East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, May 13, 1902, Image 5

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Are Coming in Daily
T-Tn ..naivinir nil flip fftllfiv flnrl atartlo
W artcles of the market, and have the brightest,
Iresbeat and newest stock in Pendleton.
Dependable Goods and Reasonable Prices
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
"TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1902.
hitaker, the dentlBt
be Lee Teutsch for hats.
lames A. Howard, farm loanB.
tfone7 saved at the Standard.
leans at lowest rates. E .D.
tabus buggies $150, at Uma-
Implement Company. ,
few boxes of good solid moun
apples at Hawley Bros.
0 cents to J1.95; line line of pock
knives. Fully warranted. Nolf'a.
esh Swiss cheese. It's delicious
Martin's Family Grocery and
all In line and do your trading at
strictly cash grocery, which is the
'illiam Abalan is now here with
full line of Turkish and Oriental
i, at It. Alexander's.
'he Standard Grocery Company
Uglily elated at the success of
strictly cash trading plan.
a' fine assortment of bottled
ties, preserves and jams at Mar
i Family Grocery and Bakery.
ist arrived from Chicago, the
new street hats, also the im
ped Sablln corsets at Mrs. Camp-
pe Pendleton baseball players
F me Baseball eame at Mount
Irnon Monday, by a score of 10 to
irorn Mount Vernon they go to
lucouver, Wash., where they play
I have just received some
Pw designs in Leather and
fletal Woven Fobs. They are
Nuties and very serviceable.
l"e cost is modest
feweler and Optician
Castle's for flsh.
Fresh flsh daily at Castlo's.
Fechter's for ice cream. Court St.
Furnished rooms, 309 W. Court St.
Schllfcz's Milwaukee beer on
draught at the Maze.
Columbus buggies, $150, at Uma
tilla Implement Company.
Always a pleasure to eat Dutton's
ice cream. It's pure and wholesome.
Large stock of best toilet soap at
Martin's Family Grocery and Bak
ery. Dutton's Ice cream and soda watei
are delicious. You never tire of
Scorching weather is made enjoy
able by cooling off with Dutton's ice
Nobbiest ideas of the season in
suitings at Seibert & Shulz's, the
Work Is rapidly progressing on the
foundation for the Sisters' hospital,
in the east end of town.
Our crawfish come in fresh every
other day and are packed in cans in
their own "juice. Nolte's saloon.
Loans made on improved city prop
erty at 7 per cent. No commissions.
See J. R. Dickson, Bast Oregonlan
Clarence D., the 3-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hicks, died
this morning of scarlet fever. An
other child in the same family is suf
fering with the same disease.
Mrs. Kitty Bean, guardian neigh
bor, notifies all ofllcers and members
of Daphne Circle, No. 2, to meet in
the lodge room this evening, at 7:30.
A banquet will be served after the
secret session, in honor of the drill
W. J. Clarke and W. A. Johnston,
partners, doing business under the
firm name of W, J. Clarke & Co., vs.
J. F. Reynaud, is the title of a suit
filed in the circuit court Monday, to
collect $55.22, alleged to be due for
goods purchased by defendant. Roa-.
coe S. Brys'on Is attorney for plain,
Mrs. Austria Rogers has been ap
pointed administratrix of the estate
of her deceased husband, Nelson
Rogers, who died at Pilot Rock, April
4. The estate consists of two cows
and an iron safe and what, i; may
contain. Besides the. widow there
are two sons, Orville and Glenn Rog
ers. Adams Is boasting of a girl base
ball team. These girls have been
practicing tossing the ball all spring
and are getting the art down to such
a perfection that they are seriously
considering challenging pome of the
boy teams. They played a game a
few .days ago at Adams vlth "Roul
stone's Infants," and won by a score
of 14 to 7. Miss Norma Alloway Is
pitcher and Js said that Bhe can
toss a curve that is hard to find.
c Koeppen's Bedbug Destroyer
be used for all kinds of insects. It is the best prepar-
Caw?edbugs- IT KILLS THEM
ca Jay ' can also be used for moths, ants, roaches and
belor S- SlKmd ke used freely on clothing and furs
vvJP away. Price 25 cents a bottle.
I65 from Main Street Toward the Court House
Arrested In Philippines for Publish
ing Seditious Articles They Are
Known In Pendleton, Having at
One ilme Lived in Umaltlla
Fred and Burt Dorr, owner and
business manager respectively of the
Manila Freedom, are under arrest at
Manila for publishing seditious arti
cles in their paper. The Dorr boys
are quite well known in Walla Walla
and Dayton, having lived in Dayton
for many years and have acquaint
ances in Pendleton, having lived in
Umatilla county at one time.
