East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 14, 1902, Image 2

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    Furnishings For Men
Golf shirts, all sizes and colors 50c to $i 50
Plaited Bom Madras shirts, 65 and 75c and i 00
White shirts, extra quality 65c and 90c
White shirts, unlaundried 40c and 50c
Night robes 50c to $ 00
Black satin shirts, sold everywhere for7oc 50c
Black and tan stockings, the 15c kind JOc
Gloves (large shipment just in) 25c to $i 50
Extra good boys' stockings other stores sell
them at 35c per pair
Handkerchiefs, extra large size, red, white and
Coilars, Cuffs, Suspenders and Sweaters
One Price Ololhiers, Furnishers and Hatters, Pendleton
A dispatch from St. Petersburg an
nounces that the accouchment of the
czarina is expected in September.
Tho czar is hoping that it will be a
President Roosevelt has directed
Secretary Root to confer with the
Cuban court of appeals and ask jur
isdiction to roview the case of Rath
Lone and to take additional testi
mony. This is due to Mark Hanna's
The seismograph in operation at
the Johns Hopkins University, in
Baltimore, shows no record of any
disturbance of the earth's crust there,
concurrent with the volcanic out
bursts which are devastating and re
modelling the West Indies.
Ex-Senator John M. Thurston, of
Nebraska, and ex-Governor W. J. Mc
Donnell, of Idaho, have joined in a
mining venture and will operate in
New Mexico. Thoy have incorporat
ed the San Ygnnclo Do Bora Mining
Company, limned, with a capital or
"Jim" Fiynn, of Salt Lake, was
given the decision over "Jim" Gra
ham, of Colorado, in the fifth round of
a scheduled 20-round contest at tho
Salt Lake Atholotlc Club Monday
night. In the fifth round Graham
wont groggy and deliberately kicked
Flynn twice in the groin. He was
promptly disqualified.
The Pendleton.
G. S. Youngman, Portland.
Glen Marker, Baker City.
William Fitzgerald, city.
W. H. O'Niell, San Francisco.
L. Block, San Francisco.
H. B. Normeuch,-Virginia.
A. W. Kingler, San Francisco.
F. J. Ginger, Spokane.
E. W. Brigham, Boston.
T. W. Jackson, Portland.
S. S. Gill, Spokane.
N. S. McCormack, Portland.
W. D. Palmer.
John Nissen, Portland.
Nat Barnes, Illinois.
Mrs. Roth, Walla Walla.
E. B. Coman, Portland.
J. C. McFerrels and wife.
C. W. Brown, Minneapolis.
E. Jacobson, The Dalles.
T. B. Morgan, Portland.
J. A. Allen. San Francisco.
Charles Green, San Francisco. '
George McGllvery, Spokane.
N. H. Hamilton, St. Louis.
J. J. Burns, Portland.
William Folsom.
H. H. Hess, New York.
H. M. Ogden, Portland.
J. B. Barnes and wife, Spokane.
J. M. Nichols, Portland.
The Golden Rule.
Montie Charles, Colfax.
Frank Hasier, Colfax.
F. A. Bcder, Chicago.
Frank Hopkins.
Mrs. C. Campbell, Chicago.
J. P. Farns, Portland.
W. L. Rice, Lansing.
A. W. Davis, Spokane.
J. H. Fink, Spokane.
N. Hughes, Pomoroy.
E. H. Maryean, Walla Walla.
John McBurney, Boise.
Dr. M. S. Lantz, city.
C. W. Gates, Athena.
Rae Barton, city.
B. E. Hurtiey, Walla Walla.
C. J. Franker, Pasco.
Tomplo Derchesne, Salt Lake.
Mrs. Norwood, Portland.
A. F. Bernard, Portland.
Bud Nelson, Athena.
A. D. King, Portland.
Gertrude E. Mudgo. Chicago.
Iona Ravencroft, Chicago.
Katherino Crego, Chicago.
R. J. Ravencroft, Chicago.
George B. Edwards, Chicago.
H. M. Holdon, Chicago.
H. F. Alexander and wife, Portland.
Mrs. S. E. Alexander, Portland.
Mrs. E. B. Phillips, Lowlston.
T. C: McDonald, Lowlston.
Mrs. B. P. Thompson, Lowlston.
The La Grande National bank, by
a recent statement, shows It has de
posits in the sum of ?101,700.
