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Advertisers of Facts
THURSDAY, APRIL, 17, 1902.
Henry C. Brown, who built the
Brown Palace hotel In Denver, has
filed a petition in bankruptcy in that
Abraham Fisher, originator of
many of the present forms of valen-J
tines, is dead at his home in German- j
town, near Philadelphia, aged 90.
The Burlington Railroad makes
public the details of a record break
ins run of 14.S miles from Eckley to .
"Wray, covered at the rate of 9S.G ilrs
mile's an hour, which is said to beat 1
any former record at that district.
"While Mrs. Philip h. Sechlor was
sitting at her window at Butter, Mis
souri, rockine her child, the sun's
rays, pouring through the pane of
glass, caused the celluloid comb In
her hair to explode with a report
like a pistol shot. Part of her hair
was barned oii.
Alfred H. Post, in charge of the
American exhibition to be held at the
Crystal Palace, London, June to Oc
tober, has announced that definite ar
rangements have been made with
Santos-Dumout, the aeronaut, to nav
igate his air ship three days weekly
from the Crystal nnlnpo oround St.
Paul's and return, a distance of H
The Pendleton.
L. E. Royse, Sumpter.
A. R. Gailbraith, Janesvilie.
C. M. Smith. Portland.
J. W. Scriber, La Grande.
Charles B. Delcher, New York.
Mrs. James B. Delcher, New York.
Miss Helen Grantly, New York.
H. M. Drum. Boston.
M. Y. Williams, Chicago.
C. J. Darheld, Portland.
E. J. Sibley, Walla Walla.
R. H. Caston, Spokane.
J. .1. Fowler, Portland:
J. H. Livingston, Portland.
J. J. Kemp, Sumpter.
William Maher, Portland.
C. Bloom, Portland.
Charles B. Hanford, Kew York.
Mrs. Charles B. Hanford, Isew
The streets of Baker City are to he
sprinkled by the city this season.
A prohibition convention has been
called for April 17 at La Grande, to
nominate a full county ticket. The
vote two years ago was about 97 out
of 3200.
Mrs. George Wilcox, at Independ
ence, Polk county, took a doso of
gelsmlum by mistake and died from
the effects of the poison. She leaves
a husband and two children.
Stephens F. Ogden, aged 82 years,
died at St. Johns, near Portland. He
had lived at St. Johns for 10 years.
The cause of his death was old age.
The body was sent to Farmington, 0
for interment.
Alfred J. Sutherland and Clara E
Sutherland, his wife, of Portland,
foreman and housewife, filed a peti
tion In bankruptcy in the United
States court. Their liabilities amount
to ?3GS3; assets, $400, exempt.
About $13,000 belonging to the
First National Bank of Miles City,
Mt was destroyed In the mail burn
ing of the east-bound Northern Pa
cific passenger train which was
wrecked east of this place. The burn
ing of a bridge caused the disaster.
Before leaving China to cross the
Pacific to Seattle, the officers and
crew of the Nippon Yusen liner Rio
Juan underwent the terror of being
confined aboard ship with a number
of cases of cholera. The disease was
contracted by several Japanese sea
men during the first day the vessel
was in port at Hong Kong.
Floyd Mathias was accidentally
S. A. Garber, Des Moines.
Phil Steinberg. Spokane.
W. H. Fayle, Portland.
R. J. Fulton, Portland.
William Hahn, Chicago.
W. R. Glendenlng, Spokane.
J. F. Melcher, Starbuck.
Dr. J. C. Smith, Adams.
The Golden Rule.
Camelia Isaacs, Helix.
Jessie Raymond, Helix.
Mrs. Ella Callender, Athena.
Mrs. W. L. Frink. Cleveland.
S. White.
L. M. Grilley.
A. T. Holmes, Farmington.
J. W. Penny and wife, Wisconsin.
R. H. McNeal, Missouri.
Oscar Tibhetts, La Grande.
Charles P. Cox and wife, Dayton.
C. L. Downer. Spokane.
Sam Lee, Spokane.
Bert Applegate, Spokane.
G. D. Galley, Portland.
S. D. Gardner, Walla Walla.
W. R. McRoberts, Spokane.
Charles Carroll, Spokane.
