East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 08, 1902, Image 5

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    Clothing made to order. N. Jocr-
Big Bargains
will soon be with us again. Prepare yourself for it. Wear
a summer corset to be COOL and COMFORTABLE.
The FAVORITE is the regular shape, light weight,
ventilated, neatly trimmed', very strong and durable, 68 to 90c
Out Price, 50c
The PRIZE GIRDLE is a narrow, light weight corset,
very strong and highly prized by those wishing comfort.
Comes in white, sky blue and pink. Price 75c to $1.00.
Out Price, 50c
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
TUESDAY, JULY 8, 1902.
J. A. Howafd, farm loans.
Rooms by the day, week or month
at Grate's.
Summer ventilated corsets for com
fort Toutsch's.
A fine free lunch from 9 a. m. till
midnight at Gratz's.
Just in, the very latest copyright
il"ks, at Frazler's.
Hood River strawberries received
dally at Hawley Bros.
String beans, green peas and caull
Sower at Hawley Bros.
For a cool, refreshing glass of
Schlitz beer go to Gratz's.
McReynold's creamery butter, on
sale In all stores. Ab'jl for It
Only a few of those 49c bargains
la. shirt waists left. Teutsch's.
Fresh live crawfish just received,
at Gratz's, cooked while you wait
Hot weather has no terrors at the
Golden Rule basement, where good
.''chlltz beer 1b on tap.
Drop Into the cool, comfortable
basement the Golden Rule and en
Jry a glass of Schlitz beer.
When down street and wishing
postage stamps, drop Into the Delta.
We will be pleased to supply you.
Mr. Silas H. Soule, of Soule Bros.'s
Piano Company, Portland, Is In the
city, prepared to do expert piano
tuning and all kinds of delicate re
pairing. Please leave orders at Tall
man's Drug Store.
we can supply you
Jeweler and Optician
Next Door to R. Alexander
Quart of Flies for 5c
We guarantee that a 5c package of our Poison Fly
Paper will kill a quart of flies.
Our sc package contains 10 sheets of Poison Fly Paper,
extra strong.
We also have a good supply of Tanglefoot sticky fly pper,
insect powders and Koeppen's Bed Bug Destroyer.
65 Step into. Main St. Toward the Court Hook
Baskets, dusters, brushes, wooden
ware, fishing tackle, lowest pricey.
New and delicious are the ice cream
sandwiches served at Dutton's. Only
5 cents.
Call up 'phone main 105 for pure
artificial ice. Only place In town
you can get It
Dutop will deliver nice, fresh
sweet cream to you if you will send
in your orders.
All kinds of city and country prop
erty for sale. Rfhorn & Cook, room
10, Taylor building
Our ice cream and Ice cream soda
Is delicious. Try it and you will have
n other. The Delta.
Good lunches at reasonable prices
at Phillip's restaurant, opposite
Tallman's drug store.
Schlitz beer is good beer, and Is
served In a nice cool place a. the
Golden Rule basement
We give free tickets on the bicycle
with every dollar's purchase. Martin's
Family Grocery and Bakery.
Money to loan at lowest rates on
town or country property. J. R.
Dickson, East Oregonlan building.
Take advantage of the chance to
get bargains at Mrs. Campbell's
closing out sale of summer millinery
Doctors predict considerable sick
ness of typhoid nature. Be careful of
your drinking water. Cool it with
pure artificial ice. 'Phone main 105.
Wlthee, 305 Court St., agent for
Domestic and Davis Bewing machines.
Drop heads from $27.50 to $G5 on in
stallments. Everything guaranteed.
All kinds of real estate for sale.
Homes on easy payments, will fur
nish part of purchase money.
Rihorn & Cook, room 10, Taylor Tldg.
The Pendleton Machine Shop and
Foundry, Baltezore &Howe proprie
tors, are enjoying a rush of business
and have several large jobs or en
gine repairing on hand.
