East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 07, 1902, Image 5

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Big Bargains
Clothing made to order. N. Joer-
Shoo laces, all kinds, Teutsch's
Men's underwear, 50 cents suit
Fine fresh red and black raspber
ries at Hawley Bros.
Fine old potatoes only $1.25 per
hundred at the Standard Grocery.
Choice spring chickens, 25 cents
each. Cheaper than meat. At the
Standard Grocery.
will soon be with us again. Prepare yourself for it. Wear
a summer corset to be COOL and COMFORTABLE.
The FAVORITE is the regular shape, light weight,
ventilated, neatly trimmed, very strong and durable, 68 to 90c
Oat Price, 50c
The PRIZE GIRDLE is a narrow, light weight corset,
very strong and highly prized by those wishing comfort.
Comes in white, sky blue and pink. Price 75c to fci.oo.
Oat Price, 50c
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
MONDAyTjULY 7, 1902
J, A. Howard, farm loans. 1
Itooms by the day, week or month
A fine free lunch from .9 a. m. till
Idnlght at Gratz's.
Just In, the very latest copyright
wks, at Frazier's.
Hood Riven strawberries received
Jly at Hawley BroB.
String beans, green peas and cauli-
wer at Hawley Bros.
For a cool, refreshing glass of
ihlitz beer go to Qratz'8.
McReynold'B creamery butter on
le in all stores. Ask for it
Only a few of those 49c bargains
shirt waists left. Teutsch's.
Fresh live crawfish just received,
Gratz's, cooked while you wait
The Arnold Writing fluid and Impe
1 black Ink; new shipment Nolf's.
Hot weather has no terrors at the
ilden Rule basement, where good
ihlitz beer is on tap.
Drop into the cool, comfortable
tsement the Golden Rule and en
7 a glass .of Schlltz beer.
When down street and wishing
istage stamps, drop into the Delta.
To will be pleased to Bupnly you.
Mr. Silas H. Soule, of Soule Bros.'s
lano Company, Portland, is in the
ity, prepared to do expert piano
mlng and all kinds of delicate re
airing. Please leave orders at Tall
in's Drug Store. '
we can supply you
Jeweler and Optician
Next Door to B. Alexander
Quart of Flies for 5c
We guarantee that a 5c package of our Poison Fly
Paper will kill a quart of flies.
ur 5c package contains 10 sheets of Poison Fly Paper,
eMra strong.
We also have a good supply of Tanglefoot sticky fly paper,
"nsect powders and Koeppen's Bed Bug Destroyer. '
65 Stef bom Main St
Ladies' Hose, fast black,- Teutsch's
Summer ventilated corsets for com
fort. Teutsch's.
New and delicious are the ice cream
sandwiches Berved at Dutton's. Only
5 cents.
Call up 'phone main 105 for pure
artificial ice. Only place In town
you can get it
Dutton will deliver nice, fresh
sweet cream to you if you will send
in your orders.
All' kinds of city and country prop
erty for sale. Rihorn & Cook, room
10, .Taylor building.
Our ice cream and ice cream soda
is delicious. Try It and you will have
n other. The Delta.
Good lunches at reasonable prices
at Phillip's restaurant opposite
Tallman's drug store.
Schlitz beer is good beer, and Is
Berved in a nice cool place a. the
Golden Rule basement
We give free tickets on the bicycle
with every dollar's purchase. Martin's
Family Grocery and Bakery.
Money to loan at lowest rates on
town or country property. J. R.
Dickson, East Oregon! an building.
Take advantage of the chance to
get bargains at Mrs. Campbell's
closing out sa'.c of summer millinery
Lost Plain gold band ring on the
streets last Saturday. Finder please
return to Mrs. Captain Kuhn, of the
Salvation Army.
Doctors predict considerable Blck
ness of typhoid nature. Be -careful of
your drinking water. Cool it with
pure artificial Ice. 'Phone main 105.
Withee, 305 Court St., agent for
Domestic and Davis sewing machines.
Drop heads from $27.50 to $G5 on In
stallments. Everything guaranteed.
All kinds of real estate for sale.
Homes on easy payments, will fur
nish part of purchase money.
Rihorn & Cook, room 10, Taylor Tldg.
