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I TUESDAY, JULY 8, 1902.
Our Special Sale on Men's
and Boys' suits will continue
! all week. Special reduction
k i uu tin suus sum mis ivccn.
'3. Buv vour new suit this week
j and save money enough on
1 it to buy you a nice dress
1 shirt.
Tic Fail
Where Whole Families Can
. Trade
- . . - i
Iregon Lumber Yard
Alti St., opp. Court House.
All Kinds of Building Material,
Screen Doors
and Windows
Building Paper
a and Sand
UmI Don't Forget Our Wood Gutter
For Barns and Dwellings
The Columbia
Lodging House
J The Strahon
Rooming Home
Martin Block:
Everything New, Clean
and first class.
Good Beds and Well
kept and Cool Rooms.
Formerly ol the Deipaln
Exposition 1900.
fHi Louvr Saloon
6f. , , wbr.fowi
Heavy Shipments of Cattle From On
tario and Big Bunches of Range
Horses From Burns Give Cause for
That Ontario is the largest ship
ping point on tho Oregon Short Lino
is evidenced every day by tho long
trains of livestock, wool, etc., which
start from there on their long Jour
noy to tho eastern markets, says the
Argus. Tho heaviest shipment at
this season of the year is cattle, and
scenes of unprecedented activity are
witnessed daily at the stockyards
There tho cattle are loaded into tho
cars and carried away, tho empty
pens being immediately filled by
waiting herds, which are coming in
steadily from all directions. Harnoy
county is sending immense herds,
and not a day passes but sees long
lines of cattle on the way to the
stockyards. The shipments are aver
aging a littlo better than a trainload
a day.
Buyers Coming In.
Buyers are coming in from many
points and prices continua strong,
Prime beef cattle are at top prices
and the supply, owing to the short
ness of grass due to the cold back
ward weather this spring is not any-
where near up to the demand
Stockera and feeders are plentiful,
but the demand is so strong that
prices maintain their strength with
good prospects for the future.
presence of a large number of cow
boys in town adds much to the life
and picturesqueness of this busy lit-
Artificial fee
Telephone Main 105.
No Sediment to Foul
You r Refrigerator
No Disease Germs to
Endanger Your Health
sn i
iiooo enougn -for
All Havana Filler
of samt value as tags from
fit "MASTER WORKMAN" Tobacco.
11 1 WA I
IliWBiiMMMMWMMMW . . . - l-ZrggSl.
tlo. city, and contributes not a littlo
to tho material prosperity oi us en
lorprlslng business men.
Range Horses Going.
A Burns exchange says thero is
causn for concratulatlon in tho fact
that so many range horses have been
taken out of Eastern Oregon. mo
nroHHiiro nf circumstances lias in
great measure deprived tne average
of ranee horses of value that is,
thoy have not of late years ueen
ready salo upon a fixed market.
Has Been Specific Demand.
Tho demand has been for animals
of specific classes, and has left tne
herds in much less than first class
order. Assuming that the price
which an indenendent stockman will
accent for his herd of horses ropre
sents their full home value, tho
movement of herds In their entirety
means a great deal to tho producers.
It relieves them of tho care of stocic,
and sometimes costly, effort.
Room for Better Stock.
Moreover, their absence means
greater room for more proiunoio
stock, and is an Important factor to
the process of improving quality at
the expense of numbers. The ex
change of loose herds of horses with
out fixed value for stock that will
find ready sale at good prices will
constitute a great step in advance
for the range country.
Eollpue of the Honeymoon.
Romance gets but small chance now
adays. The modern man and maid are
nothing if not severely practical ana
ostentatiously free from the romance
which animated their grandparents.
One by one are cast aside the tradl-
tlons which for generations have clung
about all that is associated with love's
young dream. And now even the hon
eymoon is being sacrificed. Time was
when brides and bridegrooms spent the
first month of their married life entire
ly apart. It was supposed and right
ly, of a surety that they would prefer
to be away not only from their friends.
but from nil social distractions, during
those first halcyon days when they
realize that they belong to each other.
By degrees, however, as marriage has
come to be taken less seriously and
love Is spoken of as something old
fashioned and essentially middle class,
the honeymoon has been cut down, and
it Is a sign of the times and their spirit
that there Is a marked tendency on the
part of brides to Ignore the honeymoon
altogether. Rumor has it that in due
course its extinction is bound to be
brought about That the modern bride
cannot endure tho sole companionship
of her husband for even the first few
days of married life and that Benedict
must have golfing or playhouses or the
society of friends lest he should be
bored by the woman he has Just taken
as a life companion Is truly a pitiful
exposure of the spirit in which tho holy
estate is entered upon by the present
generation. Philadelphia Ledger.