Tlie Burlington company has re
ceived advices that 1000 cars of
Southern cattle will arrive at Bill-
ings for Montana during the next few
The First National bank of Walla
Wnlla, Levi AnKeny, president, has
deposits of more than ?1,000,000, the
largest deposits of nny bank in tho
Inland Empiro, outsido of Spokane.
Ice in the Yukon Is broken and win
ter is over. Tho breakup was unu
sually quiet. It occurred during a
blinding snow storm, with the ther
mometer at -10 degrees above zero.
The water rose six feet, but little
damage resulted.
It is stated on good authority that
Renaldo Hall, of Bloomlngton, 111,,
will be publicity promotor for the O.
R. & N. Co., commencing Juno 1.
The roport says that President Moh
ler, while East two months ago, made
a contract with Mr. Hall.
Frederick Stanley Dunn, professor
of Lntin at tho Unlvorslty of Oregon,
has tondered his resignation to tho
board of regents, to take place at the
end of tho present school year. Pro
fesssor Dunn expects to entor Har
vard University next fall to tako his
doctor's degreo.
Marshal C. E. Clay, of Elma. Wash.
Is tho proud possessor of a silver
cup which was presented to his
grandfather, the Rev. Clinrlos Clay,
by President Thomas Jofforson. The
inscription on the cup show's that tho
presentation was niado in 1799. It
is as follows: Thomas Jofforson to
C. Clay, August IB, 199.
Rev. William E. Spilth, a pioneer,
died in Rosoburg, Monday after 'a
lliiRorlng illness. Death
by old age. Father Smith, as do- ForSale or Exchange.
ceased was" familiarly called, was T" new brick and stone cottage
bprn in Ohio in 1818, nnu cor"or Water and Vlncout streets!
camo io urogon in as. ho lias lived "ua ' mouern improvements. Will
most of thq time in Washington alt0 pnrt m ""Improved pronortv.
county. His wife survives liim. Apply I. l. Ray, 114 Court Btreot.
Excursion to Athena.
After a triumphant tour through
Washington and British Columbia,
tho "Redskins" will return to Pendle
ton next Saturday, crowned with vic
torious wreaths. The team will rest
in this city a day and on Sunday
May 18, will play the "Yellow Kids"
at Athena. For this occasion the O.
R. & N. Company will make a rate
of 75c for the round trip. Train leaves
at 8:15 a. in., returning, leaves Athe
na at 4:40 p. m.
3 and 4,
will sell
Low Rates East,
On June 29, and July 2
tho O. R. & N. Company
tickets to Minneapolis and to Mis
souri rlvor points (Kansas City to
Sioux City incluslvo) and return nt
the extraordinary low rate of $47.
Tickots good until Sopteniber 1, with
stop-over in both directions. Call nt
mo u. it. & n. ticket office for full
Every Day Is a Bargain Day Here I
Oregon Domestic Animal Commis
sion and the Government in Cor
respondence Regarding Stamping
Out the Disease.
A Salem correspondent writing to
a Portland paper says: For years
the state officers have been in re
ceipt of appeals from Eastern Ore
gon to help in preventing the spread
of mnnge among horses, caused by
the running at large of mangy nnl
mals owned by the Indians on the
reservations. The Oregon Domestic
Animal Commission has frequently
corresponded with the interior de
partment regarding this matter since
the Indian agents refuse the right to
the state authorities to destroy the
mangy horses, which have become
a menace to the horses of settlera
and ranchers. Recently Dr. William
McLean, the state veterinarian,
placed the matter before United
States Senator John H. Mitchell,
asking liis co-operation in securing
some nction on the part of the In
dian department to help eradicate
the evil. The state board under the
Oregon statute, orders horses simi
larly afflicted killod. but the Indian
agent at the Umatilla reservation re
fused to allow this to be done with
diseased horses on the reservation.
Since Senator Mitchell has taken up
the matter and pushed it with the
department, there is some prospect
of early action being taken.
