East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 30, 1902, Image 5

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Big Bargains
Don't Miss Our
We are now showing some BEAUTIFUL EFFECTS in
lawns. Percales and Dimities
Regular Selling Closing Out Kr J.A f
price 124 to 35c Price C TO
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
3NDAY, JUNE 30, 1902.
Howard, farm loans.
IPing Pong at Maloy's.
forks and flags at Frazier's.
i home-boiled ham at Hawley
goods sale at Leo Teutsch's
summer underwear at
sen crates of fine Royal Ann
at Hawley Bros.
percales, dimities, closing
Teutsch's store,
cool, refreshing glass of
beer go to Gratz's.
pnold's creamery butter on
all stores. Ask for it
feather has no terrors at the
Rule basement, where good
beer Is on tap. "
'into the cool, comfortable
at f the Golden Rule and en-
Class of Schlitz beer.
rate the Fourth at Bingham
Dancing both afternoon and
of July 3, 4 and 5.
fee, 305 Court St, agent for Dd-
and Davis sowing machines.
eads from $27.50 to $66 on in-
nts. Everything guaranteed.
Ellas H. Soule, of Soule Bros.'s
Company, Portland, is in the
Irepared to do expert piano
land all kinds of delicate re-
Please leave orders at Tall-
Drug Store.
will sell all mj stock of cut glass
lueavj discount until JUiy 6. i
it few odds and ends which I wish
Kan up, so sacrifice the whole stock
9 to. Below ftrfi r fnw samnle. of
prices :
te whiskey set, regular
:e $33.60. cut to $as oo
Water Bet, regular
wx iiu.ou, cui to 14 50
pt-inch bowl, regular
Ficetl4.00, cut to 10 00
e Sugar and Creamer;
FKUlar S7.50. nut itt oo
e o-inch Napple, regu-
1.25, cut to 3 50
I Water bottle, reg. $7.50 5 5
p Pitcher, reg. $14.76... 10 75
W not delay in your purchase,
iuis u your gain.
UT TXTrrftrnr
eweler and Optician
e Door to E. Alexander
Try The Delta ice cream.
Play Ping Pong at Maloy's.
Frazier's for fireworks and flags.
Sec the new parasols at Teutsch's.
Men's hats for harvest. Teutsch's.
. Rooms by the day, week or month
at Gratz's.
A fine free lunch from 9 a. m. till
midnight at Grctz's.
The Delta's ice cream parlors are
the finest in Pendleton.
Dutton's ice cream is the best it is
possible to make. Try it
A serviceable set of Ping Pong,
$1.39. Nolf's Notion Store.
Send your order for sweet cream
to Dutton and have it delivered.
Fresh live crawfish Just received,
at Gratz's, cooked while you wait
A new hot weather delicacy. Ice
cream sandwiches, only 5 cents, at
Fresh supply of berries, direct from
Hood River every morning, at Haw
ley Bros.
The superiority of our ice cream
is known to those who have tried It
The Delta.
Call up 'phone main 105 for pure
artificial ice. Only place in town
you can get it
Schlitz beer is good beer, and is
served in a nice cool place at the
Golden Rule basement
Crawfish at Nolte's saloon are very
fine. They come freBh every Tuesday
and Saturday mornings.
Japanese cooks want work at
camp. Have many years of exper
ience. Address P. O. Box 48C.
Money to loan at lowest rates on,
town or country property. J. R. Dick
son, East Oregonlan building.
Take advantage of the chance to
get bargains at Mrs. Campbell's
closing out sa!e of summer millinery
Fifty to one hundred half gallon
bottles, clean and clear, for sale.
Address Boy, care of East Oregon
lan. RoomB In the Ea-t Oregonian build
ing or rent Steam heated, hot and
cold vater anl Lath room In connec
tion. Doctors predict considerable slck-
.ness of typhoid nature. Be careful of
vour drinking water. Cool It with
pure artificial ice. 'Phone main 105,
All kinds of rea'i estate for sale,
Homes on easy payments, will fur
nlsh nart of purchase money,
Rihorn & Cook, room 10, Taylor
The Empire Lodging house, corner
East Court and Johnson streets, Is
nicely equipped with good clean beds
and has large comfortable rooms.
Whenever you have occasion to di'
rect neoDle to a lodging house direct
him to the Empire, for they will be
well treated and will thank you for
your trouble after they have spent a
night there,
The little Shotland pony, boloncinc
to Billy Temple, died last week from
inflamatlon of the bowels.
1 he ladies of Paulino Rebekah
lodge are requested to meet at the
lodgeroom tonight at 8 o'clock.
Mrs. F. C. Nolf and littlo son aro
visiting her sister, Mrs. R. S. Bean.
They will spend the summer in the
Join the happy throng and go to
Bingham Springs to suend the
Fourth. Dancing afternoon and eve
ning of July 3, 4 and 5.
