East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 20, 1902, Image 5

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Will be open for business Saturday, August 16th. We
dially invite every one to visit our new store, to see the
Filled with the largest and most complete line of Clothing.Dry
Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Furnishings and Notions
r chntt-n in the citv.
Come and visit tie new store. You are ever welcome.
Yours to please,
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
w a Trnrrnm nr 1 nno
. A. Howard, farm loans.
kinds or Imported luncues at
W H Kit I'lHIh .-II ill WII1LD WA-UC. OllU
crabs at Gratz's.
. i
I. 1 A 1 1
t 1 f 111 t A.
opposite Tallman's drug store.
X 3 n .3 .u-twtnla A net lf
up 'phone main 105 for pure
can get It
weather has no terrors at the
tv hnii. la mi von
looking for somethlne vnu can
una, go 10 uie new store, iou
need go no farther. Teutsch s.
fihfirriPR rnmntndci mnaa nr.
ftwiev Hrns
tti in Brpm 1 c c rw.Ti T i iinTCiinT
irom is to D d. hl ah library
Do you need any col
ored glasses, goggles,
eye protectors or cheap:
watches for harvest ?
I have a full line of
the above named articles,
and my prices are guar
anteed to" be the lowest
in town.
eweier ana uoticiaa
Next Door to R, Alexander
Castle'a for poultry.
Castle's for fish, always fresh.
Neuman's for cigars and tobacco.
Social teas at F. S. Younger &
Nabisco wafers at P. S. Younger &
The best variety of fruits at P. S.
Younger & Son's.
Gregg's Mocha and Java coffee at
F. S. Younger & Son's.
Wanted Teams for hauling-wheat.
Inquire of E. L. Smith or Dr. J. M.
We still have a few fruit Jars left
T.hich we will let go at cost. The
Standard Grocery.
All kinds of city and country prop
erty for sale. Rihorn & Cook, room
10, Taylor building -
Drop Into the cool, comfortable
basement of the Golden Rule and en
Joy a glass of Schlitz beer.
Picnic every Sunday at Klne's
grove. Dancing begins at 2 o'clock.
Music by Kirkman's orchestra.
The body of Miss Gertrude Murphy
was taken to Walla Walla this morn'
ing where it will be interred today.
Rooms in the East Oregonian build
ing for rent. Steam heated, hot and
cold water and bath room in connec
Any one wanting nice rich soil,
may have the.fiame for hauling it out
of the way by applying to the Stand'
ard Grocery.
Fruits, vegetables, nice spring
clckens only 25c, fresh ranch eggs,
20c, and fine creamery butter, at the
Standard Grocery.
Doctors predict considerable sick
ness of typhoid nature. Be careful of
your drinking water. Cool It with
pure artificial Ice. 'Phone main 105
Miss Agnes Dunbar, the elocution
1st, has secured a studio In the East
Oregonian building and will be ready
to give lessons .by the first of the
month. Rooms 5, C and 7.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Arnold are to
day entertaining Bert Schenck. and
Billy Craver, two of the cowboys with
the Buffalo Bill show. Mr. Schenck
was a horse breaker for Mr. Arnold
in Wyoming nine years ago, when he
left to Join the show and has been
with it since. Mr. Craver is also an
old acquaintance. The two cowboys
give exhibitions of riding bucking
Our clearance sale for July and
August this year made a new
mark in our business record. Larg
est and most successful in our career
and we wish here to extend our
thanks to a discriminating public for
their patronage and good will, for all
our efforts would have been in vain
without them. This sale will end
Saturday, August 30th, when we will
tell you a few things concerning the
fall of 1902. The Peoples Warehouse.
M. A. Beagle, .of McKfcy Creek, Is
in town attending to business.
Henry Means, the Echo business
man is in town taking In the circus.
Bur Johnson, Henry Hill and J. A.
Scott are In town from Helix and will
take in the circus.
Mrs. H. W. Sewall, of Seattle, Is
the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Lubken. Mr. Sewall has acopt
ed a position with Lee Teutsch in his
department store and they will make
their future home here.
