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Advertisers of Facts
The president has nominated Jas.
S. Clarkson to he surveyor or cus
toms of the port of New York.
Owing to the continued rise in the
price of meats in New York, restau
rant and hoarding prices have been
advanced to correspond, living being
the highest ever known in that city,
as well as in the other cities of the
United States Consul SEcWade, at
Canton, cabled the state department
that bubonic plague is epidemic at
Pinkehan, south of Canton, and that
there are several cases in the latter
city. He also says that cholera has
disappeared from Canton, and is
abating at Honan.
The purchase of steel in Great Brit
nln nnd on the continent for use in
America has maintained great pro
portions, says a Herald dispatch
from London. The markets of Great
Britain and London are being strip
ped of all their product. A considera
ble quantity is purchased in Germ
any. Senator Culberson introduced two
resolutions in congress, one being di
rected to the secretary of war and
the other to the secretary of the navy,
making inquiry as to the cost of the
war In the Philippines, covering the
period since May, 1S9S. The resolu
tions include a request for informa
tion covering the expense of trans
portation of troops, both on land and
on the ocean.
As a result of Governor Taft's con
ference with the executive commit
tee of the world's fair, he induced
that body to co-operate financially
with the Philippine government in
the matter of an exhibit. He declar
ed to the committee that this action
would have a pronounced moral effect
on the Filipino people and would do
more toward pacification than the re
pressive military methods.
A condensed milk factory will be
established in Portland by VT. F.
Nieman, of Scuyler, Neb.
A favorable report was' made to
congress on Senator Mitchell's
amendment to the sundry civil bill,
appropriating $10,000 for a customs
launch at Astoria.
Mrs. Mary L. Hoyt, a respected
pioneer woman, died at her home in
Portland, Wednesday night, aged GO
years. She crossed the plains to Or
egon with her father, Dr. J. M. Mil
lard, In 1852.
It 13 given out upon the authority
of a United States senator who is
particularly friendly to President
Roosevelt, that the president will
make a tour of the South and West
not later than next year, possibly
sooner. The tour is to Include Cali
fornia, Oregon and Washington.
Ex-County Judge G. H. Brainard,
who wa8 committed to the asylum
from Union county about a month
ago, and released a few days there
after, after his former wife agreed to
take him out of the state, returned to
Union, as insane as ever, and a new
complaint being made against him,
was again committed to the asylum
at Salem.
Drs. Henker and D. Lindsay, of
Portland, traveling physicians. He in
the county Jail at Union, charged
with embezzlement, also cruelty to
animals. About three weeks ago
they hired a span of horses from E.
E. Evans to drive to Wallowa, and
while driving to Elgin both horses
were taken sick, and died soon there
after. The two doctors contracted
eoine debts at Elgin aniountiug to f 20
and left Mr. Evans' buggy as securi
ty, and drove to Wallowa, refusing to
pay the bill. They were arrested In
The Pendleton.
E. L. Guffey, Denver.
E. R. Armstrong. Detroit
J. S. Soeler, Walla Walla.
H. S. Dorman, Duluth.
W. A. Hoover, Chicago.
W. Southard, St. Louis.
H. S. Smith, San Francisco.
H. L. Chard. Chard.
W. Tyler Smith, Shlndo.
I. W. Crasfield, Portland.
George Harris, Portland.
E. G. Kirby, Elgin.
T. M. Henderson, city.
J. W. M. Rowen, Portland.
H. W. Brockman, Dayton.
J. C. Murray, San Francisco.
J. W. Cox, Poineroy.
P. Smith, Spokane.
Harrey Spalding, Lacrosse.
Irvin Harlow, New York.
A. Sinsheimer, Portland.
A. S. Heartfield, Spokane.
H. J. Connelly, Iowa.
R, L. Bewley, Shlndo.
J. H. Anvill, Portland.
Andy Nylander, Portland.
R. E. Ringo. Helix.
J. H. Neill, Portland.
W. F. Butcher. Portland.
H. B. Rees, Spokane.
The Golden Rule.
L. F. Brune, The Dalles.
Alex D. Burnett, Spokane.
Joe Morgan and wife, Lindrant.
Mrs. Nelson Miller, Athena.
D. H. Keefe, Portland.
Etta Campbell, Ballston.
Anna Compton.
F. E. Klise, Portland.
E. H. Burke, Spokane.
A. E. McBreen, Portland.
Frank Martinez,. Seattle.
L. W. Roberts, Walla Walla.
Cal Hartwell, Omaha.
D. H. Brown, Omaha.
H, Dopplen, Cove.
R. H. McKee, Athena.
T. J. Berg. Walla Walla.
Lon Z. Jackson, El Paso.
