East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 21, 1902, Image 5

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Are Coming in Daily
HE ARE receiving all the fancy and staple
TT articles of the market, and have the brightest,
fresheat and newest stock in Pendleton.
DepencJafcle Goods and Reasonable Prices
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
"WEDNKSDAY, MAY 21, 1902.
Whltaker, the dentist
See Lee Teutsch for hats.
James A. Howard, farm loans.
Money saved at the Standard.
Furnished rooms, 309 W. Court St.
Straw hats for men and boys. Baer
& Daley.
SchlKz's Milwaukee beer on
draught at the Maze.
Columbus buggies, $150, at Uma
tilla Implement Company.
Fresh supply of Swift's premium
hams and bacon at Hawley Bros.
Always a pleasure to eat uuuon s
ice cream. It's pure and wholesome.
Scorching weather 1b made enjoy-
cble by cooling off with Dutton's ice
Fall In line and do your trading at
tne strictly cash grocery, which is the
Beginning Monday. Mrs. Campbell
will close out 100 trimmed summer
hats at reduced prices.
Our crawfish come in fresh every
other day and are packed in cans in
their own juice. Nolte's saloon.
Silverware, ornamented with gold
trimmings, free with baking powde
at Martin's Family Grocery and Bak
ery. All kinds of real estate for sale.
Homes on eaBy payments, will fur
nish part of purchase money.
Klhorn & Cook, room 10, Taylor
I have 3 sets of Haviland
China Plates left which I
will close out at a sacrifice.
The $7 Set for $5.25
The 7.50 Set for $5.50
The 9.00 Set for $7.00
Jeweler and Optician
Castle's for fish.
Fechter's for ice cream. Court St.
Trimmed hat sale at the Carrie:
Millinery store.
For first-class cab, day or night,
call 'phone Main 70.
Columbus buggies $150, at Uma
tilla Implement Company.
No use talking, the crawfish at
Nolte's are fine. Try them.
Excellent but mildly describes the
Heinz pickles in bulk, at Hawley
Born, to the wife of T. E. Delaney
on the 15th instant, a,n eight-pound
Dutton's Ice cream and soda watei
are delicious. You never tire of
Paper napkins, shelf paper, toilet
loops, hammocks and collar buttons
at Nolf's.
For Rent Suite of light house
keeping rooms. Inquire of Martin
Our crawfish are as fine as if just
cfl.ught. Come in and try them.
Nolte's saloon.
Walla Walla Health Food, nut but
ter and Granos biscuits at Martin's
Family Grocery and Bakery.
The Standard Grocery Company
feel highly elated at the success of
their strictly cash trading plan,
Perry Shields and C. H. Worman
of Vinson, were registered at tho
Golden Rule hotel Tuesday night
Uma soda is a dellclojis drink any
time. Just as good on a cool day a8
a warm one. 5 cents at Kneppen's
B. Friedman, of restaurant fame in
Portland 15 or 20 years ago, is run
ning a first-class lodging house in
Water was about a foot deep on the
Ash street dock at Portland Tuesday
but experts say that it is only the or
dinary rise.
Major Harris, of San Francisco,
and Major Dubbin of Portland, will
be in Pendleton Saturday night and
deliver a stereopticon lecture, enti
tied "Darkest America," with side
lights from Hawaii, at the Salvation
Army hall. Illustrated songs will a
so be rendered. Everybody Invited
A contest to decide the most pop
ular lady in Pendleton, has been ar
ranged at the Merry-go-round, anu
persons are entitled to one vote for
each ticket purchased. The prize la
a beautiful gold watch, 20-year Du
ber case, purchased of W. E. Garrl
son, and Is on exhibition in his show
E. S. Payne, cartoonist and artist
is at work for the East Oregonian,
his work appearing In this paper's
columns. Mr. Payne is prepared tc
make sketches and cuts for adver
tisers and others at reasonable
prices. Estimates will be furnished
without cost. Orders can be left
at the East Oregonian office
Uma Sods Is certainly tbe moat delicious 6
cent drink ever served in Pendleton. Some
. drinks you like, and some you don't; but Uma
Soda is a favorite with everybody. Sold only
i nucpjn a urug.Biore. wmcn is u Btepa irom
( Main street toward tbe Court House.
then told a patriotic story regarding
a soldier who lost his arm in the ser
vice of his country as illustrative of
the feelings with which the people
should approach the ballot box.
Two parties were asking the suff
rages of the people this year, the
democratic party, which came up
smiling year after year regardless of
successive defeats, and the vlcicrl
ous republicans. The democrats wer
hopeful fellows.