CT1T ia a VArv nnnlaannt. littla proa.
LU1H UJ UilVO 111 IjllEJ UUUDD. 1111D
8 the time of the year for them to appear. Use some
thing to keep them TI?C'TfO afWHETO
way. .Our. Bedbug MJXm 1 mSXJ X JBlV
kill them audkeep them away..
- r. And Insects of all kinds.
25c . A BOTTLE
65 ,Stcp"fc"Bj st. Toward the Court House
Two Baker City Men Encounter
Storms In the Mountains,
Thomas Daly and J. D. Channell
reached home last evening after a
hard trip through the upper country
and tell of hair-raising escapades In
connection with the Journey, the most
fatal being the loss of their pack an
imal and a portion of their outfit.
The men left this city Friday and
reached the mountains in time to re
ceive the full benefit of Friday night's
storm. They had camped for the
night, but derived little comfort
from the rendezvous as It rained
through the dark hours, and in the
morning the ground was soaked and
slippery, compelling the travelers to
flounder about in deep mud before
getting started. Their objective
point was the head of Deer Creek,
near the summit of the Blue Moun
tains, at a point midway between
Sumpter and the range. Saturday,
snow fell to a depth of two Inches
and navigation was further Impeded.
While travesing a mountain pass,
made slippery and dangerous by the
turbulent elements, the pack hor6e
lost his footing, and despite the com
bined efforts of the two men, the'
equine was precipitated down the
mountain side, falling fully 300 feet
His body struck a projection about
15 feet from the trail. The horse
was dashed to pieces, his neck being
broken and the body mutilated. He
was laden with provisions, blankets,
camping outfit and other parapher
nalia of the prospectors. The pack
saddle was destroyed, as was much of
the stuff It contained. Messrs. Chan
nell and Daly strapped the outfit sav
ed upon the rear of their saddles ana
continued the Journey. Mr. Channell
experienced a most miraculous es
cape from being dashed to death.
When the pack-horse fell his riding
animal also lost his hold upon terra
flrma and It was only after exerting
Herculean efforts that be was
brought back from the brink of the
precipice. I
They made the point chosen as me
terminus of their tour and reached
home none the worse for the hard
shins, but with a wholesome horror
of making mountain passes in stormy
weather. -Baker City Heraia.
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse.
Sale Ends
On the last Saturday of this month, August 30. This is our last say. Our
stock of Summer Goods, Lawns, Batistes and Dimities will be
divided into throe prices:
8$c, lOo 12c Summer Wash Goods, per yard, 5c.
15c, 20c, 25o Summer Wash Goods, por yard, tOc.
30c, 35c, 50c, 75c Summer Wash Goods, por yard, 25c
- -
Summer Underwear at closing prices.
Shirt Waists, only 10 dozen to soleot from, loss than half prico.
Summer Skirts, Summer Suits, all slaughtered
Must make room for the greatest stock of Fall and Winter Goods ovor shown
in Pendleton.
Two Men Killed In Bloody Battle at
Wenatchte, Wash.
Wenatchie, Wash., Aug. 20. Word
comes from Chlwaukum. 33 miles
from this place, of a bloody battle in
which two men lost their lives, the
victims being a camp cook by the
name of McClay and John Williams
a brother-in-law of J. B. Woods, the
man whod Id the shooting. The trou
ble arose over Williams beating his
wife. Woods her brother interfered
and threats were made on both sides,
McCoy took sides with Williams
and the two men assaulted Woods
who procured a Winchester rifle
protect himself. His assailants arm
ed and a battle took place at short
ranee. Williams proving the better
shot and laying out his assailants.
WilHams was a quarrelsome man
and reputed to be dangerous, while
Woods has a good reputation.
Woods Was Exonerated.
