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    WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1902. "
i IN
Has Just Been Completed From the
Ranches of Dr. C. J. and E. L.
8mlth to This City Twenty Miles
in Length and Works to Perfection.
Much has been said over the coun
try, and especially in Eastern Wash
ington, about tho barb wiro telephone
lines,.but tho first line of this kind to
tap "Pendleton has just been complet
ed. Dr. C. J. Smith and E. L. Smith
each have ranches on tho heads of tho
Junipers, north of here. Dr. Smith's
ranch is at tho head of the South
Fork, and E. L. Smith's ranch is at
the head of the North Fork. They
have been annoyed much recently, it
being impossible to get word from
town to their ranches without mak
ing the long trip out to them, but
this problem has now been solved.
Connected With Barb-Wire Fence.
They have each plced a 'phone in
tolephone wiro was strotched across
theso poles, connecting with the barb
wiro ou either side,
Small Cost I
This work was dono at a very small
cost. Dr. Smith said Tuesday after-
Society Beginning to Believe There
Is Something In It.
London. Auir. 13. Society at first
Preparing for a Vacation
man wants his shirts to look their
best and have them in perfect order.
To be sure of this send thein to an up-
. X 1 . i t
.Kwiaiejaunory, wnere your nneu ami their ranch houses and connected
colored shirts, your collars and culls tliem with the barb-wire fence run
are handled with the care nud done up ning from, the house towards town
This end was also connected with
'phones in their respective homes in
town. This done, all that was re
quired was to connect the broken
wires clong the line with ordinary
telephone wires
Elevated the Wires.
Where a road was crossed or a gate
which necessitated tho wires being
cut to let stock or teams pass, a post
was set on either side high enough to
let them pass under and the ordinary
was disinclined to tal.e any stock in
noon that tho whole cost would not tiie rumor of an engagement between
oxceed $3 a mile for fixing tho wires. young Waldorf Astor and Lady Edith
No insulators wero used and tho voice Villiers, dnughter of tho Earl of
is transmitted over tho wires Just as clarendon, but tho fact that neither
distinct as an ordinary telophono lino. famiiy wm deny tho report and the
The Rings. further fact that the young people
The proprietors are now able to Te- continue to spend much tlmo in one
main at homo and work their ranches another's company, has led many Jo
at any time. They have a system of tho conclusion that nftor all there
calls and are independent from tho may bo somel h ng In the s wry.
telophono company. The call for Pen- The Lady Villiers has been receiv
dleton is ono ring, the call for Dr. ing marked attention from a peer,
Smith's ranch, two rings, and E. L. 7. ho has no claims to the vnst wealth
Smith's ranch ring is three rings. In of young Astor, and there aro mown
this way each man knows who is to be several other suitors too that If
wanted. They say tho 'phone lino the young American wins out he will
will more than pay for itself in ono have the satisfaction of knowing
year. It will save them many trips that he feaves a number of disap
to their ranches, which without tho pointed rivals on the field. Tho vie
niinnps would have to be made byltorv. if victory Is won, as now ap
?wlth the beautv of color and HnNh thai
ihe Domestic laundry is famous for,
?J. F. Hobinsou, Prop Pendleton.
, I have bargained with a
competent Timber Cruiser
. to locate
Artificial Ice
On the line o. a railroad
now under construction.
This means a big ohance
for flrst-comers. See
Have some good farms for
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W; & C. R. Depot
..M -w-fe" .ctgrra.
horse or team. Tho first cost is Ugnt
nud it will take very little to keep tho
lino up.
Many in County.
While this lino is tho first in op
eration in Pendleton, it is not tho
first in tho county. Helix has several
lines connecting farm houses in that
neighborhood and in several places
in the east end of tho cbunty are
these kinds of 'phone lines. This is
the longest continuous line, however,
as It is just 20 miles from town to
E. L. Smith's ranch.
Has Become a Necessity.
Verily, the farmers are progressing.
Not many years ago such a thing as
a tolenhone was thought to be a lux
ury only to be enjoyed by those who
lived in tho cities. And they were
not looked upon so much as a neces
sity then. But today it is different.
