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FRIDAY, ATRIIi 11, 1902.
'Lord Roseberry is, going to South
"Africa to study the situation there,
"with a view of submitting his Ini
'pressibns and advice to King 'Ed
ward. , ,
' ,M!r. Steyn, the ex-president of the
. .. prange Free State, who is taking part
j'Jn the peace negotiations in South
' : Africa, is suffering from severe op
thaimia and is threatened with total
Figures given out by the state con
troller of New York show that col
lections of the last .fiscal year under
Uhe inheritance tax law were ?4,085,
!000. Of this amount Greater New
York iurnished .13,394.000.
Representative McNamee has Intro
educed in the Ohio house a resolution
for the acceptance by the state of
Ohio of the two scholarships In Ox
''ford University! bequeathed to the
-state by the"late Cecil Rhodes.
Lee Gallagher, paying teller of the
First National Bank, of .St. Joseph,
fjiMo.p was arrested on a charge of ienr
oibezzHng.tunds or tne oanK. .rresiaeni
-rr Jacob. Ford swore to the complaint.
The specific sum is alleged to be 2,
Mrs. Elizabeth Whittler Pickard
died at her residence in Boston Wed
nesday. Her father was the younger
brother of John Greenleaf Whittler,
and at an early age she became a
member of the poet's household at
The rise in the price of meat in
England is attributed more to the
prohibition of Canadian and Argen
tine cattle than to the operations of
the American beef combination.
During the first quarter of this year
more than 8000 fewer cattle were im
ported through Liverpool than in the
corresponding period of 1901, and tho
South American dead meat trade has
failed to compensate for this short
The details of the A. O. U. W. celo
bratlon to bo held in Portland when
tho supreme lodge convenes there in
June are fast taking definite shape.
Lot, Chief of the Lower Spokanes,
is dead. The funeral was held Wed
nesday morning at his home on the
reservation. Ho was CO years of
General Passenger Agent Miller, of
tho bouthern Pacific, has recolved no
tice tlat the Harrlman lines had de
termined to take independent action
in applying tho homeseekers' rate to
Western Oregon points.
A. B. Morris, a pioneer of 1862,
died i,t his home near Knox's Butte.
Linn county, Tuesday night, of heart
ulse&e, at tho age of 70 years. Ho
wus ua inman war veioran, and a
member of tho Christian church. Ho
left u wife and nlno children.
D. C. Hamilton, a well wnown resi
dent of Hoppnor, committed suicide
Tuesday morning by shooting himself
In tho head with a revolver. Ho had
been drinking heavily several days
and ;t is tLought that ho was mental-
ly deranged. Ho loft a wife and four
The Pendleton.
W. F. Klein, Chicago.
Charles Hammon, Portland.
Edwin J. .Bnrke, Hartford.
A. E. Gist, Portland. '
George W. Sherwood, Tacoma.
D. E. Brockbank, San Francisco.
George Harris, Portland.
A. S. Heartfield, Spokane.
George C. Mowatt. San Francisco.
H. P. Smith, San Francisco.
H. S. Smith, San Francisco.
A. J Powell, Portland.
A. Rv Grant, Portland.
D. Shults, Portland.
F. L. Richmond, San Francisco.
Mrs. F. C. Hlndle, Dayton.
Andy Nylander, Portland.
L. ,E. Carr, Chicago.
J. W. Stewart, Baker City.
The Golden Rule.
Mrs. H. Olcott.
Ford Wright.
W. H. "Wilson, Spokane.
Miss Jessie Haum, Helix.
Mrs. It, E. Thorn, Umatilla.
Mrs. R. I. Yerxa, Umatilla.
T. Ji Amspaqer, Reed City.
Charles Carroll, Spokane.
Bert Applegate, Spokane.
W. R. -McRoberts, -Spokane.
C. H. Rinker, Spokane.
J, A. Nelson and "wife, Athena-.
Wi L. Campbell, Mitchell.
T. Sunda, Cayuse.
A. Kudard, Cayuse.
Robert Eakin, Union.
J. H. .Barton, Union.
G. W. TCeptum.
O. C. Wildis, Denver.
Mrs. Angle McCain, Iowa.
Mattlo Abbott, Ontario.
H. C. PIttinger, Vinson.
H. Hendrick, Detroit.
James McDonald, Baker City.
William Hosklns, Walla Walla.
B. A. Gaze, Seattle.
M. Rice.
H. Epstein.
F. J. Gardner, Portland.
BxiTxor Ohio, City or tolxdo i
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he lithe
cnlor partner oJ the arm of F.J. Cheney & Co.,
doing bmineM In the city of Toledo, county
and auto aforeaald, and that said Arm will pay
the sum of One Hundred Dollars for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannotbe cured by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
micjuuc iuia oiu uaY oi vecemDer. A
I). 1885.
A. W. GLEA80K,
Knt.rv PiiKIIa
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
ui mo system. Benu lor testimonials, free.
