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fcthing there's a kind that looks
f in the store as long as an adept
q is at hand to coax it ana
it into nlace and there's our
It is properly tailored into Shape
g perfection that manes tne
look well as lone as they last.
dthes Are Made and Sold on
It i& tailor shop clothing that
acts its part.
who does not have
Eshed by the Domes
d better stay out of
n. Our work is
preciated by the best
mse of its acknowl
r finish, which only
rience can give.
IProp. Pendleton.
welling and barn,
iVen rooms, bath,
I house, city water,
stone foundation.
Rand new cottage,
?house, $i,ooo, part
ti . i
iDie lime on Daiance,
installments. See
Main Street.
smith Shop for
ids of Plow,
and Carrx-
ting a Specialty.
prk guaranteed.
R A G K.
of Umatilla Clgara.
ie's a Surprising Difference
0 j
It pays to buy the best, even In Groceries
We don't aim to have some things "Cheaper"
than other stores, but something "Better."
We have built up a large trade on the Pre
ferred Canned Goods, such as Corn, Peas,
Peaches, Pears, Pineapples, etc. We have
just received acarloadof these goods which
were bought before tlie advance on Groceries
of all kinds thus enabling us to make the
lowest prices.
nder Dept. Store
4A4 Ull 11111 1 I II 1 1 1 I 1 1 H 1 1 I I H I 1 1 1 !
Gray's Harbor Gom. Co.
A. C. SHW & CO.
Being one of the largest man
ufacturing plants on Puget
sound are able to sell you
lumber cheaper than anyone
else. New lumber coming in
every day. They also make
all kinds of boxes, including
Apple, Pear, Peach, Gherry,
and Plumb and berry crates,
and are prepared to make you
prices-either in small lots or
You get
What you buy
from us.
BIQ Stock of
...Wc do...
Trucking & Transferring.
Laatz Bros.
1. L,. Ray & Co.,
Bay and sell
Stocka, Bond
and Grain
for caah or on margin.
New York Stock ExchaBge.
Chicago Stock Exchange.
Chicago Board ef Trade.
air Wtr,
F41ta, Or,
French Restaurant
WU Lighted and Steam Heated.
Best 25 cent Meals
in the City,.
Frug Legs, Eastern and Olympla
t Oysters.
It is Estimated to be $11,500 a Month
and This Year Much More Money Is
to be Spent. For Improvements.
The pay "roll of the "Hunt" road
each month is close to $11,500 or au
average of $51.11 per man. To keep
up a mile ot track for thirty days the
railway must pay the sum of ?G4.G0
in wages. But the matter of salaries
Is not the only Item. There are cars
to run. tracks and bridges to rebuild
Tind repair besides the thousands of
other things. '
What is known as the Washington
& Columbia TUver railroad comprises
178 miles of track. The line extends
from Dayton to Walla Walla; from
"this city to Hunt's Junction, and
from that place to Pendleton, Ore.
From Eureka Junction to Pleasant
View is one branch of the road and
another extends from" Helix, Ore., to
Athena. To operato the road a per
manent force of about 225 men is em
ployed. This means a man to every
seventy-eight hundredths of a mile.
At the present time a force of men
is employed in getting out rock near
Dixie and crushing it for use as bal
last "on the roadbet between thnt
place and Summit. The soil for a
stretch of about eight -miles is of a
clay formation, making this neces
sary. Money for Improvement.
From Hunt's Junction to Helix the
road extends up the Vansycle canyon
over the Oregon hills, and what is
known as the "high line." To keep
up this part of the feeder requires a
large outlay and during the coming
summer not less than $95,000 will be
expended in a steel trestle on the
"high line," and a bridge over the
Umatilla river at Pendleton. . An ad
ditional $30,000 will go to construct
a steel bridge over the Touchet at
Riverside. Speaking of the contem
plated Improvements, J. G. Cutler,
chief engineer of the road said to the
Walla Walla Union:
"The completion of the bridges will
depend upon when we can receive
material. The mills in the east at
the present time are flooded with or
ders, and we may be compelled to
wait for some time. The concrete
piers for the bridge at Pendleton are
being placed at the present time but
the work is by contract, and we have
nothing to do with it."
