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Eastern Oregon Weather
rnuf residence
Tonight nml Thursday, partly
elotuly, cooler.
NO. 4434
U Train While Running
" o
at Full opeea on a. uui vc
Strikes Coal Cars,
eman Charles Anderson Escapes
ith Slight Injuries Engine Was
oUlly Demolished and Eight Cars
mashed into Kindling Wood.
alUe, May 14 A freight train
He Northern Pacific, running at
sneed arounil a curve, in enter-
Interbay, near this city, this
i nUo.1 with twn f.nrs Innri-
LUI1IUW " - - '
B. W. Shaw was killed and En-
was slightly injured. The cn-
tos demolished and eight cars
shed into kindling wood. Who
ID uiamu lur Liic; uuuucut 10 uuk
J ..l.lln
Flood of Cheap Sugar.
asnmgton, amy n. annual m-
lescineu ueiure uie seuiue rem-
committee with Cuba, said ir
Cuban reciprocity bill, as passed
ted States with chann snenv.
The Biennial Convention of the Most
Conservative and Influential Labor
Norfolk, Va., May 14. During the
text three weeks the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers, one of the
most conservative and influential la
bor bodies in America, -will be In bl
'ennlal convention In this city. The
convention organized for business to
day and as there is much to occupy
its attention the session is likely to
Jbe a busy one.
The reports of the various officers
will show that the organization's af
.fairs are in splendid condition. Since
its organization in Detroit, in 1863,
with a membership of 12 men, the or
der has increased in numbers until
it has now 585 subdivisions, repre
senting a membership of 41,000. The
Brotherhood has succeeded in making
written agreements with 90 per cent
of all the railroad compa'nies in the
countrjy'covering rules and rates ot
pay for the members. Furthermore,
the order has been instrumental in
giving to the railroad companies a
mpre efficient class of men, as it has
aimed steadily to educate its mem
bers up to a high standard of excel
lence in their profession.
Another Soldiers' Home.
aaiuugiuu, uiny xt. ouiimur xur
of Washington, today introduced
R SpnniO n till Ytyv nc-tnUHc.
' 1 ' f C4 his I III I lldL
State Excite Interest.
p nr mo i-it-.-.-j r a . . r
water supply of Texas is the oc-
iiuiiuiiui UllUfiiail Bluings
of the escarpment which bounds
SOUtll-eastnrn nnrHnn of T7M.
ieau. -rnese waters are
Auionio and elsewhere. They
irnm .
- -j.wufao, Him llow away in
suearas winch form the source
careful study of their behavior.
- iuoi luuir now is not con-
out flUPtllotno !.. -
- wn UCUVCBU U illgU
low discharge. It has also been
0Tered that thnsn ni,nnn i
....u.u icaomuiance. ootn in
uu amount to the fluctuations
nrni - ii
"est of the rainfall curve over
fsiun oeing follower! with
"IB Crest Of tlio rHc.
kru x. , Ul ine springs. This
ir. I ,B ueen round to hold true
uu wet years alike. The Ed-
fiateau is a flat.
eitt mfquare mlles r more
"tent. Thfi rnl ,..l,lT. ,n.
loes not flow off In surface
and . "io me porous
eventually fi,i0 it
region ,.i, ,uoia scarP llne of
'fsmn vhere t hnt t n..
fl. U""L UUL ill I IIH
... opnnps.
"u All! On C rlVAr II.
,a one of i ,
en tn o.,i " l ttUU ma weus
Antonln Jl, 1 lu lue Clly 01
uiuuio tnpre enn. i
"i WHlCh ln,H i, . .. .
Gently IJS. .. It
. "MB Blnartll,. ,j
Wtlt rIver fel1 Bever.
Wth,,.?1 on Cutting oft
U ny4 A-U LX. k. II 14 1 IIM
IZ flow, of the
1 rise , iB" jow the
"v:8 helgth on T'r
ff taS'Ch tthe8 wrings
ftoftK u68dIv'8lnof Hydro
'fougj, p"' 8- Geological Sur
LeStv 5" n? U- Taylor, of
The Tammany Chieftain Soon Got
Enough of His Job and Resigns.
