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Outing and Business
large Assortment of "Well Made Garments
Best Yalues Ever Offered
$5:00 $6.00 $9.50 $12.50 $15.00
Big Shipment Jnst In. Colors : Bine,
Brown and White .
PER SUIT, 50c and $.00
One Price Clothiers, FiLmishers and Hatters, Pendleton
SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 1902.
The Pendleton.
J. P. Hayden and wife, J. J. Burns,
J. H. O'Neill, Robert Kennedy. A.
Sinshelnier, A. Roderick Grant, R. B.
May, R. P. Foley, Portland; E. B.
Wolff, S. Sternberg. F. H. Stoker, San
Francisco; W. A. Hunt, A. C. Kas-
An ice cream trust is forming in berg, -Amelia Kasberg, "Walla "Walla;
New Tork with $1,000,000 capital.
M. B .Mason was nominated for con
gress on the 980th ballot by the dem
ocrats of the first district of Arkan
sas. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., was
awarded a prize for punctuality at
the graduating exercises of the Gro
ton school, Massachusetts.
Andrew Carnegie has been chosen
a vice-president of the Society of
American Authors, to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Dr. Thomas
Dunn English.
President Roosevelt is determined
to help Cuba in the matter of tariff
Mrs. Robert Simpson, Miss Simpson,
Olympia; T. J. Losher, Lansing; Ger
ald Mish, H. "W. Aides, G. "W .A. Tay
lor, A. "VY. McCotter. Now York; R.
H. Caston, Spokane; D. C. Anderson,
St. Louis; C. A. Barrett, J. E. Misery
Athena; J. B. Crawford, Thomas
Tallman, G. "W. "Wilson, "W. Leopold.
Chicago; J. F. Murphy, Ogden; M. P.
Sailors, Mrs.' Hall.
The Golden Rule.
"W. Blackman, Astoria; E. H.
Burke, Portland; F. L. Abel and wife.
Iowa; F. J .Bramwell, La Grande; E
R. Lyttle, Walla Walla; J. W. Smith,
auction and maWll congress T . Dickson
special session if it fails to give re
lief at this session,
It is the intention of the navy de
partment to send the battleship Ore-
lone; Anson George, Portland; F. N
Churchill, Chicago; C. L. Donner,
Spokane, J. P. McDemott, Boise;
John G. Helfrich, California; F. J.
Gardner, Pocatello; F. J. Bell, Ohio;
gon, now on Puget Sound back to . g Spokane; James Roberts. !
the Asiatic station, when the repairs 0maha; s D Bakerf E. E. BaUerj M.j
now in progress on her are complete-tt Bab H Janquaia, J. D. Toonay.l
CO. Ctni-lln Drino Unrtngn TTruwltor T R I
Millions of grasshoppers are de-, jicKinney, Utah; J. H. McKenzie.j
Btroying all Tdnds of vegetation, even ; Pullman; Neil Stuart, Jr., Pullman,
the oranee and lemon trees, in Cal-'. '
ifornia. They are particularly badj . -ru
in the section in which Modesto ls( Hows This.
tha ronlor I Wte offer One Hundred Dollars Heward
me Lcuier. I for nnT case or Catarrh that cannot be
King Albert of Saxony, who died) cured by Hatl'3 Catarh Cure,
at Dresden Friday night, designated! P. 3. fiiKNsr & CO.. Toledo, o
his eldest brother, Prince George, to . Ch f3 JSSS0
he his representative in affairs of! him to be perfectly honorable In all busl
state. The Kine of Saxony has no i nsss transactions and financially able to
children consequently Prince George, ! out any s"Iqi r their
his eldest brother, is heir to the, WEST & TEUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
throne of Saxony. " 'Arfivn
Wholesale Drngglsts, Toledo. O,
b iarru uqre is tai.cn internally, i
For the first time in the United
States, the honorary degree of doctor
of jurisprudence was conferred at the
Augustian College of St. Thomas, of
Villanova, at Philadelphia, on ex
President Cleveland, who had already
had the degree of LL. D., conferred
by tLe Princeton University.
Mrs. Blackaby, wife of a Jordan
Valley merchant and banker, died
on Thursday at Baker City, of a com
plication of diseases.
A man in Albany, who used to
know Tracy, the convict-murderer,
declares for a fact that he is a neph
ew of the famous Pat Crowe.
It cost Linn county $1537 for
judges and clerks in the recent elec
tion. About ?2000 will cover all ex
penses. The printing of the tickets
cost about $175.
C. H. Morrison, working for the O.
R. & N., had his hand caught between
two cars at Huntington, and badly
mashed. However, he will .not lose
any of -the fingers nor -the use of it.
Rev. T. H. Henderson, who for sev-
era! years has been serving as pastor
or tne central Congregational church
of Salem, has accepted a call to the
pastorate of the First Congregational
church at South Bend, Wash.
