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andlers Continue to
Traffic, Although
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as a result 01 strute
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only road affected that
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Is Central converted one
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husky young farmers,
ed, waited upon by fully
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tracked near the freight
Northwestern Got Men.
ion the Chicago & North-
Chicago & Eastern 1111-
cii in securine a lull
of men. The strikers
not discouraged by the
IT! 1 II I.r I 1 1 .LI. W U U. UU.V
union teamster In the
t vnrk tor roriiRfi in nam
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of business and the loss
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goods from the freight
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d ho a shortage of food
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TTlMIlrtHIV LUHrH UU.il lit! LlJ
II 1 1 I II l.lltl lul Bi,Ul l.UUlUI. uu
seriously considering a
to shut up shop until the
and the teamsters' union
nnrnnnn NiriKH. il is khll-
their fight
July 8. At a meeting of
P sirftnt'nnf man mflr niflir.
fiPrl in ftrmtlmiA friA ntrilrp
about ended, but the ac-
Granted a Raise.
Minneapolis & Omaha rail
Ulill' IIIIIUTII u r rl n f 1 1 Tl or-u Tl II
fit? AP ITMMr tiAnniPAtl
to Five Years Imprison-
. .MPS WflW
wniy io uet a UuarterCen-
TTnn T..1 O T.aaIa
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uim Castle, was today
if) VaOM tmnviannniAnt
uroi iriai she .was sentenced
years, but fnnv
; City Park for Fair; .
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Ilva tfvAMulix- ... 9
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- jwicruay. a nreiiminarv
"ae ,m iavpr or the city
a site for the fair. While
Wiic ha8 no( heen flnallv se
the BitO for fhft Ifalr ha ra.
A lnl--l ... .j J
co of the boardi
He Was a Desperate Man and Had
Committed Many Crimes As
saulted the Officer.
La Grando,"" July 8. William Hill,
an ox-convict, was shot and killed
here Sunday morning by Officer
Frank Childers on account of an as
sault committed by him on the officer
as the latter was about o put the
handcuffs on him at the JalL Hill
was beingheld on a obarge.ot steal
ing a buggy. He was known to be a
desperate man, but recent develop
ments show that he was even 'a
greater criminal than was at first
supposed. He had previously serv
ed two terms In the sta'te -penitentiary,
ono for grand larceny and an
other for an assaulCy'with intent to
kill the dffler who made the arrest
at tho time. The two terms were
served out consecutively.
Officers returned yesterday from a
search of the cabin occupied by the
deceased in the mountains about five
miles from this place, where they
found other evidences of the deceas
ed criminal's crimes. Stored away in
his cabin were numerous articles
that have been missed from time to
time by people living in this city
and in the valley generally. It ap
pears that he had been doing a
wholesale stealing, though the arti
cles taken were not of high value In
most cases.
Officer Childers,, who was compell
ed to kill Hill, had served as mar
shal hero for four years and has
many friends. He was always faith
ful and careful and is not blamed by
anyone for the unfortunate affair.
Dr. G. W. BiggerB has returned
from Imbler, where he iad been call
ed to see one Weaver, supposed to
be suffering from la grippe. He found,
however, that Weaver has a well de
veloped case of smallpox, and that
everybody living In the neighborhood
hag' "been ;yisiting-.. him, ?and .expects
is at a Iobb to know where ne caugnt
the disease.
Tho Summervllle baseball team re
turned from Wallowa yesterday,
flushed with victory. The team had
been challenged by the Wallowa
boys and went to Wallowa last Fri
day and the series of games opened
Saturday. Saturday's game resulted
in a victory for Summervllle In a
score of 1G to 6. They played the
second game yesterday and Summer
vllle was again victorious by a score
of 7 to 6. This is the beginning of
an extended series in the valley.
Premier Chamberlain Injured by Fall
ing From Cab, Is Better Morgan
Offers Ship6.
London, July 8. The official bulle
tin as to the king's condition this
morning said his majesty's progress
was all that could be desired.
The coronation continues to be dis
cussed. Various dates for the inaug
uration have been mentioned, but as
yet the exact date is uncertain.
Chamberlain Improves.
Colonial Secretary Chamberlain, in
jured Monday by being thrown from
a cab, is reported better this morn
ing. It has been decided, however,
to keep him In the hospital as abso
lute rest is needed.
Morgan Offers Ships.
Replying to a question in the house
of commons today, the financial sec
retary of the admiralty said J. P.Mor"
(von Vinri Tn n rl ft nn offer to Dlace shins
in the Atlantic shipping combine at
the disposal of the aumirauy, .Dut ne
said he was unable to communicate
the offer to the house at present
Killed by a Wagon.
Last Friday afternoon the tw.o-year-old
son "of Mr. arid Mrs. O. S.
