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Stop Your Fretting
It is unnecessary, and especially about your shoes.
The sure way to settle the shoe problems is to come to
our stote, look over the new ideas, select something
that pleases your fancy, and then let us fit you. Sim
ple, isn't it ? We. guarantee to satisfy you.
Good Shoes
Dhidinge, Wilson & Co.
v Successors to Cleaver Bros.
Black 91
THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1902.
Thriving Industry has Sprung up
the Odoriferous Animals.
The agricultural department has
been flooded with letters for several
years past Inquiring for the best
method of raising skunks for the
market Recently the attack by let
ter has been renewed, and some have
been received giving an outline of
what has and can be acomplished
in the business.
One man, says the Chicago Chron
icle, has figured out that he does not
know of any enterprise that will
bring in money faster than skunk
farming. He says that there are
only two species of the American
skunk he jet black and the black
and white striped. The latter, he'
says is one of the most beautiful in!
the animal kingdom, but that its
breath is far from pleasant and in
viting. The jet black skunk is more
valuable than his. black and .white
neighbor, his pelt being worth in the
market at all seasons $1 each, while
the others bring only about half that
amount. The pelts are used by phy
sicians in cases of croup and colds
and kindred diseases. The oil does
not carry with it the awful aroma of
the skunk and has great curative
qualities. This man says that skunk
farming can be commenced with 20
varmints 15 females and five males
an in a few years one will have a
healthy and rapidly increasing bank
He calculates that these 20 skunks
will increase in number at a rate
that will surprise the most rapid ma
themetician. They begin to breed at
1 year old, having two litters a year,
and from five to thirteen at a litter
They live on as little as any 'known
animal, except the goat, and there is
little expense, in raising them, but
they never become. tame, and he ndds
that he does not suppose that pcyone
would care to have them for pets.
They breed in December and again
in June.
Putting the average litter at eight,
the twonty skunks will have in
creased to 7195 skunks at the close
of the first year and a half. In four
years,, without some mishap, the
skunks will have increased in num
ber to 3,780,000. If the pelts are
worth ?1 the pelts of 100 male skunks
would be worth $100. The oil at 50
cents per ounce would be ?800, and,
figuring the same as on the increase
of the skunks, at the expiration of
one and one-half years,
skunks would be killed, the pelts of
which would be worth so many dol
lars. The amount of oil Eathered
from tills number woulu he 29,000
ounces, worth just $11,800,
At the expiration of four ye.xrs you
would have killed 1,890,000 males
the pelts of which would be worth
$1,890,000 and the oil 15.120.0n0
ounces $7,560,000, and still have
more than 3,700,000 skunks left.
some enterprising mnn now nas a
fortune if he can evolve some plan
for deororlzing the skunk
If MWm mim :j
Seoms to me wi-'vo met before."
tliliiK ft. ( eithc-r imycl pins pong last winter or were engaged la: t
1 can t remember which. .
C. Pritchett is in town from Mil-
3700 male I(Iah0
H. F. Johnson loft this morning for
Walla Walla.
Homer V. Carpenter has returned
from Portland.
Dr. Perkins is opening up an of
fice in the Desnain block.
W. C. Coleman, the sewing machine tnn in th fnrminnn.
man, is at the uolden
O. Dalghren, who has been in Hvena
Kalniar Lan, Sweden, for the past
several months, that he was recent
ly operated upon for some ailment,
but the nature was not stated. He
states that he is getting along nice
ly and will return to Pendleton in a
few months.
How's This.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
ror any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured uy Hall's Catarh Cure.
F. J. l m:si: & CO., Toledo, O
ve, me undersigned, nave Known F. J.
Cheney for the past J5 years, and believe
mm 10 De periectiy honorable In all busi
ness transactions and flnanclally able to
carry out any obligations made by their
EST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
n uuicsuie uruffgisrs, xoiedo, U.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surface of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price 75c per bottle, Sold by all
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Time is Here
F&S Bitters
It is a gentle system tonic
and a correction for the
numerous summer ail
men t,
A Little Surprise Party.
