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i Exclusively lor Women.
JTfee Eastern Cloak, Suit,
Skirt and Waist Factory
Is now running full blast. By
calling you will find a large vari
ety of styles and prices.
' With the facilities of our own
factory and being in close contact
with the largest and most success
ful designers and manufacturers
of these garments, we arc enabled
at all times to display in this sec
tion the largest and most desir
able collection.
In dressmaking we can give you
quick service.
AH Work Guaranteed.
In Old Pendleton Shoe Store,
645 Main Street.
Ed. Eben, Prop.
"Tne Girl From
Up There."
Bays there Isn't a collar, cuff or shirt
front laundered anywhere in the coun
try that can compare with our laundry
work. The color and finish are su
perb, and they alwayB give genuine
atisfaetlon to our patrons. .Ladles'
shirt waists are also laundered in a
manner that makes them look like
new, and, the color, is preserved longer
than by having them done by any
other method.
J. F. Robinson, Prop. Pendleton.
Oregon Lumber Yard
Alta St., opp. Court House.
Ftr All Kiada of Building Material,
Screen Doors
and Windows
Building Paper
and Sand
Ami Don't Forget Oar Wood (latter
For Bars ad Dwellings
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W: & C R. Depot
When getting figures from
others on that lumber bill of
yours, don't forget to come
and see us. We carry a large
stock of all kinds of
Building Material
including shingles, door, win
dows, moulding, screen doors
and windows in fact, every
thing that is found in a first
class lumber yard.
BUM Iwtm Pendleton dally, except Bandars,
iTT. m.. lor UklsiJ and Intermediate point.
S tee! To tnlot Rock. 76c', Pilot Bock and re
tain. t.S To Wye. 11.25. N and retain, i
To&ldae. tl 70; toBldceand return, .: To
Alta.ti.3S: to Alba and return, H.WJToUkixa
an u;.t DklAh and return. $1.00.
Otfise la Qolden Rule Hotel, Pendleton
ATIONS In millinery.
Something Concerning the Fabrics,
Colors and Trappings That are Pop
ular This Fall.
Now York, Sept. 1. Early autumn
fashions aro gradually coming In and
tho present Indications aro that there
will bo many changes before any
thing dennlto Is decided upon for fall
One thing Is settled light-weight
woolen fabrics 'will bo worn as late
as possible on acount of their easy
adaptability to tho clinging, graceful
lines whtch aro Indispensable to an
ultra-smart frock and when these
must bo laid away for warmer mater
ials, tho lightest weights of ladles
cloth. Venetian and broadcloth will
bo affected.
Brllllantlno will also bo one of the
standard fabrics. There. ifl'Bo much
about it which is commendable. The
lustres which it always boasts meets
tho. requirements of eleganco of tho
Reason and there .Is the additional
merit of wear. Iteally thero Is not
a fabric on tho market which can
stnnd so much hard wear, yet with-a
little sponging and renovating look
almost as fresh as now. Tho nowot
grades aro a llttlo moro expensive
than theso of former years, but then
they are very wide and when one
considers all other advantages, the
extra expense can not be regretted.
All-wool crepo do chine Is another
over-popular material. A rather un
usual gown developed In It ia in sage
green, with a darker shade of taffeta
striping tho skirt very closely from
Artificial Ice
Tolaphon Main 168.
No Sediment to Foul
Your Refrigerator
No Disease Germs to
Endanger Your Health
The Pendleton
Large, well ligbted, well ventilated ard
Comfortable Rooms.
Commercial Course Bookkeeping by actual business .training as pro
nu.iiur'a Ttnriovt. Rvntin." thnmiicrh and comulete. Commercial
Xaw enters into every business transaction, and provides the student a knowl
edge of his right aHd how to protect his Interests; Commercial Arithmetic,
Corresponuence ana renmansmp.
Stenographic Course Shorthand by the Gregg Light Line System;
Typewriting, Spelling, Paragraphing, Punctuation, Correspondence, Manifold
ing, Care nd Management of Writing machine?.
Call at the office of or write to H. K. ROBINSON, LL.D., Principal,
Corner Court and Johnson Bte Pendleton, Oregou. '
The New BtflUlcg
tho.waitto. below, the knees the-lines
sonaratlncr. or. rather, the SDncea wld-
entngtowarda the ends.
Tbb effect is charming and It gives
a slender appearance to tho flguro.