A draft has been drawn by the head
camp of the Pioneers and paid to the
scribe of Henry Miller encampment,
Pioneers, at Pilot Rock, In full pay
ment of the policy of Thos. Belts, de
ceased. The policy called for $1000
N. E. Ehrhart, of near Havana Sta
tion, was a caller at the East Oregon
lan office. He reports having had a
red bull stray from his place about
three weeks ago, and through tho
classified advertisements In this pa
per offers a reward for Information
that will lead to the recovery of the
missing animal. Mr. Ehrhart can be
addressed at Pendleton postofflce.
USot White Skin
May be a gift of Nature, but it may also be the
result of the application of Pine Nut Cream. This
Cream removes the tan and sunburn that comes
with the summer outing.
Is a-good thing to have in the house; H ice to use;
Nothing injurious to the skin; Perfectly safe, too;
No harmful ingredients. Price 25 cents a bottle.
Msteps from Main St Toward the Cotfrt House
While Driving a Colt at Camas Crsek
He was Thrown Onto a Log Can
not possibly Live More Than a
Week .
Word was received from" TJklah
yesterday to the effect that John
Cox, of that place, and well known
here, had his back broken at Camas
Creek grade near the mouth of Gable
Creek yesterday morning by being
thrown out of a rig.
Mr. Cox was driving a colt and ai
he was on the grade the animal be
came frightened and ran off the em
bankment, throwing Mr. Cox on his
back across a log, the fall breaking
his back. Ollie Reeves who was in
the vehicle at the time was also
thrown out but was uninjured.
An attempt was made to bring tho
injured man to Pendleton but when
Alba was reached It was found neces
sary to stop. R. T. Cox, a brother,
come up from Portland this morning
and started out to the scene of the
accident Late this afternoon a tele
phone message was received from
Mr. Cox saying that his brother was
injured in the dorsal region and is
paralized from the heart down. He
cannot possibly live over a week, Is
the verdict of the doctors. N. Berk
ley and Dr. Cole accompanied Mr,
Cox to Alba and they are now on the
road to Pendleton with the Injured
man, expecting to reach hero some
time this evening.
A brother living at Alamo, Baker
County, and a sister at Washington,
D. C, have been telegraphed regard
ing their brother's fatal injury.
Little Mother. In Jnpan.
Athough the empire of Japan is Bald
to be n "paradise of children," where
they nre allowed to do very much us
tljey please and where they seldom If
ever cry, their life Is not all play. The
little boys and girls have their work to
do, but In many skillful ways they turn
work into ilay. Take, for instance, the
little girls who have baby sisters or
brothers to care for. They tuck the
youngsters into their queer gurinentB
and go on with their games of ball. If
the baby grows tired and begins to
fret, the "little mother" Jounces it up
and down over her shoulder with a pe
culiar humping motion of her back
without stopping tho game. All the
time she Bings some pretty song.
A Good Defense.
There wa once a club formed of lazy
men. Fines were inflicted on those who
ever forgot themselves bo far as to do
anything in haste. One day several
members saw an old doctor who was
renowned for his laziness drive past
the door of the club at a furious rate,
und loudly they chuckled at the
thought of fining him. But on applying
to him on the ground of his having
been in such a hurry the doctor slowly
replied, "No, I wasn't In a hurry, but
my mare wanted to go fast, and I waa
too lazy, to stop her."
Grand Game In Alsuilua.
Alaska contains tho grandest bunt
lng grounds In Nortb America, 'ihey
are inhabited by the giant moose, the
largest an tiered animal on the earth;
the Kadiak brown bear, largest of all
flesh eating land animals, and the
mountain caribou, largest and finest
of Its genus. The snow white moun
tain sheep is there, the mountain goat
black and vellow bean Kalore. and the
rare, new glacier bear, as yet never
wen la captivity ana in oniy one
Baceomy Recreation.
Making- It Important.
A lecturer in Cork once began an ad
dress by remarking yery solemnly,
"Parents, you may have children, or
if not your daughter may have," and
concluded with, "There is no man,
woman or child In this audience who
has arrived at tb ago of fifty, year
but that has felt these mighty truths
thundering through their minds for
Brown's Colts Beat Zlegler's Won
ders at Alta Grounds Sunday After
noon and Alexander's Wonders
Beat Woolen Men In, Morning.
Saturday evening tho much talked
of Eastern Oregon lcaguo was for
mally organized for tho fall seaspn.
At tho meeting there were present
tho managers of tho Bakor City, La
Grande, Pendleton, Walla Walla,
Wash., and Dayton, Wash., bnsoball
teams, and nil but tho latter toani
are Included In tho organization.
Dayton Is not In tho league, al
though willing to go in, as it was
thought better to keep tho member
ship of the teams nt an oven num
ber and the Dayton team will bo tak
en In If it can find some other suit
able team to make the sixth member.
After thorough discussion of tho
proposition and tho rules necessary
for tho government of tho proposed
league the following agreement was
finally reached:
"First Any player signing or
agreeing to or playing with any team
of a party to this agreement shall
be disqualified from playing on any
other team, without tho wrltton con
sent of tho team with which tho
player was first connected.
"Second Each party shall pay and
bo responsible for Its own players.
"Third General admission shall
be 25 cents, children over 8 nnd un
der 15 shall bo admitted for 10
cents. Admission to tho grand stand
must not bo less thnn 15 cents.