New York, May 14. At a meeting
of the executive committee of Tam.
many Hall this afternoon Lewis Nix
on presented his resignation as the
leader and chief to take effect imme
diately. It was accepted. Trouble
arose in the association because of
the differences between Nixon and
Carrol, and the former thought it
best to retire.
Convention of Miners.
Hazelton, Pa., May 14. The con
vention of United Mine Workers, to
consider the proposition to make the
present strike in the anthracite dis
trict permanent, began here today.
President Mitchell, In addressing the
delegates, said: "You are going to
decide the most important movement
to the coal industry and, perhaps
the most important labor movement
of the world."
The Disaster on St. Vincent's Island Considerably Worse
Than Reported, But Relief Will Be Promptly Given "to
Unfortunates, .
American Naval Officers Report Situation In Martinique Plenty of Fresh
Water Left in the Island Symptoms of Trouble on Porto Rica Island
Names of the Ships Lost at St. Pierre Vesuvius Is Active Apaln
Mount lona, In Nebraska, Threatens People of Ponca, and They Have
Organized a Band of Watchers.
London, May 14. Secretary
berlain last night received the follow
ing cablegram from the governor of
the Windward Islands, regarding the
conditions on the island' of St. Vin
cent. The dispatch is dated at St.
"Arrived here yesterday and found
the state of affairs much worse than
News of disaster at St. Vincent. Have
sent the Potomac and will follow If
necessary." The third dispatch from
the Brooklyn navy yard, saying:
"The cruiser Buffalo is ready to sail
for Martinique within two hours' no
tice." Fresh Water Not Needed.
Consul Aymo, at Martinique, In an
was given in the reports forwarded j J? Secretary Hay s dispatch of
tr ti,0 nrttnistmtnr ti,o nm.ntw 5 sterday, as to whether fresh wator
was needed In Martinique,
J ot their JneXaa' 18 maWng
WB,r OCCUrrAn.
Andrew Carnegie's New Honor.
London, May 14. In recognition
gifts, the Plumbers' company, an
ancient guild of the city of London
today conferred the freedom of the
company upon Andrew Carnegie
The ceremonies took place in Guild
hall and consisted of the presenta
tion of resolutions contained in
gold box, the presentation being ac
companied by suitable addresses and
a response by Mr. Carnegie.
Dinner to Whitelaw Reld.
New York, May 14. A notable din
ner takes place at the Union League
Club tonight in honor of Whitelaw
Held, special envoy to the court of
St. James for the coronation ceremo
nies. The dinner is not given by the
club, but by a large number of its
members. Senators Piatt and Depew,
several members of the cabinet and
other men of note are to be present
Glass Factories Closing Down.
Anderson, Ind., May 14. The fires
in all the factories controlled by or
under the influence of the American
Window Glass Company, will be
blown out tomorrow and production
will cease for an indefinite period.
According to the manufacturers it is
the regular summer shut-down,
though a little earlier than usual,
and the purpose is simply to main
tain a steadiness in prices.
Ship Yard Closed.
Astoria, May 14. Men at Leather's
ship yard at Astoria have struck for
an eight-hour day. No notice was
given. The ship yard is closed.
The Paine Brick School Building De-
dared Unsafe and the Classes Dis
missed. Walla Walla, May 14. Walla Walla
is without a high school today, the
Paine building having been condemn
ed as unsafe by the board of educa
tion yesterday. The building is of
brick and is a well appearing build
ing. It was constructed at a qost of
over $40,000 about 12 years ago. The
cause of the sudden breaking down of
the walls Ib said to be defective foun
dation work, and an effort will be
made to strengthen the building so
that It may again be UBed. It is said
that the high school will be perma
nently removed from the building, but
until the engineers have fully exam
ined tho building nothing definite will
be done.
along the east coast, between Robin
RocTc and Georgetown was appar
ently struck and devastated in a
manner similar to St. Pierre. 1 1 fear,
practically, all living things are kill
ed. Tns dead will probably reach
1C00 to 2000, but the exact number
will never be known. Managers and
owners of estates and their families
and several of the better class were
killed. One thousand uouies were
found and burned. One hundred and
sixty persons were sent to hospitals
at Georgetown. Of this numbei,
probably 00 will recover. The de
tails are too harrowing to describe.
