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Eastern Oregon Weather
n Hnllvitrod nt vonr residence
ace of business by carrier at
Tonight nnd Tuesday. Incrcos
lug cloudiness.
5c A WEEK.
NO. !!)(
itions Are Now on for
That End.
Said to Be on Between
the Boer Leaders for
larch 24. Official expla-
ie renorted visit and con-
terms of ncacc of the aet-
aent of the Transvaal,
Br. and other Boer leaders,
honor, are eacerly awaited.
the conference caused con
nivance about half a nonce
ng and other stocks to a
I A Reason Given.
L March 24. The reason for
conduct of the prominent
rough the British lines on
Lwas announced today in the
commons when the parlla-
-Becretary for war, . Broder-
Inswer to a question, said
lit a fortnight ago Schallber-
Cated to Kitchener a desire
"conduct through the British
pause Schallberger wished to
resident Steyn of the Orange
te, with reference to the pos-
'of a peace proposal. Kltch-
jderlck said, acceded to the
k'ith the government's :on-
Committee Has Changed the
Authorizing Injunctions
tion of Labor Against It.
igton, March 24. The legis-
Immittoe of the American
in of Labor has made public
i'On certain bills pending be-
gress, among them the auti-
lilll, the phraseology of
is been changed by the Ben-
fciary committee. By the
lays the report, injunctions
rized instead of curtailed,
fcln its present shape it
te defeated by every means
power of organized labor.
' FRANCISCO 400,000.
I' Association Thinks There
Are That Many.
ancisco, March 24. fThe
' Association of San Fran
lieves that San Francisco
more than 400,000 people.
us of 1900 gave San Fran
,000. More than 40,000 peo
come to San Francisco for
t residence during the last
s. Evidences of the great
re visible on all sides. It is
cult 'to rent a house, al-
ast year more than 863
ere built. The street rail-
panles have been forced to
more cars to carry the traf-
Market Street company has
d the number of cars from
61 in the last year. The San
o & San Mateo line, a sub-
ne, has 35 Instead of 29 cars.
Opened in New York Today at Madi
son Square Garden.
New York, March 24. With clat
tering of side arms and the rattle of
steel shod hoofs the ndvance guard of
the sixth annual tournament of the
Military Athletic League took poses
sion of Madison Square Garden early
this morning. and with readiness of
tried campaigners, converted a cor
ner of the big ampitheater into a cav
alryman's camp and were in comfort
able quarters in less than an hour.
Among the first comers were the Ca
nadian troops, especially detniled
by Colonel Pinault. Their business
like methods and the ease and celer
ity jvith which they made themselves
at home had a stimulating effect on
the preparations for the big tourna
ment, which opens this evening.
Representatives of the engineering
and signal corps also were in the gar
den early in the day, practicing their
tower-building and other feats, that
their work in the tournament may bo
without fault. There were present
also United States troops of cavalry
from Fort Myer, artillery from Wash
ington Barracks and coast artillery
from Fort Columbus, together with a
number of companies of ..the- New
York state militia, all of which will
take part ill the tournament.
The program arranged for the open
ing tonight is one of the most inter
esting of the show. Beginning with
the grand review, with General
Brooke, Adjutant-General Corbin and
Secretary of War Root as reviewing
officers, the military part of the exhi
bition will include cough riding by
the cavalry, platoon drills by the sig
nal corps, and a landing drill by sail
ors from a United States man-of-war.
A number of new features will be
seen, notably the building of a pon
toon bridge, and an attack and re
pulse by cavalry, artillery and infantry.
z$ty .
' V uJr '
list t,
v -Oi
Sbaretti to see President.
New York, March 24. Much inter
est is manifested in the coming of
Mgr. Sbarreti, apostolic delegate to
the Philippines, who is due to arrive
in New York today or tomorrow on
the steamer Kaiserin Maria Theresa.
Prjor to receiving his present mis
sion to the Philippines, Mgr. Sbretti
was bishop of Havana, where he won
the esteem of all by his wise admin
istration of the affairs of the church
and the liberality of his views.
