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Everyday new shoes are coming into our store.
We now have the largest and most fashionable stock
ever shown in Pendleton, and still nevy goods are
coming in.
Rare values are found in every pair of shoes we
have because we sell GOOD SHOES CHEAP.
Swell line of Oxfords for ladies and gents just re
ceived. For men, we have the patent colt Walk
Over, Oxfords with the freak toe and also other
late ideas.
Keep in mind the great Odds and End Sale which
closes Saturday.
Sttturi to
SiatiM)MWionriTriiririirrirrimf miiririiirmririrMTriwimninw
sr Queen' with the chorus it made
one of the hits of the evening, encor
ed again and again. The solo singer
was dressed in cunning knee panties
of blue, with sash of red, the chorus
in skirts; on the first encore they
JL H. McKee, of Athena, Is in town.
Ex-Representative T. J. Kirk is in
town from Athena.
Mrs. W. H. Rovmtree, of Spokane,
Is in the city visiting her sister, Mrs.
Sidney B. Carnlne.
A. W. Js'ye, democratic candidate
for justice of the peace, has gone to
Umatilla on business.
1. W. jtoberts, a prominent Walla
Walla business man, is registered at
t'.o Golden Rule hotel.
Mrs. Edwin Switxler is visiting her
parents at Vancouver. Wash., and
will be away for several weeks,
Charles Bennett, until recently em
ployed in NolFs notion store, has ac
cepted a position in the Boston
Thomas Montgomery left via the
W. &, C. R. Thursday evening for his
farm in Franklin county. He will be
gone several days.
W. F. Butcher, of Baker City, dem
ocratic candidate for congressman
from the second district, is in town
shaking hands with friends.
Miss Adalene Schiffler and W. D.
Fechter went to Pilot Rock this
afternoon, where they -will supply the
music for a dance this evening In
that place.
Chester Deering, superintendent of
agencies for the Pennsylvania Fire
Insurance Company, is in town shak
ing hands with friends and looking
dropped the skirts and appeared in
the abbreviations. The chorus before (after the interests of the company.
the finale, when they sang snatches warehouse
of grand opera and comic opera while i. r, , i- T "
mt - .T?jm -rwf'the O. R. fc company.
Go With Me, No No was also pret- """"
man for
Uncle Reuben and His Girls
Make Their Appearance in
ton In "When Reuben C
Uncle Reuben and his girls are in
town. Tonight they will appear at
the Frazer in the comedy. "When
Reuben Comes to Town." The show
has the reputation of being a good
one, and that reputation will be sus
tained. Some people in Pendleton
who have seen it were the first to
buy tickets for tonight. That of itself
is a good sign.
The other -day, or rather night, the
jilay was produced in Butte and the
Miner man, -who no doubt was under
a spell, wrote of it as follows:
"From start to finish there was
something on the stage to rivet both
eyes and ears. The first chorus of
the rajama girls gave an inkling of1 and
what was in store. They were all in j the
1. H TT. - 1 .
ty. the girls wearing handsome even-. "? n
ing gowns. In fact, that chorus makes
Pendle-ithe average man catch his breath
to ' ana wnere on eartn can tney Keep
the many changes of wardrobe?
"If there were no stars that chorus
would catch the town all right; bru
nettes, blondes, demls of both, and
remain here for a while.
J. W. Scriber passed through Pen
dleton Thursday evening on his way
from Weston, where he attended the
funeral of Mrs. George W. Proebstel,
to his home in La Grande. He was
two cute auburn-tressed fairies; in accompanied bv his niece. Miss Mar-
that aggregation any man can find j guerite Peebles, who has been teach
his ideal." (lng at Milton. She is going to visit
And that Butte newspaper man j at the home of Mr. Scriber.
wrote of Uncle Reuben and his girls , ,rt, . . . . , ,
a column, for all of which this family . "TrT. TTv B
journal has not room, only to say that "llV JfS
they give the worth of your money.
a clean, first-class performance.
A Day of Baseball.
On Sunday, April 20, a base ball
ka, where he will spend several
months in the inerests of himself and
friends, looking after their mining
claims. Mrs. Matlock will not accom
pany him north this year, but Instead'
will spend the summer with her rela- '
game win be played at Athena, be- ue! 1U tue -mume oiaies. (
tween the Helena and Othena teams, ; Dr. e. g. Kirbv. of Eltrin. and Dr. !
another at Pendleton between r. E. Ringo, of Helix, -were the guests '
Mrs. proebstel's funerau
A Large Number of People Attend the
Weston, April 17. The funeral of
Mrs. George W. Proebstel was held
at the home in this place, this after
noon at 2 o-clock. The services
were conducted by Rev. W. E. Pot
wine, of Pendleton.
All of the children were present,
except Mrs. Fredericks, of Philadel
phia. Miss Marguerite coming from
Tacoma last night, and Chanes
Proebstel from Lostlne this morning.
Mrs. Fredericks left her home for
tTostnn Tfsriav nicht. but as It was
impossible for her to reach Weston
in time for the funeral, she was in
tercepted by wire yesterday and has
returned to" Philadelphia.