Tho bodice Is ono ot tho small loose
boleros, and 1b also striped with taffe
ta and worn ovor a blouso of white
silk, finished with fagot stitched
tucks and with batlsto embroidery on
tho semi-transparent collar, wrist
bands and glrdlo.
Vicunas,, it Is safe to say, will be
en reglo for autumn wear. They are
durablo and handsome and mako an
ntrraitlvn!nnnnarniieo nn tho Advance
samplo cards of wool fabrics design
ed for tailor costumes ror various oc
casions. Those for .general uses
show silky hair-lines, stripes and
Checks on a surface of neutral or op
posite shade.
Tho fashionable skirt for fall 1b
causing tho modistes no llttlo con
cern. It Is a question whether or not
It will be the h'ablt-back. As far as
tho Influence of present modes ox
tend, the ultra-smart Bklrt fits as
closely as over around tho flguro.
Some fit with plaits; others plainly.
The strictly habit-effects aro useful
and appropriate for outing costumes
and will no doubt bo used for such
on account of the heavy materials
which will be employed for theso out
fits. However fashlonablo tho perfect
ly plain back may be, howover, the
fact remains that lighter fabrics look
better when designed with a llttlo
fullness at the back, no matter how
scantily arranged.
With tho medium length coats the
habit-back Is nn advantage, for It
makes a gown very warm to havo the
two thicknesses around tho hips.
Tho popularity of tho coat-tall has
had a persuaslvo Influence on the
skirt plait. A postillion effect looks
better over a skirt with plaits than
over ono which is plain and whore
thn laMrot Id chnrf tvlth'thfl tWO tails
extending below tho belt line, it Is a
pretty sure thing mat tne smrt win
hnvo Hr usefulness either laid in
plaits or stitched tucks.
It will bo a whoio montn yet oeiore
fall hats aro placed upon tho market.
In the meantime some very stunning
millinery In tho soft, dark shades of
satin straw are in evidence.
There is a very protty dark red
toquo which comes trimmed with silk
popples of the same color and heavy
satin ribbon. Tne Bnapo is innemeu
around tho cntiro brim and each in
denture is marked with a button com
posed of mock black pearls. The
crown is a ma3s of rich autumn
leaves and tho bow is fastened at the
back, the ends drooping below the
Tho ftnt.rrramnri hnt with wide
sides will also remain popular
throughout the fall, tnqugn its iuture
beyond that Is an uncertainty.
a simni. hut nt thn same time
very distinguished looking chapeau
is of autumn-leal Drown straw trim
med with a band of white satin and
an ornament of paste emeralds cen
ters a rosetto of white quilled Tlbbon.
A long, soft, white sprey sweeps down
on the left side almost to the shoul
der. The cravat and the tassels on
ihn front nf tho coatee Of tho gOWn
with which tho hat is worn aro of
Large, soparato collars aro mado
to wear with drosses or an materials
nn fnr nil noranlnns. Thev afford
an opportunity of one's running the
Business Collebe
to Be Occupied In December.
entiro gamut of elegant materials
for every lmaglnablo varloty of braid
1b used from cotton soutache to the
costly1 duchesse.
Embroldory will bo a fashionable
trimming for another season. Circles
and dots embroldorod upon plain
cloth are to bo soon on many of tho
advanco Importations of fall eels
tumes. This cloth Is In turn used as
a trimming upon rough and figured
materials, such as camel's hair, chev
iot, etc.
Although green has been ono of the
most popular colors of tho summer It
Is not yet established whothor It will
bo orio of tho tints of fashlonablo fu
turity. Constadt Baltequo nnd Rhone
will bo much worn among tho bluo
dyes, then there aro carrot, carmine
and coronation reds, to say nothing
of tho various shades of grey.
Thero aro somo pretty greens for
evening gowns, however, such as ga
zon, pal undlno and bargeon and some
dollghful Empire effects aro now to be
obsorved In theso Unts, literally on
meshed In lace-woven chiffons. Somo
of tho most beautiful evonlng dresses
which will bo de rlgeur for some
time to come are In the soml-Emplrc
effects; that is to say, tho waist, Is de
fined by a wide belt of embroidery
studded with stones, sometimes rath
er pointed at tho waist to accentuate
It moro than is tho coso in tho real
Empire Btyle. Empire frocks aro
sometimes varied by long transparent
Bleoves, made very full below tho el
bow and this stylo Is moro generally
becoming than tho real Empire puff.
