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Not to tell you about the purity of our drugs or the
accuracy of our compounding, for every man, woman and
child knows that in this we EXCEL all others in our
line. It is to tell you of all the new goods we are receiv
ing daily and of interest to you.
Nothing is nicer and more valuab e than a fine collec
tion of "STEINS" and we have them in all sizes and
prices. It is the craze of the present age, so fall in line.
Brock & McComas Company
MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 1902.
nlng. By mismanagement, in some
way, they have always been very suc
cessful in falling to win out in any
strike yet undertaken.
A paid Are department is now a
subject of discussion in Pendleton.
The sultan of Turkey is not such
a bad man after all iwhen he has to
be good.
Chicago is the most noted city in
the world for "ways that are dark
and tricks that are vain," and the
Bartliolin-Mitchell murder case adds
to her reputation one of the most
mysterious crimes in modern times
With Newt Williamson and Bingei
Herman hero to address the East Or-
legoniau Woolgrowers' Association in
September, there ought to be a large
cruwu io greet mem anu men mere
ought to be a great deal of informa
tion gained. Congressman William
son has a hobby, and it is the protec
tion of sheep men from the maraud
ing coyote. He will speak for the
coyote bounty law and Mr. Hermann
is expected to speak on the subject
of the forest reserve.
and west sections, causes equally
great modiilcatlons in .tho cllmato of
the eastern portion of the state.
Land is reasonable in price in most
anv portion of tho state. Tho land
laws hero are tho samo as in other
states. Agriculture in all its various
branches is a profitable business and
it only requires intelligent method
to produce and market a good crop
each year. Ontario Argus.
saw buck? St. Joseph
While the fire service question is Tlle liarvest in Umatilla county is
You bet! Can a horso
Keokuk Gate City.
Sure. Can a chimney swnllow?'
Chicago Tribune.
Certainly. Ever hear a ginger
snap? Topega Capital.
Yep. Ever see a bed spring? Kan
sas City Journal.
Of course. Can a rail fence? Now
Yory World.
Yes, and wouldn't a fence rail at
such stuff? (Portland Journal.
To be sure. And wouldn't a rail
road tie? How would a crash suit?
Baltimore American.
First rate. But isn't the weather
vane? Philadelphia Telegram.
Rather. Was it a banana peel that
made tho night fail? Chicago Record-Herald.
And what was it that made the
water fall? Oregon Daily Journal
Tho dew dropped. But why did the
tree leave? Athena Press
Because the dog barked it, the
monkey wrenched it, and the boy
spun its top. But why should a cat
nip? Weston Leader,
For the same reason it should
make a cat call. Ever see a cow slip
and strain its milk?
Dull Market
So far as heard from, no sales of
i i a . . i -"'jv.iiih,iv, ,4(1111 imic ucuu
under discussion, it is claimed that lu u uluae' AUIB 18 mauiie3M made, and the market nrice is not
it would be a good idea to look into oy tne crow"s decreasing In number yet established La Grande Chronl-
- t i .
the sewer problem. It is claimed
Clearance Sale Continues
We will continue our Clearance Sale a week or ten days
longer, by which time all our summer goods will be cleaned
up1 and our new stock for fall trade will be in. If you need
anything in summer weight goods to last you through the
warm weather, don't put off buying it, for the assortment
is growing smaller every day.
All figured and fancy 1&WU3 d summer dresa goods reduced 20 per
cent until closed out. .
Summer vash silks, reduced for this sale, 120 per cent.
All grades shirt waists, including Bilk waists, 20 per cent off.
Fanoy silks, worth 8Tc ami $J, for this sale, G9o per yd.
Ladies' vesta, all grades, from 3c to 48c each.
Summer corsets, all sizes, 20o each.
Children's dresses, all sfylea and grades, reduced 20 per ceut.
Calico, all colors, 4c per yard.
Gingham, apron check, regular price 7c, special Go per yd.
Yard-wide percale remnants, regular 8o values, 5o per yd.