Smith met his death on the Ben DIer
mountain says the Ontario Argus.
JHe fell (from a wagon, the right rear
wheel of the vehicle passing over
his body. The remains wero brought
to Ontario and the funeral took place
Saturday evening.
Flynn May Recover. ?
E. J. Flynn, travelling freight agent
of he Missouri Pacific, who recently
became unbalanced in mind at Cot
tage Grove, and who Is now under
'treatment at the sanitarium at Mount
.Tabor, Is somewhat Improved and
ills' recovery as anticipated.
Instead of Fleeing Northward He Took ; His Boat to South
Seattle and Fled to Rehton, Eight
Miles From There. v
Seattle, July 8. Tracy's trail hns vanished. Thfr'ibpat thought to bo
Farmer Johnson's yesterday, belongs to another man, Tho man seen by
tho Indians has been located and is a traniPv. V
The tugs Sea Lion and Scout have rofifrijea jhere and await under
full steam. A pack of .bloodhounds arrived1 lastnijW. The posse's boat
patrols the entire length of the lower Souud.VjIndlnB on two reserva
tions, numbering 60, are on tho watch. , ' . w J'.
All wires have been placed at the disposal ofiiBheriff. The fugltlvo
is out of food 'by 'this time. On roapp?aianco anywhere' on tho Sound tho
pursuit will again commence. j
Another Find of Tracy.
-Tracy Is now known to be near Reatoieight miles from Se
attle, where he held up a family this morning. His boat was found un
der a wharf at South Seattle. Tho sheriff and the! bloodhounds left at 2
p. m. for Renton and they hope to kill the convict soon. It 1b believed
he has killed Anderson, his lmpresed boatman.
Indian Education and Taxation for
School Purposes the Principal
Topics Under Discussion.
Minneapolis, July 8. Tho gonoral
sessions of tho National Educational
Associations' convention bogan this
afternoon with tho customary oxer-
Tonight tho address of President
Beardahear will bo delivered. This
morning's sessions of tho National
Council and Department of Indian
Education was largely attendod.
Nicholas Murray Nutlor, and unit
ed States Commissioner of Education
Harris mado tho principal addresses
at tho latter meeting.
Tho Nationnl Council passed a res
olution authorizing tho board of dl
rectors to appoint a committoo of
throe to proparo a roport on ino
methods of taxation for Bchool pur
poses. President Bcardshear Is still
quito 111.
Seattle, July 8. After a fruitless
chase after Tracy, covering 125
miles, and extending from Point No
Point, justs outh of Whidby Island,
to a point within a few miles of Gig
Harbor, Sheriff Cudlhee and party
have returned and are awaiting tho
re-appearance of the convict before
again starting out.
Every point on the Sound where
the desperado is at all likely to make
his appearance, haB been furniBbed
with a careful description and im
mediately hunger forces Tracy to
again approach human habitations,
the word will be sent to Seattle and
the posse will at once take the trail
with the bloodhounds.
The authorities of the northern
counties bordering the sound have
taken up the chase and considerable
additions have been made thereby to
the oursulnff force. The Hood Canal
Is being patroilejJ by two squadrons,
of officers.
A search for Anderson 1b being
prosecuted along the west shore of
the sound with Port Madison Indian
reservation as the Btarting point
Sheriffs Brisban, of Whatcom
county, and Zimmerman, of Snoho
mish and Welb of Skagit, are 18 miles
below Seattle directing the search.
They are certain the desperado was
in the vicinity of Deception pass at
6 o'clock Sunday evening in a sail
boat The officers believe he either
effected a landing on tho main land
or on this slde'ior put out through the
Straits of Satt Juan de Fuca. Three
steamers are actively engaged In pa
trt.U'ng the shores of Puget Sound
In tho neighborhood of the pass,
while posses are guarding all vantago
points on tho .main land.
Tracy's objective point Is now sup
posed to be Whatcom, where, It Is
stated, he expects to meet frlondB
Cub Merrill, said to bo a brother of
Merrill, tho ,c.onvlct, who escaped
with Tracy, Uvea tlero. On Saturday
night, while Intoxicated, ho said Tra
cy was on his way to that place and
that ho bad arranged to meet him.
ScoutBha(ire been sent to patrol the
shore HnsM Ghuckamut Bay, below
Fairhavenivtvhere it is believed Tra
cy will attempt to land. Anacortes
has two launches, guarding the passes
and denutMcherlffs are flocking In
from all .sJtlflJx&f Join the man hunt.
Sheriff" Hammond, ot Jefferson
county, and a number of guards, have
left Port Vownsend in the revenue
cutter Grant to search for the mur
A boy named Gerald has brought
to tho sheriff's office two watcnes
stolen by Tracy from Johnson at Port
Madison. Ho said they were given to
him by Tracy this noon In front of
the Gerald house, 12 miles rrom nere
A posse with bloodhounds, 1b in pursuit
Fortunes Mado and Lost on
Chicago Market in a Short
Space of Time.