. K; J' C,HKN-?Y co- Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
tin. j '
Purchased Bio Stock Ranch.
W. T. Rigby has purchased of C. B
wade, what is known as the Des
pain ranch, consisting of 4000 acreB
in Union county, near Hot Lake, for
the purpose of using it as a stock
ranch. This is quite a valuable add!
lion to the already large land hold
Ings of Mr. Rigby. He now has 200
head of cattle and that many horses,
and they will be ranged on the Union
county place this season. Mr. Rigby
is one of tho large farmers and stock
men or Umatilla county. He has 3,
uuu acres or iarm land on tho reser
vation, 2000 of which is in wheat this
year. Ho says that his prospects for
a crop aro not so good as usual, but
umt WUn a TOW daVS Of Rlinflhlnn
sunn wjh uo an ngnt.
At bedtime Itake a nlenRanr hnrh
drink, tho next morning I feel bright
my complexion is bettor. Mv
- l nr 1C .1 n fn
itain O'Connor was if E , ??s y. 08
known steamboat T , ' k t, .V"' . ul reaicino.
ti ... . i'uniuy medicine ninven Mm
W. bo K t o' waters of '',owcls ,eac,h da'-
lie Cclu.Hhln ' lor 8310 hy Tallman & Co., solo
Cantain John J. O'Connor ,Hp,i at'?"??ay tlmt !t- a.c sontly on the
his homo in .Portland Tuesday night , ' ,laa Vfl!l0yf. P s
aftor an nois whlnh imnn ri.. v.""" " maue irom
in March. Cni:
one of tho best
men on tlio Columbia
Blanche Walsh, tho noted actress '
wx.w4rstaJ TI0 Atte,nt,on utfl-Ro,,crs-
fiorious accldont at Now Whatcom 'pT? "snwr mcotlne of Pendleton
Was... While walking from tho IS ' SL,4,1 Woaotlmen tho World,
door pf tho theater to her carriage . f, he Oon ,Sfttuay at 8 p. m
she stepped from tho sidewalk and ?u,oty haU- Membew
fell a distance of 20 feet. She can- B vern tho"selves accordingly,
celed her dates at Everett and North1 Atw. t r ltr?i,P4BAnL' c ' '
Yakima, and is now under tho doc- Mt J- p WALKER, oiork.
tor's care at the Spokane Hotel. 8moke Pendleton BoqMt am
Special Edition of the "'Pacific Echo"
jW'dcly CirculatedThe Great Log
moiling, -April 21-22 Head .Consul
Falkchbtirg Expected.
The incorporators of-the Temple of
Woodcraft Association have called a
meeting of stockholders to be held
in the, camp hall, April 28, .at 2 p. m.
Accompanying the call .is a detailed
statement of the incorporation of the
association and a carefully arid con
servative estimate, of the probable
earnings of. he capital stock of ?25,
000. It is clearly pointed out that
10 per cent clear can be reasonably
expected on this stock. Tlie opportu
nitv to subscribe for Temple Assoc!
ation stock, will be given members of
the local camp and circle first.
Should any remain, which is very
doubtful, then non-members may have
an opportunity of securing some of
these Ellt-edged goods. That the
stocjc will be quickly snapped up is
proven by the requests already made.
With the announcement that the
movement was under way, and before
the arrival of the incorporation pa
pers, nearly ?5,000 worth had been
solicited. Several business men.
who are not members of the order,
but, realize a good thing when they
see It have made requests for an op
portunity to subscribe.
A Splendid Advertisement.
A special edition of the Pacific
Echo, the official organ of the Wo-'
men of Woodcraft, has been issued on
account of the April 21-22 log-rolling.
It is a splendid paper. It is profuse
ly illustrated, and is bound to cause
widespread interest in the great
movement Ten thousand copies
were printed.
Among other good features which
it contains is a write-up of Umatilla
county, as the banner wheat section
of the world. Pendleton, as the head
quarters of the great log-rolling, nat
urally comes In for prominent men
tion all through the paper, thus mak
ing it a strong advertisement for this
city and "vicinity. A copy of this
paper was mailed to each newspaper
printed in Oregon, Washington and
Idaho; a copy to every member of,
the Woodmen of the World and Wo
men of Woodcraft in Eastern Oregon
and Eastern Washington, a copy to
every Woodmen paper printed in the'
United States and Canada, and a copy
to every'lodge of" each" order. Pendle
ton and eastern Oregon will thus be
advertised by reason of this great log
rolling, as it haa never been before:
Mr. Rogers Returns.
George K. Rogers, chief organizer,
oi ine wooamen. returncti irom Port
land yesterday, whither he went to
consult wun railroad officials with
reference to special rates. He stated
that reduced rates would apply over
all railway lines, and that announce
ment or same would be made in a
very few days. A SDecinl train from
Dayton, or Pomeroy, to accommodate
tne crowds attending from Washing
ton points, was now practically assur
ed. Mr. .Rogers stopped over at The
Dalles, where great interest Is being
displayed. A large attendance from
that city is expected.
