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FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 1912.
Reduction Sale
Ladies' Kid Boxed Vesting
Top, Lace $2.50 Shoes now $2.
Kid Boxed, Black Serge, Top
?Pat Tip $3.50 Shoe now $2.
f Fine Kid Shoes, sizes 3 1-2 to
1 7, did price $2', reduced to $1.50
Spring Heel, Kid Button
Shoes 32.50 values, now $1. 75.
Broken Lines of Ladies' Fine
: Kid Shoes, ranging in sprice
from 2.50 to $2.72, price re
duced to $i.75
& Company
Successor to Clearer Brotbert.
Phone Black 91
Party In Honor of Miss Genevieve
Koeppen Wednesday Evening.
Mrs. Herman Koeppen, of 215 Cot
tonwood street, assisted by "Mrs. W.
J. Sowell, gave a birthday party Wed
nesday evening In honor of Miss Gen--evlove
Koeppen. Games and music
was the order of the entertainment,
which was followed by dainty refresh
ments. At a late hour -the young folks
departed for their respective homes,
after wishing MJss Koeppen many
.more such happy events. Those
present were: Edith Johnson, Jes
sie Cameron, Nora Johnson, Mabel
Cameron, Mabel Johnson, Clara Boy
len, Rae Vogel, Eva Hulse, Delia Prl
vett, Fay Carney, Jennie Perry, New
ton Johnson, "William Sewell, Gerald
Stanfleld, Clarence Bolle-man, wll
Hard Bond, Fred Kees, Shepard Cam
eron, John Dickson and Furnish Slat
-United Artisans Jubilant Over 111 any
New Members.
The United Artisans of Pendleton
are feeling quite jubilant over the
work during the past month. It was
announced last night at their regular
meeting that 100 applications for
membership had been turned in dur
ing that time and the order is in a
flourishing condition. A great deal
of this good work and additions are
due to the personal work of H. G. Si-
bray, assistant grand master Artisan,
who has been here .working In the
interest of the order for the past five
Rooms In the East Oregoniair build
ing for rent. Steam -heated, hot and
cold water and bath room In connection.
Marshal Blakley Says the Ordinance
Must Be Respected by -Everyone.
For the benefit of those who have
the filthy and abominable habit of
spitting on the sidewalks and In halls
and public buildings, the following or
dinance, which passed the common
council the 21st day of February,
1900, and which is now in full force,
Is quoted:
"Section 1. It shall be unlawful for
any person or persons to expectorate
or spit upon the sidewalks or cross
walks of the city of Pendleton, or up
on the floor or carpet of any public
hall, stairway, meeting house, assem
bly room or upon the floor of any
public vehicle.
"Section 2. Any person violating
the provisions ofUhls ordinance shall,
upon conviction before the recorder
of the city of Pendleton, be fined not
less than one dollar nor' more than
ten dollars, or by Imprisonment In the
city Jail not tor exceed five days.
"Section 3. It shall be the duty of
the city marshal and each police of
ficer to see that the provisions of this
ordinance are strictly enforced."
He Means Business.
In speaking about this ordinance
this morning, Marshal Blakley said
that he did not Intend to be over of
ficious in his duties and did not want
It to appear that he was too strict,
but that he was sworn to see that the
laws passed by the city council of
Pendleton were complied with and
that he was going to make a special
effort to see that this ordinance In
regard to expectorating on sidewalks
and in public halls is respected and
lived up to. Some persons have per
sistently broken the ordinance. It Is
no Infrequent thing to see places
along the sidewalk of Main street be
smirched with tobacco juice and ifllth
that comes from the mouths of peo
ple who have no regard for the de
cency and cleanliness of a town.
"This thing must be stopped," said
the marshal, "and I am going to see
that It is stopped in as far as It is in
my power to do so. If a man Is
caught expectorating on the sidewalk
or in a public building, he will be ar
rested and fined, for It is my duty to
see that this ordinance is enforced.
If the people do not want it, they
will have to repeal It, for I am sworn
to enforce all the laws of the city."
G. W. Bradley is in town from
J. M. Walker Is In tofn from Athe
na. Miss Bertie Elam, of Milton, Is reg
istered at Hotel Pendleton.
r. A. narrett. of the First National
Bank at Athena, was In town .Thurs
H. D. Henrold, a prominent business
man of Walla Walla, Is the guest of
M. F. Kelley, of the Golden Rule
B. H. Domollng, who arrived Thurs
day from Ml lings, Mont.lthas accepted
a uositlon with the Hartman Abstract
rumnar.y, ap stenographer.
John Town, of Great Falls, Mont..
Is In town. He Is looking for stock
sheep to take back with him for the
range this summer. He wants 6000
or 8000.
W. M. Pierce, prominently spoken
of by the democrats for joint senator
from Umatilla and Morrow counties,
is spending a few days in the Grand
Ronde country.
Theron E. Fell, of Portland, is visit
ing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Fell, nnd other relatives and friends
in Pendleton. He will return home
Sunday. He is accompanied by his
Mrs. Leonard Wyll left Thursday
evening to continue her journey east
after spending two days visiting her
brother, T. B. Wells and family.. Her
home is at Medical Lake, and she is
going to Iowa to vlst the old home of
her parents.