Those acquainted with him "regard
him as eminently fitted to cope with
the difficulties and complications
surrounding the Catholic church in
the Philippines. Before proceeding
to his post Mgr. Sbretti will visit the
president at Washington and will
also confer with Cardinal Gibbons
and other eminent churchmen Jn this
country regarding his mission.
Many Leper6.
ngton, March 24. The com-
of the marine hospital surg-
a roport to congress says
o 278 cases of leprosy in the
States, of which four are in
a and one in Oregon. The
mont of a national home for
Ither In the arid southwest.
iand in the Gulf of Mexico, or
facinc. Coast, is recom-
t other Boer Resolution,
igton, March .24. A resolu-
resBing .sympathy for the
id urging cessation of haatll-
Introduced In the house to
Randall, democrat, of Texas,
solution appeals to Great
n the Intereat of humanity,
t overtures for peace. Jt
e neutrality of -this govern-
Faveraham Divorced.
ork, March 24. Mrs. Marlon
wire or the actor, fU
'orsham, was granted a, .di-;
1 statutory grounds. The
in secret and-none of the
f Including the name of the
tfent, is known.
Anniversary of Battle of Winchester.
Toledo, Ohio, March 24. The sur
viving members of Shields' division
of the union army have arranged for
Interesting services in Memorial nail
tonight in observance of the fortieth
anniversary of the battle of Win
Chester. The battle of Winchester
was the first won by the Union army
east of the Alleghanies, and the only
one in which General Stonewall
Jackson was defeated. At the pros
ent time there are living in Toledo
and vicinity about fifty survivors of
tue famous engagement.
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
New York, March 24. The wheat
market was fairly steady today nftcr
the break of Saturday and prices
wore ii shade higher. There was a
largo export business done on tho de
cline. Liverpool was Vi lower,
511. New York opened and
closed 78. Chicago opened 71
and closed 72. Corn was un Vi.
58:54. Tho visible supply of wheat;
decreased 1,050,000.
Closed Saturday, 78.
Opened today, 7S.
Range todny, 777S.
Closed today, 78.
Sugar, 1323:4.
Steel, 42V6.
St. Paul, lf.7-Tt.
Union Pacific, 103M.
Wheat in Chicago.
Chicago, March 21. Wheat 71
Wheat in San Francisco.
San Francisco, March 24. Wheat
Any Violations by Transporta
tion Companies,
Chorus of Those Powers Sure, Uncle, I was always your best friend!
More American Capital In Mexico
City of Mexico, March 24. The re
cent visit here of prominent street
railway officials in the United States
has led to the report that an opposi-
tlon street railway system is about to
be established in the City of Mexico
y American capital. Tne present
System is antiquated and there is be
lieved to exist a promising field for
a new enterprise. A new company
would pe welcomed and it is gener
ally accepted that It would reduce the
fares within the city to five cents
and grant transfers, as is customary
in all large cities of the world, out
side of Mexico.
Ready to Begin at Bennlngs.
Washington, March 24. Every
thing is In readiness for the opening
of the race meetlg at Bennlngs to
morrow. The meeting gives the rail,
birds their first opportunity of sizing
up the horses that are to .take part
In the campaign of Eastern tracks
this summer and consequently the re
sults will be watched with great in
terest. The feature of the openlngJ
day will be the Bennlngs Spring
Handicap at six furlongs,
Appoint Conferees.
Washington, March 24, The house
today agreed to non-concur in. the
senate amendment to the war revenue-repeal
bill, and a committee was
appointed to confer with a similar
committee from the senate.
Exposures May Be Made That Will
Show Gross Corruption in Several
Bureaus of That Portfolio.
Washington, March 24. Among
the members of the house republicans
as well as democrats, it is quite free
ly predicted that exposures are in
prospect that will shake the treasury
department to its very foundation.
The immigration 'bureau is not the
only one involved, but the scandals
hinted at are said to exist in ourcaus
of 'which an asslt-taat -Jc-r" a is in
fhargo. One official who has charge
of certain contracting at a yearly sal
ary of $1000, is said to be building a
$50,000 house. It is also stated that
the commissioner of immigration, T.
