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But It Is Delicious !
The Cold, Sparkling Soda Water that conies from our
fountain, when enriched by our Pure Pruit Juices.
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Brock & McComas Company
" &
party politics off their backs they
would be freer to advance their indi
vidual interests. The people pay a
stupendous sum for political services
that cost .beyond all reason to Its
worth. If service rendered by others
were to cost anything like as much
there would be a howl from one end
of the land to the other that would
put in the shade the one that dlsturb-
TVe have heard little. If anything,
about Cuba since the people of the
island went into the business of gov
erning themselves.
! ed Home in its nnlmlpst 1hye
The sending by an Irish judge of.
an Irish member of parliament to' The Salem Statesman sjieaks of
jail for contempt of court was not the "broad policy of protection" and
-without a suggestion of humor. declares Oregon is for it. "What pro-
itection has done for Oregon could
" be put in a gnat's eye and what it
throughout the Inland Empire furth- has not done fQr Qregon ud .
er insures a Dumper wneat crop. As;a box car wlth paper 0Q h,h Jt
producing section tms is recordci, Thp ntniant,vn ,. ,
a sop with which to catch the selfish
and unthinking for the benefit of a
few who seek special favors from
those who are entrusted with the
reins of government and who are be
holden to these few for the sinews of
political war. The highwayman does
The United States Steel combine not rob his fllov.mnrt-c.ttri mnm Un
made $40,000,000 net for the first j liberation than this "broad policy of
three months of the year. The ' protection," broad in nothing but its
Standard Oil is not the only pebble far-reaching power to take money out
is dne to the xeteatkm ia
the system "-of Unc Ati4
or other inflammatory
poisons which find their
wav into the blood, and are forced by the circulation, timngh the glaada
and pores of the skin, causing it to burn like fire, and the incessant
itchinff allows no rest night or day. Eczema appears in' a great aany
different forms, beginning irequenuy as a mere rauiww oi uie skid, ioi
lowed bj little blisters or pimples, from which a clear or straw colored
A& T tfHFiiM or scabs j this is weeping Eczema,
llflliWlM commonly called Salt Rheum. These
acid poisons sometimes dry up the natural oils and the skin becomes
hard and drv, often cracking and bleeding and causing intense pain and
fearful itchinir. This form of Eczema is known as Tetter, and oftenest
attacks the hands and feet. Unsightly eruptions
T ETF"3a ST S9 in the shape of pimples and blackheads break out
M Sm A t,pon tjje fncCi ucck nnc shoulders as a result of
. . . . . ... . 1 ' .. t1J A
polluted blood, and tnis Humiliating aiac is cuucu vicne. icai
remedies afford but scantrelief . The blood and system being saturated with
the poison.the diseasecaunot be reached with, washes, salves,
M MF nowders or other local applications. S. S. S. restores the
mw mm (jeteriorated blood to its normal condition, stimulates the
sluggish organs, and all the wastematter lselimtnatcd
through tlie proper channels. S. S. S. makes the
blood rich and strong, and under its tonic and invigo
rating effects the general health improves, and the
skin becomes soft and smooth again.
S. S. S. contains no minerals but is guaranteed purely vegetable.
Write us if you need medical advice; this will cost you nothing.
Illustrated book on skin diseases sent free.
a wneat
hard to beat.
Evidence accumulates that the Han
na ilk of politicians and statesmen
will oppose Roosevelt for the re-nomination
on the ground that he Is not
a safe man.
on the beach in these days of man
A twelve-year-old Texas lad is re
ported to have killed eight Apache
Indians. This report, if circulated to
any extent, may cause a great exo
dus to Texas and an extra demand
for dime novels.
J. Pierpont Morgan says he has no
desire to be a billionaire and there
are any number of people whose de
sires are similar to Mr. Morgan's.
"Ill fares the land; to hastening
ills a prey;
Where wealth acumulates and men
of the pockets of the mass of men
for a class of men. Protection is
simply robbery under forms of law.
The man, woman or child who
escapes the toy pistol, bomb and fire
cracker this week may consider
themselves most fortunate. These
things mixed with equal amounts of
small boy are a dangerous combina
tion against which even eternal vigl
lance at times is powerless.
Lord Charles Beresford, of the Eng
lish navy, criticized the British naval
office with considerable severity and
yet he escaped censure for his free
dom of speech and was not ordered
to close his mouth. Had he been an
American naval officer and said what
he did of the nay department he
would have been ordered to shut his
face and told not to breathe a word
above a whisper. It does appear that
British officers both of the army and
navy are given considerable more
liberty to indulge In free speech than
those who wear the uniform of Uncle
Sam in these Rooseveltian days.
General Miles has been In danger of
losing his head several times for
Bpoutlng out of the fissure just above
the end of his chin.
.Congress, that is the senate, decid
ed that it will not admit any new
atateB to the union at this session.
This action was largely due to the
fact that the territories seeking ad
mission as states would likely send
democrats to the senate, and here
waa the rub. The fact, of the matter
eems to be that everything congress
does is from a partisan standpoint,
regardless whether to do otherwise
would be best for the country or not
It Is a pity that men elected to high
:ece:cBanot erv0 the jeople .whom
ttey represent . mtherthan, aMaau.
juke full use of the initiative and
referendum there would not be need
f any "party, and with the burden of
The news associations tell of the
invasion of ants of unusually large
size and immense numbers in Kansas.