"At tho conclusion of each cham
pionship game, the homo club shall
deliver to the manager or agent of
the visiting club a statement of tho
gate receipts for said game, which
must include all general admissions,
and shall pay to tho visiting club
45 per cent of tho said receipts, and
all legal holidays tho gate and
grandstand receipts shall bo divided
equally between tho home and visit
ing clubs.
"Fourth Two umpires shall bo so
cured on the best terms pbslblo, each
club to pay one fourth of total expense.
"Fifth Thero shall bo selected on
of before July 10th, 1902, a president
to whom all questions where thero 1b
a tie vote upon any matter shall be
"Sixth No club to Issue to exceed
15 passes to any one game.
"Seventh Each club shall deposit
with tho president, to be forfolted In
case the club falls to play out tho
schedule a certified check for the
sum of $250, payable to tho order of
the president by name, to bo return
ed if schedule Is plnyed out or aban
doned by consent of all clubs. This
check shall bo deposited on or before
July 15th, 1902.
"Eighth Tho league shall bo
known as tho "Inland Empire
"Ninth That if Dayton with some
other suitable club each deposit tho
sum of $250 with tho president of
tho league, this shall become a six
club, league.
As it was qujto lato when tho abovo
agreement was reached and the man
agers of tho La Grande and Bakor
City teams wished to return homo on
Sunday, tho matter of arranging n
schedule of games for tho now
league was left to tho captains of
the various teams.
Ditched the Wonders to Tune of 6
to 0 on Sunday.
Zlegler's Wonders, no runs; throe
hits; two errors.
Brown's Colts.Blx runs; six hltB;
two errors.
"Many worse games than this have
(Concluded on page 8.)
The advance stvles of the Fa
mous W. L. Douglas Shoe have
arrived. Our stock is now com
plete and you will have no trouble
in getting your size and style.
Just think of itOver four and
one-half million pairs of the Doug
las Shoe sold last year I They
are union made, which means the
shoes are made by skilled work
men and under sanitary condi
tions. P. S. Look out for the "Just
as Good" kind.
Boston Store
Sole Agents for Pendleton.
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse
We will soli TWENTY-FIVE DOZEN Mon's and Boys'
Straw Hats, all sizes and shapos ; mon's 6 3-4 to 7 1-2 j
boys' 6 1-4 to 7
Straw Hats
all of which were bought this season, and wo are going
to sell tbem all this soason, too, booanso wo never want
to carry over goods, Soo 7 Thon wo don't havo to
show old styles.
This is tho way we are going to dispoBo of them.
Soe for Yourself.
See Display in North Window
ili 60. IS If, 6 ).$(!
After All, No Place to Trade
Like Nolf's
ioo heavy Japanese napkins 19c .
Ladies' and Men's bicycle,
strong and good $14.95
Rubber rattles, dolls, and
balls fot the babies 5c up
1 8 long sheets shelf paper. . 10c
Ladies' wrist purses the
latest 74c and 98c
Sticky fly paper, per sheet lc
Crepe paper, plain and
decorated, per roll.Sc, 10c, 15c
We are prepared to do your work
and ask you to call on us.
Charges will be right.
-Office at-
The Old Dutch Henry
Feed Barn.
Feather Dusters
Another Large Shipment This Week
Fine turkey dusters. . .23c to 09c
Ostrich parlor dusters 35c o$2.75-
Wool dusters. . .10c, 20c and (9c
S'lioe' Brushes . .12c, 20c and 25c
Lowest Prices, Reliable
Frederick Nolf
Tablets, Pencils, Inks, Office Supplies
Kit Hays & Connerley
The Plumber and
For First Clasu Work at
Roasonablo Prioos
Shop: Cottonwood Street, Opposite
St. Joe Storo, Near Court St.
Dally East Oreoonlan by carrier,
only 1R cents a week.
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse
Ladies' colored shirt waists, 2.50, 1,50, 1.00,
down to 25c
Ladies' colored petticoats, immense assortment, 5,00,
$2.00, $1.00, down to 50s
Needles, card of 32, including darners and bodkin ... lc
Wrappers, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, Si. 25, 98c and 48c
Curling irons, 5c, 4c and 3c
Ladies' dress skirts, black and colors, S5.00, $4.00,
S3.00, S2.00 and 98c
Clothes Brushes, regular worth 15c 8c
Ladies' tailor made suits just reoolved, drummers'
samples; lino of suits no two alike that we will
sell at 25 per cent off regular price
Ladies' silk mitts, others sell them for 25c, our price 15c
5000 yards best calico, much as you want, per yard , , 4c
Children's handkerchiefs, each lc
3000 yards Scotch lawn, warm weather dres3 goods,
per yard 3c
Best lady's shoe on earth for the price $2 60
400 dozen spool cotton, none better , . r . . . 2C
Ladies'-linen collars, each Sc
Corset stays, per set , 5c
Pearl buttons, all sizes, per dozen-. 5c
Try one pair pi our Boys' hose for. , , 22c
Sand ,fer
' , .-'t
. '
M&f 1.1 13. :