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Having "purchased' the Cleaver Bros. Dry GooiJa
Company's buginws, I desire to take this oc
casion to thanfctte-patrons, of the store for the
liberality fhbilmvne during my connection
with the cpm,fiiy.rnd to extend to them a cor
dial invitationoall and see me. It will be
mv earnest; i&ffi, to please you and sup
ply you with the best merchandise at the low
est possible price.
Successor to Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Co.
FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1902.
played between them and the Helena
team during week after next, but so
far the datts have not been set. The
tram rs that are 'known to data In
which the "Indians' 'Will participate
Yellow Kids" and Indians, Athena,
KIDS." Friday, April 18.
1 1 . it - . iiinv .
Indiana ana Buruuwicroi.
No Sensational Plavs In Game. But Pendleton. Sunday. April 20.
Th.r. wm Em ftair on Both "Yellow Kids 'and "Indians,!.' FCttv
i aieion. sunaay. a urn
liven, v11iir KMn" ami "TnritniW Ph
dleton. Sunday. June 1.
''India' and "Sharpshootersj"
Walla Walla, Sunday, May 4."
2.r b uni t a . k.
ta waw that riiA flnm4 i rinniHi" Mnn "n n Hrim inmLHrn j
Side Honors Were
But Pendleton Won.
Athena, 6.
Pendleton1. 10.
This was the way that the. name i'lndlaae" and "Sharpshooters;
stood between the Yellow Kids" and Walla Walla, Monday, May 6:
KT.Ji.n.'' of (do nines nf tbn "TniHann1' and "Sharoshoot
UIO iUUiailO l wuvr - " -
game on the Alta street grounds Pendleton,. Friday, May 23?
Thursday afternoon, and to use the Athena vs. Whitman..
general expression that was neara on ThG Wal,a Wall statesman, says
tne street auer tne game, renaieiou m6ch ls tBUea by bwe.
"Qian t ao a tning 10 luvux. hn,i ..v.v In thn rntnlnc hft-
The game was called promptly at
wflAn 4) A than a "Vol tn-ar K Irlo! nrtrl'
3 o'clock and Athena was first, at the tno whitmans, which will be pWe
, . n Dt.nmn n1 TirlMorvl warn . .. .' . . -
bat. O. Brown and Willard
first ud and they both fanned
Shea, called "Beef" Shea by the Pen
dleton rooters, because ot his "beef
and Roi Brown, who followed him,
made a run. These runs were made,
however, because ot ' errors on the
part of Pendleton players.
Game LoLoked Bad for Pendleton.
These two scores for Athena and
the errors, of the locals made It look
quite serious for Pendleton and rals
were f 4li s1r errttA)e MATT, Kall r-
day. The Whltmana? are deteemtned
toi retrieve the laurels wrested? from
4Vhm Km iYttk VAu ti. turn, dudm nt
qualities, took the bat, and ho Atnena; Wo weeks-ago. The Athena
team is just as determined) to keep
the Whitman scalps.- as, ft memento
of the first game ot-the aeasoa. The
result will be,.taat the- crowd attend
Ing the game will se something
worth going a long way- to 'witness,
Sunday the "Yellow KW'fc will stack
up against Manager Sharpsteln's bat
" "r"lZZ wlelders again at the park. This will
t?U lue uopco ui mo , . orv,tt 4K ovl Tti
local team is rather sore over the
Toman a Howard, farm loans.
Attend Rader's clearance sale of
Wanted Woman to do general
housework. Address P. O. Box 37.
Furnished rooms for light house
keeping for rent, Inquire at 301 South
Main Btreet.
When you buy vegetables at Haw
ley Bros, you get the freshest and
best in the market
TJndnr t.hft furniture man. must
have room and will reduce his stock
by a sweeping clearance sale.
Hawley Bros., up-to-date grocery
mon linvA nnlv comnlete line of
Helnz's fancy goods In the city.
Wanted Acents to Introduce the
rhemlral nil naintinas. Good oppor
tunity for right persons. Inquire at
Golden Rule Hotel.
For Sale All klnda of city and
country property, part cash, balance
in yearly payments, wiu Duy you a
home, you pay for It by the month.
Houses rented, collections made. Rl
horn & Cook, room 10, over Taylor
The Latest
Tie Newest
Tie Prettiest
Sash Buckles J
In the town.
Just In
Prices fromMiMBV
$t.25 to $3.00
Jeweler and Optician I
Next door to R. Alexander's
See Lee Teutsch for hats.
Cold lunches all hours at "Gratz,
We are cutting prices on Clothing
at St Joe store.
Ht .Tne store will sell best cane
sugar, per sack, ?5.
Go to "Gratz's" for the beer that
made Milwaukee famous.
