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" 1,
Vkr Pis,
Exclusively tor Women,
The Eastern Cloak, Salt,
Skirt and Waist Factory
Is now running full blast. By
calling you will find a large vari
ety of styles and prices.
With the facilities of our own
factory and being in close contact
with the largest and most success
ful designers and manufacturers
of these garments, we are enabled
at all times to display In this sec
tion the largest and most desir
able collection.
In dressmaking we can give you
quick service.
All "Work Guaranteed.
In Old Pendleton Shoe Store,
645 Main Street.
Ed. Eben, Prop.
"The Girl From
Up There."
Bays there isn't a collar, cull' or shirt
front laundered anywhere in the coun
try that can compare with our laundry
wnrt Th pnlnr nnrl flnlaVi nrn niv.
..v. a iTO ti
J '"""J"
satisfaction to our patrons. Ladies'
anirt waists are also laundered in a
manner that makes them look like
new, and the color is preserved longer
than by having them done by any
other method.
J. F. Boblnson, Prop. Pendleton.
Oregon Lumber lard
Alta St , opp Court House
For All Kinds of Building Material
Screen Doors
and Windows
Building Paper
and Sand
Ab4 Don't Forget Our Wood Q utter
For Barns and Dwellings
Laatz Bros.
Coal and
Delivered Promptly.
We are in the transfering and
trucking business and are pre
pared to move light or heavy arti
cles. OFFICE MAIN ST., Near Depot,
Telephone Mais 51.
Boarding and Day School for GirlB
Finishing and accredited college preparat ry
coorae. Muiiea ipeclaliy: Voice, tIoIId and
lano. Tne Her. Andres Jlard, President ot
Tnuleoa. Mlu Imogen Borer, Principal.
Terms JiOO to poo.
national platforms. We have not
been elected for that purpose. The
function of revising national plat
forms belongs with conventions
chosen for national purposes. Our
function so far as national questions
are concerned, begins and ends with
an unmistakable identification of the
democratic party of Ohio with the
democrats of the republic
"That can be done In good faith
only by acknowledgelng the authority
of the latest national exposition of
party doctrine on national questions.
"In my Judgment this convention
ought to recognise the Kansas City
platform. It ought also to pay the
tribut of Its respect to the great dem
ocrat who has In two national cam
paigns brilllanty led us against the
republican party and Its nllled hosts
of non-partisan monopolists."
Platform Declaration.
The plftform contains the follow
ing declaration:
"We, the democrats of Ohio, here
by acknowledge and declare our con
tinued allegiance to the .democratic
party of the nation, and on national
Issues reaffirm and indorse the prin
ciples laid down in the last national
platform adopted at Kansas City
and fully and ably represented In the
presidential campaign of 1900 by Wil
liam Jennings Bryan. Regarding
those principles as opposed to imper
ialism and colonialism, as opposed to
government by injunction, as opposed
1 to trusts or trust fostering tariffs, as
, opposed to all other legalized monop
olies ana privileges. tuuucmu
every effort to repudiate or Ignore
Tlio ramilnnnr nf thp nlntfnini IS
jchiaflv eC0ii;;Ie5 with miners of
1 state Interest, coming out strongly
' for "home government" by munlcl-
palities and declaring for the else
l tion of United States senators "by dl
I rest votes of the people.
Poverty, Disease and Death in
Knox Family County Aid.
One child dead and another
he mother very low with b cartel
var C tVi , nllt-ht whlr-h lifts
fallen tne famny of B ilvlne in
a tent In the east end of town.
Knox Is a laboring man, but having
A pleasant tajtiug medi
cine that acta as a mild
laitlve; aidi digestion
and gets at and removes
tne ciu.e ol the disease.
Keaulu are noticeable un
mediately .No LiUure to care in 20
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W; & C R. Depot
When getting figures from
others on that lumber bill of
yours, don't forget to come
and see us. We carry a large
stock of all kinds of
Building; Material
including shingles, door, win
dows, moulding, screen doors
and wirdows in fact, every
thing that "is found in a first
class lumber ya'd.
Read! Mead!
We are offering this week some exceptional values in
heavy all-wool Ingrains. These carpets were left over
from last year's stock and are worth 75c per yd,' sale price
57c. You will see some of th patterns in the window.
New goods just comi v. n Look for September ad.
Jesse nFilzLre?.
a largo family anil belnc. unable to
work hlmsolf part of the time, the
falmly Is reduced to actual want.
.Last spring they moved Into a tent
to save house rent and a few weeks
ago the mother took down with Bear
let fever. Later two of the children
took the disease and the 13-year-old
daughter died Thursday afternoon.