Late Saturday night the sheriff and
County Attorney Reeves returned
from the scene of the killing of Wil
Hams and McClay and report that the
coroner's Jury exonerated Woods and
that he was entirely Justified In the
shooting. WoodB fired 15 or more
shots from a Winchester, six of which
took effect, three in each victim
McCoy was hit while running to get-
a rifle in a nearby cabin and died
with his boots on. Williams succeed
ed in getting a shot in on Woods from
under a car that was standing on
sidetrack, where these men had been
loading wood when the quarrel began
He then ran for cover, but was hit
twice by Woods' deadly bullets. Run
nlng into a cabin and getting a niie,
Williams came out and again opened
.up on Woods from behind some logs
and when in a. sitting position was
shot through the hips by Woods and
died in 30 minutes, Williams leaves
a wife, who Is a sister to Mrs, Woods
Nothing is known of McClay here.
Uow Is the Time to Go.
The seaside is now at Its best. The
weather Is Just right Surf bathing
delightful and fishing and claming
bettor than an yother time. The O,
R. & N. Co. is still selling round trjpj
tickets, good until September 30, at
Held Up Banker's Wife.
Colyrabus, Ohio, Aug.' 20,-rMrs.
Fred W. Prentiss, wife of the presi
dent of the Hayden-CJInton National
Banlt was neWuii- in her own Twine
here yesterday by a . masked robber
a"nd at the point .of a revolver com
pelled -to deliver ' ?2C,000 worth of
Are With Buffalo BUI Two Blind
Organ Grinders on the 8treet
With the visit of a circus to a
town comes all kinds of grafters.
This has been the case from time
immortal and people have become
to recognize them as apart of a cir
cus. Pendleton is comparatively free
from these people, however, today.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West show 13 'in
town anil of course there will bo some
grafters in spite of all the efforts of
the company to keep them away.
The most pitiful object to catch the
nickels" of the neonlo and anneal to
the sympathy of them on the streets
today is two organ grinders, one is
a woman and the other a man. Both
are blind and have their respective
places on the street corners whore
they sit and grind out no, not music
hut It Is not this which causes the
passerby to pause and drop a dime In
their hand, but their pitiful look. To
take one glance at them Is enough to j
melt the most, cold-blooded,
Hand in a Sling.
John Baker Is wearing his hand In
a sling, because of an abscess. He
had been working for Mr. Hill in the
harvest field and a blister was worn
on the hand. From this an abscess
formed and Mr. Baker was compel!
ed to apply to a doctor and have it
lanced today.
in t
Pocket Knives
We are showing a remarkable
fine line of Pocket Knives, the
"Frederick Nolf" brand, hand
forged blades, 15c to 85c, all
fully guaranteed.
Special Items This Week
' White House Cook Book,new
edition, 1.25.
Webster's Dictionary in half
calf binding, worth 5, here
on sale, $2 65.
Child's Silver Sets, knife fork
and spoon, 35c to $195.
Beautiful goods for gifts.
Balance of the season's lino
. "Cut to the Bone?'; to' close
out, Si. 19 to $1.39 eaclf.
Frederick Nolf
Agents Wm. Penn Letter Files.
Hero Is an ldoa that may
not haye oome to you;
Why heatyour home oooX
ing meals?
Just take your meals dur
ing the summer at the
French Restaurant
You'll onjoy our cooking
and the ouisine sorved,
The French Restaurant
Telephone Main 4,
Th school where thorough work Is done; where the remacm It
always given; where confidence Is developed; where bookkeepbf
Is taught exactly as books art kept la business; where kortkaad is
made easy ; where penmanship is at its best ; where hundred of
bookkeepers and stenographers have been educated for success la
life; where thousands more will be. Open all the year. Catalogue free.
Every Sunday
Dancjng begins Sunday at 2 p. m, Admission to dancing platr iO
form 25 cents ; ladies free, Busse to and from the
grounds day and night.
RESTAURANT ON GROUNDS. ThV grove" can be 'enksjceSlfop1!
pionio parties by applyiig
Bi, ueorge.
to PETER SMITH, at , Hotel
'I ,t
Ttklgtei 9 vcr box pf.te'Blor w.'Ji?
the wue4x N.wM In MiiiWi ti
t . , , . - I . At I 1 fcS' JI
. -m -t &