Ladles' hose, regular 10c values, special, S pairs 2fic.
Geuts' crash and straw hats reduced 20 per cent until closed out.
Our now stock of fall suits for boys and young mou has arrived and
wo have a line assortment of all grades. Wo offer a special discount on
summer weight suits. Call at once and inspect our stock, and outfit
your boys, while the stock is complete. The items quoted below are
only a few of the many good things we have in boys' clothing:
Boys' dark blue all wool suits, nude with yoke and belt, $2.75.
Boys' dark grey all wool suits with pin Btripe, sizes 4 to 9, coat, vest,
pants and vestee, a genuine bargain, $2.60.
Boys' dark green two-piece suita with veatee, Hue value at $2.50.
Bovb' blue serge suits, ull wool, two and three-piece, $3.50 and $4.
Fancy sergg'sallor suits for Bmall boys, the latest stylo, $4 and $5.
Boys' three-piece loug.paut Bults. mixed grey, agea 12 to 20, $4.
Boys' all wool Biilts, dark with pin stripe, ages 12 to 20, $6.50. .
Boya' blue serge suits, all wool, Hue quality, ages 14 to 20, $8.75.
Whatever you need in outfitting your boya we can supply you. Qive
Us a Call.
The Place to Save Money
All kinde f".
1 pun
Sasfc, Doors and
aning of all desci
Don't i. "
""suited us.
Pendleton Planing;
Lumber hi -
that the sewer system is in such a
bad condition that the health of the
city is threatened.
every Saturday on the streets of
Pendleton. Some of the people have
profited by coming to Pendleton,
Some will carry with them to their
homes a neat little stake earned in
Wheat is still holding its own and te harvest fields and some will carry
why should it not continue to do so? back nothing. But it is always the
It is claimed by wheat raisers that 'case. If there were seven Klondikes
conditions throughout the country here there would be some who would I
are favorable to good prices this come and go without being benefited.
year and that instead of falling, while if it was a barren rnnlr tlittv
$3 00 per Day and Upwards.
Finest Hotel
In the Pacific
A Physician's Tests.
Brlght's Disease and Diabetes
Are Positively Curable.
prices may go very much higher.
It is a peculiar state of affairs that
Pendleton merchants buy a class of
products from California and sell
them on the market here, while our
local farmers raise the same pro
ducts and ship them East. It is either
are some who would come and find
some way to profit by the trip. But
t ohte Umatilla farmer this has been
a very successful season. The yield
Is good and prices are fair.
And now girls have taken the boys'
places in the messenger service in
Judge Henry S. Footo, a former member of
our State Supreme Court Commission, and one
of the best known Jurists on the Coast, makes
the following certificate:
I am asked to certify tne following fact. A
well-known physician In active practice put two
case of Brtgnt'f Dleeaso and one of Diabetes on tbs
Fulton Compounds. He ! willing the results iliou Id
be known, but for professional reasons without hit
name. As tbe results are no squarely opposed br all
because our products are superior or Chicago. This grew out of the strike medl04' work 1 w" "ked t0 ,nve9""8 TS"WPT Dfi "D TAT A "XT T".
that the California do not get of the meS8eugtr boys In tat c. 1 " ' W " 1 ITKjK. 1 JU A J JJ
"'"y rai&t" Talk about girls working in factories
When one comes to consider the aml women wielding paint brushes,
factithat men who belong to a vnlnn. but now tuat sirls have taken to the!
teer "fire department are working more messenger serv,ce anu will be com-
for the good of the community than ,,eue" to go to tne lowest places in
for the meagre compensation in it a wiclfeu clty an deliver messages,
good work by them should always opens a subject for discussion broad g8dVrtnp! DTo.riV?tS K
ue commended the more. Some of c"uu" i" n me most ignorant
the .boys ruined $20 suits of clothes Philanthropist in the country. It
An Oldschool Dhvslclan of nnniifftfnnu1 mtnnA.