About 12 years ago Fred left Day.
ton and went to Alaska, where he en
gaged in the drug business. Ho soon
tired of that country and, selling out,
embarked for Australia. He re
mained in Australia for two years,
where he followed the trade of as
sayer and then started to return to
the United States. On his way home
he fell in with a capitalist who had
large gold mining interests In the
Philippine Islands, and Fred was en
gaged to go to the islands as assis
tant manager of the mining proper
ties. During the late Spanish-Amer
ican war he secured control of the
Manila Freedom, a daily paper, pub
lished at Manila, and wrote for his
brother Bert to come and take poa
session of the paper, as the business
manager. "Bert was a telegraph op
erator, having been employed for
some time previous to going to Ma
nila, at Huntington, as operator for
the O. R. & N.
The following is a part of the arti
cle that caused the Dorr boys' ar
"The innocent Filipino will suffer
with the guilty, for all must neces
sarily be treatd alike. Who will be
responsible for this wholesale
slaughter? The carpet-baggers, who
indirectly direct that our soldiers
live in towns on 'friendly terms' with
the natives. There were 48 officers
and men of the Ninth Infantry bo
loed. I hear that several hundred
Filipinos on the Island of Samar,
have already expatiated this sur
prise. "If politics will step out of the
way and leave the work that was be
gun nearly four years ago to be fin
ished, it will be done in a humane
manner. There will be no need of
slaughtering to teach the natives
that they are conquered. The situ
ation in the islands, because of the
mixture of politics and warfare, is
worse now than it has been at any
other time. The nature of surprises
will vary, but they will not disap.
Political News.
A correspondent, writing from Le
Grande to the Portland Journal, says
a number of republicans in that
place and in Union county have re
fused to wear Furnish buttons, and
some who were wearing them have
discarded them.
W. J. Furnish, republican candi
date for governor, and Senator C. W.
Fulton, will make addresses In Sa
lem Saturday evening, May 17. Elab
orate preparations are being made
for their reception.
State Senator Inman, of Multno
mah county, filed his resignation
with Governor Geer. He states in his
letter that in view of his nomination
for mayor of Portland, it is his duty
to resign, so as to save Multnomah
county the expense of a special elec
tion for state Benator. Governor
Geer considers the letter as a resignation.
The love for beauty of a Samoan wo
man sometime degenerates Into cruel
ty. The very word for short stature is
contemptuous, pu'u pu'u, and tho un
dersized man must perforce become a
professional Jester or lose all hold on
Boclcty. A young man who had lost bis
arm in battle was heartlessly Jeered by
a group of laughing girls, I Interfered
in bis behalf.
"He would not be like that," I said,
"If it were uot for his bravery."
"Oh, yes," they said, "but ho looks bo
"Ho fought In your defense, you un
grateful creatures I" I cried.
"True enough," they replied, "but a
man without beauty Is contemptible."
Century Magazine.
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse
.Is It Worth While...
Gotham, New York's alias, was orig
inally applied to the Manhattan town
in derision, doubtless because of some
foolishness on the pnrt of Its people.
"The Merry Tales of the Mad Men of
Gotham" was a collection of satirical
tales written In the fifteenth century
by one Andrew Borde, a Carthusian
monk. Gotham wns a village near Not
tingham, and tho fame of tho "Wise
Men of Gothnm" soon traveled tho
world over. Doubtless Henry VIII. lui
Kgiued that Horde was taking a sly
fling at him, for he imprisoned tho hap
less writer In tho Tower, whero only
death released htm.
Hardly u Encore.
A quartet wns giving a concert before
tho patients of an insane hospital and
was singhig a number to n rather
mournful cadence and n subdued re
frain. The audience, with the bcBt of
good humor', such as invariably charac
terizes the audiences at tills particular
hospital, heard it to the bitter end, and
when its lust note had died away an
old lady with a virtuous and dignified
air of reconciliation on her faco popped
suddenly up out of tho audience and,
turning toward the stage, said reverent
ly, "O Lord, forgive them, for they
know not what they do!"
Believed in Paternalism.
A1 Massachusetts representative,
in sending out his quota of "rare and
select seeds," to his constituents,
thought be would remember a par
ticular resident of his district by
mailing him a few packages, of flow
er seeds. In due time he received a
letter of thanks from the recipient
of this favor, who stated that he
would with pleasure plant the seeds
in his back yard; he hoped they
would come up, he said, but he
would be thankful, too, If the govern
ment would send him a lawn mower,
a set of garden tools and 100 feet ot
black hose. This was all he deslr
ed at this time of writing.