All of the beet sugar estates in tho
Carib country are devastated and all
cattle are dead. The eruption con
tinues, but is apparently moderating.
Anxiety is still felt."
Spouting Smoke and Fire.
Castries Island, St. Lucia, Tuesday,'
May 13 Tho eruption of La Souff
riere continues. Great columns of
smoke and balls of fire are rising
miles in tho air. The discharge is
accompanied by tremendous explo
sions that are heard miles away. Im
possible to reach the burning district,
which embraces the entire northern
end of the island. Kingstown is
safe, though showers of ashes and
pebbles are continuously falling over
the city.
Naval Officers Report.
Washington, May 14. Tho navy
department today received three dis
patches regarding the situation at
Martinique, one of them from Lieu
tenant McCormlck, of the Potomac,
dated Fort de France, which says:
Villages surrounding St. Pierre are
uninhabitable. The island is covered
with ashes within five miles of Fort
de France. The second dispatch is
from Commander McLean, of the
cruiser Cincinnati, dated Fort de
France, this morning, says: "Arriv
ed at St. Pierre this morning, assist
ing the government of Martinique.
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
New York, May 14. Tho wheat
market wns slow today nnd prices
were nearly n cent lowor than yes
terday at tho close. Good rains In
Nebraska and Kansas Induced free
selling. Liverpool wns higher,
G 1. Now York opuned and
closed Sla. Chicago, 75.
Closed yesterday, 82.
Opened today, Sl-'Xi.
naiigo today, 8181.
Closed today, Sl-.
Sugar, 127.
Steel. -U'd.
St. Paul, Hit).
Union Pacific,
Wheat In Portland.
Chlcngo, May 14. Wheat 75- j1
7o&c per bushel.
Portland Exporters Announce
Failure of tho Australian
Wheat Cron.
A Bin Conflagration.
St. Lucia, May 14. A conflagra
tion was seen last night in tho direc
tion of Fort do France.
Trouble on Porto Rico.
Chicago, May 14. A San Juan
Porto Rico, dispatch, says: "Advices
from the south side of tho Island are
to tho effect that heavy clouds of
smoke obscure tho hoj-izon and the
sea suddenly receded more than 100
feet this morning. Tho atmosphere
became exceedingly "oppressive."
The Names of Ships Lost.
Paris, May a. The secretary of
Martinique telegraphs from Fort do
France today that he has ascertained
positively the names of tho ships lost
in tho St. Pierre disaster. They were
seven in number, one French, two
Italian, one English and three Amer
ican. Tho French' vessel wns Tam
ayaj the Italian Noril and America
and Saraciro Tersa Trola; English,
Cableship Grapplo; American, the
Roraima, Arama and Anamore.
Vesuvius Resumes Business.
Paris, May 14. A Naples dispatch
says Vesuvius shows Blgns of activ
ity. Lava Is flowing from the crater
or- Pompeii side and hot cinders are
thrown up at intervals.
Sails for Martinique.
Washington, May 14. The war de
partment this morning made public
the dispatch received yesterday from
the commander of tho United States
forces at San Juan, Porto Rico, an
nouncing that the collier Sterling
would sail for Martinique.
Getting Close to Home.
Ponca, Neb., May 14. Mount lona
continues to rumble and smoke, but
fears of eruption aro over. However,
a band of watchers are organized and
watch is being kept in order to give
alarm in case there are symptoms
of trouble.
Why Emll Beck and Harry McDonald
Arc In Jail In Portland.
United States Commissioner John
Hnilcy, Jr., has rocolvod word from
United States Deputy Marshal Rob
erts, saying that ho had arrived nt
tho Multnomah county jail with his
two United States .prlsonors. Harry
McDonnld and Emll Beck, who wcro
sent from hero Saturday, for selling
liquor to Indlaiui. Consldernblo com
plaint has boon made recently about
drunken Indians, but Commissioner
Hnilcy has boon unable to got nny
complaint that would lead to convic
tion. A low evenings ago no was
passing up Court street and snw
Charles AVhirlwind and another Uina
tllla Indian dead drunk. Mr. Halley
questioned Whirlwind and ho said
that a man gavo him tho whlHky. Ho
gave a description of Emll Beck.