The ,E4th annual session of the Wil
lamette Baptist Association will be
held in Oregon City June 23-26. The
Msaion will be held In the First
Baptist church. W. W. Brooks, as
moderator of the session, and C. A.
Nutley, secretary and treasurer.
Mrs. H, C. Epley, wife or Dr. En
ley, one of Salem's leading dentists,
had. ,the misfortune to take by mis
take a dose of belladonna for chlttlm
bark extract, while alone .at the fam
ily home, She quickly discovered the;
mistake and aid reached her ,Jn time
to save her life.
John Hosey, the 17-year-old son of
John Hosey, of Green Point, jnear
Oregon City, -was kicked by a -home
and suffered frightful injuries, bis
face being crushed beyond recogni
tion. One of the team of horses
caught bis foot Jn a rope and the .boy
wMle trying to release the animal
was injured.
The Prelate Also Delivered an Able
Address The Doors of the Hospi
tal Will Be Open to All, Regardless
of aith.
For more than one hour 200 men.
women and children stood in the
broiling sun, at the site of the new
est AnMinnv hnstiital. beinc erected
by the Sisters of St. Francis, near
the present hospital and catholic
school, in the east end of town, yes-
ln.,ln oflornmin mill wltllf!SSC(l tllC
laving of the corner stone. The lay.
inr- nf thp stone was to have been at
4 o'clock, but it was 10 minutes after
when Archbishop Christie, of Port
land, accompanied by Rev. Father
Regarau, recently from Alaska, and
Father A. Vander Velden, pastor of
the local church, and Father De
Thorn, assistant pastor, arrived on
the scene of the dedication. They
read the regular ritualistic work and
several songs were sung by the sis
ters. After the ceremonies of plac
ing the stone and blessing it, the
fathers then walked around the foun
dation, attended by the five altar
boys, and the archbishop sprinkled
hoiy water around the. building.
When this was finished the arch
bishop stepped into the stand pre
pared for the occasion and gave one
of the 'finest addresses ever heard in
Pendleton. He first told of the new
hospital that was being erected by
the sisters and what was its object.
He said that the hospital would be
second to none in the world for mod
ern equipment and accommodations
for the ill and decrepid and when
finished its doors would stand wide
open to all suffering humanity,
whether they were of the same faith
of the sisters or not, and none would
be barred because of different beliefs.
He told of the sisters who had given
up the pleasures of life in order to
work with and care for suffering hu
manity and said thafthe people of
Pendleton should appreciate the ef
forts tojirovide the town with such
an institution as they were going to
The, corner stone is of a beau
tiful grey granite and came from
near Elsin. On the side facing the
street the. letters. "St. Anthony's hos
pital, erected by the Sisters of St.
Francis, A. D. 1902," in gold, stand
out in bold relief against the grey
background and can be read several
rods away. In the top of this stone,
which is two feet square, a vault was
cut and iu this vault was placed a
copy of the East Oregonian, with the
notice-- of the laying of the corner
stnne therein, and as is the custom.
some records, many coins and differ
ent articles.
Contributions now Amount to About
$14,000, But $25,000 Is Necessary
for the Construction of a Good,
Substantial Brick Building.
The Presbyterian Board of Aid,
through . secretary Chicago has
intormed the trustees of the Penuie
ton i Academy that it will contribute
rt0 to the building fund for a new
Irick school building for the Acad
emy, for which mteaey is being so-
" Ated"the present time the fund
amounts to about ?.000. subscribed
, Pendleton people and those in the
. . .. .... ...i. i. j nnn mnre which
vicinity. an "Jlu ,'vvv t lrv
-an be obtained for the present lo
cation and buiuungs of the school
there will be available about ?9.999
Trorn Pendleton sources, or ?U,uuu
in all, with the Board of Aid g ft.
About $25,000 is wanted in all, and
there are hopes that from $5,000 to
$6 000 can be secured in Oregon out
side of Umatilla county, and about
$5000 more from Penuleton, Umatilla
county and other contributions.
With $25,000 in sight or in hand a
very creditable building can be erect-
The new site selected is on the
north side of the" river, just this side
of the old city cemetery, a nice plot
of ground having already been pur
chased for the purpose.
Most of the Growers are Holding
Clips for the Sale on the 25th.
The wool sales seem to be a little
cinr-i- rhvr the Hennner Gazette,
this week". Most of the large sheep
men are holding for the sales to take
nlonfl fin thp 25t.li of this month.
The warehouses are filling up rapid-j
ly. The baler of the lower ware-;
.house, is running constantly, some
' thins: over a half million pounds be
i ing baled at the present time. Good .
I prices will be realized for the wool j
I this season, ranging from 10 cents
to 14 cents per pound.
! Several loads of wool have arriv-:
' od from Grant county.
! McKnight Bros.' clip, consisting of.
! 400 sacks was sold to Wm. Ellery, (
during the past week for ITVj cents.
w n vi s i p. i
acting directly upon the blood and mccons '
surface of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all
Hairs Family Pills are the best.