1 am going to give a little sur
prise party at my old home in Mis
souri along about July 4," remarked
a prosperous young farmer from near
Helix. "The O.-R. & N. will have in
effect a rate of $44.50 to the Missouri
river and return on June 29, July
2 and 3, and I am going to take ad
vantage of it to pay a visit to the
old homestead, which I left eight
years ago." Tbls $44.50 rate men
tloned, applies to Minneapolis and to
all Missouri rivor points between
(and including) Sioux City and Kan
sas City. Tickets good sixty days
See the O. R. & N. ticket agent about
At the Christian church parsonage,
Rev. R. A. Copplo united in marriage
Miss Estella Mosley and Bert J,
Zerba, Wednesday afternoon? They
are both popular young people of
Athena, where they will make their
Free picnic every Sunday at Klne'a
grove. Dancing begins at 2 o'clock.
Music by Klrkmau'fl orchestra.
ftrsrvw ytnnnrgvTrinnnro-o'0'6 a avrrra i mrn rroa y r n
$2.50 SHOES
In Colt Skin, Calf Skin and Vioi Kid,
both Lace and Congress; all style toes.
Wear like iron.
Phone Red i26
645 Main St.
Being Your Shoes to C. BERQUIST, the ThuMiVirr,
nd have them repaired. Stop With Pendleton Shoe Coipuy.
Thomas Mathews, the Adams bar
ber, was in town Wednesday.
W. P. Ingle, the Cottonwood farm
er, was in town Wednesday.
Miss Margaret Yenney, of Walla
Walla, is at Hotel Pendleton.
J. H. Roulston, the Adams
chant, was in town Wednesday
Al Goldman, a Walla Walla busi
ness man, was in town Wednesday.
Bert Zerba and wife and A. C. lie-
Intyre and wife, of Athena, are in
1. t. uoylen has returned from
noise, where he has been on busi
S. R. Haworth and A. J. Warren
are at Hotel St. George from La
Miss Harriette Thompson has re
turned from a visit to friends at
Mrs. Charles Heger, of San Fran
cisco, is visiting her cousin, Mrs. H.
H. Hallock, of this city.
Miss Hazel Arnold left this morn
ing for Farmington to spend a few
weeks visiting relatives.
Attorney M. A. Butler arrived in
town this morning from Baker City
and will attend court for a few days
j?. in. itoiiocK, district passenger
anu freight agent for the Pennsylva'
nia Railroad Company, Is in town
from Portland.
word comes from Mrs. Annie
Compton.'who left here several weeks
ago for the east, stating that she
was in St. Louis.
W. H. Reeder, the extensive farm
er of Athena, and a brother of L. B,
Reeder, of this city, is spending
few days on the Sound.
Fred S. Stoke, formerly a teacher
in the middle Cold Springs country,
writes from Plevena, Mo., to have his
isast oregonian sent to that place.
Kuaoipn Martin, the groceryman.
has filed his intention of becoming an
American citizen and disowns all al
legianco to the king of Great Britain,
A. C. Funk, who assisted In the
sheriffs office during the rush of col
lecting taxes, has gone to Portland
and the Sound for a few weeks' out
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Frazier
aro now located In one of Walter
Bowman's cottages, on Aura street,
whore they are at home to their
Marriage licenses were issued by
Deputy Clerk B. B. Hall at the court
house Wednesday, to T. C. Cox and
Mamie Snider; Bert J. Zerba and Es
tella Mosley, all of Umatilla county.
Donald Ross, another sheep man
of Buttor Creek, yesterday bought a
nice home in West Pendleton of E
T. Wade, the real estate dealer. Mr
Ross disposed of his wool at a good
Portland Journal: James A. Fee
H. Rnloy, Potor Nelson and Fred
Ypung, of Pendleton, and C. J. Ward
of .Echo, are lu the city on locnl bus
iness and aro stopping at the Impe
Meqdames Johnson, Bond, Cronln,
A. D.- Sullman, Bollerroan, Walker
Nelson and Stanfiold have returned
from tho meeting of the Women of
Woodcraft convention at La Grande.
Mesdames Van Orsdall, Sheek .and
Kimball will not return until tho last
part of the week.
Word has been received from Ohas.
Messrs. Bean, Stroble, Sloan,
Hartnian, Earl, Fitz Gerald, McFar
land, Baker and Walker returned
Wednesday evening from the Wood
man district convention held at Wes-
Tliey will meet
in their next local district conven
tion at Hoppner the third Wednes
day in June, -1904.