Ilailoy looked around, but could not
locate Beck. Ho went away and after
a short time returned and found
Whirlwind again. Tills timo tho In
dian had a bottlo of whisky and said
that a man gavo it to him at Damaln'a
saloon. The description, ho gave or
this man answered tho exact descrlp
ion ot Harry McDonald who was
employed at thnt place. Ilailoy sent
word to tho United States marshal,
Houser, nnd United States Prosecut
ing Attorney Hull and thoy canto up
and Beck and McDonald were arrest
ed. Book waived examination and
McDonald stood tho preliminary triai.
After tho ovldenco was heard by Com
mlssloncr Uuiley thoy woro bound
ovor to tlio October torm of Unitod
Stntcs court, In .tho sum of $250; In
default, thoy both wont to Jail.
The Third American Congress to In
quire Into the Disease With the
View of Checking It.
New York, May 14. If .learned dis
cussion can do anything towards
checking the dread disease popular
ly known as consumption, then a
great deal will be accomplished at
the third annual session of tho Amer
ican Congress of Tuberculosis, which
began today at the Hotel Majestic.
Those in attendance include repre
sentatlvo medical men from every
state and territory of the union, from
nearly all the Canadian provinces
from several of the countries of Cen
tral and South America. In addition
to the foremost representatives of
the medical profession there are ac
credited delegates from leading
scientific societies and bar assocla
tlons of the United States. This
means that the great question at is
sue is to be discussed from every
standpoint. The medical depart
ments of both tho army and navy are
The sessions are to continue
through the remainder of tho week.
There will be aside from all papers
of a miscellaneous character four
symposiums arranged, each to occu
py one session of the body, as fol
lows :
"Preventive Jegislation, embracing
the social, municipal and state as
pects of Tuberculosis." (What aid
should bo expected from tho Btato in
the euro and prevention of tuberculo
sis, and how shall this be secured?)
"Tuberculosis in its pathological
and bacteriological aspects."
"The medical and surgical aspects
of Tuberculosis." (Embracing sanita
ria and climatic conditions, light and
"The veterinary aspects of Tuber
Stovemakers to Combine.
New York, May 14. A consolida
tion of all tho largo stove manufac
turing plants of tho United States
probably will be consummated at the
meeting of tho National Association
of Stovemakers, which began here to
day. Tho combine is tho result of
three years' work on the part of its
promotors. Tho consolidated compa
ny will embrace between 40 and "0
plants located in all parts of the
country and will be capitalized at
Prepare for His Burial.
Grant's Pass, May 14. A balloon
ist here is arranging for an aerial
flight with the intention of descend
ing on Crater Lage, 85 miles east of
A Montana Buyer Says the Price of
Mutton Will Take a Tumble.
John Town, tho Great Falls, Mont
sheep buyer, Is in tow stopping at
Hotel at. (ieorgo. Mr. Town came
down to ship out tho 10 cars of slieop
that lio purchased two months ago
from Joo Vey and they will bo load
ed and leave Echo Friday evening
for Great Falls, This Is tho soconil
train of sheep that Air. Town has
shipped from Echo this spring. When
he was hero before ho took 2G cars
out. Ho says that these aro the last
sheop ho wants for ho looks for a big
slump in tlio market ns soon as the
grass mutton is ready. In Chlcugo
now a good mutton sheop will bring
from $7 to $8, and Mr. Town has
Just returned from theso markets
From the number of sheep in this
westorn country ho looks for them
to go down this Hummer, and, advises
all who have sheep to dispose of them
enrly. Mr. Town said that tho sheop
men were holding on to their sheep
because of the good range at thlfa
season and fow wanted to soil stock
sheep, while mutton sheep wero all
out of the country,
Up to Noon Today 3925 Had Register
ed In Umatilla County.
Havo you registered?