A few days ago the condition of
the Knox family was called to the at
tention of the county authorities and
Dr. McFaul was sent to look after
them. He found that the little child
had been neglected until It could not
be saved and the mother wns In a se
rious condition.
Thore was practically nothing In
the tent for the family to eat and
there was no money with which to
buy. The family has been looked
after by the county and friends of the
unfortunate, and medical aid is being
supplied by Dr. McFaul. Prospects
are now favorable for the stricken
Elmore E. Purrington Is Now
llshed In That Town.
Elmore E. Purrington, who has
been engaged In the newspaper, mer
cantile and commission business in
Pendleton for the past eight years
has moved to Burns, where he will
eugage In the lumber business. Mr
Purrington thus returns to the scenes
of his early life In Oregon. He with
the eccentric Abner Robblns, who re
cently died at Union, as a partnor
having established the town of
Drewsey, In Harney county, when
that county was a part of Grant, soon
after the Malheur Indian reservation
wns thrown open to settlement. After
the dissolution of the partnership,
Mr. Purrington was connected for
several years with the Lux &. Miller
cattle Interests, ns cashier, with
headquarters at Harney City. Can
yon Eagle.
Visited Seattle and Portland Is One
of First Settlers In the Valley.
A. Miller, of Pilot Rock, returned
this morning from a visit to his
daughter, Mrs. Benjamin, at Seattle.
Mr. Miller spent two weeks in the
Sound metropolis and says Seattle is
a live town and that the Elks' carni
val was a great success. He returned
by way of Portland and stopped to
take in the Elks' carnival In that
p,ace and savs Portiand is ahead of
Seattle on its blowout, Mr. Miller is
one of the pioneers of. Umatilla coun
ty. He came here 40 years ago ana
took up a squatters claim where the
city of Pendleton now stands. He
laten raded his claim to Mr. Good
win for a team of cayuses. Mr. Miller
was one of the early comers to the
west and helped in the settlement of
the county when it wns infested with
Connerley Takes Full Charge.
William Connerley has purchased
the interest of his partner, Kit Hays
in the Old Dutch Henry Feed Yard
and Chop Mill, and will give the bus
fness his personal attention. Mr,
Connerley has had experience In con
ducting the business, and horses left
at his yard will be properly cared
for and well fed. He will also con
tinue to conduct the chop mill and
will buy and sell hay, grain and all
kinds of feed. Mr. Connerley has an
Eastern Oregon and his many friends
will be pleased to learn that he Is in
sharge of the feed yard.
$100 RewarJ, $130.
The readers of thU paper will be pleas
ed to learn that there la at least one
dreaded disease that science has been atle
to cure in all its stages and tbat Is Ca
turrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only
poslUTe cure now Known to tne medical
1 fraternity. Catarrh being a conatltutlon-
Ial disease, requires a constitutional
treatment, nail's Catarrh Care Is taken
internally, acting directly npon tbe blood
and mucous surfaces or tbe ajitem. t&cre
by destroying tbe fonndatlon of tbe dis
ease, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature In doing Its work. Tbe proprietors
bare so much faith In Its curative powers
tbat tbey offer One Hundred Dollars for
and case that It falls to cure. Bend for
list ot testimonials.
Addreu F. J. CHK.N'EY & CO., Toledo, O.
Hold by drneslsts. 75c.
Hall's Family I'llls axe tbe best.
i Tipman vs. Lyons,
I TlnlrlmnrA Mrt 3nnt K Ttio
Eureka Athletic Club has prepared a
good card for its boxing show to
night. The star event will be a 20
round contest between Joe Tipman
and Harry Lyons. Both fighters ap
pear to be in splendid condition for
the battle.
This signature is on erery box of tbo eeunl&ti
lJromoQumine Tablets
it cures) a cold In Mao dty.
Oood noada a. Mlnhtr Force a a
ClvltlalnK AKrnt-Coit ot Traninr
tatlon nrdnrca TroOta of Producer.
Work For the Roadmaker.
One of the most Instructive papers of
the good ronds convention in Buffalo
In September was by Lewis M. Ilaupt.
riillndelphla, member of the lsthmlnn
canal comn..-l n.
"Every foi ..id tnrn of a wheel," he
said, "Is a revolution and typifies prog
ress. It Is Immaterial whether It be a
wagon wheel or a car wheel, a fly
wheel or a wnter wheel, a turbine or a
propeller, a ptiion or a pulley, a bicycle
or a mobile, it Is always fascinating
to see the wheels go round.