Fred Martin Thrown From His Wag
on Seat Breaking His Collar
Alba, June 10. Tho days hore aro
warm and tho nights cool, with the
result that all vegetation is growing
remarkably fast.
A. S. Quant has bought tho store
of John L. Bisher and ia moving into
rotor Smith has nccopted a position
in the lumber yard of Smith & Vie
brock. Misses Elsie and Jessie Ellis, of Pi
lot Rock, nre visiting rolatlves Jioro.
In going to his cattle camp with a
wagon load of supplies, Pred Mar
tin was thrown from the Beat and
sustained a fracture of tho collar
bone. His team traveled a mno witn
out a driver, being stopped by Mrs.
Carrie Council.
Mrs. Flora Bakor nnd two children
of Weston, aro visiting hore.
Mrs. James Popper, of La Grande,
is hero visiting her parents.
J. Ross, who purchased tho Watt
& Guernsey ranch, has moved here
from the Grande Ronde valley.
Arrangements nro being mado for
a three daj'B' Fourth of July colebra
tion at Hidnwny springs.
Thomas McQuen, of Ukiah, is mov
ing his family hero.
Martin Loren Hoover, of 'Pendleton,,
has accepted a position to herd
horses for his fathor In this valley.
Among the improvements on the
Dixie ranch is a driveway 20x100 feet
through and under tho big barn.
' advertiBin.-'?'; M
j s son urn
7 your W"!
th"'s what we
about it. e -l
Tis is one
Wish tft w..!..
una v0 t
Ho Best 25c COffJj 3
Saved Frd.. an AwfUl Fate.
"Everybody said I had consump
tion," writes Mrs. A. M. Shields, of
Chambersburg, Pa., "I was so low
after six months of severe sickness
caused by hay fever and asthma, that
few thought I could get well, but I
learned of the marvelous merit of Dr..
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, used it and wns completely
cured." Tor desperate throat and
lung diseases it 1b the snfest cure in
the world, and is lm'alllble for
coughs, colds and bronchial affec
tions. Guaranteed bottlea 50c and
$1. Trial bottles free at Tallman &
Try It once:
yU Will boy lt J
Unless You Settle Your Dog License
at Once You Will Lose the Dog.
The dog catcher is busy these days.
Fair warning has been given to all
owners of canines to pay the requir
ed license on them and so far less
than 200 licenses have been paid intoj
the city treasury from this source.
This is perhaps 200 short o the num
ber of dogs in the city limits and
these 200 will fare poorly from now
on unless the owners take heed and
pay the cily tax at once.
Seven canines, of all colors and de
scniuions. are now in tho pound
awaiting the appearance of the own
er to pay charges of impounding and
tne city tax and redeem them. If
tliis is not done within three days tho
dogs will be taken out and shot.
Wheat Lands aud i
City Property for sale, I
Ranches a Specialty,
Member of the Interstate
Office in E. 0. M
P. O. Box .124 PENDEETOSfl
2 I
McDonald vs. McGilvray.
A jury in a damage suit of A. D
McDonald against D. McGilvray for
H00, returned a verdict at Walla
for the plaintiff in the sum of $25.
Mr. McDonald claimed that his gar
den and wheat land In the Washtucna
country had been damaged In the sum
sued for by a band of Mr. McGllvray's
sneep breaking down the fences
trampling on the ground, and destroy
ing tho crops. Tho incident happen
ed last October.
,1 i i
Thin soles; nice
pretty toes
Medinm, Low or French
Vici or Patent Kids
$3.00 $3.50
Easy Shoes
Our Big Reduction Sale:
UNTIL JULY 1st, 902
Come and take advantage of our low prices in all
ments of our big store.
Remember : Money Saved Is Money Made
Millinery Salej
We have too many TRIMMED HATS, so make pricee to 3
move them.
This gives the ladies a ohance to get A STTUSH
HAT CHEAP at the height of the season.
a voudk wj :r
pie income,
of marrB" - a j
. . j Irvine AT.
kind odu
ya l .Ihfll. MIX
Bition, and able to appreciate the iaci u
Main, at Wetib Stfeet