Governor Geer Gives Reasons for
Granting -It
Governor Geer, in issuing the par
don for Frank S. Ingram, recites the
following reasons for such executive
"During his ten years incarceration
he has been a model nrisoner. and fnr
the further fact that during the re
cent outoreak in the peniteitlary he
risked his life in defense of the un
armed guards, by which act of
bravely he had the misfortune to
lose one of his legs."
Ingram is imnrovine: rieht alnntr
and his recovery is only a matter of
Installed In the Schmidt Drug Store
To Be in Operation Next Monday
and After.
The new soda fountain for F. W.
Schmidt & Co.'a drag store arrived
yesterday and was nut In nlace thin
morning and the serving of delicious
beverages will be commenced Mon
The fountain, which Is a magnifi
cent one, is made to correspond with
the furniture In the store. The top
is of solid mahogany, with a large
plate glass, and rests on the marble
receptacle for'Byrups and soda water.
The marble portion is beautifully
trimmed with sliver fixtures.
The fountain was manufactured by
the American Soda Fountain Compa
ny, of Boston, according to the cele
brated Tufts design aud patents and
contains the latest improvements.
Happy Time .n Old Town.
"We felt very happy." write JL N.
Bevlll, Old Town, Va 'when Buck
lea's Arnica Salve wholly cared our
daughter , of a bad case of ncald head."
It delight all who ttae It for rata,
corns, burns, bruises, bollr, ulcers,
eruptions. Infallible .for nllaa. ObW
25c at Tallman Co.'s.
A Brother of the Escaped,, Desperado
Goes to Join the Escaped Con
victs. According to dispatches from Ta
coma, Wash., Tracey and Merrill, the
escaped convicts who have been
tract d through the western part of
Washington with a posse behind
them in order to furnish a daily
story for the newspapers, will short
ly receive reinforcements in the
shape of Merrill's brother, Ben, who
left an Anderson Island lumber
camp a day or so ago to join them
in their flight and help protect his
brother from the fierce officers of
the law who are hot on their traiL '
Ben Merrill has been heretofore an'
honest law-abiding man, but he said
blood was thicker than water and he
could stand it no longer, but must,
do what he could to help his brother
escape. He declared before starting
to his brother's aid that he would
die in the attempt to save him.
For Sale Cheap! ,
One 18-foot combined harvester.
One 14-foot steel frame header. One
mower and rake. For particulars ad-!
dress or Inquire of R. Lalng, Pendle
ton, Oregon.
uvier s
Bon Bons
Marsh Mallows
We have just received
a fresh sMpment
F. W. Schmidt & Co.,
Reliable Druggists,
Association Block. Phone 851
Charles H. Lyon, until Tuesday
president of the First National Bank
of Mount "Vernon, Wash., is In jail
at Spokane on a charge of misappro
priating $6000 of the bank's money.
He admits his guilt He speculated
with the money.
Ht little girl' hair did not grow. It was
Bnh sad dry, and would break off, and her
calp wm full of dry dandruff that I could uot
eorab out. A place around tlie back of her
bead .jtm bal(J, and oo the top of her head the
hair waa only two or three J riches lone. I
ueI ,ClCTlciJKX. tk)XP and some Outicuba
OlalnicBtvHDdber hair runt come to thick and
uwftasiUk. Mus:a: uowey, Alfred, O.
Warm tfimpogt with Cvicou 8oaf Hi i(M dna.
feci' wWi Cimcviu, mml it .(bmIUmu, (u tUt
Sm ttmip d Mr ef enuto.'twlw, ud llw draff, toUM
trtUtl1 mil Ittton torttta.
And Another lot at $9.50
Also Some Pants at Half Price
We are getting ready now for the
greatest fall business ever done in
Pendleton. That's the reason we
are making this extraordinary effort
to put out a large quantity of
oston Store
Regular beauties. Prettiest ever brought to
Pendleton. Largest line- Lowest Prices.
that will save you money on your ice bill
Furniture, Stoves, Carpets, Etc.
n t ir :u rz,
- A.
Forks, Pulleys,
ill W - il mm m u
ilia mi iaaa ni TA n mt m mm mi wi '
w a imm u am n mm a a iiw
R u U 1-1 AM .
The Big Carpet Sto
... rirneu
. ..... In vftrtelYOJF"
Deal -era m - r - .
in eauu.u - - Trail'1 1
in any guou ;iv-i--.;AW
you can beat ttai
Belling at f i.ao i , pjjj,
our new uue - -
There Is He Queetiop
It is the finest grade it is possible to make. NotJ
but the choicebt wheat enters into Byers floufr
satisfaction is fhe result .wherereyer it is used for W,
or fancy baking.
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
W V mt .
ror nealth, Strength and fl
Pleasure Drink ::::::: '
Polydore Moens,roprieton j
' ' ' j ' -mmmmmmmm