It could not be possible that they
could belong to the tribe of Fun
stan? It Is said they devour whole
fields, attack animals and even In
vade the homes of the people, making
life miserable for everybody. That
further sounds like Funstan's report
of Funstan's operations in the Philip
pines. It is not surprising that ants
come to plague Kansas. That state
has sent her share of them out to
plague other people. "We usually are
paid in the coin with which we make
payment to others. If it were other
wise the law of average could not
hold good. Human existence is
made possible because this Is true.
Natural law cheats nobody and is
not cheated. Men and nations
attempt it come to grief.
tudes who attribute all the 'subse
quent woes o the democratic party
to tills .betrayal of the uemocrauc
cause of tariff reform by Mr. Cleve
land, and they find it hard to view
him in any other light than the worst
foe the party has had since the
slaveholders wrecked it.
But that straw has been threshed
over thousands of times. "What is
the use of threshing it over again?
The wise thiug to do is to ask
whether Mr. Cleveland's present ad
vice is good or bad.
There can be only one answer.
Tariff reform is democratic doctrine,
and Mr. Cleveland's advocacy of it
does not make it less so. He has
said on this subject iu his latest de
liverance what countless other dem
ocrats have said, and are saying,
since November, 1900. It serves no
good party purpose now to waste
democratic time in discussing Mr.
Cleveland's past disastrous treat
ment of tariff reform when he had
power as a newly elected president
to give it to the country-
In the interest of hnrmony let the
debate be kept on the theme of tar
iff reform and away from Grover
If there can be harmony there is
every likelihood that New York and
the country will be carried by the
democratic party this fall.
All democrats those who think
the party needs reorganizing and
that they are the jnen to do the re
organizing and those who think the
party can be trusted to do for Itself
all the reorganizing that is necessary i
want victory. I
But persuasive as is the desire fori
victory, and widesnread and ranidlv
growing as is the admirable disposi-j
tion to let bygones be bygones, every
true democrat understands that there'
is one thing of vastly more import-j
ance than harmony and victory, andj
that is fidelity to democracy.
A party victory that should not1
mean a triumph for democratic prin
ciples would not he worth the win
ning. Indeed, it would be calami
tous in the long run.
In the search for harmony there
must be no compromising away of
vital things.
The interests of the people come
first of all.
The demoratlc party must stand
for those interests above everything
! and against the special interests
which control and debauch the re-1 s s
V 7
Only a Few Left
Taylor, the Hardware Man
741 Main Street
nnlillm rTtr - If .1.1 Vn n4nl
ly false to the mission that gives it, a
Compromise upon non-essentials n
nr.l in,lnnn tnMMn.. I.,,- 1 '
tofore warring factions and leaders
Dy an legitimate means.
simply sane politics.
This is
But no compromise with the spirit!
of plutocracy, which permeates the
republican party.
No harmony with the criminal
trusts, monstrous in wealth and pow
er, which is plundering the people
and using the government of the re
public as their business agency.
Put away policies that divide, and
adherence to which insures defeat,
but sacrifice no principle.
Then select as candidates men of
proved party fidelity, who know
what democracy means '""equal
rights for all, privileges to none."
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store and select what you want. We have just the
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lent canned meats, canned oysters, salmon, lobsters,
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Summer Baking
That is ground broad enough fori
every democrat in the United States)
to stand on. ,
Thus can genuine harmony be se- )
who cured tnus only can be won victories
i worm tne winning. Hearst's Ameri-. w
can and Journal.
The democratic party of this state,
like the democratic party of the
United States, wants harmony all
tne harmony it can honorably get
It is tired of family rows. It has
learned by sore experience that while
these quarrels continue, while demo
cratic factions hate one another more
than they do the common enemy, the
common eneiny and not the demo
cratic party Ls sure to be the gainer.
Befor .harmony can be achieved
there must be a general disposition
to let bygones be bygones, a turning
of tne back upon the rancors of the
past for the sake of united action
in the Interest of the party's future.
There must be great willintmess to
listen to counsel in a liberal spirit
a spirit that will concern itself rath
er with the merits of proposals than
with the party sins of tho counsellor;
For example, when Mr. Grover
Cleveland arises to tell the democra
cy that a winning issue will be an
assault upon "a system of tariff taxa
tion whose robbing exactions are
far beyond the needs of commercial
and legitimate government expendi
ture, which purchases support by ap
peals,' to sordldnees and greed, and
which continually icorninta thn nnh.
lie conscience," what,.oughrto be the
response of the party?
There are multitudes of democrats
who are ready .to Treply thai, excel
lent as Mr. .Cleveland's advice is,, it
would arane, with better grace !from
any other man dn the United .States,
since- air. uieveiana, wnenciected to
'the presidency"in'182 OBvthe issu
of, tarlf ,raform Tbualed ,Waw4f twUJt
the. ffllstrttwtlon ; cloficfteH. nd g the
BllverqueinW and' so v4lkinrt
with the result that they converted
their defeat nt the polls into a vic
tory In congresB. There are multl-
I Mi's fill
within a few months.
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