The corner room, sizze 25x40, in
the East Oregonian building, hereto
fore occupied by the Jackson-Dickson
Company, will be for rent after
August 1. The room is steam heated
and contains Hot and cold water. Ap
ply at the East Oregonian ofllce.
Sunday, at Grace church, at Astor
ia, Rev. W. E. Potwlne and eight of
his choir boys of the. Church of the
Redeemer at Pendleton, participated
in the services, and the Rt. Rev. B.
-WIstar Morris, D. D., bishop of Ore
gon, preached the sermon.
Jack Brown and Frank Mclntyre,
each enriched the city exchequer ?5
this morning at the request of Po
lice Judge McCourt. Brown's offense
was drunk and disorderly. He got
10 days In the city bastlle in add!
tlon to the fine. Mclntyre was charg'
ed with assault on C. Stockdale and
was fined $10, but half the fine was
Toward the Court Hmse
Nation's Birthday was Appropriately
Celebrated at the Springs.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
weather was threatening and cool
between 40 and 50 people left Pendle
ton Thursday afternoon for Bingham
Springs to spend the Fourth. Thoso
who went report having a fine time
and after getting there everything
was made comfortable for them.
When they reached tho station and
got off the train they were loaded In
to stages and hauled to the springs,
reaching there about 8:45 o'clock p.
m. The only incident on,the journey
that caused delay was the breaking
of an axle of one of the heavily load
ed coaches but this did not detain
them long as a farm house was called
at and the break patched up so that
the journey was finished. In the
morning a swim was taken in the
bathing pool and the water Was said
ta be warm enough to make this en
joyable. The Helix band played from
10 o'clock to 11 and in the afternoon
from 2 to 3.
Then dancing was indulged In for
several hours and another swim ta
ken. About 5:30 the young people
began playing cards and ping pong
and this was the order of entertain
ment until G:30 when dinner was an
nounced. After dinner another band
concert was given and then dancing
was the order until 10 o'clock.
The young people then took the
stages again and were taken back to
the station where they waited until
12 o clock for the train and arrived
home about 1:45 Saturday morning.
Some of the entertaining features
of the day were the singing and cake
walking of Moorehouse, Kelsey and
Among those who were In the jolly !
crowd were: Earl Borio, Ted Thomp
son, Jas. B. Welch, Flo Hallock, Sol
Baum, Edythe Eepple, Jas. Hill, Ber
tha Alexander, Oliver Kelsey, Leo
Sheridan, William Rinehard, Maude
Sheridan, Dale Slusher, Gert Sheri
dan, Berkley Hailey, Fanchon Borle,
Will Knight, Retta Howland, Win
Stewart, Mtb. E. A. Vaughn, H. V.
Carpenter, Bertha Matlock, Albert
Cox, Keller, Miss Stott, Heppnor
Hallock, Ralph Coon, Labell Moore
house, Mark Moorehouse, Edna
Moorehouse, Chas. French, Myrtle
Hill, Lee Drake.
Passed Away at Salem Hospital Last
Mrs E. H. Owens, and old and high
ly respected resident of Salem, died
at the Salem hospital, at 11:30 o'clock
Saturday morning, after an illness of
several months of rheumatism.
Deceased was a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Uzafovage, the
former of whom was a captain in
Napoleon's army and, after being
captured in Poland, was exiled from
France and came to the United
States, and was born in Poland In
March, 1834. She came to Oregon
with her parents in the year 1852
and settled in .Salem where she has
lived continually since. Her hus
band, Hugh Owens, died about 22
years ago. Three sisters, Mrs. W.
D. Carter, of Milwaukee, Oregon, arid
Mrs. V. Downs, of Salem, and one
Tacoma. Also a daughter. Mrs. Stella
Heidelbeck,, and grand daughter,
Miss Etta Heidelbeck, survivo her.
Mrs. Owens was wjell known in
Pendleton and the news of her demise
will come as a shock to her friends
Saw Stamp Mills Start.
Dr. E. A. Vaughan is back from a
tnp to Baker City and Sumpter.
