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SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 1902.
enemy, the republican party, which
just now has a "corner" on and a
"combine" of all that money and
monled interests hold .dear; all that
greed stands for, and that upholds
Privilege and Monopoly with such a
steady hand that no hope can creep
in that the democratic party will ever
Ex-President Grover Cleveland, a ! , , ... ,,, ,
r !w fiftiml ar It in lllro norfnrmonPD
good man. too. in a speech in New ,n the serv,ce of tQe fQyr
iureaui P"niea ,n ine ast pease of the manv.
Oregonian attempts to tell the de-, The East 0reg0n!an repeats the
rnocracy of the country how to win democracv stands for nothn& unless
in the national .elections and how to ,t is for democracVf unaduUerated,
trim its sails to catch the popular d for it to renter tfae masquerad.
h.-eezes. , . , , . . , . . . .
ug uuaiucos. nuuiu ire me ueigut ui
xne iast uregonian respects Mr. ridiculousness! It ls the truth
. . - no party on earth can conjpe
avuu nuia. ant-uui penormeu, out
is mined, by eight lines of railroad
that are substantially in entire union
of Interests." Final Report of In
dustrial Commission, p Cot.
2. "Prom the Investigation of the
Commission It is apparent that the
most potent factor in establishing
and maintaing monopolies has been
preferential or discriminating rates
of common carriers given by rebates
or otherwise. One of our oldest mo
nopolies, though not nominally in
the haids of a single corporation or
trust, is that whic hcontrols anthra
cite coal. This business furnishes a
conclusive proof of the power of the
railroads through discriminating
rates to establish a monopoly.
43,000,000 tons of anthracite coal are
yearly carried by rail to market at
three-fourths cent per ton per mile
in excess of the rates charged for
carrying bituminous coal. This is
?322,500 per mile of excess charge
for the year's product, or 546,702,500
annually for the average haul of 145
miles to the general market, or over
$1 a ton. This overcharge, which is
greater every year than the Interest
on our national debt is, made possi
ble by the railroad monopoly."
Commissioner Phillips, Final Report
of Industrial Commission, pp C54-655
Every Woman Should Write Dr, S.
B. Hartman, President of The
Hartman Sanitarium.
. i 1
Mrs. C. L. Bvron, of 516 Lincoln ave-
"None of the railroads, with the nne. Chicago, 111., is President of the
exception of the Central of New Jer- Chicago German "Woman's Club. Sho
sey, perhaps, and the Delaware, has the following to say or rcrnna, tne
Lackawanna and Western, is permit- great catarrh remedy, which relieved
ted by law to operate Its coal mines her of a 6erious case of catarrh of the
directly. The latter company is able bladder:
to mine and ship in its own corporate Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.:
capacity owing to the antiquity of Gentlemen " was cured of a very
its charter The other railroads all severe case of bladder trouble which
make use of subsidiary corporations the doctors did not know how to reach.
for this nuruose. It is difficult T had severe headache aud dragging
to justify this system of indirect op- pains with it, but before the second
eration. Some nf the irrpjitpst fisnnl Imttla was nsed I felt much relieved, and '
that! auuses the time have been asso- after having used the fifth bottle lifo J
ciated with reprehensible methods looked different to me. This was nearly '
of accounting involved therein. The avesr ago, and I have had no recurrence
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.the republican party in the business system has also made it possible for of the trouble. I cannot praise Poruna
of making politics pay those engaged tne railroads to discourage the devel
opment of independent coal mining
by individual operaurs through the
practice of charging excessively
high rates for tht. transportation of
it must say his treatment of the
-lh rt Tl f" Mflln. .1 1 1 .1 I. i..
uu.i uuu m:a, ur- , jt tQJ. pe,fj pQwer proflt,
ing out his title of being democra- Iq brJeft the repiJbncan partv is tte
cys stuffed prophet." Mr. Cleve-(PAllTT QF THE rjOLLAR, and the
lands 'way out" is not without point hopfi of the deDlocracjr ls In scllooling:
and earnestness, but It is certainly itsef tQ b m preaching and in
thout interest and influence to a practi THE PARTY OF THE
large number of democrats" in all ,r,v
parts of the country. T. . .. , , . . , . . ..!
- , , . It is the old fight, the part- of the
- , .. " class against the party of the mass. lion for mutual profit these are the
democratic party as much like the rMrrr,T 40 Tmrnn
too highly." MRS. C. L. BYRON.
free Soma Advice.
In view of the great multitude of
women suffering from some form of
female disease and yet unable to find (
men who have the unspeakable im
pudence to deny to workmen the
right to unite for the protection of
their interests!
No wonder the coal trust has refus
ed to go before the civic federation
and Btntf its caso fni- nrhltrntlnn
The COal trust is fighting tO de- Nn -nrnnrlor thnf If W t,o,l o.
stroy the miners' un.on. The min- from Archbishop Ireland and Bishop
ers union is not fighUng to destroy , Potter with a coutemptuous shrug
the coal trust, but to save its own nnri
tie cry trusts and tariffs," and go life . "anthracite coal mining is a business
neiore tne country asking for sup- uu- ia tue iaauc 1U luo """.i and not a religious, sentimental
Pw t in the fight against these vicious V , ' v:a,cu "1C academic proposition."
"aucu uuijeojiuauum-c uu f The mercv that owners of coal
members of the trust and President mlneE frozen out Bnd lndependent
John Mitchell of the United Mine; operatorSi crushed by thieving rail
Workers of America. j road rates have received is the mer.
