East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 19, 1902, Image 6

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THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1902.
Our Special Sale on Men's
and Boys' suits will continue
all week. Special reductions
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sound are able to sell you
lumber cheaper than anyone
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Oopyrlcht, 1003, by
Anna '8. Richardson
Ferris Scaton had meant only to
lightly crack the shell, hut when he
grasped the napkin to mop the sticky
yellow from his vest he realized the
fierce energy with which he had struck
the unoffending egg.
His sister looked across the table In
surprise. "What's the matter, Ferry?"
she asked. "Is the uinrkct wrong, or Is
Audrey? It Is Audrey," she finished
for him as she noticed the quick con
traction of the bushy brows. "What Is
He tossed the morning paper across
the table.
. "At the head of the -third column,"
he said briefly as ho continued the
cleaning process.
The article was a lurid scare head
announcing the forthcoming marriage
of Audrey Wiley, daughter of the null
timllllonalre Thomas Wiley, to the Bar
on von Zlnghen of the German embas
sy at Washington. At a dinner and
ball that evening the formal announce
ment of the engagement would be
made. .
In the early seventies, when Tom Wi
ley and Dave Seajon worked adjoining
claims In tile Sierras, they una neen
fast friends. Seaton had sold his claim
to Wiley, who struck It rich ten
months afterward.
When Wiley came east a multimil
lionaire, Seaton was a prosperous mer
chant, and the old friendship was re
newed. Ferris and Ethel were Invited
to play with Audrey, and the compan
ionship of the fathers was repeated In
the second generation.
Then Ferris went to college, only .to
be recalled during his senior year by
the failure and subsequent death of his
father. The friendship between the
two families lapsed temporarily until
Ferris had placed the wrecked busi
ness on Us old basis. Audrey, just
back from the finishing school, was a
beautiful girl. Between her and Fer
ris it was love at first sight, but Wiley
pere had other plans for his daughter.
"I like you, my boy," he admitted to
Ferris, "but, Audrey Is not for you. I've
spent thousands on that girl, and she's
going to marry more money or marry
Ferris replied sharply. Mr. Wiley
forbade him the house and Imported
from California a sister to act as Au
drey's duenna.
This had happened six -months ago.
Ferris' letters had been returned by
her father, and meetings were impossi
ble. And now came the announcement
of her engagement!
"I never thought Audrey would be so
mean," declared Ethel hotly aB she
threw down the paper.
"She's not to blame," declared Fer
rls, calmly consuming what remained
of the egg nnu its fellow. "I have all
faith In her. It's that father of hers."
Ethel passed around the table and
seized her brother by the shoulder.
"Ferris Seaton," she declared, with
energy, "you are the most aggravating
person I know ofl Why don't you do
"I'm going to, If you don't shake out
all my Ideas," retorted the young man
"Then," she declared, "I will leave
you in peace."
Ferris smiled as the dining room
door slammed, and he finished his
breakfast with some appetite. Then he
started down town at a brisk walk.
The air was sharp and bracing, and
the half formed Idea took shape In his
brain. He turned his steps to the poor
er quarter of tho town, and a twenty
minute walk brought blm to on estab
lishment, half Baloon, half cafe, over
the door of which was a small sign
Artificial Ice
Telephone Main 105.
No Sediment to FouIJ
Your Refrigerator
No Disease Germsto
jEndanger Your Health
m orsdIl & ross
reading, "Headquarters of the Bakers
and Confectioners' Union."
The place was crowded with clean
shaven men. each carrying a small par
cel which Seaton knew contained a
flrcss suit. They were waltera not reg
ularly employed, but hoping for odd
JobB with caterers. Here the head
waiters for the big catering establish
ments secured their staffs for balls
and dinners.
Tho Planet had announced that Monl
co would serve at the Wiley dluner
and ball, and Seaton went straight to
the proprietor.