Carl Vogt, of Bavaria, Germany, ar
rived in Pendleton Wednesday, even
ing and Is visiting his old friend and
schoolmate, John J. Rack. Mr. Vogt
says that he likes the appearance of
the people and things In general in
this country. Ho may locate here per
manently. C. B. Sampson arrived today from
the east, and is registered at the
Hotel Pendleton. Mr. Sampson was
formerly connected with the Crescent
News, at Defiance, O., and laterwlth
the Messenger, at Fremont, in the
same state. Mr. Sampson may decide
to locate in this town.
F. W. Schmidt, who is having the
old Clopton office fixed up for the
reception of a drug stock, Is in town
from Baker City overseeing the work.
Mr. Schmidt says that He is going to
put in one of the most complete
stocks of drugs that has ever been
displayed In Pendleton, and will be
ready to open about the 15th.
P. C. Sperry, of Pilot Rock, is In the
Is Candidate for Sheriff of Morrrow
County on an Anti-Lawlessness
E. Jr. Shutt, editor of the Heppner
Times, and son, wero guests of Hotel
St. George last night on their way
home from Chicago, where they had
been to consult an eye specialist in
regard to the failing sight of the lit
tle boy. Mt. Shutt is candidate for
sheriff of Morrow county on the re
publican ticket and says he stands a
good show for election. He has been
Identified with the upbuilding of
Heppner and the county in general
slnco the establishing of the Times,
Ave years ago, and the stand that he
has taken personally and through the
columns of his paper against the law
less element of the county and his
views on enforcing the laws that are
on the statuto books has made
him many warm friends, as people are
growing to look at lawlessness with
disgust and admired the stand of Mr,
Shutt so much that ho was placed on
the ticket for sheriff and Is thought
to ue the strongest man In the field
for any office.
While on their return from Chicago
Mr. Shutt and his son were tied up
in uie niockade on the Great Northern
road at Minot, a little station in North
Dakota, where they wero compelled
to remain lor three days and n khts
The railroad company treated Its pas
sengors very kindly though, nnd.
aside from tho rinlnv In
THE LEADING DRUGGISTS AND Uttle ,nconvenlence was experienced!
uiuj were an iaKon to uie Hotels and
restaurants and fed without cost to
1 tno passengers.
April 21 and 22
apring is nere. Purity your
blood by taking ,'F. & S. Sar-
saparilla compound, greatest
of all blood purifiers.
A $10.00 SHOE
If not properly fitted is not- worth 30c.
As it not only injures the feet, but does not wear.
Our Shoes at $3 and $3.50
fwWrth d,uble the Price in actual ''ale because
tney fit and consequently give excellent service.
The Pendleton Shoe Company SS'
Moisture Will Improve Conditions
Materially and Cause Grain to
Last night was the first rain that
has fallen to lay the dust In Pendleton
for more than two weeks. The
ground was getting unusually dry for
the time of year and the farmers were
beginning to feel alarmed about tho
result. Much of the grain had to be
resown this spring and consequently
the borrowing of the ground caused
it to dry out fast and then no rain
falling to wet the earth the grain had
not grown as It otherwise would. The
rain of last night seemed to be gen
eral, and although a great deal of
water did not fall, enough fell to
make a great difference. Now, with
a few more such rains following along
at intervals, there will be no need for
alarm on the part of the wheat rais
ers. So far the conditions have not
been very flattering, and farmers were
beginning to feel somewhat blue, but
a few good showers will bring things
to the front and a goood crop will be
g (ty JL M"lnjtow U on ereiy box ot the gulne
tho remedy that
m cola 1b mm ay.
Fare 75 Cents for Round Trip Wall
Walla Sends Six Coaches.
For the baseball game to be played
at Athena Sunday afternoon, between
walla Walla and Athena, the O. R,
N. will run a special train from here,
leaving at 1 o'clock p. m., returning
leaving Atnena at 4Mu on the regula
train. Fare for the round trip will
be only 75 cents and tickets will be
on sale In the morning, so that all
who want to go on tho early train
can do so. This Is expected to be a
good game and one of the lareest
crowus win probably witness it that
ever assembled in Athena. Six coach
loads will come over from Walla
Walla and quite a number are going
uuin were.
Attention Log.Rollers.
The regular meetlnc of Pnniiintnn
Camp No. 41, Woodmen of the World,
"u ei on Saturday at 8 p. m
In Secret Society hall.
piease govern themselves accordingly.
Attest: J. P. WALKER, Clork.
The homllest man In Pendleton, as
uu ua uie iianusomest, and others,
aro Invited to call on any druggist
and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's
Balsam for tho throat and Itinera n
remedy that is miarantfiArt tn
relievo all chronic and acute coughs
asthma, bronchitis and consumption.