V. Powderly, is aware of the scandals
at Ellis Island, and insisted on the in
vestigation whi 'h took place. It is
declared, iiovover, that Taylor sup
pressed the facs and prevented the
removal of the guilty persons.
Fltchie's Statement.
New York, March 24. Commis
sioner of Immigration ' FItchie, who
has returned from Washington, talk
ed very freely today of his call on
President Roosevelt. He said he felt
that his visit had done no goqd, and
that both he and Assistant Commis
sioner McSweeney would have to
leave their positions.
He said: "I asked the president to
send gentlemen of his personal selec
tion, in whom he had perfect confi
dence, over the island, and let them
look into our methods and see where
we could do better for the immi
grants than we are doing. He would
not listen to any proposition, but
said he had decided, because of the
friction between New York and
Washington, that the best thing to do
was to remove the commissioners at
this place. I told him he was mis
taken, that there had never been any
rfiction between New York and
Washington, but between Washing
ton and New York. He would not
listen to any argument, but flatly an
nounced his determination that both
MteSweeney and myself must go."
Mr. Fitchie knew nothing as to
who his successor is to be, nor when
tho appointment 1b to be made.
He Was Attorney-General Under
Grant and He Now Is 80 Years
Portland, March 24. George H.
Williams, who was attorney-general
of the United States under President
Grant, has been offered tho republi
can nomination for mayor. Ho gives
a reply tonight. Mr. Williams Is over
SO years of age.
Smallpox Cases More Numerous
Than Last Year.
Washington, March 24. Tho weok
ly roport of the marino hospital serv
ice shows 24,571 cases of smallpox in
tho United States, of which 707 wore
fatal as compared with 11,19(5, of
which 149 wero fatal, during tho samo
period last year.
Railway to Reorganize.
Lake Charles, La., March 24.
When tho Kansas City, Watklns &
Gulf railway Is put on salo today it
will bo bought in by the bondholders
and stockholders who -havo reached
an agreement and will reorganize
with J. B. Watklns as president. Tho
railway went Into tho hands of a re
celver four years ago and lias been
developed into good property. Tho
road is 100 miles long and has tor
minnls at Alexandria and Lako
Freight Train Collision Causes Death
in Ohio.
Youngstown, O., March 24. Two
Pennsylvania freight trains collided
while going full speed near this city
this morning. Four men were killed
antl three Injured. The, dead are:
Fireman Norman Graham, James
Thomas, Switchman Charles Black
burn, unknown brakeman.
Found Them Dead.
Chicago, March 24. James Towns,
a machinist, and wife and his 8-yoar-old
daughter were found dead from
asphyxiation in their apartment, this
morning. It is not known whether
the tragedy is an accident or by do
sign. It is believed, however, to havo
been a case of doublo murder and
suicide, as he was despondent during
the past few days because of the
threat of his employer to discharge
Suorcme Court Decision.
Salem, March 24. Balnea vs. Coos
Bay & Western Railway Company,
reversed; Henkle vs. State, Linn
county, reversed; .State vs. Kelly. Ma
rion county, affirmed, are supreme
court decisions today.
General Otle to Be Retired.
Washington, March 24. General
Elwell Otis has completed hjs active
service In' the" army and tomorrow' his
name will be placed on the retired
Protege of Carrie Nation Makes Sen
sation In Topeka.
Topeka, Kan., March 24. Blanche
Boise, a protege of Carrie Nation,
horsewhipped Mayor Parker in his
office today. After she had struck
him three blows, be grabbed the whip
out of her hand and forced her out
from the office. She then announced
her intention of horsewhipping the
governor. She declares the mayor is
responsible indirectly, for the recent
saloon murder for allowing .the sa
loons to remain open.
To Honor Fitzpatrlck and Carroll.
Quebec, March 24. Elaborate ar
rangements have been made for the
banquet tonight In honor of Hon.