"New Women" of Antlqattr,
The "new woman" is not so "new"
after all, for, according to Altamire's
'HIstoria de Espana," she flourished in
Spain fully a thousand years, ago.
At that time the teaching of religious
law was not seldom intrusted to wo
men professors. Girls enjoyed the Bame
primary Instruction as boys, and then
devoted themselves to professional
studies, some of which were practiced;
ror example, medicine and literature.
serving in the latter domain as secre
taries and writers In the caliph's civil
service. So widespread was .education
among the women of Cordova that In a
single, ward there were 170 of them
busied in copying tho Koran. So hieh
ly was the education of women rated
that a prince of royal Spanish blood
wedded a negro slave woman merely on
urcjuui oi uer intelligence and knowl-
n .A. - M - . I
edge. Another prince was captivated
by the woman who became his wife
tnrough hearing her improvise verses.
Ue For Art TicUliijfa,
The art tickings now so plentiful in
the upholstery shops and department
stores may be utilized for a variety of
pretty and ornamental articles for
household use and ndornment. A sew-
inir basket covered with n nmttv rlo.
sign of cretonne and brightened by a
ribbon bow or two Is useful as well as
pretty and for holding embroidery silk
n crotonnp mil Is nf miinh Rr.n-i in
the' ornamental lino Is a scnipbasket
lined with denim arid covered with
cretonne In pflW-tlve pattern.
Sale Flouring Mill .Plant.
Sealed proposals for the nurehaso
'v. nVZa ?0? M"L
Countv. OrTn win 5"
tho undersigned trustee in bankrupt
i Ji ..w,fu ?
cy oi saiu Mining uompany, to and
Including July 10th. 1902. at Athono
ne Julv in7h nana V ""u
Oregon. Tho right to roJect anv nnil
uii uius reserved.
O. Q. aHAMBERLAIIf, Trustee
Need More Help.
Often the overtaxed organs of dl.
gestion cry out for help by Dvanon-
dlll'a' lUltno Mnitanfi nlnl. wT
a iiKiuu, oouowi, wiiiiuoo, neau-
aches, liver complaints, bowel dlsor-
r"-" u"",wi iui iirumpi
use ofTDr. King'a -Now Life Pill J
mi,.. i 11
xuujr .o Buuue, luureuBo ana guar-
.ift. .... MM I ffl
Henpeck (picking up a latchkey):
The 3Ioit Prominent SwrdlHli Wom
an In America.
Mrs. Emmy G. Eva Id is a resident of
Chicago and Is said to be the most
prominent Swedish woman in America.
Mrs. Evald is the daughter of the lato
Rev. Erland Carlson, D. D., who came
to Chicago half a century ago as one
of the pioneers of the Swedish Evan
gelical Lutheran church. He was tho
pastor of Immanuel church for twenty-
two years and gathered a strong con
gregation under his care. He was suc-
ceeded by his son-in-law, Rev. Carl A.
Evald. D. D.. who h. i-vp.i m fiJ
' "Wtft
twenty-seven vears
Mrs. Evald Is an enthusiastic cowork
er with her uuband and a minister's
Ideal wife. Mrs. Evald's interest In
female sufTrago grew out of her church
work, and her husband Is In full svm-
patby with her. Each woman as well
as each mau in tho church Is expected
to pay an annual fixed fee. Unon the
shoulders of the women also falls
mucu or tne burden of church work,
nnd yet tnoy are not Permitted to vote
" organization, in Sweden
11 18 "'"cent, 'lhero the women are
permmeu to vote In church nrfnlro
M8, Bvn,d nas lonB been nn advocate
u ,lut Dweu'su system in her church,
"uu uPnn.i"e passage of the Inw mak-
k iyuiul-h eiigmie ror the office of
trustee or tne University of Illinois she
uecame an advocate of nnlltinni urn.
mnn 8iirTrni?o
Eva,d'8 own beauUful home nnd
.. cll,ldren r oppo-
"-"lB no cnance to cavil. Mrs. Evald
W 'nded, fair
Utt woman' " ' Ogure and clear
l-ui in upeecn, witn an earnestness nnd
sennlneness that are calculated to
carry conviction. Her activities h
been numerous. 8he wbb the chairman
of the Lutheran Women'B congresB
aurlug the exposition of 1803. She or
tanlzed nnd for ten year hB h
President of a mlsa!onMv u.l. i
n 1 -. " . 17 UCI
vu milt uaB uone much good. She
wbb a member of the Chlcngo Womnn'
"" ur uvo years and until ltn mnnf
IngB conflicted Twin, " " .V.lt8.tn.?ot"
" vhhivii mines
sue organized the 8wcdlah.Amrin
.UMua m Jin-nerve tno
"Ah, I wonder what woman teat thai."
home of the woman who made tho
Qrst American Hag.