Price 25c and 50c. For sale by Tall.
m on
Plenty of Stuff In the Country, Values
Being Somewhat Lower Than Last
Year- . , U
C. J. MIHIs, livestock agent of the
Harriman lines In this part of the
world, is here today. J r. MHb has
recently visited most of the centers
where ivestock Is bred and sold, and
he states that at this time there ap
pears to be plenty of stuff In the conn,
try. but that the owners are holding
it for better prices. Just now, there
is a good demand, with values some
what lower than they were at this
time last season.
"As Is always the case," said Mr.
MIHIs to the East Oregonlan, "It Is
a proposition of bringing the buyer
and seller together. The seller thinks
his livestock is worth more than Is
offered, and most of the breeders are
in a position financially to assume an
independence and refuse to let go be
fore they are thoroughly satisfied
that they are receiving all they ought
to receive."
Wool Prospects Good.
Regarding the situation of wool,
Mr. Mlllis said:
"According to my Information, the
wool clip this year will be very fine,
both as to quality and quantity, with
a tendency towards better values
than were paid last year. However,
the market Is not yet made, and It
will be some time before there will
be a definite understanding as to just
what the wool is worth. The old
clips are practically all sold, so that
that which will go upon the market
this spring will be mostly of the 1902
"All in all, all classes of livestock
cattle, sheep and horses are good
property now, and those representing
these industries are sure to reap a
good harvest from their efforts of the
past season.
Kearns vs. Miller.
Baltimore, April 4. Tim Kearns,
the Boston lightweight, and Herman
Miller of this city are slated to go
twenty rounds before the Eureka
Athletic club tonight. The two men
have met once before, on which oc
casion the local fighter gained the de
cision. Kearns has trained faithful
ly for tonight's bout and is confident
of his ability to reverse the decision
of the first contest. The fighters will
weigh in at the ring side at 13f
Canyon Rancher Loses n
Hnme by Fire.
. nr o cE? I? iron,
waftotally destroyed. There , was no
insurance. The Iqbs was about ?5UU.
Herplclde Is Used to Cure Dandruff.
E. H. Lyons, of New York, N. Y.,
go yg
"I am very fond of Herpicido and
enjoy using It. It is refreshing."
Dr. J. A. Bush, Toledo, Ohio, writes:
"Newbro's Herplclde has given better
satisfaction than anything I have
ever used."
Mrs. Borkey, of Chadron, Neb., says
of Herpicide:
"It cleaned my head of dandruff and
stopped my hair from falling out. It
Is the best remedy for dandruff I
ever used, and I have used a great
R. S. Coleman, Ann Arbor, Mich.,
'I have usea two bottles of Herpl
clde and derived benefit therefrom."
hurnish L
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calm Off' a cnniw: T! ?
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coffee that
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uuu m u tuner coffee w
-viuv-n,, iiiir MltX.
nnntrarroa to bn i. lt rr
f""bi UttUK seat.
TRY IT ONCE-You will w.n
Cheapest place in Ordgoifc
Pendleton ukiah Stage
Hasten ft Carney, Prftft,
I antra PonillAinn awaw. J.u . i m .
aTnanl. RtinHnv. tnr PlM t..v
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rwuKe. aidh ana UKiAh. nj.
tuuimuuttuuun. xivHBunHDie ireii
naDBanaaVTutai '
1 1 1 t.v nTTinn nr. -i niimon a nit :
lore, ,
Gopher State Begins Action in Securi
ties Company Case.
St. Paul, April 4 The state today
began an action In the Minnesota
courts against the Northern Securi
ties' Company. The complaint was
served on President J. J. Hill, of the
Great Northern this afternoon. The
case is the same as that in which the
United States supreme court refus
ed to assume jurisdiction.
The occasional ad is one of the very
best methods by which to squander
money. Continuous advertising, on
the other hand, will bring ample re
turns for the money Invested. Suggestions.
Give more days hard wear than
any other Bboe made. The price
range ia 1
. ... m
ct inr 6Tnuc
Special Sale for this Week..
a t iTrr 1 1 rvtr m i-i w trr-rrn attam iiajui.
Soitof Clothes, ONE NICE HAT
F 1 1111 J V J1 Wllllll LJ J.11UU 1. Lb I.! LAX U 1U Itilll ' 1 VM HIIWU i
Int.fi v frPA n Nipa Hnn All nt nnr l.nmAa' Si9.Kfl Shn.-vo mJlli
go nt $2. This is. a rare chance to get good Shoes very '
cheap. Five hundred yards beautiful Wash SilksataCash';
Discount of 10 ner cent. Just received the nnhKinsr. liWnf '
Gent s Shirts ever shown in this city, dome and se us.
For Hats to come from the Carrier is to have the best that
capital and long experience can produce. Our hats are de
signed and made with the demands of the buying publlo
well in mind. It will will be found that no other hats are
more popular and late in design as ours.
9 !
Comfort Shoes
for Ladaes
We are
Seeing is fcelieving
Main and Webb Streets
i . i irpiruu
A, lMVw"-l
"" i-UOU IOr Imrcnn 1 4" -i3.t - I"." . V" - - Ima i
ir . . uu wame. i uncooi' rm mm tor vujhwt -.
SEED RPPT T?v a New cti &
man & Co,, sol agents.
rj nn & . . vesj t;: v. n s