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Eastern Oregon Weather
Fair tonight and Wednesday;
warmer Wednesday.
l .tlvcrc1 t your residence
tXl flnew' by carrier at
J5CA wccv
xo. 4 ir(
Signs Bill Granting Am-
to All Americans
ged With Crime Be-Inauguration.
used of Postal Frauds Will
Out of Prison Tomorrow
Famine Threatens Havana
Riots Started.
June 10. The amnesty
oning all Americans charged
nes previous to the inaugu
' the new government, will
by President Palma today
nd Rathbone, the mfn accus-
Implicit' in the Cuban postal
will he released tomorrow
.3 hesitating ahont accept
iase as he has declared that
(acquittal vould be acceptable
ler amine is threatened as i
",e bur ting this morning of
ednct which was the whole
pf supply for thousands.
wonstration was made at the
Ihis morning by a mob of Ha-
poorest class, who surround-
palnce and cried for bread.
lent Palma took 1000 out of
Irate nurse and purchased
Hiich he distributed to the
lies Will Place Blame for Fa-
tal Conflagration.
go, June 10. An investiga
te cause of, and responsi-
br the fire at St. Luke's asy
1 Inebriates, Monday, which re
in the loss of 10 lives and the
over 50 people, was begun
orning. The authorities are
lit that criminal prosecution
low. All the injured are doing
lis morning.
It. Winders, a printer employ-
Ithe San Francisco Examiner
ad dead in his room at the
hotel this morning, having
Imself through the head during
He came here as a dele-
the interest of the Interna-
rypographlcal Union. A letter
on his person indicates that he
at 507 Sixth street, Oakland
Dtive is unknown.
Unofficial Figures Gave Furnish 49
Votes Too Many Chamberlain's'
Plurality Now 289.
Portland, June 10. All the coun
ties have sent in the official count
of the vote on the governorship ex
cept Multnomah, but no material
change is expected in these. Today
when the returns were received from
Sherman county it was found that an
error had been made in the unofficial
figures favoring Furnish. The error
of 49 votes Is now in favor of Cham
berlain, whose total plurality is now
I FTl F HTII I -r I i- 1
Brooke Gets Left.
Washington, June 10. The house
committee on military affairs today
decided adversely to the bill to make
General Brooke a lieutenant-general
The senate today passed the naval
appropriation bill.
Many Surrendered.
Pretoria, June 10. There Tiavo been
7000 Boer surrenders up to today.
A. O. U. W. at Portland.
Iland, June 10. The supreme
A. O. U. W., mot here this
PE with delegates from every
IPresent. The address of wel-
delivered by William Cal-
Oregon, and responded to by
Master Workman Harwlck.
Denies Combination Story.
York, June 10. President
of the North American Trust
ny, today made an emphatic
of the statement that his com
was the promoter of a gigantic
le to COnblne tho nntlnnnl hnnlrR
Pry flnannl
his. u
Most Must Serve Time.
anV. N. Y June 10. The su-
5 COUrt tlifo a
p sentence of one year's imprls
fit imposed on Johan Most, for
tl uuurcnisuc article
v after McKinley's assassina-
Shrlners at r?r!c
1 Francisrn .Ti in rm,
lIHrll ' ''" AUO UUUU-
rention of MvsMn f?hri
K v'B't,nB uniformed patrols
il cnim ii nn,I where tne in.
erea thp nrii- ,
I eltw i, . . U"5BB ul welcome
7 elaborately decorated.
Fatal .
Paul t '-"-ao.
iter iL Jun ln- A tornado pass-
tsuth nf t on 01 farming Coun-
TtSf ;r fur to io.
Kino firu. ii
toy dLu 8trneas ho .was
6ral h0Ur8 Bleep last night
Governor1 Congratulates Successor
Upon His Success.
Governor T. T. Geer sent a letter
of congratulation to Governor-elect
George E. Chamberlain on the latter's
election. The letter follows:
"Hon. George E. Chamberlain, Port
land. Oregon.
"My Dear Sir: You will please ac
cept my congratulations upon your
election to the ofiice of governor of
Oregon. I regret very much that
circumstances made the election of a
democratic governor possible, but
since it was so, I wish to assure you
that there is no man in your party
to whom I would surrender tho office
with more pleasure than to yourself.
"I can wish you no better good fu
ture than to express the hope and
belief, that the end of your term may
see the state in as good condition in
every branch of its public service as
you will find it on the day of your
"With best wishes, I remain, re
spectfully yours, "T. T. GEER,
Helix Happenings.
Helix, June 9. Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
Scott have gone to Sprague, Wash,
on a visit to their daughter, Mrs.