Charles Fitzpatrlck, minister of Jus
tice, and Hon. H. G, Carroll, solicitor
general, The affair is to- take place
at the garrison club under the una
pices of the Quobec bar.
Lieutenant B. Van Schaick, who re-
cently returned from the Philippines,
says that General Zano, of Cavlte, a
multi-millionaire, has offered to give
$500,000 to each army officer who will
marry ono of his daughters,
Tennessee Day Celebrated.
Charleston, S. C, March 21. This
was Tennessee Day on tho cnlondnr
of the Charleston exposition and
largo delegations nndstato officials
and other representative citizens of
the state participated in tho ceiobrn
tion. The visitors were formally wel
comed by representatives of tho city
of Charleston and tho exposition com
pany, and at tho conclusion of tho ex
ercises tho delegation was taken In
tow by the local committee and pro
ceeded to enjoy the slghtB of tho big
To Prevent Rate Cutting Until Juno
9 Order Issued by Federal Judge
at Chicago.
Chicago, March 24. With tho con
sent of tho defendants, Voderal Judgo
Orossoup today Issued tho temporary
injunction asked for by the Interstate
commerce commission to restrain tho
Illinois Central, Michigan Central,
Lako Shore, Pennsylvania, Fort
Wjayuo, & Chicago nnd Northwestern
railroads from cutting rates. The or
der Is in effect until Juno 0.
Tho court In entering tho order,
warned the representatives of tho de
fendant companies that hu would
probo to tho extreme limits nnd se
verely punish nny violation of tho in
junction. Tho injunction covers 25,
000 miles of road. The proceedings
are most novel and according to rail
road lawyers and Judge (Srosscup, If
tho bill finally lies, It will mean that
the vital part of tho Interstate com
merce act has boon found and that
tho federal courts In the maintenance
of frolght rates will bo absolute mas
ters of tho railway companies.
In Memory of Senator Sewell.
Trcton, N. J., March 21. Tho Now
Jersey legislature suspended all bus!
esss this afternoon while memorial
exercises wero held in honor of tho
Into Senator Sowoll. The exercises
were opened with an offering of
I-rayer by the Rev. Roderjr 1: rector
of St. Paul's church, Camden, of
which Mr." Sowoll was a member.
Tho memorial oration was delivered
by Clerk in Cliancery Edward C.
Stokes. At tho conclusion of tho ex
orcises adjournment was taken for
tile day as n further mark of respect
to tho deceased statesman.
Sunday School Institute.
Utica, Miss., March 24. Tho Mis
slssisslppl Conference Sunday school
convention of the M. E. churco opens
hero tonight, and will remain In ses
sion probably until Friday. Many
visitors have arrived, including Sun
day School workers of wide roputa
tion, and tho convention promises to
bo tho most Interesting of Its kind
over hold In tho Btato.
Camden's Polo Tournament.
Camden, S. C, March 24. Tho an
nual tournament of tho Camden Polo
Club began under auspicIouB condi
tions today and will continue through
the week. Tho feature of tho tourna
ment is a now set of trophies known
as tho Bohemia cups offered by Mrs.
L. T. Barstow.
Case of H. St. John Dix.
Now Whatcom, Wash., March 24,
Tho case of II. St. John Dlx was call
ed for trial horo today. Dix is charg
ed With wrecking two bankB In this
county with which ho was connectod
officially. Tho first intimation his
creditors had of his finalclal troubles
wns when ho mysteriously disappear
ed from this city. Ho was appre
hended in IOndon, where he mado a
hard fight to avoid oxtradlctlon, and
was brought back for trial.
Manll? Wants Free Trade.
Washington, March 24. jln tho sen
ate today, Dubois, of Idaho, present
ed a memorial from the American
Chainbor of Commerce of Manila, pe
titioning, in brief, for froe trade, ro
moval of restrictions against coollo
labor, for granting of franchises, con
tending if theso requests nro com
plied with tho army might soon bo
Rhodes Was Restless.
Capo Town, March 24. Rhodes
passed a restless night and was
weaker as a result, this morning.
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