. There are two sides to all ps ts hard to provide against. . hp mav;cs a barcnin with Boss Piatt
trueatione. This ls a difference on the l ,8 ottea necessary- to build valun-lby which a Judgeship is given to the
nestiM of rights between the miners, Me improvements at isolated points, choice of the J"""
and operators. Laws t.re provided to or at points where ample water pro- j;1"1,,,,. been promised
settle almost all kinds of controver-'. tcction cannot be sCorded. and thous- 'h) ienrisylvania the federal patron
tes. Where there are no laws the anas of dollars worth or proiwrty go,ace was turned over to noss vi
matters must settle down to adjust-!! n smoke. The only way to pro-; and an indorsement for 1904 from
men: In the regular course of things, i viu asa'mit such losses is care on
The miners had a right to qnlt
work. The operators had the right to
employ others. These are natural
rights. The law win enforce these
rights. If the operators should under
take to compel the miners to work,
the law would step in. When the men
iry to compel the operators not to em
ploy whom they plea Be, then the law
Shope in. There Is where the whole
trouble lies. "When the miners quit, if
they had gone away there would have
been no further trouble. Or If they
had remained away from the mines,
there would have been no trouble.
To compel the men to work would
be unlawful. For them to interfere
with the operation of the mines is un
lawful. Sympathy is always with the
laborer. If the operators had violated
the law half as often in the present
strike as have the miners, the coun
try would have risen up in arms and
wiped them from the face of the
earth. Prejudice is against them.
Their position of ease and comfort
is against them, while the poor miners
and their starring wives and children
are in evidence about the scene of
Jt is a case of wearing out process.
The officers can only remain and pre-i
vent the miners from violating the
law so far as possible. After awhile
they will either have to come to the
operators' terms or the operators will
have to come to their terms. No one
can compel either to do that which he
does not want to do, so Ions as each
attends to his own business.
What could Morgan do? What
could the president do? Whan can
anybody, except the miner? and oper
ators do They are the contracting
parties. It is no one else's business
Suppose Morgan should tell them to
Quit fighting; suppose Roosevelt
should tell them to stop! They would
simply laugh and tell them to mind
their own business.
If the president should attempt to
atop in and settle the coal strike,
differences , he would soon be expect
ed to settle every little case of trou
ble in the country from petty law
suits to family quarrels. He can only
apply the law when a place is open
tu apply it tt is all that can be done
by any one. No one man or set of
men can act without the pale of the
It simply reverts back to the old
proposition. Government is founded
on law. Attempt to change it and
vou would shatter the foundation.
The only course to pursue is to apply
the law when it la needed and the
other differences will adjust them
selves In the course of time.
Settling the strike is not within the
province of any man or officer. It Is
with the men who have differences
and they have the law to aid them.
The murder of Mrs. Pulitzer by
Young, was one of tho most atrocious
the part of the management and to
carry as much insurance as the busi
ness will justify.
With wheat still a-Jumping. big
shipments of cattle coming in. and a
flood of immigration from the East
injuring into this country, it looks
very well, thank you. for Umatilla
county, and Pendleton, too
Umatilla county officials and Pen
dleton town officials are all right, and
they will compare favorably with any
in the state, or any other state.
i OnaVs renublican state convention m
1SUI2 followed.
When Lieutenant Morris committed
suicide probably au everlasting lock
was turned upon the secret of
Maine. He was the electrician
that ill-starred ship when she was
Manifestly this close association
with bosses does not make for popu-'
iiritv. Consequently Mr. Roosevelt
take' the stump and fires blank cart
ridges at the trusts, a dealy one at a
wild boar, and rides on horseback so
furiously that professional cavalry
men. In trying to Keep i p with him.
obllgiuly lose their seats and tumble ,
to the ground, amid delighted laugh-;
ter and applause. Thus Is attention
diverted from seriously significant
political acts and a reputation for,
sturdy independence and headlong
temerity maintained. !
Angry critics of the campaigning.
president may bring calm to their'
tempers if they will but keep in mind
the simple fact that Mr. Roosevelt is
.. . . , i i . i i
I, a poirtlcian, anu as sucu i in '"h
1 the arts of his calling in the hope of
,on ' securing what he desires popularity
,vas i sfti.1 tlin lincteiiiff nf the
sunk by an explosion in Havana har- d ,h t magnates OU the,
bor. and caused the Spanish war. His .Hearst's American and Jour-
intimates have been sure that it was
I nal.
internal and not external; but its
revelation involved responsibility of a( Cavute Ike Yes stranger
owner oiucer. ana so .Morris cameo , R fl M,he tho Avonger. He's
LUC wt3jiu) ftwrei uiuu u iruuiu
borne no longer, and took his life as
the only means of deliverance.
The failure of the commission of In
quiry into the cause of the catastrophe
to And a reason for it has left it an
killed i
nine men. 1
Willie Spin Aw, wealiy, beg par-,
don, but what make is his automo
bile? Chicago Tribune. ,
The Tucanon Development Cotnpa-
i nv rauital crock JnOO.iNHi has lint'ii in.
open question, and an open question I corporated fur the puri.ua- of unprov
ii win always ue so xar as uirect evi-1 ing aC(, irn,;a..rjg tarrn ,,luls near
dence is concerned. The suicide of . pnnrn-
Morris, his occasional talk about de-' '
fective wiring, and the feeling of his 1 - -
confidential friends that he knew the
cause and that it was within his ship
and not outside constitute circum
stantial evidence only, but such as it
it acquits Spain of the responsi
bility that only circumstantial evi
dence fastened upon her. :
The consequences of that calamity '
have been stupendous, for had uot the
Maine blown up there would havet
been no Spanish war, nor the long'
train of vexatious consequences, the I
further projection of which no human
wisdom can see. The president was :
opposed to war and relied to diploma-'
v to free Cuba and accomplish all ,
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human beings, and spared the woman
cast to them in the aruna. It is astonish
ing how little sympathy women have
that war could do and by better ( for women. Iu the home tue mistreta
means. But the explosion In Havana l sees r,ne niaia wua uie signs 01 sunenug
harbor was followed by an echo of ' she recognizes to well, but . she does not
wrath in this country which demanded , sica gtri s wauj. wucu ol
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l'endleton. Ore
ODgrese to be decided by the direct
'ppresentatives of the people. If Mor
ris at that moment had unlocked the
secret it might have stayed the hot
tide of rage, and It might not. Who
can tell?
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as they beat against the president in Ganwvoort. sratopa Co.. n i wa u(ler-
,0(.c ... ,. t ,,. i iuc from feruale weakness, a disagreeable drain.
1808. will the lesson of tho .Maine be gn mt, wcak and ,frwl rlngau
remembered and will there be cast I the time I draeged around in t'nat way for
iohuio tha .nlnnHtt. iumtiiir of tho twe year, then f oegan taking your medicine,
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-San Francisco Call.
The news that President Roosevelt
has not finished his stumping tour,
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First daw t
line qf KpMi
work done f
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