"VYe know now why the coal trust cy that 4he miners hel Iess u t
has rejected, with sneers at the civic imiled wouId t th, a
frxliM"! linn r tl r A Kflhhtahnn T frt t . t
the coal from the mines to the sea- 3nveurei2r. Hartman, the renowned aud the W'" In the saddlery
business that carry a complete stock or
Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Spurs, Sweat
Pads, Pack Saddles and BagB, Tents,
Wagon Coveas aud Canvas.
Leading Harness and Saddler
board." Final Reports of Industrial
Commission, pp. 417-44S.
Lawbreakers, monopolists and ex
tortionists banded together in a un-
republican party as one pea is like
another, so that the "respectable ele
ment of the party," who left it on
the money question in 1S9G and 1900,
will be prevailed upon to return to
Its warm and affectionate embrace.
Mr. Cleveland would raise as a bat-
speclallst on female catarrhal dis
eases, has announced his willingness
to direct the treatment of as many
cases as make application to him
during the summer months without
charge, g
Those wishing to become patients
should address The Peruna Medicine
Co., Columbus, Ohio.
things. He must know that such an
effort would be barren of result, for
even if success came at the polls the
democracy in office would be unable
to kill the trusts or remove the tar
iff wall, without pulling the House J
of Privilege down upon its head, and
this would not do. in the face of the
fact lhat Mr. Cleveland advises the
democracy to do a little flirting with
the members of that house who wish
to allign themselves with the party,
If they are but given a chance.
Mr. Cleveland advises the impossi
ble; he would have democrats fight
ur. ler the banner of democracy with
out meaning what that banner should
s .nd for; he would have them de
stroy the trusts and the tariff wall.
but not go so far as to make war
upon those of the party who
live and have their being in the
.House of Privilege. The-ex-presi
dent .doubtless means all he says
and more too, but the truth is the
-country or rather the democratic
part of It has grown tired of a mas-
QU2rading democracy, demanding the
genuine article in that garb or they
refuse to follow Its teachings or
the goal it points out as the true one
lor a free country's good and equal
rights to all izen.
In other words, they want a demo
cracy to practice what It preaches;
to stand only for those things that
quarantee equal opportunity or equal
rights to all men, not to blow both
com ana not, not to condemn a re
publican money devil or monopolis
tic combine and take to its bosom an-
-other because it styles itself demo
cratic The democracy does not de
serve to win until It is Itself demo
cratic and Imbued with the democrat
ic Bplrit; until it Is alive to the rights
of all men and the requirements of
.a true country; until it puts the
spoils of office behind it and turns
Its back upon the altar of money
the golden calf. In Bhort. when the
democratic party gets really demo
cratic there will be democrats
Mr. Cleveland would have It pre
tend a great deal, promise more than
or Z-
federation and at Archbishop Ire-t tn , ,.af
, j j -n;l o4, 4.1 ft -i lufa -ual "USl.
of the miners to submit the contest
to arbitration.
The trust knows that it cannot go
before a disinterested tribunal, a
court of equity with clean hauds.
The coal trust is itself an embodi
ment of the union principle, carried
beyond justice and law.
In declining to recognize the right
of the miners to organize for their
business advantage the trust seeks to
prevent them from following its own
example, even within lawful bounds.
The miners are right to struggle
for the existence of their union.
And in that struggle they will have
the active sympathy of allwho desire
laborers in this republic to be free g
men and not slaves. Hearst's Amer- c
ican and Journal. ' C
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"Anthracite mining is a business
and not a religious, sentimental or
academic proposition," wrote one of
the railroad presidents in refusing
General Miles has not yet succeed-' S K7r
1 in getting for enough back to't "Manager
Bingiiam Springs
' ed
suit the
does he
will be allowed
It is a laudable ambition to reach the '
top of the ladder of success. But many
to remain
S X O R A G K.
Telephone Main 4.
to accept as arbitrators "so highly a man who reaches the topmost rung
tlon or Archbishop Irelanu ana' tnumpn. iehas
Bishop Potter. ! sacrificed h i s
If all the mine-owners had taken! health to success,
that frankly cynical stand, holding A man can sue
that "business is business" "and that ceed an.J
private morals and public obligation
nave nounng iu uu wiui u, iue tuai
trust would have been in a stronger
position than that in which President
Thomas, of the Erie Kailroaa, places
"It ls the inalienable right of man
to labor," writes this politico-econo
mic thinker and moral philosopher,
"and this without regard to national
ity, creed or association. To seek to
prevent it ls a crime, and we cannot,
even by implication, sanction such
a course."
So ls It the inalienable right of a
man to work in a coal mine to which
he posses legal title. So is it the in
alienable right of that man to have
his coal transported to market by the
common carrier on tne same terms
as are given to other mine-owners.
But if the coal trust had gone be
fore the civic federation to arbitrate.
President Thomas who is so nobly
prepared to make every sacrifice for
the non-union principle would have
been obliged to admit that his rail
road, in conjunction with seven
others, had entered into a union
whose character and operations are
thus officially described:
1. By discriminating against inde
pendent operators the railroads have
forced them to sell their properties,
until at the present time more than
mMJ i
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tion of all the onrans to me.
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SS2fiif!!jorloot,imci fe melancholy
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sand of dyspeptics throughout the land."
The Common Sense .Medical Adviser,"
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M by Wf 11
aahMrtMni I1H