"But behind the wheel to make It re
volve there may be a crank; behind the
crank there must 1h? n motor; behind
the motor nil artisan; behind the arti
san n capitalist; behind the capitalist
an Inventor, behind the Inventor there
Is the great Creator of mind .ami mat
ter, the Incomprehensible God, the
mainspring of all activities and possi
bilities. "Intuitively the mind Is carried back
In the spirit of the days of old, when
the prophet Ezeklel stood on the banks
of the river Chebar, In the land of the
Chaldeans, and, looking into the opened
heavens, beheld the four living crea
tures which hod the likeness of a man
going upon wheels.
" "The appearance of the wheels and
their work was like unto the color of
beryl, and they four had one likeness,
and their appearance and their work
was, ns it were, a wheel in the middle
of a wheel. The spirit of the liv
ing creature was in the wheels. And
whithersoever the spirit was to go they
went, thither wns their spirit to go.'
"From thnt day to this the earth has
trundled around her course In yearly
laps, bearing to the children of the
present csutury the fruition of this
prophecy of the spirit and the wheels, j
Well may It be said today that every
thing goes upon wheels, but there are
wheels and wheels. Some turn more
easily than others nnd do more work
at less cost, and thus we are brought
directly into contact with the surface
or roadway which the wheel harnesses
ns a practical Question In economics,
mechnnlcs and physics.
"In addition to tho wheel nnd Its
way there are obstacles of various
j kinds
which Impede its progress.
zurASSAniiE fob wheels.
There may be a mountain in the pnth
or cataract In the stream, a chasm in
the plnln, or It may be that rain has
converted an earthen road into a
slough, that a cyclone has drifted sand
across a railway or a blizzard has fill
ed a cut with snow.
"Such are a few of the contingencies
which obstruct the highways of com
nierce and which It is the work of the
engineer and roacmaker to remove
where practicable.
"What better and more condensed
Instructions can be fonnd for this than
those which came from the prophet
Isaiah as the voice of him tbat crletb
from the wilderness of Asia, 'Prepare
ye the way; make straight in the des
ert n highway for our God.'
"Today Russia is literally carrying
out these specifications in extending
her nrea of steel from the Baltic to the
Japan sea that civilization may ad
vance by the peaceful revolutions of
the wheel nnd not by tbe arbitrament
of the sword. Romnn roads sub
jugated and controlled tbo empire.
Truly the wheel Is mightier than the
sword as a civilizing agent"
Following this preamble Mr. Ilaupt
showed the relation of the rate of
transportation to the profit to tbe pro
ducer and the influence severally of
the highway, the railwny and the ar
tificial and national waterways In lim
iting or extending the market range.
In conclusion he said:
"Very little of the 800,000,000 of tons
of freight carried annually on the rail
roads of tbe United States has Its
origin on the line of tbe road, but
mnst first be moved from farm, mine
or forest over earth roads at an average
cost of 25 cents per ton mile. If the
average distance be but four miles
the expense of transportation before
delivery to the railroad would be $800,
000,000, while tho charge for distri
bution may swell this to over $1,000,
(00,000 annually, most of which goea
to cover wear and tear.
"The cost of transportation on our
common roads may be greatly dimin
ished by reducing the resistances and
improving the grades, alignment, sur
face and drainage. If reduced to even
one-half the effect would be to double
tbe area of the territory tributary to
tbe railroads and so Increase their ton
nage as well as tbo margin available
for transportation.
"As It costs much less to Improve
roads than to open branch railroads
as feeders, It would bo good policy on
the part of railroads to unite with
counties, townships nnd boroughs In
developing systems of Improved trunk
roads with laterals as feedcru to their
own systems. Numerous .precedents
for such n policy exist In foreign coun
tries, where the results have proved
Its wisdom nnd economy."
Tans; I"o anil Tcamnklnjr.
There Is but ono way of making tea,
T'nlcss the water boiling be
To pour on wnter spoils the tea.
The teapot Itself should be heated
very hot before the tea Is placed In It
and the boiling water poured on. It
should be scalding hot water, or tbe
lenves will float to the top.
No less authority than Tung To, the
Chinese poet. Is quoted for a recipe for
teamnklnp. He says: "Whenever tea
Ik to be Infused, take water from a run
nlng stream nnd boll It over a lively
fire. It is an old custom to use running
water, boiled over a lively fire. That
from springs In the hills Is said to be
best and river water the next, while
well water Is tbe worst A lively Ore
is a clear, bright charcoal fire. When
mnktng an Infusion, do not boll tbe wn
ter too hastily. At first It begins to
F-parkle like crabs' eyes, then somewbnt
like fish's eyes nnd lastly It boils up
like pearls innumerable springing nnd
waving about 'This is tbe way to boil
A teaspoonful of tea for two cups.
with one for the pot, is tbe rule.
mint's rorr&er Ilrclpe.