The funeral was one of the largest
ever held in Weston, both the State
Normal and Weston public schools
being dismissed. The Crescent Shat
ter of the Eastern Star and the De
gree of Honor attended in a body.
A large number of friends of the
family from the neighboring towns
were in attendance, among whom
were Judge G. A. Lowell, County
Clerk Chamberlain; R. Alexander, re
gent of th Normal school, and
Thomas Thompson, of Pendleton, and
J .W. Scriber, cashier of the Farm
ers' tnd Traders' Bank, of La
Grande, and also a number of the
Normal school board of regents.
Senator Proebstel and family have
the ..-mpathy of the entire communi
ty in their sad bereavement.
Weston Notes.
Weston, April 17. The tide of im
migration has at last turned in this
direction. Five strangers have ar
rived in Weston during the past
week. One, a boy, is stopping at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eagle
ton; Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Duncan are
entertaining a girl: Mr. and Mrs. W.
E. Pruitt are lodging a boy; Traygon
Tucker akd wife are boarding anoth
er boy, and Mr. and Mrs. Judson
Downy are keeping still another one.
County Superintendent of Schools
J .A. Nowlin, was up from Pendleton
yesterday, and William Folsom, of
Camas Prairie, candidate for recorder
on the republican ticket, is in town
i ousv With Money,
"Lousy with money" is an apt term
that would apply to numerous people
nicked up on the streets in North
Yakima for committing breaches of
JeacT During the last month some
!slx men have been arrested, all of
whom had considerable money on
Sir persons. Saturday night the pc
ice found a man lying in the gutter,
and when taken to the police station
and searched found $3200 in his pock
ets Stindav an old man who had
been disturbing the residents in the
north end of the city, was arrested
and taken to jail. He had about $1400
on his person. Three weeks ago a
man with fi20 on his person was
picked up on the street and taken
care of, and many others arrested had
sums from ?400 to ?S00 cash in their
clothes. All these people were taken
in as vagrants.
"Church of the World."
At a meeting of representative
members of the Church of This
World at Kansas City Monday night,
it was decided unanimously to ac
cent the proposition of the board of
governors of the Liberal University
of Oregon, at Silverton, Or., to re
move the school to Kansas City. The
petition for the removal of the school
was presented by Pearl W. Geer. sec
retary of the university. It calls for
the moral and physical aid of the
Church of This World in return for
which the doctrines of the church
will be taught the students in Kansas
City as is now being done in Oregon.
We Told
You last week about our
Owl Special Coffee fc0w
good it was and tried to
You would try it re
know if you would only
try our Coffees once that
a bull dog could not
drive you away.
3 Rolls Crepe Paper JOc
Cheapest place ia Oregon.
- n.il. . . . .
( ww, rimciCO
secure free, a beautiful Nickel
Ings Sank, also full particulars
I 3t Jl w
t-ill UlUK LUC W I 1 1 ICC v oium
1 lntmat nnal KnrvrlnnrliK p i
i - r" uieu
ary vhich is now being furnished
readers or tnis paper for only
Cents a Day.
pink but pretty Pajama Polly, who nines. The O. R. & N. Co. will rnn ;.. "
wore blue, and the fetching song and a special excursion train, from Walla d; aTd Wnm we old school ',
chorus was encored heartily. An- Walla to Pendleton and return, which matet and ' had not sn Inch ?th
other charming chorus was when the will wait at Athena, until after the ! r several vea 1 m'
pretty girls In ravishing gowns sang : Helena-Athena game, and leave for ! cfnTrouch on Sf S w
We are Very HI in Bed.' j Pendleton about 1 p. m. Parties de- g?etSSSJn thSI?
The advertisement called the I siring to witness the game at Athena JA the SriiS wlS, Mm !
chorus the 'beauty chorus.' and it was; may leave Pendleton at S:15 a. m.,j 6 t0 Sr rd the nignt wlth him'
all there. They had the goods, all and return at 1 p. m. on the special. JIr. and Mrs. Joe Morgan arrived ,
right, and delivered them. The 'Fare for the round trip, 75 cents. jJn town Thursday evening to visit!
horui to a giri can sing, can dance. O. R. & N, ticket office, J friends. They were formerly resi-1
can dress stunnincJr and do all rhs dents of Pendleton, but now reside
thlnetS Cliorus should do, but seldom r- jin Lind. FratjklJn county, where Mr.i
does. And some of the
were right in the ranks
in several ensembles. A beautif ul j tlaem "It IsT positive cure for!Eays ttat 3ittle town ot U is
thing done by the chorus was the ! w Pf" ZL .lt ! coming to the front as a business cen-
'Flirtation of the Rose,' the girls zrnnr.,R - Pnn1o 'na iter and tba H is growing into a town
wearing knee-length skirts or black,
accordion pleated on bodices of
Neglect Means Danger.
Don't neglect biliousness and consti
pation. Tour health will suffer perma
nently if you do. DeWitfs Little Ear
ly Risers cure such cases. M. B.