Head Consul Expected.
It Is now almost a certainty that
the head consul from Denver will be
present Mr. Falkenburg is lionized
by the membership, and the mere
statement of his coming will attract
greater attendance than any other
event or combination of events that
could be announced. The entire board
of grand managers, some of whom are
from Colorado, the grand clerk of
Leadvllle, Col., tho grand physician,
of Eugene, and tho grand banker,
from Portland, will all be present
Pendleton Plans.
Locally, everything that can possi-
niy oo done is beinir carried nut
The Furnish wnrehousB la imi
ovated for tho occasion. t?Ir,i nnnto
win us extended around Ua niiioa nn,i
Provision Dlfldfl fnr nanHni. nl.r... onnn
" - Mx.t.v.ut UUUU
at a time, The entertainment com-
umiee is working very hard in the
manor or making provision for visit
ors; tho uniform rankB of tho local
camp and drd.S1jSf
TJSZ wch win refl7ct credit
nn their respective lodges and thera
selve They .are going to prove an
mmenso surprise to eveiybodj. and
Pendleton Can well be proud of si cn
Silently drilled bodies The , t
form ranks of Athena camp and clr
cle are considered, from reports re
ceive. , as being most formidable com
pcUtors. Like the ball team from
Athew. they are away up in G, and
rtrilt take the laurels back -to- their
town., if such a thing. Is possible.
'Committee Meeting Tonight
'There will be a meeting of tho gen
eral committee tonight in thtfofTicea
of Stillman & Pierce. It is very Im
portant that there be a f u 1 attend
ance and reports of all sub-commit
tecs. The committee from the Com-.
mercial Club will also be in attend-.
i .,.1 n'tlllnr to helo in
tfvory manner which will be possible
. 1. A 1 1 .. . r1 n
tor uiai uuuy iu uu.
Wants to Help Others.
"I had stomach trouble all my life,"
says Edw. Mehler, proprietor of the
Union .Bottling Works, Erie. Pa.,
"and tried all kinds of remedies, went
to several doctors and spent consider
able money trying to get a moment's
peace. Finally I read of Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure and have been taking it
to my great satisfaction. I never found
its equal for stomach trouble and
gladly recommend it in hope that I
may help other sufferers." Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure cures all Btomach troub
les. You don't have to diet. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat.
Tallman & Co. and Brock & McComas
Steers for Sale.
A drove of 123 2 and 3-year-old good
crade Durham and Shorthorn steers,
'half fat, same good for beef now. In
quire Nick Taltingers rancn, tnree
miles south of Adams.
The most effect! ya sV in tin r I f yt( n r. n .1 1,
tlryingsoap, as woll us purest and sweetest,
lor toilet, bath, and nursery. It strikes ot
tho.couse of bad complexions, red, rough
:haad, falling hair, nnd'baby blemishes.
Viz.. the cWipi! li-rltit).! i..n.. 1
worked, or sluggish Pokes.
Smoke Pride of Umatilla Cigars.
In all stages of nasal catarrh there
should be cleanliness. As experience
proves, Ely's Cream Balm is a cleans
er, soother and healer of the diseased
membrane. It Is not drying nor Irri
tating, and does not produce sneez
ing. Price B0 cents at druggists or it
will be mailed by Ely Brothers, 56
Warren street, New York. Upon be
ing placed into the nostrils It spreads
over the membrane and relief is im
mediate. It is an agreeable cure.
Smoke Prid of Umatilla Cigar.
Watch and wait for the
Reliable Druggists
Association Block.
El Principe Degales
Henry The Fourth
La Flor Stanford
Sauches & Haya
El Telegraph 0
U Mia
Charles The Great
2 for 25 cents
THE BIG B O. S:.T:o JffaJEfc
They' AreSt
"4,""4 4 4 4
jgi: npull
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44 4
This line ,add4;jj
'line of Knox, SlefoJ
Gordon Hats rriaiesl
complete line of.hats j
Get Yof Spring Hat in tfie
Now Is the Time. To3ky.
Boston Stoi
Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a beautild
Now is the time to get your
We have the best values from $4 up.
U'High Grade Garden Hose at Low Pricee,
Thompson Hardre
Art. ulvi .cARPUiisH
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floor noverines diSDlaye
where ;an elegant YaxWlB
patterns in every kind, hm
to Armlnsters and ,wuw
pleasure ot -those who,(i
nish their rooms ecos
Trio lnrp-fiHt. stock ,STI
Eendletpn and the cWj
Bowing machines irom "!
les, etc., for all machine, i
Wall Paper at con.
$3 00 per Day and Upwards.
a.. PORTLAND, 0)RGOM. j.
fo tourlU. V Eastera 0rKa vliltlog rXSM
io tourists and commercial traveli H.C.B9T5
SEL"!. strength and
Poydore Moens, Proprietor.