East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 17, 1902, Image 5

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Now is the, time to take
advantage of the great
Dinner Ware Gifts
which cost you absolutely nothing v
With every TEN CENT PUKCHASE we give a diamond
or gold stamp, and when you.have FIFTY stamps we redeem
hem with a piece of beautiful decorated porcelain china
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 1902.
A, Howard, form loans.
in Orsdnll & Ross for pure artl-
Imnier underwear, 60 cents a
at Teutsch's.
fine free lunch from 9 a. m. till
bight at Gratz's.
br first-class cab, day or night,
f 'phone Main 70.
br a cool, refreshing glass of
litz beer go to Gratz's.
IcReynold's creamery butter on
in all stores. Ask for it.
fchlltz beer on draught and fine
in basement of Golden Rule
utton's Ice cream is the best
le. Time and trial have proven
place lunch counter, on Court
et, is now open. Everything in
nothar Invoice of Helnz's apple
er, something very fine, at Haw-
I Bros.
top into our comfortable parlors
bo served with our superior ice
im. The ueita.
loney to loan at lowest rates on
t or country property. J. R. Dick-
Kant Oregonian building.
ult jars will be very high this
ir, as the price has advanced. We
ght before the advance and will
our customers the advantage of
saving. The Standard Grocery.
Slivers nt Hiinzlkor's never recrnt
Ithelr purchases.
flow manv times hava Ton hntipht
Jewelry mid afterward charged the
Juappolntment to Experience ?
nnue Experience may do a good
teacher. It's apt to prove expensive.
It's lots cheaper in tho ond to buy of
rename aeaier.
Good Jewelry...
Does not mean price necesiarily.
have good jewelry tn Kolled
Hats. Gold Ftlled and-Solid Gold-
variety ol gradts, but always good.
Jeweler and Optician
Nxt Door to R. Alexander
Straw hats at Teutsch's.
Lunches at Phillips' restaurant.
Latest style shirts at Teutsch's.
Gilt Edge lunch counter, Court St.
Eggs, 16c per dozen, at Hawley
Ring up H. Koplttke, "phone No. 5,
for ice.
Rooms by tho day, week or month
at Gratz's.
A clever accomplished lady wants
to marry. See page 8.
McReynold's creamery butter on
sale in all stores. Ask for it.
Was that glass of lemonade made
cool by artilicial ice? Ask for It.
Fresh live crawfish just received,
at Gratz's, cooked while you wait.
Order your sweet cream of Dutton.
Plenty on hand. Delivered anywhere.
Order Dutton's ice cream for your
table. It will be delivered prompt-
Sciilitz beer on draught and fine
lunches in basement of Golden Rulw
Fancy line of plain and mustard
sardines; full line of lunch goods.
Hawley Bros.
For Sale A good gentle buggy
horse. Safe for lady or child to drive.
J. M. Leezer.
The Delta Is in a two-story building
and is always cool and comfortable
Seats for forty people.
Good, large, nice, fresh crawfish,
received every Tuesday and Saturday
mornings at Nolte's saloon. i
We give free tickets on the bicycle
with every dollar's purchase. Martin's
Family Grocery and Bakery.
Rooms in the Eart Oregonian build
ing or rent. Steam heated, hot and
cold water an 3 ath room in connec
tion. To close out my entire stock of
spring and summer millinery, I will
offer great reductions. Mrs. Campbell.
Your evening will be complete t
you drop into" the Delta and enjoy a
dish of the finest ice cream ever serv
ed in Pendleton.
Withee, 305 Court St, agent for Dd
mestic and Davis sewing machines.
Drop heads from $27.50 to $65 on in
stallments.. Everything guaranteed,
Two packages firecrackers, 5c;
Roman candles, lc Fireworks at
Schlitz beer on draught and fine
lunches In basement of Golden Rule
E. P. Marshal's new residence
north of tho'rivor, Is noaring com
pletion. Commencement exercises occur at
St. Helen's Hall, a school for girls, In
Portland, on Wednesday, June IS, ht
8 o'clock.
Lost Pair of gold spectacles on
tha streets of Pendleton Monday
Finder will receive reward by return
ing to this office.