The farmers of the Inland 'Empire
pears probable, may bo attributed to
those qualities which always places
America in the lead, for young Astor,
unlike his sire, is a good American
citizen. Notwithstanding the fact
that he has passed the greater part
of his youth in England nnd quite
naturally has absorbed English ideas
to a greater or lesser extent, it Is
said by his intimate friends that he
cherishes an overshadowing likeness
for the land of the stars and stripes
He is a good oarsman, a fine horse
man and an enthusiastic huntsman
Recently he has become interested in
politics and is a follower of Lord
.Rosebery. Upon tho death of his
father he will inherit tho greater part
of an estate valued at more than
The Lady Villiers is not a great
beauty, but she is clover and brilliant
with a great dignity of bearing. Her
father, who is lord chamberlain of
have begun to realize the worth of a England has many political of
telephone and It will only no a iewflceg and g a favorite wltn
years until every farmer iu the coun-j K, E(lward aa he was aiao of the
ty wun a prosperous uuuio "' Ia.o queen
Will nave UlS numo cuuiiuuieu mm
towns and cities so that ho can stay
at home and transact any business
which mar come up. Those who live
Xephone Main 108.
No Sediment to Foul
Employer and Employe.
St. Paul Minn.. Autr. 13. Tho com
in town and have largo land Interests mltt in chTen of the local arrance
will also find tho 'phones very con- t f th convention of employer
venient. The land-owner can remain d emnioye t0 D0 heid nere next
in town and give his foreman or ten- month Js ln receipt of advices which
ant instructions as to what he wants iudicate that the gathering will be one
aone- of the most noteworthy and import
It will benefit the small farmer also, ant ovei. neitl n tno country, both in
who conducts his own farm, uy n0int of character of men participate
means of the telephone line he may ing an(1 tne influence likely to flow
ascertain the daily market reports tor jrom lt Heads of great manufactur
his produce and govern his sales ac- in establishments will meet on the
There Is more Catarrh ln this section
of the country than all other diseases put
together, and until the last few years was
supposed to be Incurable. For a great
many yearn doctors pronounced It to be a
XXrS? conn v fa..n to cuYe lean laboring man more pleasant
with local treatment, pronounced It Incur- strikes, lockouts, labor legislation and
able, science nas proven lawrrn 10 or Rimiinr nnestlnnR Involving tho re a
same plane with their workers and
discuss in friendly Bpirlt the question
which concerns them both. Among
the problems to bo considered will
be the question of the eight-hour day,
that of making the homo of tho Amer
-T 7 iIa...I I .lino .w, hafAiA fMk
rour KngeraOr ?r8"1 utSST trtmt IlalP. tion of employor and employed
When getting figures from
others on that lumber bill of
yours, don't forget to come
and see us. We carry a large
stock' of all kinds of
Building Material
including shingles, door, win
dows, moulding, screen doors
and windows in fact, every
thing that is found in a first
class lumber yard.
Laatz Bros.
Coal and
'Delivered Promptly.
We are in the transfering and
trucking business and are pre
pared to move light or heavy arti
f? Tolephone Main 51,
f Stage leaves Pendleton daily, except Sundays,
t7a. in., for Uklah and In te mediate colutt
stetof: To Pilot Rock, 76c; I'Uoi Hock and r-
No Disease Germs to
Endanger Your Health
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Che
ney &. Co, Toledo, Ohio, la the only con
stitutional cure on the maritet. it la tan- rjje greatest haul ever mado by a
alrprn'!u..'ralJTrUydr,tne Columbia River fisherman was made
blood and mucous surface of the system. Monday by Joe Miller, a fisherman,
They offer one hundred dollars ror any wh0 drew out 10 tons of salmon in
8e ,lL .a"8,7. cure' Bena Ior c,reumre one day's seining. ' At prevail
Address K. J. CU13NEY & CO., Toledo, O. prices of fish this day's work will net
?,oi?.. .? gg ..?.' 7BC u the fisherman more than ?1000.
Hull's Family l'llls are the best
er nnnTTnnnTTnrmnmmnmTTTTTrmTrnnrrTTTTTTTrTTn?
b journal
Published daily, In the afternoon, in PORTLAND, OR.