Lee TeutBch, successor to Cleaver
Bros.' Dry Goods uompany.
If you want best "goods for least
money, trade at the St. Joe Btore.
The nobbiest line of men's shirts
in Pendleton can be seen at St. Joe
Just received, a fine assortment of
hair switches and rats, at Mrs. Rose
St. Joe store will have a big Teduc
tlon sale Saturday and Monday,
April 12th and 14th.
Just inr bock beer, the first of the
season, is on tap. at the omce baioon
Ed Besthorn, proprietor.
If you want fine meats, go to
Shcwarz & Greulich. They handle the
best there is to be had.
Money to loan at lowest rates on
town or country property. J. R. Dick
son, EaBt Oregonlan building.
The only way beer ls allowed to be
drawn in Germany Is by liquid gas
The same method used at "Gratz's."
Booms In the Bast Oregoalai? build
ing for rent Steam heated, tot ana
Mill water and Bath room is coaaetv
' A shiDment of Ideal shirts just ar
rived at Lee Teutsch's, successor to
Cleaver Bros.' Xry Goods uompany,
See display in north window.
Take a look at the appetite teasers
on display in the window at Martin's
Family Bakery and Grocery.' You'll
see some regular palate ticklers.
Oh, my, but they are nice! Those
select Swift's Premium) hams and ba
con. Just the thing for your break
fast. At Martin's Family Bakery and
"Longing as only a child can long,"
is mildly expressing that desire of
old and young for Dutton's choice
home-made chocolate cream candy.
It's pure and wholesome.
Alpha Assembly No. 9, United Ar
tisans, held a very delightful social
Bessidn in the Hendricks hall Thurs
day evening. This was an open ses
sion and several Invitations to out-
slders had been sent out with the re
Bult that the hall was well ' filled,
more than 100 being present. The"
features of the entertainment were
burlesque numbers and dancing. A
lunch was served and all present en
Joyed the evening Immensely.
who yelled until they were hoarse.
Pendleton "then -went to bat and four
tallies were made, one each by
Brown. Ziegler, Clemens and Cor
nell. This put a damper on the
enthusiasm of the "Yellow Kids," and
the latter's rooters could not be heard
above a whisper, but the enthusiasm
of the Pendletonians was shown by
the filling of the air with yells, and
this was continued all through the
rest of the game.
Athena did not make another run
until the seventh inning, when Lieu
alien made a tally. By this time Pen
dleton had seven and the local sports
were beginning to feel eaBy. In the
eichth Inning, however, the "Kids"
result of the game last Sundayand
is going to make a try and even up
matters. An excursion train will ar
rive, in the city Sunday morning from
Athena, bringing a bunch of rooters
for the Kids,
Basiball Notes.
Charles JI. Elsey, first baseman,
has been chosen captain of the Spo
kane team in the Pacific Northwest
League. He was formerly captain of
the Bloomlngton team.
Portland's baseball season will
open next Sunday with an exhibition
game between the professionals and
the Monograms. By that time the
It Pays to Trade at the Pebf fe
Black Phituellas, Black Melrose, black Eshmines Colored
Estantiaes,, Suitings for tailor made gowns, Suitings for tailor
made skirts Suitings for rainy day skirts. When you are look
ing: for anything in Dress Goods, whatsoever kind, please re
mBmbertha even in a town that has such gpod stores as Pen
dleton they must of necessity ba one that is BEST, call and
see oursv yeu u not oe in aouui as iu wiu (uidvuux
STORK i. '
No trouble to show
geotfe '
Wdi lio-RlliNB
In Pnrilton, (hp.,
April 21-22;
For the next few days wo will give a
Discount of tO pet ceat '
on all of out TatfotMade Suits
Butte r-Ick'a
ly Filled.
Samples j
raised their score to six, and the lo- entire Portland team will bo in the
cals did not feel so easy for a few city.
minutes. It appeared for a while as
though the visitors were going to The Great Dismal Swamp,
catch or possibly, go ahead ot tne of Virginia is a breeding ground of
"inaians." rne iavorame ouuouh. u- Malaria germs. So is low, wet or
vived the sinking hopes of the visit- marshy ground everywhere. These
ing rooters and they were again in germs cause, weakness, chills and
Magnolia Cologne
The new imported perfume- It's the sweetest and most
fragrant Perfume we haye:ever been' able to offer. 1
50 cents an once- r
a special price for this lot j ,Come early, pur supply, is limited
65 Steps fro Mate Street Toward the Cort Hodie
M box t tk I
Laxative nrenin TTnieiir m
evidence with their clamor. But the
tune soon changed, when Pendleton
went to bat in the eighth they scored
three runs, which made 10. Athena
in the first half of the ninth
did not make a tally and Pendleton
did not nlay its half of the inning,
Errors were plentiful on both sides,
although more so on the side of the
"Indians." They had 11 errors mark
ed up against them and Athena bad
eight. In spite of the errors the game
was a Dretty one and was greatly en
joyed by the 700 or 800 people that
witnessed it The day was Ideal and
there was none of the disagreeable
features U.at sometimes mar a game
jangling among the players.