Inp and ability has Just tested tbo Fulton Com
pounds In tbrre canes wltb these results :
Case No. 1 Mrs. T., chronic Hrltflit'ft Disease; usual
aiuumenuna aropsy. etc.; limbs swollen almost to
bursting. Usual treatment without result. Under
me uuuipvuua sue aropsy aisappearca in tblrty days,
and last of the albumen In 90. Cured.
Case wo. 2 Mr. II.. chronic Br ubt'a Disease of s
years' standing; albumen large, dropsy, etc In !
weeks albumen reduced a half, and a few weeks
laier aiuumen eown to a trace and dropsy entirely
special Kaicn 10 eastern Ureron nennla visiltlnw Pnri.nH m
i I . . 1 1 " - w IIMIUIMIWII
Case No. S lira. .. Chronic diabetes: nhvsltfan
states "typical case, worst I Tr saw Kfrt ton
days pain disappeared and guitar decreaslm?. fin
wniie they were earning a few cents. b"",a i'i.eL every uay tuat l-nturM&fnrmau
ijiu isms will soon nave all Of the A"ea wnal Percentage are curable by these
r.ovornnr fin la nttln rt, rt.t looc, ,. ,. , . Jr.??. la''An? Pnycian replied; 'I don't know.
nv.v..uD v.. ,iuiui. miiuvi.s nuiiic wuimv iB requireu. anu luu" '"8 neariya nunareu, if my'own
..... . I . CUM BfA inv Ar rj, nn "
01 ine ngnt wun tne ban Francisco that the gallent men, in the course " Attest: Hewry s footi.
1 1 -r.. 1 . . i I .... ... I ' 628 Monteomerr 8L. San Frntilrtn
V,U1' "UL wuun a man enters into a mi time, will occupy about the same Asked what be individually thought of it, Judge
IlCUt .wltll a trrear. newRnnrwr hn nnalflnn In ,..1.1. . , " musubu wa cure uas Deen
w i -- -1 uiuiu ruue us an in- 'uuua
0 1 1 . 1 1 . T .v..nA4- 1. 1 1 . .. i .1 i. . I .11 1 . I
anwu.u caiii Huiuiug "Jut ueiem. a uutn ouck uoes amontr the roil mon Msdlssl nrW .nr.. it,nt Ilri,'. ni...
paper cannot anord to enter a fight They , will imft stand by and look on mSTS
unless it is in the right. It should and see the pale-face snuaw? An tho P0'""14 (Common forms ot kidney complaint
, , , ... . , , , , onuiijvs tio tne and rheumatism offer but short resistance.)
be the champion of the people and w ork. Prico, tl for tho Drlght's Disease and u.so for
the right and
these should always
Last Saturday's fire
the fact that the men of Pendleton
are made of the stern stuff that men
demonstrated 10 u'e man In the East who is dis-
Bituaiieu witn the conditions which
surround him comes the natural in
quiry for that, reu-lnn
ought to be made of. They not only may bo found that are mor
laceu anu iougnt tne nery names "'K ior nis success. The great con.
1 1 it . " 1
even to a hand to hand grannie, but H,ucrauon snouid he with every man
- - ' I (nTllnMn T , . ' I
they dared to enter a building filled , " . prouuco a maximum of
iV waj t,MJWj.j Vrf MUU .VJ lllia I (JJ CllOrt.
destructive element, sizzing and Nature herself, when she founded
smoking from the tongues of the uregon lurnlshed the answer to this
flames. Not one man shrinked his ill(!ry 11 woll he difficult Indeed to
iiiiu unotner section or tho country
wun larger or more varied rGsnnrrnn
1 . nn . .
The automobile is cettlntr to be a l"au.u,VKU.u- eroanu now cheap
regular death-dealing machine. The Ncen n n,irph,nr
victims are usually people of wealth, purchased from tho state? What re-
unless It Is a case of where the poor turns may n expect from fruit rais-
tho Olabetlo Comnound. John .T. Fnltnn Pn
4fl0 Montgomery St., San Franoisco, sole com
pounders. Freo tests mado for patioats. Do-
eripiiye pampniot mauoa freo.
