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the question should be a subject for
: legislation by congress nnd should
inot bo left to the Hilllpplno commis
sion, restrained only by an impro
bable congressional disapproval.
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substances; but thoy will never know
that the shortage in their finances
is attributable to the stealings of un
just taxation. "We have here the se
cret of the devotion of those who car
ry on covernment to trip methniiR nf
J.ne "water cure," in the form of lndirect taxation.
good irrigation legislation, for the
arid west is solicited from the hands The German emperor tendered ex-
of congress. Uncle Sam could not pressions of imperial sorrow to
.perform a better piece of work. President Roosevelt in connection
That and the Nicaragua canal would with the Martinique disaster. Roose-
be strictly in the interests of the velt replied in kind, using the words:
'.people, loosening the shackles of the "I am greatly touched by the mark
trusts and money combines upon of sympathy which your majesty has
their throats.
deigned to convey to me." It does
nppear that President Roosevelt
loses all his strenuousness when he
deals with emperors, even drop
ping to the level of the language of
a subject to Ms imperial master. He
could have replied to Emperor Bill
The moneybags and mossbacks in
the senate seem determined in put
ting off consideration of the Corliss
amendment to the constitution, pro
viding for the election of United
slates senators ny tne people. Tne in a more vigorous and democratic
resolution was recently recommended tone,i saying more and pretending
to the committee on privileges and less, and, possibly, if he had done
elections and there it will sleep and So, there would have been more re
know no awakening, unless its spect for llim and the nation in the
friends in the senate become more heart of that diplomatic "divine rul
numerous and vigorous than they er" 0f the German empire, who Is
have been. The United States -sen- becoming skilled in the playing of his
. ate, by its action in this connection, part in the theater of nations.
assumes a defiant attitude toward
the people. The senate realizes PHILLIPINE LAND QUESTION.
how patient the American people are. , . . . ,
. , , , . ,. ... 1 Office of City and State, 1305 Arch
But how long before patience will st Philadelphia, June 12, 1902. (To
cease to be a virtue and the people the Editor) : You are doubtless
. refuse to remain under the iron heel aware that the house of representa-
of those interests that are taken tivos. 1x111 undertake the consideration
, . . .. . . .of the so-called "Philippine Civil Gov-'
good care of by the senators in con- ornment Biir within few. days and
sideration of favors rendered in will probably debate that question
electing them by legislatures of the somewhat less than one week. Pro
respective states? jbably It will be moved to substitute
me nouse I'niinppine uni lor tnati
do wnat you can
Will you
through your journal, bring to bear
pressure on your representatives in
congress and the Hon. H. A. Cooper,
chairman of the house committee on
insular affairs, insisting on the fol
(1.) Omit all provision for cor-'
poration grants of land from the Phll'i
ipplne bill. I
(2.) Require that congress shall
retain the power to pass land legis
lation for the Philippines instead'
of permitting the commission to pro-,
mulgnte it If not disapproved by con-j
In addition to these points we ear
nestly recommend that you urge the
retention of the house provisions for
the creation of the native legislative
body. They do not go far, but they
would be at least a sort of earnest
of somo measure of future self-gov-eminent
The pressure brought on the senate
undoubtedly resulted in the modifica
tion referred to, concerning the land
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These days in June do not seem to
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Pendleton needs
grounds, public parks, cheerful
places where trees and grass abound.
As the East Oregonian has frequent
ly remarked, the little island be
tween Walter's mill race and theUma
tilla river, just below the Main
street bridge, is an ideal location for
a small park or recreation ground.
Here could be provided plenty of
shade and sward, plenty of water
for boating, bathing and swimming,
a lalte of considerable dimensions
and all the attractions of a resort
such as Pendleton needs. If a stock
company was organized to improve
these grounds fully $5,000 would be
subscribed by those who feel the
need for such a place In Pendleton,
Or., bonds could be sold for a consid
erable amount, bearing a .low rate of
Interest, for the Improvement of
these grounds, which could be con
ducted as a profitable, private enter
prise. The East Oregonian suggests
that the Vereln Elnatracht Society
lead a movement in this connection,
thus being the first to provide a park
In order that Pendleton may be a
better place to live In.
"I liavo gone 14 doy at a tlniB wllbont a
more recreation1 " senate, and in case it is de-j mOTe tuem except by w,mg bot water injections.
mreu to retain any oi tne senate enrome constipation kt sotc jea imku m
nrnvi?inn! thfss will lio flnt,Q K,r f , nl terrible condition d amir that time 1 dW er
prousions tniS Kill Ue (lone by Ol-I .,Mn.!hMrdof huti.over found anr relief: sucn
fering them as amendments to the was my caso until l becan mine cascaiutts. i
The people learn from Senator
Hoar that the United States govern
ment has spent $400,000,000 In "be'
nevolently assimilating" the Fili
pinos, vlth the result that the jol
Is not half done as yet It Is clear
that the doctrine that money ruleB
the American mind in all things Is
entirely untrue, particularly when
those who spend the money extract it
indirectly from tho pockets of the
workers who have no conception
how and when they are buncoed.'
As an English statesman once re
marked, to levy a heavy direct tax
Is to excite revolt in a free coun
try But there is a method by which
one can .tax the last rag from the
back .and the last bite from the
mouth, without causing a murmur
against high taxes, and this is to tax
a great many articles of dally use
and necessity so Indirectly that the
people will pay without realising it;
their grumbling then will be of the
bard times, as the taxes absorb thoir
house bill in. process of considera-. DOn u"e,UoZaZlA 'V".Lf.ft. V. i
U tuch a relief. '
19 Itussell St.. Detroit, Woo.
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tion. The bill will then go to the
conference committee of senate and
It is of critical importance that
any changes to be made in the meas
ure 3hould bd made by the house of
representatives so that the house i
conferees will have the support of
instructions when they meet the,
committee from the senate. While,
there are many changes that ought'
to be introduced into the Philippine' Dood, Merer Stcen, Weaxen orOripe.10c.2jc.iOc.
bill, we believe that it will be robbed, ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ...
of its most dangerous features from j uiUai 4rcpuj,oiess. a.ir.u. air- m
iub economic standpoint ii tne iana
question is entirely eliminated from
the bill and is left to be settled by
future legislation in congress. This
is what has been done by the amend
ed senate bill. That measure mere
ly permits natives to take up land
in plots of forty acres. It leaves the
question of corporation land .grants
for future legislation. It, however
prescribes that this legislation shall
be drafted by the Philippine Com
mission, and after being approved by
the president shall become law un
less disapproved by congress. Con
gress thus abdicates Its power of
land legislation, retaining only a po
tential veto. The house bill contains
the same specifications as to the
power of congress, but it permits the
commission not only to grant 40
acre plots, but also to grant lands in
tracts of 2000 hectares (about 5000
acres) to corporations on condition
that they shall at once operate the
land thus obtained.
It should be remembered that Gen
eral MacArthur, a vigorous support
er of the administration, testified
that the grant of large tracts of land
to corporations, no matter how lion
estly these might be administered.
would be disastrous both economical
ly and socially to the natives. We
believe, therefore, that all provisions
for corporation land grants should
be omitted from the final bill and be
relegated to future discussion as is
now done by tho senate bill. When
the matter comes up in tho future
the whole subject can bo gone into
on its merits. This is no more than
a prudent step of protection for the
Inhabitants of the Philippines to
whom this land rightfully belongs
and who ,may bo permitted the fu
ture enjoyment of economic oppor-,
tunities if their land can be saved
for them. Above all, wo boliove that
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