All of tho autumn models in coats
and blouses thus far Been tend to give
width to tho shouldors. "With tho
straight fronted corset and enlarged
hips the narrow shoulders were im
possible, and now tho great aim Is
to widen them with collars, wide
rovers, and trimming lines set far
apart. Thero Is no question that the
autumn wraps will all havo commodi
ous alcoves to accommodate tho fancy
sleeves of tho bodlco and blouse. The
volume of theBO sleoves, however
will bo below tho elbow and the nt
at tho Bhouldor will bo of tho most
conservative tailored snugness.
Strappings have by no means boon
overlooked as a fashlonablo feature,
of tho modes and this stylo of trim
ming will bo wider this season than
usual. A protty plan which Is already
gaining popular favor is to insert a
narrow bias band of velvet, silk or
fancv material between two trap
pings of tho dress fabric- Braid and
cord aro also used to border strap'
plngB and tucks and aro highly fash
British Trades Union Congress.
London, Sept. 1. Moro than four
hundred delegates, representing one
mtiiinn nnd flftv thousand organized
trades unionists, were presont today
at tho opening of tne annual session
of tho Trades Congress of Groat Brit
ain. Among the prominent delegates
nraxnnt wm- Kelr-Hardie. Tom
Mann, John Burns, Henry Broadhurst
and Patrick Dolan or tue unuea nuno
Workers and Henry Blackmoro of the
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Join
ers, the fraternal delegates from the
American Federation of Labor, and
who were given a hearty reception
upon being escorted to tho platform.
After tho congress had been called to
-,!,-,, nri thn wnlrnmlnir addresses
woro made, the secretary presented
tho program of about a aozen resolu
tions. These were mainly along the
an win llncia flR in thn nnat and related
to the further extension of tho 8-hour
day, amendments to tho Factory act
and the appointment of competent
factory inspectors.
All npfnnnn are hereby notified and
warned to extend credit to no person
on my acount 1. will not be responsi
ble (a. otiv Aohtn contracted by any
VU i , .
person other than myself. Dated at
Pendleton, Oregon, August 28, 1902.
L. A. Riemann.
New Ocean Liners.
Mobile, Ala., Sept 1. Eldor, Demp
ster & Company, who operate a line
.i..,D nut or Naw Orleans and
Galveston to foreign ports, will this
week inaugurate a steamsnip service
between this port ana wvorpuui.
College Prepara-
Primary grade a
Fall term opens
Sept. 15.
Letter Carriers toithe Nurriber of 8000
lt Line at Denver.
TVininr Pntn. Hnnt. Fori thO
mint 24 hnnVn tho'ro han booh' an a!-
miiat ponllniinnn linn nf Inttnr carriers
arriving in this city. Thoy came from
all parts of the country to tano part
In a big parade today nnd tho thir
teenth annual convention, which
optlns hero 'tomorrow and continues
through the week. It Is estimated
Hmt iiiorn worn 8000 men In lino this
afternoon. After tho parade lunchoon
was Borvcd tho visitors in tno uon
soum. where tho business, sessions
are to be held.
There are many reasons ror believ
ing thnt -thn nresnnt convention is
destined to bo tho most Important In
tho history of tho association. The
officers in chnrgo, aro: James C. Kel
ler, Cloveland, president; m. t. in
nan, Blooralngton, III., vice-president;
i?,iinni t finntwnli Wnnhlneton. sec
retary; Alexander 'McDonald, Grand
Itnplds, treasurer. Tho convention
will ho called upon to vote on the
ninttor nf lilnnnial conventions. Tilts
matttor was loft to tho branches for
a referendum vote, which did not get
tho full strength of tho association,
nor was tho necessary two-thirds vote
received to amend this section of the
constitution. ,
President. Keller has nrouared his
report of tiro work perform ed during
tho year. Orcat interest is tanon in
this as tho salary bill will be tuor
miflilv iHsntisHPil. Thn llfn Insurance
fcaturo will be the next most import
ant question, as nis orancn 01 tno ua
nnnlntlnn linn Rhnwn steadv lmnrovo-
mnnt. Thn ronnrtn show thnt during
tho past year moro than ow new
members were- admitted to the life
insurance membership.