Low Rate East.
For the "Eagles' Meeting," to be
held in Minneapolis the Washington
& Columbia River Railway Company,
in connection with the Northern Pa
cific, have named h. rate of $44.50 foi
the round trip. Tickets will be on
sale May 2Cth and 30th, with return
limit of CO days from date of sale.
For full particulars, call on Walter
Adams, agent,.
Notice to Voters.
Registration books will bo kept
open, at the court house, every. even
ing until 9 o'clock, except' Thursday,
May 15tb, when the books will be
closed at 5 p. m., and time for regis
tration ends.
All kinds of real estate for sale.
Homes on easy payments, will fur
nish part of purchase money.
Rlhorn & Cook, room 10, Taylor
IIlKhvraya of Strn.Tr.
In Walla Walla county, Wash., they
have been trying the plan of spreading
straw vpon tho highways. It keeps
down tho dust In summer, and tho
roads are better In the winter. Tues
day, Aug. 20, was appointed as "straw
day" this year, and ofllcers were np
pointed in each district to look out for
the straw and tell people where to put
it. This is a modification of the plan
long practiced in some parts of I'lym
outh and Barnstable counties in Mas
sachusetts of putting the limbs and
brush from the pines and other trees
trimmed up. It serves the purpose of
keeping the wheels out of the sand In
summer and prevents the ronds from
being very muddy in winter and lasts
several years where the travel is uot
too great.
For Him to Par.
N"Do you suppose women will ever be
sent to the legislature, Wilkins?"
"Wouldn't be surprised. My wife's
inclined that way now."
"Your wife? Pshaw!"
"Fact Why, it's no new thing for her
to introduce a bill in the house." Phil
adelphia Bulletin.
To coiuo to town for something that is advertised
Speoial by the Peoples Warehouse ? Of course it
is. When we advertiso anything special you may
depend upon getting a bargain.
May Shopping Festival
The latest Eastern Fad, with
watch pocket, special at
60 and 75c
Children's Wash
Nicely made in Percales,
Ginghams and Madras
From 25c to $3.00
May Shopping Festival
House Cleaning;
Don't forget us when you
start houscclcaning.
Lace Curtains. .35c to $fHM)
Cretons 8c to 20c
Silkolincs 7c to 20c
Up to Date Shirt Waists
All our newest find most up
to date shirt waists over
$2.50 on snlu at a spe
cial discount of
I 5 Per Cent
I Pi
m m s
DC Uunrohniicn
1)0 IllllbllUUOb
Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings, Boots
and Shoos.
Send for
Fninlly I'rlde.
"Quick, Georye!" the wife screamed.
"Hurry to the baby! She's trying to
swallow her rattle!"
"I know It," replied tho husband
calmly. "I want her to get ahead of
Bulfkln's baby, who swallowed u but
ton." Ohio State Journal.
Did You Know
We Sell These Items ?
Marriage Certificates X5cto
Cops and Saucers A fine
line for gifts ...45 to 99c
Baby Carriages and Go-carts
$4.45 to $21.95
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Frederick Nolf
Eating Time
Is looked forward to with
pleasure by those who
dine at tho St. George
HeBtaurant, because the
food is right, the cooking
right, the bervico right
and the prices right.
"This is the church where you hold
your services, I suppose?"
"We used to call it u church, but w
have outgrown all that. It is a temp
wf progressive thought now." Chicago
Leaders in
Best 25 Cent Meal
in the City at the
St. George
Sheet Iron and Copper
Work... Special Attention
to Job Work.... Roofing
and Guttering... All Work
Guaranteed. : : : :
Shop: Cottonwood Street, Opposite
St. Joe Store, Neur Court St.
5l 9
In Spring
Your supply of canned fruits, jellies, preserves
and canned vegetables generally becomes exhaust
ed and we have prepared for the emergency and
have a full line of fresh dried apples, dried apri
cots, prunes, raisins, grapes, currants, preserves,
jellies, that are ' as delicious as your home pre
pared goods. They are put up as carefully and
are as clean and healthful as any lady can pre
pare for the use of her own home. We can also
supply your desires for good pickles, pickled on
ions, olives, etc. Your orders sent to us are
promptly filled, given the most careful attention
and delivered.
It's a Pleasure to Trade with Us.
fl'5 fill tefl I MOT
R. MARTIN, Proprietor
LEGAL BLANKS Wfite thc East re"
alogoe of them, A full supply always kept in stock