While at Sumpter Dr. Vaughan visit
ed the Golconda mine, seven miles
from Sumpter, and saw the starting
up of the 20-stamp mill. He thinks
the Golconda is a great mine and his
confluence in tne property was
greatly strengthened after a visit to
and through the mine, being partlc
ularly impressed, by the showing
after a few hours operation of the
mill. Dr. Vaughan predicts that the
returns from the operation of the
mill will more than satisfy the Pen
dleton investors in the property.
Two Suits Against Bank.
Two .suite were filed at the court
house today against the First
tlonal Bank of Athena. One was J.
T. Mllner vs. the First National Bank
of Athena, a corporation, S. D. Davis,
T. J. Kirk. C. A. Barrett, H. C. Ad
arris and E. L. Barnett, and the other
was John Kiernan vs. Tne nim
tlonal Bank of Athena, a corporation,
and S. D. Davis. -They are each to
recover title to 59 shares of stock
in the uank corporation.
Rural Spirit: Oris Simpson's great
brood mare, Minnie (dam or 'iru
mont 2:21) by Rockwood, out of
Sally M, has a fine Ally by Bonner
Willis Banks Dead; Ed Frazler has a
Broken Leg.
Ukiah, 'July 7. Willis Banks, 45
years of age, died at the homo of his
parents, 10 miles from here, Satur
day night, the cause of death being
heart failure. Mr. Banks was a sin
gle man and had been ill only a few
days. He leaves a father and one
brother beside many friends to mourn
his taking away. Tho remains wore
Interred here.
Edward Frazler, who was Injured
by being run over by a wagon on
Mountainhomo grado last Wednes
day, Is here with his family and get
ting along as well as could bo expect
ed. Frazler was hauling a load of
freight from Pendleton to Despain
Bros., of this place, and when on
the Mountainhomo grade fell from
the seat on the'wagon and the wheel
passed over one leg breaking It. He
was taken to Alba where tho limb
was set by Dr. Snapp and remained
there a few days. Later ho was
brought home and Is now with his
Brick Work on Hospital.
D. A. May has completed tho stone
work of tho sisters'" hospital, haying
been given tho contract. He has also
been awarded the contract for tho
brick work, the building to be a brick
structure three stories high and a
handsome edifice. Ho has already
commenced work, brick laying to be
gin Tuesday morning. Within GO
days tho brick wall will be complet
ed, 470,000 brick being required. The
brick will come from La Grande and
The advance styles of the Fa
mous W. L. Douglas Shoe have
arrived. Our stock is now Com
plete and you will have no trouble
in getting your size and style.
Tust think of it Over four and
one-half million pairs of the Doug
las Shoe sold last year ! They
are union made, which means the
shoes are made by skilled -workmen
and under -sanitary condi
tions. P. S. Look out for the "Just
as Good" kind. .
Boston Store
Begins Monday, Joly 7th.
Gall and See What's Doing
Paper Bound
Madison Square scries, contain
ing such popular authors as Mrs.
Southworth, Bertha Clay, Mary
J. Holmes, etc. Choice 25c
Sweet Heart series- a popu
lar line of novels 15c
Other series, each . .5c and 10c
An express shipment just arrh ed
Prices $.39 to $3.95
We. show the genuine Parker
Bros. Ping Pong
Frederick Nolf
Tablets, Inks, Purses, Toilet Soaps
Dancing Begins at 2 o'clock each Sunday, Bwm to
and from the grounds day and Night, "
piODlo parties by aurlviHK
i v
Always Enjoyed
Are the Meals
Served at the
French Restaurant
Large, comfortable dining
room and good service
Positively the
Best 25c Meal in Pendleton
The French Restaurant
The Plumber and
For First Glass Work at
Roasonablo Prloes
stu?: Cottonwood Street, Opposite
! St. Su? Store fiear Cort St.
We havo thtTi" now. A
Sewing Machine for tS
cash. Warranted, and will
be kept in repair for five
years without cost,
Remember my guaran
tee means something, You
don't have to send your
machine to Portland or Chi
cago for repairs.
We still have the Kings
of all Sewing Machines, the
io years ahead of all oth
ers. Oils and needles.
The trove cai be Mmmti&'
to PETER aMTTM, ais
ft' I
Sole Ageata for Feadletoa.
St. George;
N. B., 2; 17.
; - , i , , .... , '
mis i wi ll in iiiinriMi n .