The board received a letter writ
ten by A. C. Tonner, acting commis
sioner of Indian affairs, to Senator
Mitchell regarding this matter, en
closing also a copy of a letter sent
to the Indian agent on the Umatilla
reservation. In the letter to Sen
ator Mitchell the commissioner says,
in part:
"Relative to the existence of mange
among the Indian horses on the
Umatilla reservation, you are in
formed that the matter of the exist-!
ence of mange among the Indian)
horses at the Umatilla reservation is'
at present under investigation by the
Agricultural Department, with a
view of taking measures for its erad
ocation. In this connection you are
advised that every effort possible on
the part of this office will be taken
to eradicate this disease among the
horses of the Indians of the Umatil
la reservation, and the agent will be
expected to confer with, and act in
conjunction with the inspectors of
the agricultural department, to the
end that the disease may be blotted
rhe letter to Indian Agent Charles
Wilklns. of the Umatilla reservation.
a copy of which is enclosed, says in
"The matter has been taken in
hand by the department of agricul
ture, which department, it seems.
received several reports as to the
existence of this skin disease among
mo norses on your reservation. It
appears from the statement of the
secretary of agriculture, that a pre-
liminary investigation as to the na
ture of this disease, has resulted in
the discovery of the fact, that said
disease is of considerable cravitv.
and of a contagious character.
"Said department proposes to
send an Inspector to make an inves
tigation as to tho extent of the exist
ence of this disease among the
horses on the Umatilla reservation.."
10,1 Jf
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The People of Freewater to Have a
Big Time on the Nation's Birth
day. Freewater, May 13. The people of
Freewater are getting ready for a big
time on July 4th, a first-class cele
bration being assured. A meeting of
citizens is called for the 14th Inst.,
for the appointment of committees
and the transaction of other business
bearing on the subject.
W. T. Wright's new store is near
ing completion and will soon be ready
for occupancy.
John Vinson Is building a new
hardware store, which he intends to
fill from roof to floor with a first
class stock at an early date.
Joseph Lawson and A. Rogers, who
have been in partnership in the con
fectionery business, have dissolved,
and Lawson will carry on tho busi
ness in the future, in connection with
ltis barber shop.
Wool Growers' Meeting.
The Wool Growers' Association
will hold a meeting In Pendleton
May 29, at 1 o'clock p. m. There
will be a wool sale May 29th and 30th
by the sealed bid method, officers of
the association will bo elected and
othor important business transacted
Tho county seat of Jackson county
will probably be moved from Jack-
sonvlllo to Medford; as that has be
come tho most important town anu
is more centrally located and conven
ient for tho taxpayers.
There Is No Question
It is the finest grade it is possible to make. Nothing
but the choicest wheat enters into Byers' flour, and
satisfaction is the result whererever it is used for bread
or fancy baking.
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
i Doctor
A Nurse
Sick Room Goods
Toilet Articles
KILL fxl,'1
I tmic t .'or'y ! I
That clusters Around
"Dejtroy the cauie. you remove
the effect"
eradicates the germ, promotes the
5mm oi me nair. for sale by ail
druggliti. Price 51.00.
Main 85.
and it will be attended to im
mediately. Goods delivered Free
to any part of the city. Our mes
sengers are QUICK. No delay'
j ruiem iueaiclne" that you
Sf-O IlflvnrHcnrl ..,., I l. . -
uu uC uruereu ot us
by telephone. AT TILE SAME
PRICK, and we will deliver it free.
F. W. Scnmidt & Co.,
Reliable Druggists,
Association Elook.
GoEconda Gold Mine
A Plain Statement of Fact:
The G0LC0NDA MINE, in the Sumpter district, with
its equipment, and ten other claims, was recently purchased I
the Golconda Consolidatfid Gold Minna flnmnnnv. nrincinal oi
in Pendleton, which is now operating the mine. The full PI
iauubo piiuB io pam, ana au our. tne treasury sioua. uibjjubouv..
those who adva TlPfifi tlio 111111011000 rmino
There was left in the treasury for an operating "1
500,000 shares of treasury stock. Some of this stock is offered!
sale, but not exceeding 200,000 shares of it will be sold; Mjl
will supply ample funds until the mine is more than sell s!
mining, xjus stock is offered at 15 CENTS A MiAiui ior
tmrty days.
ntMntf annals it.
prove its worth those at work in the mine, who are in a ; poo m
to know what is in the Golconda, have bought stock at ten en
a, little money which they can spare for the purpose aJurau i
i.uuu or more snares of this stock, as they will mosi
it me very oost investment they ever made in tneir uvw.
AddresR all and Hi nnonlrs in faVOr 01 .
v V S M- U A IS J. UUUUU, niUU f
Keep Yout Houses Cool!
Have a "Quick Meal" Bloc Flame Oil Sto
Put in your kitchen without delay. Cheapest and most p I
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operate the Quick Meal. No trouble to start and abaoltu
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For Health, Strength and
neasure Drink
Polydore Moens, PropTietori J