The Thompson Hardware Co. is
making some improvements In its
store. Among the changes ,is the
building of a new office in the rear
which wlU add to the convenience
of the bookkeeping department.
The corner room, sizze 25x40, in
the East Oregonlan building, hereto
fore occupied by the Jackson-Dickson
Company, will be for rent after
August 1. The room is steam heatea
and contains hot and cold water. Ap
ply at the East Oregonlan office.
E. T. Wade, the pushing real es
tate dealer yesterday closed a nice
deal and sold lot 8, in block F, Res
ervation addition, for H. S. Seals to
Col. J. H. Raley. Consideration
$5,000. The property transferred Is
located at the corner of Webb and
Garden streets, and includes the Sal
vation- Army headquarters and lot
extends to the building occupied by
the Hunt depot.
Shoe laces, all kinds, Teutsch's
Ladies' Hose, fast black, Teutsch's
Men's underwear, 50 cents suit
Fine fresh red and black raspbor-
rles at Hawley Bros.
Fine old potatoes only $1.25 per
hundred at the Standard Grocery.
Choice spring chickens, 25 cents
each. Cheaper than meat. At the
Standard Grocery.
Free picnic every Sunday at KIne's
grove. Dancing begins at 2 o'clock.
Music by Kirkmau's orchestra.
universal success in obtaining arms
while in prison and setting away
when the attempt was made makes
It almost as though "Old Nick" him
self has condescended to assist his
foster child.
Escaped From Utah Pen.
In 1897 the desperado was sont tc
the Utah penitentiary to serve a term
of one year for burglary. After two
months In the prison he escaped one
morning with three other convicts.
While working with the other men
he enticed the guard near him on a
pretense of having broken his shovel.
Then, when the officer was too close
to operate his short-barrelled shot
gun, Tracy suddenly covered him
with a revolver, forced him to ex
change clothes, marched the squad
out of sight of the prison and fled
with the other convicts, none of
whom were ever recaptured.
Murder in Colorado. (
On the way across the country In
his fight from Utah, Tracy stole a
horse and buggy and escaped to Col
orado, where he quarreled with a
young ranchman and killed him.
For this crime he was arrested by
Colorado officers and placed in jail,
but escaped after beating three
guards into insensibility. He was re
captured, but escaped again In two
weeks, after .almost killing a guard by
clubbing him on the head. From that
time nothing further was heard from
him until he became notorious in
The Hole-ln-lhe-Wall Gang.
Tracy Is also wanted in Colorado
to answer charges of murder, robbery
and horse stealing. He was about to
be tried for the murder of Valentine
Hoye, a wealthy cattleman of Routt
county, when he bound and gagged
the sheriff at Aspen, Col., obtained
his liberty and left for Oregon. Tra
cy was a leader in the once notori
ous "Hole in the Wall" or Powder
Springs gang of outlaws, that In-
fested the northwestern corner of
Routt county, near the Utah and
Wyoming lines. '
Gang Broken Up.
The murder of William Strong, a
boy, caused the citizens of Western
Colorado to demand the extermina
tion of the gang. A posse of sheriffs
was formed and war declared on the
desperadoes. When the posse en
countered the outlaws a desperate
battle jwas fought. Several were
wounded on each slue. Hoyt, a mem
ber of the posse was killed. Four
outlaws were afterward captured by
a posse made up of Utah militia and
Colorado cowboys, led by Deputy
Sheriff Farnham. Jack Bennett, the
first to be captured, was believed to
be the murderer of Strong, and he
was lynched near the Colorado line.
Tracy, Laud and P. L. Johnstone
were taken into custody near Powder
Springs after a hot fight. Johnstone
was taken to Wyoming, where ho
was afterward tried and sentenced
for life. Tracy and Land were con
victed at Aspen, but subsequently
Hoodlums Are Cursing and Using
Foul Language on Strets.