1 A painting of two lovely dnughters
hanging in the Hvald parlor shows that
this busy woman also hus found time
I a. rtll lint, mi.iiik .1 rtl 1 1 I I i.e. f t .ttflH.intA
the gentle urtu. Chicago Record-Her
A Warning to Blotbera.
Mothers In teaching their little ones
how to walk do not stop to think how
the bones grow. The bones In u baby's
legs are soft, half cartilaginous and
very euslly bent out of their proper
shape. Care should be taken not to al
low a child to walk too soon nnd above
ill Dot to keep him on his feet for too
long a time, or when he is at all tired.
When he is rendy, he will try of his
own accord, and he generally knows
what he is about.
Urging a child to walk prematurely
Is productive of lasting Injury, bb bow
legs are only too easily formed. Let a
child creep as long na he wants to. Give
him plenty of room to kick around in,
and he will be strengthening his mus
:les and getting ready for work. Sup
pose be is backward about walking,
what difference doea it make7 A child
who follows his own ideas In learning
to walk will succeed much better and
learn self reliance at the same time.
The same rule holds good In regard
to sitting up. If he is forced to sit up
top soon, It will have a tendency to
weaken his back and Interfere with
his growth. Older children should bo
taught to sit erect When tired. Insist
apon a child lying down Instead of
ilidlng down in the chair until be in
literally sitting on the end of his spine.
rucb a habit is easily formed and bard
to correct, resulting in a poor carriage,
bad form nnd narrow chest
If you observe such a child, you will
And he suffers from dizziness and head
aches, as the curved form of the spine
results In a pulling of the muscles at
the back of the neck, and the difficulty
Is ceriain to be removed if the child Ib
taught to sit properly. United States
Health Report
Don't Wear BIournlnR.
To all of womankind white Is almost
universally becoming. Children should
never wear mourning, and girls and
young women If they wear It should do
so ror only a short time. 1 do not ap
prove of the conventional mourning
dress for any one. If one must wear it
however, I beg the discarding of the
.niueous crape veil. It 1b benthenlsh
The world 1b a sad enough place with
out women walking around In crape
veils. Woman's Home Companion.
Proper Ventilation.
A direct draft from a window open
at the top and bottom Ib a menace, and
fresh air at that price becomes oanger
ous. The Ideal way of ventilating a
bedroom thnt Is within reach of every
one Is to fit a board about four or five
Inches wide at the bottom of the lower
sash. Then the room Ib well ventilated
by the space at the middle of the win
dow without a direct draft In the room.
Worn tatyeclothB can be made into
serviceable napkins and traycloths as
we)l as polishing towels for fine china
and silver If the.beBt parts nro selected
and uently hemmed.
Frederlka Bremer, a writer, did more
to raise Scandlnavlan'wroinen to a level
with thoso of other nations than did
any other woman of her time.
i mar m. a. - a.
Piece. If nT . lcc.w'theacV. i
i it.. , uiaimoJ . i
3..UU1U u rust you w J! hp 7'. '-or-
We have a latEe L, . ' ll
Lidk's tinware, B Vatlety ol;f
Garden Hose That Is
Lot Ub Save You Some
Joseph Basler
Complete Hocse
IVe See Our Rnsh
on the shirtH of a large proportion if
the male population of PendWm. n
-f.nvu. 4V
Is much preferred owing to Its dUUaet
superiority. We do un shlrd wiw.
and culls in Al style-to perfectioib
Tliat's our specialty, and we'reexfenV
at the lumiuess. Hence our large ui
higli class patronage. Bend us joir
laundry. We'll do tho work itt
neatnef?H and dispatch. Service the
beat. Charges right.
Resort -
The celebrated "Bingham Sprinp,"
located in the Blue MoonUini
the Umatilla River, complete, till
furniture, fixtures, states and ttott
Absolute control of five miles of tet
trout fishing stream in Oregon, ffifl
sell 8o acre tract including totel
grounds with water privileges, or 960
acres, as desired; making fi
rni-m . nntitrnlHiifr bit? ranee. Of will
lease. Call on or address:
Frank B. Cloptofl
Pendleton, Otegon
1 '
Buy a Farm
While Thoy Are Cheap?
N. Berkeley
Will Sell You
Land at
$1250 perAcre
that will be worth0
witmn nvo
Fifteen V
investment in the 0
on the
tad cold wt