Tim nipptlnn nf officers Is attract
ing much attention among tho car
riers. John N. Parsons, of Now xorK,
who was defeated for re-election to
th ndlf-o nf iirnnlilnnt. of tho associa
tion last year. Is on hand with tho de
termination of renewing his efforts to
secure tho office this year. On tho
other hand, tho friends of President
Keller Bay that It Is only since his
olection to tho head of tho order that
the carrlors are beginning to have
some influence, and that thoy could
not afford to swap horses In mid
Thn local carrlora and postofuce
employes havo mado claborato plans
for tho entertainment of tho visitors
and sandwiched between tho- three
hnalnnan HOHRlnnfl rlallv there Will be
many Interesting features In the way
of trolley rides, smokers, picnics anu
jaunts for tho men and receptions
and luncheons for the ladles who ac
company thorn.
A Boy's Wild Ride for Life.
With family around expecting him
tn dio. ami o. son riding for life, 18
miles, to get Br King's New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughs ana
Colds, W. H. Brown, of iesviiie
Tnrt. endured death's agonies from
asthma, but this wonderful medicine
gave instant reiloi anu soon curea
him. Ho writes: "I now sleep sound
lv nvnrv nleht." I.lko marvelous cures
of Consumption, Pneumonia, 'Bronchi
tis, Coughs, Colds and Grip prove its
matchless merit for all Throat troub
les. Guaranteed bottles 60c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free at Tallman & Co.'s
drug store.
Remains of the Fairs Left Europe
Tendon. Autr. 30. fTho American
liner St. Louis, sailed today for Now
Yorlt, having on board tho remains .of
Charles Fair and wifo, tho victims
of the automobile acctdont near
Thar, la mnm Catarrh In tbU SCCtlOD
of the country than all other dlieaaea pot
together, and nntll the lut few .years .was
apposed to bo Incurable. For great
many years doctors prononnced It to be a
local dliease, and prescribed local nee
dles, and by constantly falling to core
with local treatment, .pronounced It Incur
able. Bclence baa proven Catarrh to be a
constitutional dlsaese, and therefore re-,
quires constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by r. J. Che
ney A Co, Toledo, Oblo, Is the only con
stitutional cure on tbe market. It la tak
en internally In doses from 10 drops to
a teaspoonfnl. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surface of tbe system.
Tbey offer one hundred dollats for any
case It falls to cure. Bend for circulars
aad testimonials.
Address P. 3. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
Hoia oy u rugs is ti, yoc
Hall's Family Pills are tho best
Spokane Officer Had to Give Up Valu
ables to Thug.
Spokane, Aug. 29. Chief of Ppllce
Iteddy was a passenger on a street
car that was held up last night by a
highwayman. A masked robber with
a revolver In each hand, stepped
aboard and compelled the conductor
and passongors to contribute Chief
Iteddy was armed and said ho was
Carnival Excursion to Portland.
On account of the great carnival at
Portland, under tho auspices of tho
Portland Lodge of Elks, tho O. It. &
N. Co., will sell tickets Pendleton to
Portland and return, including one
admission to tho carnival, at ?0.76.
Dates of Bale, September 1, 3, 5, 8, 9,
1. and 11, with seven days' limit. On
Septomber 3, and this date only, the
round trip rato will bo $7.45, same
condiuons as above governing.
And KAN(
Over 3o,ooo pounds of these
otoves in our store. '
W.J.fiLiRKE & (in
Cocrt Street.
and as good as any.
Headquarters for Traveling let. j
Lotnmodious aamole Kooms. ix.
Rates $2 per day,
Special rates by week or month.
Excellent Cuisine,
Every flodern Convestat j
Bar and Billiard Room in Conirfr j
Only Three Blocks from DtM
Corner Court aad Johnson streets,
Pendleton, Oregon,
M. F. Kelly, Proprietor,
American Plan, rates tl.Jfi to iZC0stir
European plan, G0c, 76c, 11.00
Special rates by week or month,
Free Bus. Meets all Trains.
Commercial Trade 1
PIB0 Sample
Special attention given ConntryTn
Elegantly Furnished
European Plan.
ftfiwtr atirl a half trOtfl
Sample Room la coaneetl
Room Rate
50c, 75c,
Farmers Custom
Fred Walters, Proprietor
-1 11.. 1 CA lunula a flflV
Flour exchanged tor wheat
Flour, Mill Feed, Chopped FV
always on band.