Reported by I. U. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
Now York, July 8. Tho wheat
market opened this morning at 7Sj&,
Vc lower and closed at 78, lc low
er than last night Liverpool closed
14 higher, at 03. Corn also low
er, closing at Gi, below yester
day's market.
Wheat closed Monday, 73.
Openod today, 78. '
Rango today, 7879.
Closed today, 78.
Stocks aro strongor, OBpoclally St
Paul and Union Pacific.
Steel, 38.
Union Pacific, 106.
St. Paul. 177.
Wheat in Chicago.
Chicago, July 8. Wheat 7574
Wheat in San Francisco. .
San Francisco, July 8. Wheat
vx.15 por cental.
A Vanderbllt Wedding.
Lennox, Mass., July 8. Delia Van-
dorbiit, a grand-daughter of W- H.
Vanderbllt, and William Osgood
Field wero married hero this morn
ing before a distinguished company
of Now York millionaires and soci
ety people. Tho ontlro Vanderbllt
family waB present
Continued Covering by Elevator Peo
ple .Who Were Caught Short, Mada
Price of Grain Take 8ome Rapid
Fluctuations at the Big Center.
Chicago, July 8. Contlnuod cover
ing by tho shorts caused July corn to
resume its upward flight on the
Doard of Trade this morning. it
went from 84, lust night's close, to
85 soon aftor.tho opening.
At 11 o'clock tho prtco had gona
to 88.
Tho fight botweon tho elevator poo
plo, Who aro tho big shorts, and the
Gates-Harris syndicato, who aro on
gineorlng tho corner Is ncaring a cri
sis and it Is expected that tho olova-
tor peoplo will mako a prlvato set
Uoment boforo tho wok is out or be
compelled to pay upon tho basis of a
dollar or moro as Gates holds all the
contract corn, and tho kiln-drlod corn
which tho olovators aro trying ta
havo passed, will bo rojocted as be
ing low grado.
At noon tho 90 mark was reached.
Corn sales toward tho closo seBt
the prico down to 87, whoro it closed.
"Is Convict David Merrill dead or
That is the question which Is agi
tating the minds of tho officials of
the Btate of Washington at the pres
ent moment.
Although Tracy has repeatedly as
serted that he murdered hia fellow
convict by shooting him in the back,
satisfactory evidence of the deed
having been committed, or the pro
duction of the body, is not yet forth
coming. At the same time Merrill
has not been located s.lnce the day
on which Tracy declares that he
killed him.
There are many who have Implicit
ly believed the story of the killing
of Merrill, from the very first, while
others wJio have been skeptical are
beginning, to think the story is true,
as Merrill fails to make his appear
ance. , .
To a dozen people Tracy has told
his tale of the killing of his fellow
escape and It has varied only in the
amount of detail In which ho haB
given It He is said to have even
told the location of the body to Frank
Scott, ono of the crew of the launch
in which he made his way up the
Scott, however, will 'not divulge the
location of the corpse, as he has been
told by the officers that he cannot
claim the reward. This action has
aroused considerable comment, as it
is said that if he .knows where tho
body Is he should produce It or tell
where it is and the suggestion has
been made that radical .methods bo
UBed to force him to do so.
Ono theory Is that Merrill has
found a place of safety,, perhaps In
Seattle, and that he may havo gone
on ahead of Tracy to secure money
and other Incidentals, and that Tra
cy has told his duelling story to
throw tho officers off the trail. It is
possible that Tracy and Merrill ar
ranged to meet In the Hood's Canal
country or that Merrill was tho man
that ferried Tracy from this side of
Puget Sound to Port Madison.
Summed up, however, the situation
Is ono of doubt No one can tell
whether Tracy was lying about Mer
rill or not and it 1b argued that
Tracy has never been caught telling
a lie about anything else he has done.
Yet there is no sign of Merrill's body
dead or alive.
At 5 p. m. Sunday tho Bhorlff of
Plerco county telegraphed from Ta
coma that Steve Judson sajsv Merrill
between Stilacoom and Tacoma,
heading for Olympia. Merrill wore a
Princo Albert coat and a derby
hat; had a light moustache. Young
Judson may havo been mistaken.
Tracy's Two Wives.
Tracy's family affairs seem to be
somewhat mixed up as there are two
lnfm him for their hus
band. One Is Mollle Robinson, half
sister of Dave Merrill, who escaped
with Tracy. She 1b the properly ac-
credited wiie oi me oesperuuu u wm
country, as she Is known to have
been married to him and lived with
him in varlouB towns of tho west.
