East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 25, 1902, Image 3

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. ., . nea rionBTids nnon the fit of the corset. There
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lexander Dept. Store
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W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
He Is Accused of Selling a Band of
Horses at La Grande In Which
There Were at Least Two Stolen
The Blue Mountain Eagle says that
Tim Townsend and W. J. Robinson,
held under bonds under a charge of
horse stealing, are und,er arrest on
another charge of the samo nature,
preferred by W. F. White, who makes
the claim that he had two head of
horses in the band the accused men
sold at La Grande prior to their ar
rest in Pendleton from which nlaoo
' they were taken to Canyon City for
i rnkl. 1 a . . i
" iuis luai case was 10 nave
been tried last Monday before Judge
Ilulison, but was postponed until
next Monday when they will have a
hearing. The Eagle states that it is
not on the "inside" but it is intimated
that some interesting developments
will come to light before the cases
against Robinson and Townsend are
disposed of.
Townsend, it will bo remembered
by many people of Pendleton, was
arrested here last winter on the
charge of horse stealing preferred by
stock men of Grant county. Ho was
taken into custody by the Umatilla
county officers and turned over to the
constable from Monument, who start
ed with his prisoner for Canyon City.
Quite a little stir was occasioned
here tho next day by the report that
the officer had been overpowered by
the irate stock men of the interior
and prisoner lynched near Ukiah.
This report, however, was untrue and
Townsend reached his destination in
safety. Hobinson was arrested about
the samo time, and they were both
held, being placed .under bonds, but
they have not as yet been convicted
of the charge.
every particular and detail a good
circus, and that is tho great Pan
American Shows which is coming to
Pendleton on Wednesday, April SO,
in all its splendor, its unequalcd
numbers and vast proportions. Un
der the greatest city of snow white
tents ever erected on nny grounds
will bo seen fully 100 count them.!
100 exalted stars, who will give 150
superiqr acts, too numerous to clas
sify, too many to name, too multifa
rious to describe. Bareback riding,
hurdling, trick and fancy riding, acri
ni acts, grand gymnastics, tumbling,
vaulting, leaping, athletic and contor
tion teats, juggling, cqullbrlstlc polo
balancing, breaklnir lnililnr niwt nflinr
acts. Unique, stately, astounding,
aerial, stage and arenic performances
not seen elsewhere. Many of them
by forelcn artists, nlontv nf Mi
home nrtists. Remember tho date,
and do not miss the big show. And
remember that this is an advertisement.
8iat so? Ohio, city of Toledo i .
Lvcas County. ss
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ho Is tho
senior rmrtnor ot the Arm ol F.J.nimimv f
doing business In the city ol Toledo, county
and state aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
tho Bum ot One Hundred Dollar fnr
overycasoot Catarrh that cannot bo cured by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to beforo mo and subscribed In my
presence this 6th lny ot December, A.
Nnturv IMiVilli.
II all's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
oi ine system. Sena for testimonials, frco.
F. J. CHKNEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills arc tho best.
Coming to Pendleton Wednesday,
April 30.
Call all the others what you will;
but when all iB said and told, and
retold, there is a circus which is in
Northern Pacific Lands.
AH Northern Pacific railroad lands
throughout the Northwest had been
withdrawn from the market for tho
purpose of releasing. It is believed
that whan the prices are promulgated
they will be from 50 to 200 per cent
higher than formerly. While, tho
lands belonging to tho company are
not off the market in the sense that
no sales' will be made, there is now
no price list by which the local agents
are governed and it is impossible for
them to make, quotations without first
wiring a query to tho Northern Pa
cific land commissioner at Tacoma.
It is thought two weeks will elapse
before tho new prices are made public.
Tenant: "Say, what In the name of everything Is that frightful racket
up stairs every day7"
Landlord: "Oh, that's nothing. You know, a hypnotist lives there, and
he tries to 'will' his wife to do things."
Bargain Day
Working; Ont lllnlnvny Tnjten Pro
duce i I.nntlnK Ut'NiiltH.
Commenting on the highway law of
the Empire Stnti the New York Times
in n recent Issue paid:
The legislation heretofore enacted for
the improvement of the roads of the
state is good as fnr as It goes, but it Is
not likely to go very far In tho lifetime
of the youngest of our renders. It pro
vides for state nld to towns that arc
willing to contribute their part to bet
ter roads built under tho direction of
the state. Up to the present time wo
believe that only 300 miles of tho fi.OOO
in the slnte are bcnclltcd by this law.
Tho highway alliance, whoso purpose
Is to "increase the usefulness of high
ways," proposes that the plan now In
operation In towns generally shall bo
It has boon estimated that improve
I meat in roads steadily used, which
I should save only 10 per cent of tho
j wear ami tear of horses n ltd wagons
and of tho time of men employed,
would save to the average farmer from
$"() to $100 a your. It Is not at nil tin
reasonable to Infer that the plan pro
posed would effect such an Improve
, tneiit. Ah It would not cost tho conn
I try residents a cent more In expcndl
j lure, it ought to be populur if it in
', once understood.