"Has Fritz come In?" he demanded,
naming the well known maltre of the
Monlco establishment
The proprietor jerked his thumb over
his shoulder to whore a stout bloud
German sat at a table. Fritz rose as
Seaton approached. His memory for
faces was good, and he recognized the
young merchant Instantly.
"Wrnnt a job, Mr. Scaton?" he in
quired jocosely.
"That's it exactly."
"Where's your card? You don't be-j
long to the union." Fritz was willing
to carry out the joke.
"See here," said Ferris, "I'll give
$100 to the uuion and another $100 to
you if you hire mo at Wiley's tonight."
Fritz blinked a moment. Then he put
out his hand. All the world loves a
lover, and ho knew what Scaton want
ed. A bill passed between them.
"Better hire a dress suit. Your own
will fit too well," suggested Fritz after
the details had been concluded. "And
bo at the back door of Monico's at 0:30.
I'll take you up myself."
When the chosen few who had been
bidden to both dinner and ball gathered
about the board that evening, none rec
ognized In the smooth shaven waiter
Ferris Seaton. Even Audrey did not
know him until a waiter hnnded her a
menu enrd on the back of which was
written in a familiar hand:
Meet me In the conservatory soon as you
can after dinner. I am here as a waiter.
F. s.
Little Von Zinghen, sitting by her
side, wondered at tho Hush that sua
denly spread over her face and neck,
but complacently credited It to maiden
modesty and the impending announce
.nient. Von Zinghen had his blue blood
and his vast estates, but the possession
of all Germany could not have made a
man of him. Audrey contrasted, with
loathing,, the puppet at her side with
the clean cut specimen of American
manhood who, even in an 111 fitting
dress coat, showed his physical perfec
tion and whose keen features bore the
impress of Intellect.
An hour later Ihey were In tho con
servatory, where as children they once
played among the palms, pretending
they were castaways on a tropical Is
"Ferris," she said as he clasped her
hands, "what ever persuaded you to
run this risk?"
"You," he responded tenderly.
couldn't lose you without one last ef
fort I want to know if you love me
enough to go with me now at once!
I have a good income, and I am at
least a man."
"The dearest man in nil the world!"
she whispered softly.-
"Then come," he urged. "I have a
cab at the corner and a warm wrap
for you. The gardener's door, dear,
and no one will see us!"
So hnnd in hand they went out into
the night.
The next morning the papers rang
with the sensation, and Thomas Wiley
over bis coffee was in a frame of mind
utterly indescribable. The one touch
needed to complete his fury was sup
piled when the butler brought In Sea-
ton's card.
It took Wiley four minutes by the
clock to calm down to the point where
he could control his voice sufficiently
to tell Jorkins, the placid English but
ler, to kick Seaton off the step. By that
time he bad decided to execute the or
der in person.
Seaton was not on the front steps,
but in the reception room and In the
most comfortable chair. He arose as
the elder man approached.
"I thought," he announced affably,
"that I would run In and tell you that
Audrey was all .right."
"All right! She's disgraced!"
Ferris caught Wiley's arm In a grasp
that made him wince. "Be careful!"
ho warned. "You are speaking of my
wife. We were married last night by
Dr. Stetson, your own pastor."
"Her name's In all the papers!" splut
tered Wiley,
"So it, was yesterday," retorted Sea
ton, "but then It was linked with that
of Von 2lnghen, a man whose past life
Is notorious. You put It In then. You
are responsible for Its appearance this
morning. You thought you wanted
blood instead of brains. I knew better
and corrected your error. You will
thank me some day. Better thank me
He held out bis hand frankly, and
Wiley grasped It
"Hang mo If I don't! You 'were
J. R. Hamilton, tho world famous
mutton buyer, recently closed a deal
with William Childress for 5,000 mut
tons, 1.B00 dry owes, 2,000 bred ewea
and ,1,B00 yearlings, at 12.35 per head.
xnese aneep belong to ithe Howard
wen ranch, T. T. Thomason bouabt a
flock of sheep ,from Mr, Thotnaa of
Bosque county for $2 per head. Tho
hecp are now ranging In Deer canyon
a the. .Pecos. Ozona Kicker.
i. why nnirvira.