F. W. Schmidt & Co., Solo Agents.
All honor to tho fire boys.
During the month of August
we will offer special'low pric
es on
Sewing Machines
The White is recognized i
the best machine made.
Come now and save money.
Bargain House
Blue Ffrbbop
State pair
The Colon!
Lodging Hoiri
P. X. SCHHWj, j
127 and 129 East Alt Street 1
September 15th to 20th
You are invited to attend
and see the greatest indus
trial exposition and livestock
show ever held on the Pacific
Coast. Good racing every
afternoon. Camp ground
free. Come and bring your
families. For any informa
tion, write
M. D. WISDOM, Seo'y,
Portland, Ore.
get in the path of tho 20th century
Juggernaut. The flimsy people of
wealth seem to have an ambition to
Uiow the greatest spirit of reckless
ness when once seated on one of
these machines, and qvery day brings
reports of tho results. Not until the
auto gets to be an old thing will the
record possibly he chnnged.
IL'p now given out that the great
coal strike is nearlng tho end. It is
Btated that tho minors have to sar
ins? What about wheat and other
agricultural products? What of the
livestock business? What of tho lum
bering.' What transportation facili
ties does tho stato have? What of the
These aro a few of the questions
asked by persons Interested In chang
ing tneir homes. The answer to thorn
may bo briefly found In tho following:
No thunderstorms. No hot weather
In tho summer and no cold weather
in tho winter, There is seldom, If
over, a uay in tho year when flannels
and light overconts are not comfort-
Scientifically Distilled,
Natural! Aged,
Absolutely Pure,
Best and Safest for all uses.
For Solo by
. . i v itriitb uiuiLuuin til t; in ii. ininifiri
renuer because J. Plerpont Morgan able or a night hen heavy ManlcetB Farmere f licfnill VI ill
would not come to their rescue, Pier- aro not a necessity. Tho PirlflP 1 O WlIaLUlII Tllll
Fred Walters, Proprietor
Capacity 150 barrels a day
Flour exchanged for wheat
r. Jour, Mill feed, Chopped Feed, etc.
pont lias not been in the habit of ocean on tho west modifies tho torn
coming to tho rescue of the people "oratl,ro to westorn hair of the
on Upside But then nelthor have ,1 SKStFSl
tho miners been in th habit of win dividing tho stato Into natural east
always on hnml.
A Skilled Wheelwright
Is what you want when vour whonl
comes oftf the axle is brokS or yow
hf c,10 "ec;d8 wiwlring. We are akffied
In this trade, as well lis being rnaS
of the art of carriage MwfemlffitaJ
and rena r burnt ,
always Hud our work satisfaotorv ami
flUbstantlttl, and our prices modemto"d
ne b0ut Ga80,ine Engines
Witer Bfc ue.r U.ln," VUto. n
That are pure and wholesome
and add to the pleasures of
iite are those manufactured
by us.
Orange Cider,
Ginger Ale,
Ironorew, t
Soda Pop. '
Always, see that the bottles
bear the label of
The Pendleton Soda Works.
The East Oretjonlan I Eastern Ore
gon's representative paper. It leads,
and the people appreciate It end how
It by their liberal patroneoe. It Is the
advertlslna medium ef Mils section: '
La; Grande, Otu
Plats of any townshipintbel
Grande land district shwtfj!
oor.f inno anil all i!tnPI
(nr 4 ftach: also p
the Umatilla Reseryarioa.
plat corrected'fromtbeww"
t:n fnr lands on tbe
liutia w
and to all applications w
United States land u
nffi.;n the U.S. L4-
Building, La GrandWM
and DRAW""
. Mkl
We are prepared w uu,
j nll tO C" .,
anu wan. j--" , -ju,
Charges willoen6
.Office at -
The Old putcn
peed W'