Eight to Sixteen Pages, at the. following rates by MAIL
tws, 1,25: To Nye II Ny and return, $1
TWKIUKf, l 70; iniiiUKCBUfi mum, u.ivi 10
4)b,3.: to Alt and return. l, 00; To UkUt
mM; 10 Uklab and retam,I.G0,
W QMm Ruto HeUJ, PtadtetM
Tlie Journal Newspaper.
The Journal property hai been purchased
and has patted under tho control of Uiu under
igud,ttud the paper wilt imj omuueted on
Huts ul greaum buuoflt to I'o.tland to Or
eou and to the great ttorthwe t, auu in many
wuyi' conducted dlflureut y, an to men, tnek
uies and methods, from tuoao of lis cunteni
pururlea which follow nariow sroovusol news
paper habit.
'Ihv Journal ln head and heart will stand for
tl e people, he tr ily Lietiiocrntic ana free from
political eutangleuents and machlnatlous, bo
ilevlug ln the principles that prom tt the
giealentgoodtotije gruttest uumtwr to ALL,
llEH, reamless of race, cieed or prerlous cou
dlilon olservitudo.
Exuberant assurances are cheap and empty.
I wish to make none IVrformance Is better
than promise; action more fruitful ihnn words
Tne columns of the Jourual irom day to day
Will better reflect the spirit bubi&dlne pajr.
Itsiiall beaFAlit newspaper and not a dull
and selfish sheet. In shur , an honest, slucoro
attempt will be made to .build up mud maintain
a new pa per property ln Furtiaud thtwiUbe
a credit to "W hero rolls the Oregon" country
and the multitude of p. pie who aro inurwttd
ln it-.duYt'lopmeiitaud advancement.
Portland capital largoty Is behind the Jour
nal, and the luud is ample for li purpors.
Coupled with energy auu eutiiusiasm, the work
or leaking a pai.er, devoted to I'oi llaud's varied
inteieslb, UiKgun The support o the fiee
domlovlug, the lutelilgenl, generous people of
Uregou 1 iiivlted aud wi I be duly appreciated
by stlil greater endeavor and achieveiueui ou
the part of the lournal, whlih hop-, ever to
beci me stronger In equipment, stronger in
mirnose. strouifer ln news resouicc. ami
stronger iu good deeds.
Portland. Or., July 23, 1902.
Daily, by mail, jn annum
Daily, by mail, six months
Daily, by mail, ihree months
Delivered by Carrier
in Cities and Towns
at 10 (Cents per Wee.
Umatilla Farmers Pay Their Men Well
and Work Them Reasonable Hours
-No Reason for Complaint.
Commenting on the mention mado
in tho East Orogonian of the fact that
many of tho men who drift into 'the
country in harvest tlmo aro unrelia
hie and not stickers, tho La Grande
Ohsorver says:
"The farmers in Urando Rondo aro
not troubled to such an extent with
occurrences of this kind. Of course,
in the harvest fields of this valley
there aro a few men who do not re
main the whole season, but the farmer
is not troubled as much as Is the
farmer across the mountains. A few
changes are always necessary to got
a good and responsible crow. But the
farmer Is not compelled to keep a
hack on tho road all the time, going
to and from town in order to keep
the required number of men to do the
"Now, why is tho Umatilla farmer
unable to keep his harvest hands? It
is claimed by the hands that the farm
er does not pay enough wages. They
pay about the same wages that are
paid here. It is claimed by some of
the linnds that tho rancher works too
long hours. To this tho rancher de
clares the season Is short and unless
full 'time and diligent work Is per
formed they will loose large sums;
and that they must necessarily put
in every minute in the daytime. To
accomplish this "overy minute in
tho day,"they get their hands out
ready for work at 4 o'clock a. m.;
at C o'clock they stop 25 minutes for
breakfast; then there is five hours
and a half hard manual labor in the
hot sun until noon, with tank wator to
drink that has been hauled early
in the day. After dinner, they again
take tho rays of tho scorch
Ing sun for five hours, or until
supper, after which two and a half
hours moro are worked, or until 9 p
m. This is a regular day's work.