Only one more day remains In
which you can register nnd if you
put off this duty until after 6 o'clock
tomorrow o g you way iiiIbs get
ting to voto. Whon tho registration
books closo thoy aro closed for good
and no one can say that thoy havo
not had a chanco to roglster. The
books haye been open for three
months and tho county has paid a
man to remain in tho clerk's office
from early morning until evening for
no other purposo than to reglstor tho
voters of tho county, but many have
not availed themselves of the oppor
Up to noon 392G names wero on tho
registration books and it is estimated
that there are more than 1000 men
yet in tho county who should havo
their names on the books,
Prisoners Make Attempt to Escape
From City Jail Stato Sunday
School Association In Annual Con
vention Jury In Diamond Robbery
Case Disagree.
Fortlnnd, May 14, Oreson and
Washington wheat exporters are Jubi
lant. Tlio failure of tho Australian
wheat crop as reported, menus a big
Incrouso in wheat that will bo ex
ported from thono states to South Af
rican ports. Tlio Hoot cleared so far
this fionson has carried 1.C00.000 bush
els. Tho British ship Dcccnn, tho
17th ship to sail from tho Northwest
for South Africa, has Just been char
tered by tho Portland Flouring Mills
Company to load at Tacoina with
Prisoners Attempt to Escape.
Prisoners In the city jail, under tho
leadership of OharloB Burton, nllas
Boiultt, attempted a jail dollvory lntit
night. Thoy sawed off tho bars, but
were caught bol'oro tho Job could bo
completed. IJomltt robbed tolophono
boxes anil Is serving n term of one
Sunday Shcool Association.
Tho x7th annual Htato Sunday
School Association opened In this
orty this morning in tho Taylor M.
12. church. Three hundred delegates
aro In attendance. Thoy wore wel
comed by T. S. MeDniilels, of Port
laud. Tho day was taken up with ad
drcssscs. The Jury Disagreed.
Tho Jury disagreed In tho case
against Charlos Savngo mid wlfo for
robbing; tlio Portland Hotel of $10,000
worth of diamonds. A now trial has
been ordered.
Portland, 8; Helena, 2.
The opening league ganio between
Portland and Helena, played yostor
day, was won by Portland, tho scoro
being 8 to 2. Tho visitors played
Mine Was Dirt Cheap.
Grant's Pass, May 11. William
Brown, John Hlgglns and John Ing.
ram discovered a gold mlno In Rogue
River valley. Sonio of tho ore wont
$1000 to tho ton, though tho avorago
waB only $75. CalUornlans havo
bought tho mine for $0000, ns the
ownors woro In need of monoy.
Notice to Votors.
Registration books will bo kept
opon, at tho court house, ovory overl
ing until 9 o'clock, until Thursduy,
May lGth, whon tho books will bo
closed at 5 p. m., and tlmo for regis
tration ends.
Banished From Their Country.
Pretoria, May 14. Thirty more
Boer leaders havo been permanently
banished from South Africa.
Now Wants to Meet W. J. Furnish,
the Candidate For Governor.
Henry Geo, of MeMIunvlllo, has tho
distinction of being, so far ua known
tho only survivor in tho western
half of Oregon of tho little party
which crossed tho plains by ox toam
In 18G5, and which contained among
Its members Hon William J, Fur
nish, tlion u child of 3 years. Mr.
Geo and r. Furnish wero horn with
in II vo miles of each other in Ran
dolph county, Missouri. Thoy
crossed tho Missouri rlvor for Ore
gon, May 20, and togothor traveled
to Green river. Gee rode on horse
back all tho way, and led a Jack. H
remombors as it woro only yester
day of tho Furnish boy straying from
camp u short distanco, nnd running
prickly pear In quo of his bare
feet. Geo ran out and carried him
back to camp, Whllo on Lost river
tho party was made sad by the death
of tho head of the Furnish house.
hold, After reaching Oregon, Mrs.
Furnish and family became resident
of Polk county, and Mr, Geo located
In Yamhill. Ho has not soon the Fur
nish boy slnco, and will tako pecu. ,
liar delight in mooting him when bit
shall visit McMInnville.