Defending the republican Philip
Pine policy, ho referred to the pur
chase of Louisiana and Florida,
whereby democratic presidents had
acquired extensive territories with
out obtaining the consent of the gov
erned, and had not hesitated to eu
force their control over the now ter
ritory by the- sword. Yet when the
republicans did the same thing in the
Philippines the democrats raised a
great howl and invoked the shades ot
Jefferson and Jackson.
This party, he declared, had al
ways been one of obstruction and
had never advanced a policy which
had caused any. advanco in the gener
al welfare of the country. The Phil
ippines had been acquired in the
same way as had Louisiana, Florida,
and California, and they must bo held
in the same way. The Filipnos had
been removed from the bloody reign
of Spain and were ' being educated
and trained to become good citizens,
but as yet they were as incapable of
self government as a 4-year-old child.
He refuted the 'democratic conten
tion that the present campaign was
not one of political significance, af,
firming that the election of the re
publican: governor would be a com
mendation by the people of the re
publican policy of progress and pros
perity, while the election of the dem
ocratic candidate even though the
balance of the republican ticket were
placed in power would be taken by
the nation as an acquiesence in the
democratic policy of obstruction, and
the slanders which had been heapeu
upon the army of this country by the
democratic legislators.
After making a strong appeal to
the people to stand by the party and
show by their ballots that It was the
choice of the electors, he closed with
a neat tribute to Hon. J. N. William
son, who, he declared, was a strong,
manly, intelligent and good citizen.
A man, who if elected, would cer
tainly give satisfaction.
At the close of the Judge's addres
Mr. Williamson briefly denied certain
stories which he said had been circn
lated regarding his connection with
the employers' liability bill, which
he declared to have been a house"
measure, discussed and defeated iu
the house and never brought before
the senate.
During the evening selections were
rendered by the Pendleton quartet,
consisting of Messrs. John Collier, M
A. Rader, A. J. Owens and Gerry
It was also announced that Wii
11am J. Furnish, C. W. Fulton and
two or three other republican candl
dates would address the voters at the
opera house on Monday evening next
Tells of His Trip Through the Inter
ior Counties of the District
Immediately after the meeting
Tuesday night an East Oregonian
man interviewed Hon. J. N. Wil
liamson, who talked entertainingly of
his recent trip through Harney and
other southern counties where he
has been stumping the district in
company with Judge Webster.
"Leaving the railway at Sumpter,'
said Mr. Williamson, "we went by
stage to Canyon City, and thence
through the country to Drewsey and
Ontario, a total distance of over 300
"We had crowded houses through
out the trip and while in that section
I saw something entirely new in the
line of campaigning, the people ot
Burns sending their brass band of 14
pieces and nearly 100 enthusiasts In
18 carriages through the district with
us for over 100 miles, as far aa
Drewsey. During the trip we had
some great times, addressing two
and three meetings dally.
"Furnish sentiment is growing
rapidly through the Interior coun
ties and I found the republican ticket
gaining ground, this being due in
great measure to the splendid work
done there by Judge Webster, who
made some of the best speeches
have heard.
"I am more than pleased with my
reception In Pendleton and must say
that here I found one of the best
halls and one of the easiest audien
ces to address which I have met on
my entire trip.
"I am confident of election myselt
and believe the entire republican
state ticket will go In."
Mr. Williamson left at 8 o'clock
this morning for Antelope, where he
will address a meeting this evening,
going from there to Astoria, where
he speaks tomorrow night.
last Monday evening, and according
to the Chronicle of that place, lilt
reception was a pleasing augurer ot
his success In the coming election.
The evening was opened by n.
torchlight procession with noarlv Sno
hi lino. In addition to Mr. Chamber-
lHn, prominent democrats addressed
the meeting and were- listened to
with rapt attention, telling points
being heartily applauded.
Most flattering reports are beta
received from the Interior count In
and the La Grande newspaper Is con
vinced that Mr. Chamberlain and tho
democratic ticket will surely win In
that county.
After the Itnttle.
"Life Is a battle," said tho moralist,
"In which some are wounded"
"And bank cashiers," Interrupted the
Jokesmlth, "are usually reported am our
the missing." Philadelphia Record.
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse
About all you can do with people
vho hate you is to conclude tluv luwe
vtX taste. Atchison Globe.
Many a man's reputation depends oa
what isn't found out about him.
Democrats at La Grande.
George E. Chamberlain, democratic
candidate for governor, addressed an
enthusiastic meeting in La Grande
Leaders in'
Are the new patterns in
wall paper we are show
ing. Our stock has that
bright new appearance
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s' aaa
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