Miss Edyth Epple Is a guest at the
home of Miss Myrtle Hill.
John McEachorn and Lin Gamble
have gone to the Sound country. Mr
McEichorn goes in hopes that the
change of climate may benefit his
Charles Huson, who has been trav
eling for his health, the past nine
months, through California, Texas
and Mexico, has returned home. His
many friends are glad to see him so
greatly improved.
Miss Clara Richmond, of Weston,
is here on a visit to relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, of Vancycle
spent Sunday afternoon In Helix.
Will Russell and family, of Athena,
spent Sunday at the home of L. W.
The pound social given at the home
of Rev. Huglet last Tuesday evening
was attended by 7C persons and en
Joyed by all. Refreshments were
served, consisting of Ice cream and
Vansycle Notes.
Vansycle, June 9. The lumber has
arrived to finish the warehouse at
Mrs. Ben Stanton and sister, Ruby
Joy, went to the Walla Walla valley
Thursday, after rruit.
W. J. Stockman and wife were In
Pendleton Tuesday.
TTlftAfin nf the members of Prosner
ity lodge, Degree of Honor, of Helix,
visited Magnolia lodge, uegree or
Honor, of Pendleton, Tuesday even
ing. Among those who visited were
William Dale and wife, Fred Ray
mond and wife, A. C. Brotherton and
wife, Bert McFarron and wife, Mrs.
Minnie Bosye, Mrs. McLaughlin, Mrs.
Cramer, Arthur Martier, Elmer Dale
and Dr. Grlswold.
Chris Campbell was In Pendleton
Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs. J. L. Killlan went to Pendle
ton Tuesday to attend tho Sisters'
noVinni ontfirtainment Tuesday even
ing. Her daughter, Prudy, came home
with her Wednesday evening.
Mina TCmmn Green's school at the
Vansycle school house, closed Friday.
Rha mvo n nntertalnmont. There
was, about CO present and they enjoy
Convicts Who Escaped From the Ore
gon Penitentiary Still Evade '
Their Pursuers.,4. 4.
- Salem, June 10. Unrry Tracy nnd David Merrill, who
escaped from the state penitentiary hero yesterday after kill-4.
4. nig three guards and so severely wound in c a fellow convict
'that ho has since died, returned to Salem last night, hold up! ,,H,,la r'n'Rod Congressman
two men, took their clothes, stole a team and escaped into 4. 1 y" tiurrivn'lviVfto
tne lulls.
They are still at largo but bloodhounds received from
the "Walla Walla penitentiary at' 11 o'clock this morning, nro
now on their trail, followed by a largo posso armed with
Winchesters and it is apparently only a matter of hours be-
4. fore the desperados arc captured. , 4.
Both are desperate men and it is moro than probable
a that thev will fip-lit, in tlm dontii niwl .1,1,1 to n.n!,. t
T s O utivi it w vt v j tllvil 1101 VI IV
tims before going down.
They Are Notorious.
The two men are brnt.hnrs-in.lnw nml
- . w . u ( 1 1 vy iviiu n 11 110 utfv
.j. of the most desperate and notorious characters in tho North-
west. They wero members of tho infamous "hole-in-the-
A)ymi fc""fc 1U UUUI, 1I11U 11IO 11113 all)J)OSO(l
i murderers of a sheriff at Salt Lake. They wore convicted of
highway robbery in Multnomah county, tho.crjino having
been the holding up of a train on Fourth street, Portland, tho
4. men being captured after an exciting chase by the polico.
Break Was Unexpected.
Their bold break for liberty yesterday was entirely un-
expected and tho manner in which they started off, by dolib-
erately murdering the shop guard, Ferrill, entiroly unnerved
4. the other guards and prevented them from shooting as they
Tracy is positively identified as tho man who killed For-
rill, shooting him in the back. Both men wero armed with
rifles, apparently newly purchased, and immediately they
killed Ferrill thoy turned their attention to two other shop
guards, who managed to got out of tho way. ,
Then they opened up on the guard housos on tho wall,
completely riddling the guard box to tho north, without hurt-
ing anyone. One shot to tho south, however, killed Guard
Jones. Then tho men seized a ladder and mado a break for
4. the wall, which thoy quickly scaled.
Murdered Tiffany,
Guards all along the wrll kept up a rapid firo but failed t
Hannn and Roosevelt Had n Long
Conference and Agreed to Over
look Their Differences.