J. Sheuman, San Francisco.
R. E. Thom.
H. Connell, Umatilla.
William Ourry, Cayuse.
H. Torpper, Cove.
R. H. McKee.
L. Cunningham, Portland.
Notice to Owners of Dogs.
Ordinance No. 391, of the city of
Pendleton, provides that any person
keeping a dog within the corporate
limits of the city for a period of ten
days without procuring a license to
do so, shall be liable to a fine of not
less than $5 nor more than $20. It
makes no difference whether the dog
is kept at home, tied up, or allowed
to run at large. All dogs, regardless
of their age, are included In this or
dinance. All owners of dogs must
procr. " license within the next ton
days, or thoy will be subject to a fine
and be asked to come before the city
recorder. J. A. BLAKLEY,
City Marshal.
Final Decision Will Be Rendered as
fto Whether J. E. Beam or John Mc
Court Is Recorder of the City of
The city recordcrshlp fight, be
tween J. E. Beam and John McCourt
will ho renewed here at the next term
of the supreme court, which con
venes in the Umatilla county court
house the first Monday in May.
This fight has been before the court
since the first of the year when the
new mayor and council went into of
fice. It has become rumored that
there was something crooked about
the running of the police force, and
Mavor Hailey and some of the coun
cilmen decided that an investigation
should be made. A committee was
appointed and after a thorough inves
tigation had been made and the
charges found true, an attempt was
made to oust Marshal Heathman and
Recorder Beam. Four of the council
men voted against the old officers
and four for retaining them. Then
the mayor asserted his rights and de
clared against the incumbents. A
suit was then Instituted to keep the
new men elected from serving anil
it wnnt to court it was partly
sustained by the district court for
Umatilla county. Will Lane anu u.
r. FYnzipr were aonointed by the
anti-Heathman-Beam councilmen to
succeed them, but Lane was found to
be ineligible, because of holding a
hnmpstead. and Frazier refused to
serve. The matter then was left to
drift for a while, and some time after
tha rnnnnlL bv n vote of four to four,
elected Joe Blakley and John Mc
Court to fill the places. Tbey were
sworn in. but suit was inmmediately
hrniir-M tn i.-(Hii tbem from entering
upon their duties. At the same time,
suits were filed against Heatnman
and Beam asking them' to vacate the
offices. These cases went to court
and a writ was issued by Judge Ellis.
ordering the old officers to vacate.
Heathman then cave up the fight, but
Beam carried It up to the supreme
court, and the decision of Jiulge tiins
was reversed, and an order issued for
McCourt to turn the office of record
er hack to Beam. This McCourt re
fused to do and the case was set for
hearing at Salem, the 30th of March.
Then the date was extended, and now
it is announced that it will be heard
here during the May term, when the
final decision will be rendered.
Strong Resolution were Passed by
Democratic Convention.
The -democratic state ronvrtitlon
preamble and solutions on motion
of JmlKe Thomas O Day:
We. the democrats of the state or
.tinti assembled.
hardships in
JSlng to this far-off
tile savages ui &- -
and money, with deoent resect, as a
piece of republican legislation hat .
has always marked them a a friend
of the strong and an enemy of tue
WThese brave men half a century
ago defended the nation's rights and
saved the northwest colony from ut
ter destruction by the Indians, and
because they are few in number they
have been left without pensions
while the nation has lavished pen
sion on a multitude of veterans who
served long years after them. W ha
Is this but injustice and the meauest
of ingratitude?
Resolved. That we hold the repub
IiIa for the ne-
ULilll IJililJ ICDIUI1".
gleetinc. of these noble, aged veter-
Resolved. That we ask the demo
crats in congress to do all they can
. . .1 I? ..nrr-llil
to right this wrong ami, u iui".
to secure these men who are on the
verge of the grave, a pension, to
which all true American veterans are
Discovery of Oil.
When the news is heralded through
out the country that oil has been
found in a certain p'ace. thousands
of persons rush there with the hope
of being among the lucky few who
are fortunate enough to strike a pay
ing well. In their haste health is ne
glected until they are completely
broken down, and then what avail is
weaK'i when their health is gone.
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Stomach Bitters and you will always
have true wealMi. There is no medi
cine in the world so good as a tonic
for the run down system, or to cure
headache, belching, indigestion, dys
pepsia, liver complaints, la grippe or
malaria, fever and ague. Don't fail
to try it, but insist on having the gen
uine. It will do you good.