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dress shoes, regular $3.50 shoes, .
for one day only ; ' 2 75
en's heavy calfskin shoes, regular
$2.00 shoe 1 50
Jeu's.heavysoledOxfordVworth$2 1 50
oys dress shoes, regular price
$1.25 and $1.35, Saturday 1 00
ses heavy shoes, all sizes, for
one day rjg
kes' heavy soled Dongoli 'shoes,
j0nKar $2-25, Saturday 1.60
M of Misses and Ladies Shoes. . 50
Dry Goods
Apron check Gingham, all colors .... $ 03
Colored Flannelette, worth 10c and
15c, sale price ' 05
Heavy outing flannel, regular 10c
and 11c grades 07
Plain and polka dot French Flannel,
75c grade 45
Good grade house lining, one day
only....i , 3
Ribbons, all sizes from 1 inch to 3
inches wide 05
Merrick's thread, 7 spools 25
Boys' suits, ages 6 to 14 $ 1 00
Boys' long pants, sizes 26 to 30 ... . 50
Boys' Short pants, sizes 8 to 14 15
Men's duck coats, worth $2.00 and
$2.50, Saturday 1 50
Men's suits, worth $6,50 to $10.00. . 5 00
Galvanized iron water pails, 12
quart $. 20
Good rim door locks , 25
Six-quart tin milk pans 08
Eight-quarl tin milk pans 09
Tin Cups , 02
Good steel frame. clothes wringer. . . 1 25
Gome Early and Get Yovt Choice.
Y April 26, 1902
The Place to Save Money
so changed that the resources avail
able, which are very considerable, shall
be applied tinder state direction.
At present each property owner Is re
quired to pay his share of the amount
voted for roads, but Is nt liberty to
work out the tax at the rate of one
day's labor for each dollar due by him.
The work, whether voluutnry or hired,
Is done when and where the path mas.
Icr and the highway commissioner may
direct. The change urged Is that all
payment of roud taxes In labor shall
be done away with, that all taxes shall
be paid In money and that tho money
shall be expended under the direction
of the skilled and trained ofllclals of
the state.
There can be no doubt that this ar
rangement would secure yery much
better return for the money of the va
rious towns than Is got at present. No
ouo need be a great traveler in tho In
terior of our state to know that tho
general condition of the roads is bad
and that the badness is tremendously
costly. It Is quite common to see a
fairly good road passing from the area
of one town become a wretched road
In the next, und the proportion of the
latter In many times greater than that
of the former,
As a. rule tho actual cost of the de
cent rouds Is not appreciably larger
than that of tho bad ones. Tho mon
ey Is used In ono case and wasted In
thu other. Tho plan suggested would
not Increase, as we understand It, tho
amount collected for roads. It would
simply securo an Immensely better re
turn for It. And this return would he
In the detlnlto shape of econopiy and
profit for tho residents of tho towns
aa well as for the community general-
Ono nivlil.il by 11 lliilf.
If you ask tho man In tho street tho
simple question, What Is otiu divided
by a hair? he will either reply that tho
operation Is an Impossible one or that
the answer Is a hair. When you point
out that one divided by two Is a half,
he will see that there. Is something
wrong somewhere, but will still bo
quite tumble to give the right answer.
When you tell him that the nnswer Is
two, ho will either accept the assertion
without understanding It or will dis
pute It tooth and anil, If you attempt
to convince' him of his error, you will
(Ind It Is not at all an easy task.
Ills mistake arises through tho con-
I'oundlng of (wo distinct Ideas namely,
one divided Into two and ono divided
by two. One divided into two Is ono
divided Into two parts, each part con
taining a half. One divided by two In
the ratio of one to two or tho number
or times two Is contained In one. To
any one who has thought thu matter
out this seems clear enough, but to the
man In the street It Is sheer nonsense
and ho will tell you so. KansitH City
A lilt of CorrFfliMiitilence.
The following correspondence, ending
In true Irish fashion, actually passed
between two men In England some
years ago:
"Air. Thompson presents his compli
ments to .Mr, Simpson and begs to re
quest that ho will keep his doggs from
trespassing on his grounds."
".Mr, Simpson presents his coiupll-
monts to Mr. Thompson and begs to
suggest that In future ho should not
spell 'dogs' with two gees."
"Mr Thompson's respects to Mr.
Hlmpson ami will feel obliged if ho will
add tho letter 'e' to tho last word In tho
note Just received, so us to represent
Mr, Simpson and lady."
"Mr. Simpson returns Mr. Thomp
son's note unopened, tho linpertlneucu
It contains being only cquulcd by Ma
Au IfixnutpU.
"The chimney 1 smoking," ho said.
"Yes," she retorted; "that's tho effoc
of bad axiimple. Usually the chimney
has consideration euougu to do Its
smoking outdoors."
Thus It cunie about that ho finished
his cigar on tho buck porch. Chlcag9
"Why are you crying, little boy?"
"One of them artists paid me a dim
to sit on tho fenco while be sketch
"Well, is there nny harm in that r"
"Yes. s-slr. It was u burb wlr
fencc,"-Phlludelphla Record. '
nvD it o.
"DW you catch your train last nlghtt
asked his employer of Sooburba.
"No," replied Sooburba wearily? "It
bad been gone about five minutes whsu
I got to the station, and,! didn't this
-. . . vt-s- a.AB.
Tt was any use 10 wy,