Washington, Juno 10. Cnntntn
Lewis llayley, naval attache of Great
Britain In Washington, has gone to
Uitglnnil and Is not expected to ro
turn. Complaint was received at tho
navy department some time ago that
llayley had surreptitiously vlowod tho
naval ninneuvora at Nnrragansott liny
Inst summor nnd was lator discovered
at various Florida coast points mak
ing surveys of the hnrborn.
Ilunna had a long conforonco this
morning with KoohovcH over tho
rases of the Cleveland federal or
ftor tho
conference Hnnnn said Hoosovelt had
decided to pay no further attontlon
to the nmttor, which at ono time
threatened to resolve Itself Into a na
tional issue and a serious split be
tween llauiia and Uoosevolt.
" 4 a pfftn 4 K n nrJcAtiorc it'lir 1 1 1 tti t inl fiTtin i urttllr .,....,1, .
One of tho guards, Tiffany, jumped from tho wall and
followed them, firing as ho went. Whon his ammunition ,
,was exhausted he was captured by tho convicts, who took
4. him about 100 yard up the mill race from tho prison and then
deliberately placed a rifle at his heart and fired.
Tiffany's rifle was then thrown into the mill raco. Whoro.
the men stopped to do this there was found a pool of bloody
and it is thought that perhaps one of them was wounded.
TI7t T!J Tf D!- S
Where Did They Get Rifles ?
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trado nnd
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
Now York", June 10. l'ho wheat
market opened lower this morning on
easier enbles as well ns the antlelpa
tlon that tho government report
would be heavier when It would be
made public later In tho day. Tho
effect has probably boon discounted
in this break. Liverpool closed yt
lowor, f i :i . Now York opened at
77V4 and closed at 77r)d. Chicago
opened at 70!)'t. and closed at 71 Vi.
Closed yesterday, 77,
Opened today, 77 't.
Rungo today, 77'i77!i.
Closed today, 77.
Sugar, 128 ft.
Stool, 38.
St. Paul. 170.
Union Pacific, 105.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, Juno 10. .Wheat 70
Wheat In San Francisco.
San Francisco, Juno 10, Wheat
?1.I0&G1.10 por cental.
No Probability of ho Mitchell-Wright
Conforonco End
ing tho Groat Anthracite
Day In the Senate.
Washington, Juno 10. Tho house
this afternoon began tho general do
bato on tho Corlltis bill, providing for
tho construction of tho I'nelfle cable
by tho government. Tho proaldont
today sent tho Ronuto tho nomination
of llonjamlii Crocker to bo collector
of Intornnl rovonuo for the district of
Washington state. The secretary of
tho treasury has received tho roslg
nation of Colonel Silas Wright, dop
uty collector of customs for tho Alas
ka district.
Barricades and Homes for Non-Union
Men Are Delng Built as Rapidly 3a
Possible Fire Fighters In Jersey
Colliery Have Gone Out.
WIlkeHbnrro. Pa., Jmiio 10. Olootn
has again fallen upon tho anthracite
region now that It Is gunerally known
that nothing tangible In tho way of
a settlement nf the miners' strlko
can bo expected to follow tho confor
onco between President Mitchell and
Commissioner Wright. Today thoro
Is every ovldonca thnt tho minora and
operators are as far apart as ovor.
Tho work of erecting barricades anil
homes for the non-union men, In bo
lug pushed with vigor,
The strlkei-H this morning InduceJ
tho fire lighters at the Jersoy colllory
to quit work, leaving six mon In tho
mines to chuck the Humes which havn
been raging for tho pnst 1(5 montlta
Unk'HH the company can manage to
till the places of tho strikers thoro
will be an Immense loss.
President Mitchell, of tin Mtno
Workers, and Secretary Kasly, of tha
Civic Federation, held a conforenca
this morning, but both disclaimed
that It had any bearing on tho strlko
Large numbers of desertions havo
occurred at Mantlcako, and tho ques
tion of providing for the inen In tho
Htockndes threatens to resolve itself
Into n serious matter. Merchants
threatened with boycott, aro rofuslns
to sell goods for tho use of the barricades.
California Fruitgrowers and Farm
ers Fear their Coming.
Tho pluguo of grasflhoppors Is
threatened In tho foot lilll districts
of H Dorado, Placer and Sacramon
to counties, California, and tho farm-
More Than Quarter of a Million of
Dnmago Done.
Philadelphia, Juno 10. Five por
sous moro or less seriously injured, IS
private residences, two big grain ole
atoiH and warehouBcs and a coal
viud were destroyed by lire today
Territory covering more than a city
block and bounded b) Droad, Thir
teenth and Clarfleld streets and Indi
ana, Sedgeley and (lion wood avonuea
was practically Hwopt clean. Loaa
quarter of a million dollars.