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A Hog in Union County Without Food
and Water for Days A Hen in
Crook Ditto.
Elgin Recorder: On Friday 3 last,
H. Miller, of the North Flat, lost a
good breed sow, and it was generally
supposed that she had been stolen or
had strayed to parts unknown. March
23 Mr. Miller had occasion to visit
his straw stack, and was astonished
to see his hog crawling out from the
stack, where H had undoubtedly been
covered up by a slide during the en
tire time. The hog was so weak that
it could not stand when it first got
out, but soon recovered. It did not
lose a great amount of flesh, which Is
considered very strange.
Prinevllle Journal: About a month
ago John Geiger had some repairing
done to his back porch. The carpen
ter boarded up a portion of the base
ment, and in doing so, housed up one
of John's favorite Plymouth Rock
heus. Just 26 days afterwards one
morning a hen's head was noticed
protruding from a knot hole, and an
investigation brought to light the hen
which had been boarded up for 2C
days without food or water. This
seems to have been the champion
faster during Lent in this neck of the
A Doctor's Bad Plight.
"Two years ago, as the result of n
severe cold, I lost my voice," writes
Dr. M, L . Scarborough, of Hebron,
Ohio, "then began an obstinate
cough. Every remedy known to mo
as a practicing physician for 35 years.
failed, and I daily grow worse. Being
shot ut the opera house in Baker urged to try Dr. King's New Dlscov-
Gity during the presentation of the ory for Consumption, Coughs and
play, "The Scout of the Philippines." Colds, I found quick relief, and for
by a company of local players. The last ten days have felt hotter than
firing squad in the play fired upon ' for two years." Positively guaran-
him at close range, one of the wads teed for Throat and Lung troubles 0
of pasteboard and soap striking him Tallman & Go. EOc and $1. Trial hot-
In the cheek. He fell prostrate, as ties free.
was in the play, and the curtain went
down before it was known he was bo-1 Profitable Speculation,
rlously injured. He will not lose his Why speculate in the stock market
sight, but will be marked for life. or in any othor way when you can
" make your money work for you? We
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and my complexion Ib bettor. My ever before devised. Send your name
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herbs, and Is Prepared as easily a 805 Park Row Building. New York
tea. It la called Lane's Medicine, city. New York,
Lane's Family Medicine moves the '
bowels each day. Price 25c and 50c' to curb a cold in one day
For sale by Tallman & Co., Bole Tke UxtWe Bromo Quinine Tablets. A'l
gentH. S"?1 ",und tb money I! it Ulli to cut.
K. . Qrove'i lif nkture U on each box. 26c.
Stat kof Ohio, City or Toledo
Frank J. Cbener makes oath that he Is the
senior partner of tno firm of F.J. Cheney & Co.,
doing business in the city of Toledo, county
and state aforesaid, and that said Arm will pay
the sum of One Hundred Dollars for each and
every case of Catarrh that eanuotbe cured by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Hworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence this 6th day of December, A.
,E 5. 1886.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send (or testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Bold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Smoke Pride of Umatilla Cigars.
5112,600 for a Prescription.
The largest sum ever paid for a prescription
hanged bands in Ban Francisco August SO'
1H)1. The transfer involved in coin and stock
11 12 ,00 and was paid by a patty of business
men for a specific lor Brigbt's Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable dUetses.
They commenced the careful investigation of
the specific Novemkcr IS, 1KC. They inter
riewed scores f the cured and tried It out on
Its merits by putting over three dasen cases
jnthe treatment and watching them. They
slso got physicians to name chronic, incnrable
mm, and administered It with the physicians
or Judge. Up to August 27, eighty sertn per
Jest of the teet cases were either well a
trocreaclng ferorafely.
There belag but thirteen per cent of failure.
iae parti ea were satlsfled and closed the trans
actios. The proceeding of the lnTestlgating
waualttee and the cllBlcal reports of the test
3aet were published and 'will be snallu free
m application. Addraes Joan J. Fulton Coc
fUtx.m XeBtfoaterr 8t 8aa Francisco, Cal.
& CO.
Reliable Druggists
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Salmon. A new fabric
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