Hay Carriers
Cable, Forks, Rope, Pulleys, &c
741 Main Slrect
Dancing Begins at 2 o'clock each Stmday. Basses to
and from the grounds day and Night.
- i n
picnic parties by applying
St. George.
A sewing machine
Is ft necessity in every home and parents should
not neglect teaching their children how to sew. A
good investment is made when you purchase a
Standard, White or Wheeler & Wilson. They are
the highest standard of sewing machine excellency
and are the most improved made.
Don't send your money for a cheap machine for wo
have them for $20.00, so if you want a cheap ma
chine come in and see ours. Don't buy a "pig in a
bag." Oil, needles and extras for all machines.
Sewing machines, furniture
that a little more money spent afthe start, for a furnace, will
save a whole lot in the end. The majority of people, who
think about it, do, We sell furnaces that cost more at the
start, but pay in the end.
W. G. McPheison
Heating and Ventilating Engineer
47 First Street, Portland, Oregon
$3 00 per Day and Upwards.
ItttttLffDfliiBllHnR-?-? HM Ibi 9 1 Uw Tift KJg iafBufrtv Mt?fi1(kHwx
iBSClal Patnn tn Paatnt-n n..
fortoruti.adcoS;rcr.rv7v.u:up,o v,BW"? rE-
, .,
The grove can De engapa lor
xo rjuxxiiv owj.au,
Jesse Failing,
and carpets.
for Uncle Sam that will make him
wish like Tom Marshall of Ken
tucky did, that his throat was as
long as the Potomac river that he
might enjoy the elongated pleas
ure of feeling it all the way down,
is a glass of cold, sparkling and
SchtdtVs Pilsner Beer
more delicious to the palate of the
thirsty than nectar was to the gods
of yore. Be sure and order a case
of Schultz's Pilsner beer for your
Fourth of July celebration.
Finest Hotel
In the Paclflo
t-, - .
... . ...
Buy a fart.
Wliile They Are Chwpf
Will Sell You
i-and at
$1250 Per Acre
that-will bo worlfi $25.00
within five years and
Pay Fifteen Per Cent
the invoBtmeiit in the meaa.
A Warm Bafcy
Isn't always a comfortable one, of-
more thau a man Is in v.'nrm iriw
with his culls and collars willing, h
they are not properly laundered.Wks I
vmir HlilrlH nnllnrd ntifl rnfTa to1.i'
j 1 "j w
dered hero you can bally forth undei
u 1 1 : . t. . 1 . . 1 ... 11.. 1 1
WfiPfl T.niir. vnnr linpii avi nnr, "tnetet
out" befoie the day Is over. Try
Bample of our summer laundering
r -1-1 t- I. J -r Ti .11.1
Women's Eyes
are windows of observation tjiroti'""
narriRcrn Tniitftr'8 art IS HUieu " ,iu
Judgment. Tlio eox are i""?"
tSSi nr inductions will stwdttS
i.t.t. iiti mem tu-i-i.
ana in creui variety.
. . - nnni Mmuor 4
Iloht iinnni In hnndfome aeugn
luTflnlsrl, nt astonishingly low P"""
irrade vehicles, uuarameu r v
See Us About GasoIineflJ
. . iin.'nirliflin Spri"?1
Tbe ceieoraieu - tf
locatad in the Blue Mo
the Umatilla Jtfver, comply
furniture, fixtures,
Absolute control of fi
trout fishing stream m ,yd
sell 80 acre tract f
grounds with watet ,
acres, as aesireu, jQt
. Utrt rAflffC 'v
farm, contromnB
lease, tn" 0B U1
Fank B. Clof
Pendleton, 0f
: .rnfrTfflTrni
simmnnii"""" a
wv v ft ts 11 iwnrs
miir iiriimin stvit :
viiL.i r i i vii u "-j 1 tWI -Alii
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