John A. Stow. Seattle.
F. J. Gardner, Portland.
A Doctor's Bad Plight
"Two years ago, as the result of r.
severe cold, I lost my voice," writes
Dr. M. L . Scarborough, of Hebron,
Ohio, "then began an obstinate
cough. Every remedy known to me
as a practicing physician for 35 years,
failed, and I daily grew worse. Being
urged to try Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, I found quick relief, and for
last ten days have felt better than
for two years." Positively guaran
teed for Throat and Lung troubles 0
Tallman & Co. 50c and 51. Trial bot
tles free.
Improvments at Planing Mill.
R. Forster. proprietor of the Pen
dleton Planing Mill and lumber yard,
is making some substantial improve
ments around the mill yard. He has
just had a new fireproof brick boiler
and engine house built, which Is now
finished and will be ready for the re
ception of the engine Monday, when
he expects to remove it from the
old engine house inside of the planing
mill structure. A new 50 horse-power
boiler has been installed and mnnv
other changes and improvements are
to be made. Among them will be a
new dry house to be erected this
summer for the purpose of drying
lumber for the door and sash factory.
Mr. Forster now has one of the most I
thorough and up-to-date wood work-1
ing establishments In the countrv.
He "Is one of those enterm-isine clti.
zens who never lets the times lead
him in any business, but keens
abreast and is continually adding to
ins worKing lacmtlcs around the mill.
Baker City is the Best Organized
Town East of the Mountains; Good
Work Done There and in Pcnd.eton
G. Y. Harry, special organizer of
the State Federation of Labor, to
which position he was recently ap
pointed by the Portland Federated
Trades Council, reached that city
from a tour of eastern Oregon in the
interest of the coming state conven
tion of labor to be held in that city
on Wednesday, May 5.
"Eastern Oregon is beginning to
take interest in the organization of
labor," said Mr. Harry in his report
"In fact the people are quite enthus
iastic in this line, and I feel assured
of having a large, representative
body of delegates rom Eastern Ore
gon at the forthcoming convention.
In all probability that part of the
state will be represented by 50 dele
gates. "Baker city is the best organized of
those that I visited. Notwithstanding
the fact that the initiative for the or
ganization of the working masses in
these localities was taken but two or
three months ago, the labor union
movement has gained a strong foot
hold and is bound to stay. It has
been endorsed by employers and em
ployes alike, and is looked upon as a
good thing.
"While resting up in Baker City, I
organized a sheet-metal workers' un
ion, of which S. Wood was elected
president and A. F. Moore secretary.
At Pendleton a retail clerk's union
was organized with Martin Finner
an, president, and A. F. Zoellner, sec
retary. These organizations will be
represented at the state convention,
although their delegates have not
been appointed yet.
Delegates Appointed.
Delegates for the state convention
as follows were appointed at the var
ious places visited by Mr. Harry:
Baker City, P. A. Huntz, plasterers'
union; F. L. Bowen, plumbers' union;
W. M. Moore and Mrs. Emma Boyd,
typographical union; William1 Mc
Murren and T. E. Grant, carpenters'
and joiners' union; F. J. McGovern
and H. M. Gilliam, retail clerks' un
ion; Fred Johnson, George T. Shaw
and A. C. Burkman, Federated Labor
union; C. E. Haight and J. E. Troy,
cooks and waiters' alliance; W. W.
Cox and F. W. Bishop, plumbers' un
ion, C. I. Seifert and J. L. Dougherty,
brickmasons' union.
Pendleton TV C. Warner and Lu
cia Bowman, typographical union; C.
W. Lyman, Joseph Kulper, A. C. Har
ris and C. J. Wilson, painters' union.
La Grande W. H. Thompson,
Jas. M. Murphj G. J. Wagener, E. F.
Trump, S. R. Haworth and Sylvester
Keitz, trade and labor assembly;
George Grant and O. H. Prentice,
Federal Labor Union.
The painters' union at Pendleton
gained the distinction of having first
appointed delegates to the state con
vention, and it was with a spirit of
enthusiasm that thia body, though
small, responded to Mr. Harry's call
for delegates.
AT A uuoi
The site Is Selected and the Work of
Raising the Funos Appears 10
an Easy Matter.
The articles of incorporation for
the "Temple of Woodcraft" were filed
with The county clerk Thursday fore
noon. The incorpcraiuisa.-. -Stillman,
Carrie C. Van Orsuall. J. P.
Earl. A. J. Owen. J.
Holmes, ugusta Kimball, Mttie
Beam. Ada Ross, Johaua Bo lerman,
Hattie Stnnfield. J. E. Krause. V
Stroble. Philip McBrian, G A. Hart
man, H. M. Sloan, U O. Sheek, -ar
tha Greulich. A. O. Carden. T. F.