Workmen have commenced moving
the residence of Leo Moorhouso off
his lot on Water street, and it will be
replaced by a modern cottage.
The case of C. S. Drake vs. the Or
egon Railroad & Navigation Compa
ny, is still occupying the attention of
the district court. This case was
called the first thing Monday morning
and it may be ended tonight and
ready to go to the jury, and then It
may not.
Gus Byers' new residence, on East
Court street, is again nearing com
pletion. It is to be built on the same
foundation whore the other house
burned down after It was just com
pleted and ready to be turned over
to the painters.
Advertising privilege on the four
sprinkling wagons is for sale or rent,
Bids must be In by June 20. See Frank
B. C'.opton, chairman committee.
All kinds of real estate for sale,
Homes on easy payments,- will fur
nish part of purchase money.
Rihorn & Cook, room 10, Taylor
Work was commenced on the
grouncls of the Christian church, at
the corner of Water and Johnson
streets. The basement and foundation
work will be pushed and the build
ing completed as early as possible.
wn xvuua x owara tne ovn noose
Fourteenth Annual Convention to
Meet at Portland.
Tho 14th annual convention of the
Diocese of Oregon will meet in Trin
ity Chapel. Portland. Thursday, June
2G, and hold until Monday, the 30th.
Bishop Keator, of the jurisdiction of
Olympia, will pe present at the open
ing of the convention. Following is
a list of the services:
Thursday morning, 10 o'clock An
nual meeting of Women's Auxiliary
at St. Stephen's chapel, with address
by Bishop Keator and others.
Thursday evening, 8 o'clock Open
ing service of convention In Trinity
chapel, with first portion of the bish
op's annual address.
Friday morning 10 o'clock Holy
communion in Trinity chapel, with
conclusion of tho bishop's address,
and business of convention.
Friday evening General mission
ary service m Trinity chapel, with
addresses from Bishop Keator, Rev
Mr. Glover and Rev. Mr. Goodheart.
Sunday morning, St. Peter's day
Servico in all the churches, Bishop
Keator preaching at Trinity chapel
Sunday afternoon Services for
all the Sunday schools in Trinity
chapel, with addresses from different
clergymen. Offering for child's cot
No. 3, in Good Samaritana Hospital
Sunday evening General mission
ary service in Trinity chapel.
Monday morning, June 30 Conse
cration of All Saint's chapel. Twenty
second and Reed streets. Sermon by
BishoR Keator.
Gilliam Ccunty Sheepmen Must Not
Encroach on Reserve.
A tew Gilliam County sheepmen
have received a notice from Grant
county, where they havo formerly run
their sheep during tho summer, warn
ing them against encroaching upon
a certain reserve. Tho notlco reads:
"All sheepmen who nro not residents
of Grant county nro notified that
they aro rositlvoly forbidden to graze
their sheep on tho rnngo west of Dix
ie Butte between tho Middle Fork
and tho main John Day rlvor. This
range is reserved for the use of cat
tle and sheep owned by residents of
Grant county." Tho above, which ts
headed Notice to Sheepmen," is
signed "Taxpayers of Grant County."
About the RIgrit Price.
In tho breach of promlso suit of
Edith R. Bursoll, plaintiff, vs. August
Llndholm, defendant, at Salem
wherein the plaintiff asked for judg
ment against tho defendant In tho
sum of $15,000 to which extent sho
alleges her affections havo been trifl
ed with by reason of tho defendant's
failure to marry her and marrying an
other girl instead, was opened In
court and found that tho verdict was
for tho plaintiff In tho sum of $26.
Special Excursion.
A special train will leave Pendleton
Sunday morning at 9 o'clock for
Valla Walla to catry the fans to wit
ness tho ball game between the Indi
ans and Sharpshooters. Returning
will leave Walla Walla at C:30. Round
trip $1.
Now Is the Time
for the
to consider their
Oxford Shoes
A fine line to select
$2.50 to $3.50
In Touch with Wool Industry.