In Germany nnd Itnly great honor Is
paid to St Barbara, but until now no
one has been able to discover tho exact
A German officer says thnt she Is
honored because the invention of pow
der is in a large measure due to her.
Bcrthold Schwarz, a monk, he ex
plains, opened.the "Lives of tbe Saints"
on St Barbara's day and read the
story of her mnrtyrdom, after which
he reasoned as follows:
"The heart of the Virgin was white
as salt the soul of her tormentor was
black as coal, and it was sulphur from
heaven which punished him for bis
cruelty. I will mix these three things,
nnd it will be a wonder if I do not dis
cover tbe philosopher's stone."
He did mix them, and as soon as he
put the mixture In a tire a tremendous
explosion followed. Such, according to
German soldiers, was thnorlgln of
The Weddlnc Girt.
It Is a golden rule to send a wedding
gift In good time, tbe first to arrive be
ing much more appreciated than that
which is one of the many pouring in (
from all quarters during the last week.
By adhering to this rule one will be
Bavcd tbe annoyance of hcnrlug that
the saltcellars are charming the third
set nlrendy received.
A month before the wedding day Is
not 00 early to send the present, which
should be accompanied by a visiting
card. I
Tbe package should be addressed to
the bride. If one is intimate with tbe
happy couple, nnd to the bride's house,
addressed to the bridegroom. If It Is be
with whom one Is best acquainted.
Some Women Wtio Farm,
Mrs. Richard Watson Gilder, whose
husband is tbe editor of The Century
Magazine, conducts a farm of 200
Acres. Abram S. Hewitt's daughters
personally superintend the conduct of
farms. Mrs. J. J. Glossner, whose hus
band is one of Chicago's millionaires,
has n farm In New Hampshire aud
goes there early In May and remains
until October. Miss Virginia Meredith,
who Is at the bead of the' girls' depart
ment of the agricultural school of the
University of Miuuesotn, has a large
stock farm in Indiana and Is known
among stockmen ns oue of the most
successful breeders of fine cattle In the
west Mrs. Antoinette Wnkemnn has
a farm of 120 acres at Hastings. Minn..
where she successfully raises and sells
strawberries, gruin and hay, eggs, milk
and beef. Washington Post
Washing; ChllitE.
Boll two pounds of rice In two gal
lons of water, and when It Is soft di
vide It Into two equal quantities. Put
the one half Into a washing tub as It Is.
rlre and water together. In this wnsb
the face of the chintz, using handfuls
of tbe rice instead of soap. Strain the
second quantity of rice from tbe water
and In the latter rinse. The chintz Is
then ready for drying nnd Ironing.
lie Was Warned.
Miss Palisade I was very much sur.
prised, Mr. Cleverton, that you were
not at church this morning to hear me
ing the solo. Didn't your friend Dash
away tell you about It beforehand?
Cleverton Yes; he was good enough
to, Harlem Life.
No matter how trifling a man is. bo
wells up If asked advice. Washington
Sad Reflection.
It happens quite frequently that tbe
self made man has u sou who Is simply
tailor made. Puck.
ACORN Stoves
and RANG!
Over 30,000 pounds of thejj
oiovcs in our store.
Coart Street.
The Best Hotel fn PcarM
and as good as any.
Headquarters for Traveling 1
Commodious Sample Reon
Rates-$2 per da)
Special rotes by week" or moirtJ.
Excellent Cuisine.
Prompt Diningrootn Sent
Every Modern Cornea
Bar and billiard room in coiir
Only Three Blocks from
Corner Court and Johnson Stra
rendletou, Oregon
M. F. Kelly, PropHetc
AmorlcnnlMnu, riues.$l -3 tt';&Tl!T
periinv. 3 "''ten.
Kuropenn J'lun. SOe. 7c. ill irVMRnr
8jKi!lal rates by week or:no4 JejaaBce
t- r-i ' li 1 1 1. ... c nil tnlr,c ' .
Commercial trade sol!
Fine sampl(fteflv. pr
Special Attention Given foofltPj
Farmers Cusfo;
Fred Walter, Pr
fAnnnifv 150 barrels a m.
Flour exchanged ft2fc
Klour. Mill Feed, OP!0
aaBLJkBHMV1 lafaHsBnlJI
Elegantly FurnlshefjRe
Sample roo'nl'm cenRcONC
asssBBBBai new
- iavasnccft. k
always on unnu.