Its Buckets are Carried by a Chain
With Links Weighing 500 lbs Each.
Dr. Harvoy Foil, of Canyon City,
who Is In town visiting his paronts,
Postmaster C. K. Fell and wife, saya
the Poinoroy dredge being built at
the mouth of Canyon Creek, on the
John Day river, Is nearly comploted
cm are considerably worried over
tho possibility that their crops will , and operations of digging gold with
bo destroyed by the pests. All signs ft fltoam drodgo will soon bo com-
navo pointed to enormous yields of moiiceu
fruit and grain, but tho hoppors havo
made their appearance In armlod of
countless thousands In tho foothills
4.J of Placer county and the farmora
There seems to bo considerable mystery connected with
fhr manner in which the rifles were (rotten into the nriHon
" O I" .
.The first idea was that they had boon taken in by excursion-J
ists, but it now seems probable that thoy woro taken in by 4.
somo one who scaled the wall after dark when but ono guard
is on, and secreted tho arms. Harry Wright, an ox-convict,
is susnected of this.
Offered $1,000 Reward.
JU Prican ft ii nnri ti t nn A mi i I nn ci t mmn imiiAtnirmfl n rnum vA
oi ipijUUU each lor tne capture 01 tne two men. bovoral posses 4.
were organized and u search instituted for tho convict-mur-
derers. The incident has served to emphasize tho practica-
bility of having blood hounds with which to accomplish, ox-
peditiously, the capture of such convicts. There is some ugi-
tation that some legislation covering tho need bo enacted by
4. the next legislature. 4,
At 11 o'clock Company F, O. N. G., under command of
Captain II. A. Kurtz was called out, and contributed its sor-
vices in searching for the murderers.
Ingram, the convict who was shot yesterday by Merrill,
1, t..m iitaUin. irii-K 'Ptxisti. l ri .-i n44a.Vinf in Otl UA 1 1 (I 1-1
i.-i :m i:c d X
4, J.' CI 1111 a iiiu, utio diiiu uxcu.
nnd frultgrowors aro greatly aliinnod.
The Invnslon of grasshoiipors bo
camo so coat .n Placer county that
an appenl was sent to tho agrleultur
al department of the Stato Unlver-
A monster chain, each link of which
weighs COO pounds Is a feature of tha
construction of tho dredge. Thoro
are 729 of those links making an ag
gregate weight of 305, 100 pounds.
Tho chain Is to carry 27 buckets
weighing 1000 pounds oaeh, and bo
uiiild Ih tho action of tho hugo piece
of machinery that It Is calculated
slty, asking that an oxpert bo sent' that twelve buckets a mlnuo will
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to that county to look over the situ
atlon and suggest a way to got rid of
tho pests. Tho unlvorsPy professor
who responded to tho call Is quoted
as saying that a grasshoppor plaugo
was at hand, and ho suggested de
stroying tho pests by Arc.
James Kasoberg ono of tho wealth
iest stock raisers of Northorn Cali
fornia, who has grazing fields in tho
neighborhood of Itosovlllo, was In
Sacramento, necking legal advice.
Ho wanted to learn whothor the Hor
ticultural Commissioners of Placer
county had tho power to carry out
tho plan which thoy had mapped out
to sot flro to and burn Hovoral thou
saud acres of his pasture In order to
destroy tho grasshoppers. Ho waB
told the commissioners had no such
right. The commissioners are also
seohipg legal advice. If tho pasture
lands aro burned there will he law
Klovon years ago a plague of grass
hoppers destroyed thousands of dol
lars worth of fruit In Placer county.
como around. Thoy carry eight :u-
hie yards of dirt oach, making 98
cubic yards of dirt lifted each ml unto.
So rich is tho oxhaustless placer
bottoms of tho North Fork canyoa,
however, that big interest Is oxpoct
on the outlay Involvod. Tho com
pany lias put ovor $100,000 In tha
drodgo already, of which $30,000 was
wages, It will cost 5100 a day to rim
tho machine when finished, ono Item
being 12 cords of wood which will
bo required oach day to run the
plant. Thoro are 15 mechanics work
on tho drodgo construction.
It Is principally Portland money
hack of the ontorpriso,
Fell In Hot Lake.
Word reached Pendleton, just m
the East Oregonlan was going to
press, saying that J. M. Ferguson
employed at tho Hotel Pendleton", who
has been at Hot Lake for a few day.)
had fallen Into the lake and was bad
ly scalded. The extent of the Injurlea
cannot be learned.
ed a very nice basket amner.