The other Is a woman In Chicago,
calling herself Mrs. Minnie Tracy,
and claiming to have been married
to the convict In 1893. She declares
that she understands that Tracy has
since been married to another woman
but that she holds her marriage cer
tificate and can prove her wifehood.
It is believed In Portland that tho
writer from Chicago Is some girl who
Is seeking, for notoriety. In the event
of Tracy's capture alive she will be
communicated with.
Tracy's Record of Jail Breaks.
Harry Tracy'a record of Jail breaks
Is ono which is extraordinary and
ahowB hlra to be a dare-devil of the
most venturesome type while bis
(Concluded on page f.)
Toronto Argonauts Are In the Final
Heat for the Grand Challenge Cup,
and Are Conceded to Have a
Chance t Win.
Hendley on Thames, England,
July 8. In tho fourth heat of the dia
mond sculls, Titus, tho American,
beat Field, one of England's crack
Tho sixth heat for tho diamond
sculls was won by Ethorington
Smith, Blackstauo being his oppo
nent. The regatta propor opened today,
Tho first event being a heat botweon
tho Leandors and Kingstona for the
grand challenge cup, now held by tho
former. Tho Leandors won easily.
Tho second heat was botwoen the
Toronto Argonauts and University
College. Tho former won.
Tho third heat was won by the
London Club, from tho Thames crow.
Tho Argonauts and the loanders,
it is expected, will meot in the final
heat and the Argonauts aro conced
ed to havo a fair chance.
Suicided Over Canal.
Chicago, July 8. B. W. Pule, owner
of ono-third of tho Cjty of Greytown,
Nicaragua, haB committed suicide by
shooting thlmself in tho head In tho
Garfield Park Sanitarium. After In
vesting his fortune in the Contral
American city, living for 16 years in
hope that the United States would
build a canal through Nicaragua, see
ing another route adopted and finally
becoming totally blind in his 73rd
yoar, ho became depressed and ended
all by ono well-directed Bhot Mr.j
Pule camo to Chicago about a year
aeo from his Nlcaraguan homo to be
treated for cataracts.
Turner at Newark.
Davenport, la., July 8. The Na
tlonal convention of Turners today
decided to hold its next convention at
Newark, N, J In 1904.
Former Filipino Leader Now Free
Under Amnesty Proclamation. ..
As thej result ot tho amnesty pro
clamatlou of July 4r the' guar dot
Amoricah soldiers has been with
drawn from duty at tho houso where
Aguinaldo lives, and Lloutenaat
Johnson, Agulnaldo's custodian,
brought tho Filipino loader to-day to
seo Goneral Chaffee. It was tho first
mooting botweon tho Amorican gen
oral and tho leader of tho Filiplne
Lieutonant William E. McKlnley, of
the Ninth Cavalry acted aa inter
Aguinaldo was told that ho waa
frco to go anywhoro ho plouuod, and
Gonoral Chaffee asked him If ho had
any complaint to mako of American
discourtesy or harshness, Aguinaldo
ropliod that ho had no such com
plaint to make. Ho told Goneral
Chaftoo that ho was going to visit
friends at his homo In Cavito lejo, In
Cavlto province, and Inquired what
protection tho Amorican authorities
would afford him. Ho Boomed to be
afraid to venturo out. Goneral Chaf
fee replied that Aguinaldo would get
tho same protection as any other ci
tizen. Tho former Filipino leader then
asked Genoral Chaffee to provont the
courts from requiring blm to testify
in civil suits.
Goneral Chaffee replied that be
had no authority to grant this re
quest and advlsod Aguinaldo to make
a social call on Acting Civil Governor
Wright This Aguinaldo said he
would do, but that he would go at
night as ho was timid about appear
ing on tho streets in daylight
Tho release of tho iormor Filipino
leader has renowed speculation aa
to possible vongeanco upon him by
friends of Luna and bla other ene
mies, Luna was a Filipino leader
whom Aguinaldo caused to be killed
In 1899.
The July "American Bey."
As usual, this Justly popular boya
magazino is full and running over
with good things for the America
youth, and this July number la
patriotic numbor. The front page Il
lustration is a spirited one, showing
an Amorican boy on horseback. It
is full of good stories for boys aa4
is the best of all boyB' magaalaea.
It will be sent for one year to any
boy reader of the East Oregonlam
who secures one new subscriber to
the weekly or semi-weekly Kaat Ore-
gonlan for one year, or the dally East
Oregonlan six months. Daily, (or six
months, by mail, 12.60 : Weekly, oat
year, $1.50; Semi-Weekly, $2. Boys
can easily secure a sew subscriber
to the East Oregonlan and thus earn
with nttio enort a suDscnpiion to uu
American Boy for one year,
The Australian, federal goverMsteat
liv j i-Jtiif'v itf' hlltldhli!t' i'i'It-t