No Sensational Plays.
No sensational plays were made,
but several meritorious ones that
caused the rooters to cheer were
credited to the men ot both sideB.
Not a home run was made during
the game and but two double playB,
one by each side, and only two two
base hits were made by each side.
Wilner, Pendleton's pitcher, gave
one man a base, hitting- him with
the. ball and one was given a base
by Saunders, pitcher for Athena, in
the same way.
Wilner struck out seven of the
"Kids" and Saunders only has three
to his credit.
The Score.
Athena ABB, HPOA
fever, aches in the bones and musc
les, and may induce dangerous ma
ladies. But Electric Bitters never
fail to destroy them and cure malar
lal troubles.- They will surely pre
vent typhoid. We tried many remedies
for Malarial and Stomach and Liver
troubles," writes John Charleston, of
Byesvljle, O., "but never found any
thing as good as Electric Bitten'
Try them. Only 60c. Tallman & Co,
guarantee satisfaction.
For Sale.
One Stevens "Acme Wheel" reclin
ing chair. Cane seat and back, rub
ber tires, and cush'Ionfull length of
chair. Is nearly new. For particu
lars address Mrs. D. A. Richards, box
172, Athena, Oregon,
Sick Headache. Constipation,
Wind and Pains in Stomach. Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver and Female Ailments.
G. Brown, ss 5 0
Willard, 3b . 4 1
Shea, c 5 1
R. Brown, cf 5 2
Cartano, 2b 4 1
Saunders, p ..... . 4 0
Chapler, If 4 0
Lleuallen, rf 4 1
Vaughn, lb 4 0
Tolals ...39 6
Pendleton AB R
Brown, c ....!. .... 5 2
Ziegler, 3 5 3
Knox, cf 4 1
Wilner, p 5 0
Clemens, ss 5 1
Cornell, If 4 1
Barlow, rf 4 0
Cornford, 2b 4 1
Hartman, lb 4 1
8 24 13
0 7 0
Totals 40 10 9 27 21 11
J. T. McCarthy, of the Pacific
Northwest League, whp is signed to
play with Tacoma this year, umpir
ed the game with his usual level
headedness and his decisions were so
accurate in every instance that rot a
dissenting voice was heard against
any of his decisions. Mir. McCarthy
left on the evening train for Walla
Walla and will leave there Sunday
for Tacoma, where he goes to prac
tice with his team for the season,
which .opens on the Sound the 29th
Inst Charles A. Maakrey, for Pen
dleton, and Doc Osborn, for Athena,
were the scorers.
Came Scheduled.
The Pendleton "Indians" are tryr
ing to schedule more games than
have been arranged for so far, and Jn
addition to those given below it is
expected that two games will - be
Kearns vs. Fitzgerald.
Boston, Mass., April li. Tlnl
Kearns and Willie Fitzgerald in a 12
round bout is the attraction offered
by the Criterion Athletic Club to its
patrons tonight. Fitzgerald, though
comparatively unknown, has made
something of a record for himself as
a hard hitter and .clever boxer and is
expected to give a good account of
himself when he faces Kearns.
The occasional ad is one of the very
best methods by which to squander
money. Continuous advertising, on
the other hand, will bring ample re
turns for the money Invested. Bug-
tow txoft SIX MUUON Bmx ew Aimmm.
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old Everywhere, In Boxes, lOc. and 25o.
U. S. A. Dmt. 369 Cvui Btntt, Nw Tarfc.
Better See Them
Before Yo Bay
WORTH $5.oo
Boston Store
Green or otherwise. You can't excel our stock J
in freshness or variety. In vegetables we re
ceive daily tender lettuce, onions, radishes, etc. 8
which are delicious. Try Peacock Flour, pure
as the driven snow, nutrituous and wholesome.
Pit for the family loat or finest cake. Users ot
Peacock Flour always have excellent bread,
Cheese, all the delicacies in this line are at our
Hi s Hii ten i Bin
R. MARTIN, Proprietor
To make good bread use Byert'- Bf si Floar, It (oak Ant
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Every sacE is guaranteed. We have the beet Steam
Boiled Bailey, Bead Bye and Beardless Barley,
W. S. BITERS, Proprietor.
4 r- ' '
1 'tl!