If a job is being finished, they will
run half an hour or so longer, or will
probably make a move of three or
four miles.
"Men cannot do this kind of work
and put in this numbew of hours very
many days at a time, hence, the far
mcr is short handed. The men de
mand a good rate of .wages for this
work, but when they become worn
out, no reasonanie sum of money
will hire them to work any longer."
A Umatilla farmer upon reading
the above says that lt does not con
tain tho facts. He says that it is
true that men are expected to work
and the right kind of men do not com
plain; that the hours ln this county
are not so long as in many places
and that upon an average the laborer
fares .better hero than elsewhere.
That none have over been overworked
or got to the point whore money
would not induce them to work on
unless It was a class that never work
moro than 18 necessary to exist
either for love or money.
.He sayB that it Is a well known
fact that better wages aro paid in
Umatilla county than ln tho Grande
Rondo valley.
v v. 'Ill
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machine Oil d...
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mm nn v Morriiii.
Oil llki
1TATT7T tnt,.
fjm, ,
MbkIL a 1 1 km M 11. tt i
' Ill r0JTj ;
miiu sm vriann k
- hb an v 1
Headquarters for TraYeling Ia;
rtwma Jio.. s.
vAJiwuuuiuui oampie Koomj,
ivaxes ssz cf. Ha
Special rotes by week or month.
Excellent Cuisine,
Every nodern Convle
car ana uuiiara Koomiptonnedii
Onlv Thrpr RlnrLc
wsiT m LSI UWIAiJ lllllll IICB.
Corner Court and Johston UntH '
Pendleton, Oregon.
M. F. Kelly, Proprietor.
All Were Saved.
'For years I suffered such untold
misery from bronchitis," writes J. H.
JobnstoK, of Broughton, Ga.. "that
often I was unable to work. Then,
when everything olso failed. I was
wholly cured by Dr. King's Now Dis
covery for Consumption. My wife
suffered intensely from asthma, till lt
cured her, and all our experience goes
to show lt Is the best croup .medicine
in tne world. A trial will convince
you it's unrivaled for throat and lung
diseases. Guaranteed bottles 50c and
?1.00. Trial bottlos freo at .Tallman
& Co.'s.
American Plan, rates 11.25 to X04ir
Suropean plan, 60c, 7ic, ll
8peclal raten by week or noatt
Free Bus Meets nil Tiaios.
Commercial! rtie soUcKH.
Fine Swop'
Special attention given Country foif
As, a 8peoial inducement to told and new subscribers, THE
DAILY JOURNAL will be sent by mail to any address until
January l, laua, lor $1,00.
Remit for mail subscriptions by postal note, ohook, or in one
and twoioont,stamp8. .SAMPLE COPY FREE,
C. S. JACKSON, Pub,, Portland, Or.
Agriculturists Meet.
Macon, Ga., Aug. 13. Between two
nnd three hundred representative
planters aro attending the annual
meeting of the Georgia State Agricul
tural society, which began Its sessions
in Macon today. Tho largo attend
ai.co and the interesting program in
dicatc a gathering that will bo of
much practical benefit to thoso en
gagod in agricultural pursuits. Presi
dent Dudley M. Hughes of Danville,
called tho gathering to order nnd re
sponded to tho cordial address of
greeting delivered by Mayor Smith,
There wero othor opening addresses
and remarks, reports of officers, roll
call, appointment of committees and
other rgutlno. business which occupied
tho opening session. This afternoon
the society takes up tho rogular pro
gram of papers and addresses on agri
cultural topics and will contJnue.Mt,
until finished. Tomorrow the elec'
tion of officers takes place. So far no
opposition to tho incumbents has de
veloped and they will probably bo ro-j
chosen by acclamation.
...w -mi u ui auu mitt li i w u
induHtries, with an nggrogato product,
ui ooo,ui;,uiJi. flioro man nan ,uib
ontiro values, $434,44G,2G0, are pro
duced In tlm nlnpln atnta rxt pAnnnvlt
, - w O uvit vj ws, w w -
vanla.- Mahln'B Magazine, August.
European Pta.
Block .nd.h.IJ ro-
irrl C.