Howard. Mary Konasek and Man
Johnson. . .
The obiect of the corporation is to
erect and own a building that shall
have and contain a suitable lodge
room for the Woodmen of the or d.
The amount of capital stock of the
corporation is fixed at $25,000 with
25 000 shares at a par value of J
each. The duration and business
life of the corporation shall be per
petual and the bead office in Pendle-
mt ,im f TVnnlrrnft" lllllld-
rue leuiinc vji
ing is to stand on the corner of Water
. ... . f.nnl ToCCP
anu .Mam sired, au -
Failine's carpet store and is to cost
something like $25,000 Including the
Site. It IS to Ue lU siwna
built of brick and stone. Work will
this fall.
Wants to Help Others.
"I- had stomach trouble all my life,",
says Edw. Mehler, proprietor of the
Union Bottling Works, Erie. Pa.,
"and tried all kinds of remedies, went
to several doctors and spent consider
able money trying to get a moment's
peace. Finally I read of Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure and have been taking it
to my great satisfaction. I never found
Its equal for stomach trouble and
gladly recommend it in hope that I
may help other sufferers." Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure cures all stomach troub
les. You don't have to diet Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat
Tallman & Co. and Brock & McComas
Lee Teutsch has just received a
shipment of the celebrated Thompson
glove-fitting corsets.
New Goods that Need Your
Boys' Corcteroy Pants, 3 to 15 yrs, 75c, $, 1.25J
Special Good Valae Boys' Pants : : : :2
New Line coys 7
will fee
On Sale Wednesda1
Straw Hats
Crash Hats
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Men's Uncle wear on Sale T
Smote Pride of Umatilla Cigars.
double seated drawers; an
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Political Notes.
Republican headauarters In Port
land have been opened in the Benson
building, northwest corner of Fifth
and Morrison streets, five rooms be
ing occupied. Walter F. Mathews,
chairman, is in charge. The rooms
were opened to visitors Thursday.
La Grande Chronicle: Hon. W. F.
Butcher, the nominee for congress on
the democratic ticket, arrived in the
city this morning. Mr. Butcher is an
attorney of much ability, a most elo
quent speaker, has a host of friends
in Eastern Oregon, and will without
doubt make a worthy representative
of the state when he goes to Washington.
The homliest man in Pendleton, as
well as the handsomest and others,
are invited to call on any druggist
and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's
Balsam for the throat and lungs, a
remedy that Is guaranteed to cure and
relieve all chronic and acute coughs,
asthma, bronchitis and consumption.
Price 25c and 50c. For sale by Tail
man & Co., sole agents.
Smoke Pendleton Boquet Cigar.
Lazy Liver
"I have been troubled a creat deal
Willi a torpid Itver, which produces constipa
tion. I found CASGAIIETS to be nil vou claim
fortnero. ana secured aucta relief the Urst trial,
that I purchased another supply and wbj com
pletely cured I shall ouly oe too clad to rec
ommend Cascarels whenever the opportunity
la presented " J. A. Smith.
2K0 Susquehanna Are., Philadelphia. Fa.
A Nearly Fatal Runaway
Started a horrible ulcer on the
of J. B. Orner, Franklin Grove, lll.,
wuicn ueuea uoctors nnd all remedies
for four years. Then Bucklln's Arni
ca Salve cured him. Just as good for
Boils, Burns, Bruises, Cuts. Corns,
Scalds, Skin Eruptions and Piles. 25c
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HQaTQ.&tin Bold and Kiiarauteedbr all Crug
UMWMb glu to eUKi; Tobacco llablt.
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Reliable Druggists
Association Block.
El Principe Degales
Henry The Fourth
La Flor Stanford
Sanches & Haya
El Telegrapho
La Mia
Charles The Great
2 for 25 cents
Darby Rib
Spring Needle
An elastic Don-shrinking
garment that -will give the
wearer entire satisfaction
A SUIT. White or
Salmon. A new fabric
that is suited to ten
der skin
Imported Lisle
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Linen Netted
Ice Cold Shirts and Dra?
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Sea Island Cottoil
Alternate stripes blue and whiJ
$3.00 a Suit
Complete si
Boston Store
To innke good bread use Byerfl B rt Flour. It took flwt
premium at the Chicago World 'b Fair overall competi
tion, and gives excellent EatiBfaction wherever used.
Every eack is guaranteed. We have the beat Btearo
Rolled Bailey, Seed Bye ,asd Beardless Barley.
W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
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Pleasure Drink
w m
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Bill i