H. V. Carpenter, of the Pendleton
Indian Robe & Picture Company, Is
at the Imperial, sayB the Portland
Journal. Mr. Carpenter is in touch
with the wool industry of Pendleton
and the Inland Empire. "This sea
son," said he, "has been prosperous;
Pendleton has handled more wool
than usual; prices have been good
clips have been large per fleece, and
the prospects are bright Indeed
Charles Cunningham, the largest In
dividual owner of shee i in Oregon
recently sold his 200,000 clip to a
Boston house, represented by Mr,
Brigham, at 11 cents a pound
Considerable wool remains unsold
in that territory. The Pendleton
scouring and woolen mills are run
ning full blast, and are Increasing
the volume of business each year
Pendleton blankets and Indian robes
now have a world wide reputation."
Promoter of Telephones.
Asa B. Thompson, a prominent
stockman of Umatilla county, Is in
town says the Portland Journal
Mr. Thompson Is the promoter of
the farmers' telephone line that now
connects 23 ranches in the Butter
Creek country with Pendleton and
the remainder of the coast. "The
line works finely," Bald he. "I am
informed that other lines are to be
constructed to center at Pendleton
and give the ranchers telephonic
communication with the markets of
the large towns. Wa may now re
main at home, learn tho day's quo
tatlons, and go to town only when
the situation demands our going,
The cattle business is flourishing
Feeders are now preparing for the
market, which will be active in a
School Director Teutsch.
The election of a school director
to succeed James A. Fee did not ere
ate much excitement Monday. In
fact, no interest was taken in the
election as no interests were at stake
more than the electing of a capable
man .for the position and as only one
name was placed on the ticket and
he suited, no effort was made to keep
him from going Into the office with tt
walk-over. Only 38 votes were cast
and 37 of these wero for Lee Teutsch
proprietor of the Teutsch dry goods
store. The one was cast for Thomas
Ayres', of the Tallman & Co. drug
The prices that please and
the qualities tha.t wear
Boston Store
Big Bargains
I have a large stock of
Unredeemed Pledges
which will be sold at the
lowest prices ever offered in
this city.
This stock includes dia
monds, solid and filled case
gold watches, silver watches,
gold rings, watch chains, ear
rings and many other articles.
Come in, look over the
stock and get the prices.
Joseph Basle
Complete House Furnisher
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse
Hot Weather Clothes
Just as well be comfortable when you can
without neglecting your appcaranco
single and double breasted the skeleton kind without -lining
They are just the thing to go with your dark coats
Coats and Pants
Light colored, in plaids and stripes; dark onos
with small ohalk stripes: sizes 33 to 44
$5.00 $6.00 $7.50 $10.00 $12.00
No Garment Allowed to Loavo tho Store
Unloss It Fits
to Dp
bu (111 b
(J i o
00 U
Ping Pong
The now and Popular Games
95c to 3.50
Items and Prices that dosorvo your
kind attention :
Taoancse Napkins, per hun
dred 19c and 25c
Crepe paper, full 10 ft long ' 5c
$2.50 Wringers $1 95
S4..00 Wringers 2 95
24c for 5c bar of Toilet Soap
Popular Songs. .15c, 19c and 23c
Hammocks complete lines
75c to $3 95
Toys, Dolls, Albums, Fancy
Goods, Dishes. Vases, bewing
Baskets, etc., etc,
Frederick Nolf
Tablets, Pencils, Inks, Office Supplies
We are prepared to do your work
and ask you to call on us.
Charges will be right.
Office at
The Old Dutch Henry
Feed Barn.
Kit Hays & Connerley
The Plumber and
For First Class Work at
Reasonable Prices
Shop: Cottonwood Street, OpposiU
St. Joo Store, Near Court St.
can do your marketing at our store just as safely as
you can come yourself, as we havo but
and the nualitv is guaranteed. If vou can't come
, ,
yourself, send your child,
and the only people In the saddlery
business that carry a complete stock of
Harness. Saddles, Bridles, Spurs, Sweat
Pads, Pack Baddies and Bags, TeuU,
Wagon CoTas and Canvas.
is drawing to a close, so send us your order now and
get nice large sound berries for canning. Remember,
our berries are not specked and dirtied by flies, nor
handled by Indians. We are particular in tho mannor
in which we keep them and the quality of the berries
we serve you.
it in! &
' R. MARTIN, Proprietor
es !.!
aigf of them A foil vtfy always aupt J
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