Fred Kemper registers a kick
against the noise that Ib being made
during the night by hoodlums pass
Ing up and down the street near his
home on Webb street. Mr. Kemper
says that for some time past there
has hardly been a night without
somebody In front of his place yell
Ing and making all kinds of noise,
while sometimes the very worst kind
of blackguarding and cursing is
heard. He says it is this ho does
not like, as he could put up with the
noise if decent language was used
He threatens severe treatment if It iB
not stopped.
Action Started on Note and Claims
for Wages.
C. B. Wade vs. the Northwestern
Livestock and Woolgrowers' Compa
ny, is the title of a buH filed at the
court house today. The first cause
of action, is to recover Judgment for
a note for $650, bearing date of July
7, 1902, and the second cause of .ac
tion is to recover $917.75 alleged due
.T. P. MnManua from defendant for
Rfirvlcfts on the Stock Journal, the
claim of McManus having been trans
ferred to plaintiff. Carter & itaiey
are plaintiff's attorneys.
5 ;
L 'J
Woodmen Will Hold a Celebration
There July 11.
The Modern Woodmen of .Walla
Walla, will hold their annual picnic
at Freewater on July 11, and a glo
rious time is anticipated. They will
have a special train run from the
north and have engaged the Freewat
er band to furnish the musical ond
of the program. Numerous spocial
attractions have been arranged for
which should make the celobratlon a
great success.
Camps from Milton, Weston, Athe
na, Pendleton, Prescott, Dixie, Day
ton, Waitsburg and other points are
expected to attend, whilo all othor
camps are invited. Jeff Jennings, of
Walla Walla, has the program in
charge. Dancing will bo provided,
both afternoon and evening. A base
ball game between a pickup nine
from the Modern Woodmen and the
Freewater team is probable.
Supreme Court Decision.
The supremo court has sustained
the decision of the lower court in the
case of M. A. Lowrey, respondent,
vs. Henry F. Sterling, Thomas Wado
and A. Ferguson, appellants. This
was an appeal from Union county on
a suit brought to test whether or not
tho state school board had tho right
to disposo of a mortgage on real
property given by an administrator
of an estate. The lower court decid
ed that tho administrator bad tho
right to glvo a mortgage to satify
claims against tho estate and tho
mortgagee had tho right to transfer
The advance styles of the Fa
mous W. L. Douglas Shoe have
arrived. Our stock is now com
plete and you will have no trouble
jn getting your size and style.
Just think of it Over four and
one-half million pairs of the Doug
las Shoe sold last year I They
are union made, which means the
shoes are made by skilled work-
me'n and under sanitary condi
P. 8. Look out for the "Just
as Gobd" kind.
Boston Store
Sole Agents for Pendleton.
Begins Monday, July 7th.
Gall and See What's Doing
Paper Bound
Madison Square series, contain
ing such popular authors as Mrs.
Soitthworth, Bertha Clay, Mary
J. Holmes, etc. Choice 25c
Sweet Heart series a popu
lar line of novels 15c
Other series, each ,.5c and 10c
An express shipment just arrived
Prices $1.39 to $3.95
We show the genuine Parker
Bros. Ping Pong
Frederick Nolf
Tablets, Inks. fumes, Toilet .Soaps
Dancing Begins at 2 o'clock
t t A
ana irom me grounos aay an rugm.
picnic parties by applying
St, George,
Always Enjoyed
Arc the Meals
Served at the
French Restaurand
Large, comfortable dining
room and good service
Positively the
Best 25c Meal In Pendletocl
The French Restaurant
The Plumber and
For First Glass Work at
Reasonable Prices
Shops Cottonwood Street, OppetlteJ
St. Joo Store, Near Court St.
We have them now. A
Sewing Machine for $2k
cash. Warranted, and will
ho kept in repair for five
years without cost.
Remember my guaran
tee means something. You
don't have to send your
machine to Portland or Chi
cago for repairs.
We still have the Kings
of alj Sewing Machines, the
io years ahead of all oth-
ers. uws ana neeuies.
each Swufey Bmmm to v
A T. 4 't I i
The wove out t
. ' :