Smith, Butternut, Mich., says "De
Witt's Little Early Risers are the
most satisfactory pills I ever took.
Never gripe or cause nausea." Tall
man & Co. and Brock fi: McComas.
Our Special Woodcraft Sale. . .
Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, April 1 9-2 -22
iooo 3'ards fine ginghams, worth 20c, sale price 12 c
icoo yards dress ginghams, worth I5c,sale price ioc
1000 yards check ginghams, -worth 6c, sale price 3c
1 000 jards fine LL cotton, worth 7c, sale price 5c
4 yard patterns wash silk, worth $2.50, sale price $1.60
The prettiest line of Dress Goods in the City. The nobbiest
line of Men's Shirts in Pendleton. We are giving away abso
lutely free, a fine Hat with eve-y suit of clothes. We shall of
fer some great bargains during this sale. Remember the larg
est stock to select from and prices alwas guaranteed the low
do, but seldom' ,n. n ,r . r . jin Lind. FratjkJJn county, where Mr.
best soloists k, J0hn 6 d,I f I Morgan Js barte&fter for his son-in-'0?
the chorus MTH recommenaed a(s , CreSf Frank J. Kdton, Mr.-Morgan1
Baim t0 me- 1 emphasize his ' t.OT ltJr ' , f - ,
blacl.. selver sequined. the chiffon em'
beliishments of pale pink and deep
"When Miss Dorman sang 'My Gyp-
catarrh If used as directed." Rev.
Francis W. Poole, pastor Central I Ti
Pres. Church. Helena.. Mont 01 eytm I'tu
After using Ely's Cream Balm six L. W. Jones, formerly & Pendleton- j
.cctj x ueneve mvself pnrcH nf (... an hut r.mr a resident ol Walla
Joseph Stewart. Grand Ave-! Walla, is in town shaking hands with)
. 1 J I I ,1 . 1T T 1 n I '
;nue. Buffalo, N. T.
The Balm oes not irrftate or cause for the O. R. & N. Railroad Company '
OUng. Sold by druggists at 50
1 cents or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56
! Warren street. New York.
Smoke Pendleton Boquet Cigars.
TS strictly fashionable and all
the newest ideas are in our
stock. You will be right in
ttyle with your correspondence
if you select from our sjecial
French Restautantii
WU Lighted and Steam Heated.
Best 25 cent Meals
is tie City.
Legs, Eastern and
auu lioc uic 1 ta.il ucinccu vtcma 11 alia .
and Dayton. He will return homel
this evening, but says he is coming '
down again Sunday to witness thej
ball game between Cohen's Indians
and Sbarpstein's Sharpshooters. ;
A. S. Pearson, the Freewater real
estate man, was In Pendleton Thurs
day. Mr. Pearson says that Free
water continues to forge ahead de-
pite the protests of some of tbe Mil
ton people and that she is making
1 fast strides toward rivaling her sis
ter town in a business way. He also
! stated that the squabble over the sa
loon question, which was raised a
few days ago by the Milton officers
closing one of Freewater's saloons,
charging that it was inside the incor
porate limits of Milton, has been set
tled. They sent to Pendleton for Sur
veyor Kimbrell. who surveyed the
line and found that the saloon was
not under Milton's control. It was
immediately reopened.
Blucher Cut Shoes...
Have no seams to hurt the foot, and are
Neat and Stylish, for both Ladles and
Gents. We are selling these shoes for.
Former prices $4 to $5. Genuine Bargains
Doat rpryel Our tepUlmt Oepartmtui
TkU (IcnAtare s on rrery box ol th gwaia
Laxative rrmiTT ruinr
The B. P. O. E. Party.
The Llks gave a social dance at
Music hall last night. Dancing began
at 9 o'clock and came to an end at
12:45 this morning. The music, by
Klrkman's orchestra, was exception
ally good. There were about 30
couples present and every one enjoy
ed themselves. The refreshments
were excellent and served in the
Elks' usually hospitable strle. The
dance was voted a great success by
all who attended it A toast was
drunk at 11 p. m. to all "absent broth-era."
Profitable Speculation.
Why speculate In the stock market
or in any other way when you can
make your money work for you? We
have a method of speculation that Is
safer and more profitable than any
ever before devised. Send your name
and address aad we will mail you a
pamphlet tiring full information.
Address A. E. Mills & Co.. Suite 804-
S05 Park Bow BuUdine. New York
It pays to trade at the
Peoples Warehouse.
The test shoe ever of
fered at this price for
either women or men.
For doing things right and putting correct
styles and snap into Millinery is found in
every one of our Productions.
You get
What you buy
from us.
MQ 5tck ml
Trucking & Transferring.
We are
Seeing is helieving
Main and Webb Streets
Pendleton, Oregon
AowKure for Milch cows. Poultry foods and tonics, ma.y kflS-
. Hy, drain and Feed. riM
Uf ud 139 East Alta Street . Pelelo, 0rt
City, New York.