Three Hundred Foot Bridge.
"The bridge at that, place Is to be
300 feet long, and will be built in two
spans. The trestle on the "high
line" is where the road crosses the
Walla Walla river and the Oregon
Railroad & Navigation tracks four
miles above Wallulu. This structure
will be 700 feet in length and fifty
feet in height. The Riverside bridge
will be but 250 feet in length."
The Washington & Columbir River
railway is part of the Hill system,
and lias but little rolling stock of its
own. The head offices are situated In
this city and most of the business is
carried on in Walla Walla and at
Hunt's Junction. The line taps the
richest wheat secion of Walla Walla
county and passes through the cen
ter of the grain fields of Umatilla
county. The line connects with the
Northern Pacific at Hunts' and its
trains run on Northern Pacific tracks
to Pasco, a dozen miles away.
FIve.YearrOJd. Child of- T. D. Reed
Nearly .Burned to Death.
Freewater, Marqh 1.7. The 5-year-old
daughter of T. D. Reed, living be
low this place on Tum-a-Lum creek,
was seriously, if. .not fatally burned
Thursday forenoon, while playing
near a burning brush heap. She, with
some other children, was burning
trash near the house and went toq
near the flames, her dress catching
fire, and before she could be rescued
was horribly burned. Her mother in
attempting to subdue the flames, was
badly burned about the hands and
arms. Dr. Thomas was summoned
and did all that medical science could
to savo the little sufferer. At last re
ports she was still alive but not ex
pected to recover.
Frank Kendall, a well-known farm
er of this vicinity, has, through the
The most effuctivo skin purifying and
beautifying soap in the world, aa well as
purest and swootost for toilet, bath, and
nursery. It strikes nf tho cause of bad
complexions, rod, rough hands, falling
hair. And baby blemishes, viz.. the cloggou.
Irritated iiiuamod, overworked, or slug
glsh Pokes.
8o!d throughout th world. ForUR D. AHP O.COKr.,
mtftMm. How (o Hf BuUul goapkxlan,6M
r soap
real estate agency of A, S. Pearson &
Co"., sold his farm to William Lloyd,
of Freewatcr. The property consists
of 73 acres of the best alfalfa land In
the country and the purchase price ot
$4600 is considered low. Fifty acres
is now fti, alfalfa, and from 20 of these
acres 1G0 tons of hay were cut last
year. The new owner will add 12
acVcs tp the alfalfa field in the near
future. The farni is three miles north
west of Freowater. Mr. Kendall, the
late owner, will removo about May 1,
to his homestead claim in Fly" val
ley, In the mountain region, GO miles
south of Pendleton.
Under the caption. "Milton and
Freewaior," the Penuleton Bast Ore
gonlaiv of Wednesday, mibllshes an
article in which Milton people are ac
cused of wanting to annex our neigh
boring city of Freowater.. Yo gods
and little fishes! Milton has in the
past suffered many things from the
slings and arrows of misrepresenta
tion and calumny, but, in the lan
guage of the immortal William, "This
is the most unkindest cut of all." The
idoa must have cminatcd from tho
disordered imagination of some Free
waterito who had been Indulging in
too much "gallon house booze." We
plead not guilty. Milton Eagle.
Adams News.
Adams, March 17. George Bontloy
and his son Frank, of Pendleton, were
in town last week completing the pur
chase of a block of Adams realty. It
is their intention to erect a resldenco
immediately, and will possibly put in
a blacksmith and wagon shop. This
is what wo want. People who will
come in and help to build up the
Died, in Adams, at tho home of his
son, David Plchett, Monday, March 10,
1902, Rock Pichett, aged CO years and
Tour months. Mj. Pichett was born
In North Dakota while his parents
were en route to St. Paul, Marion
county, Oregon. He remained at this
place until 1873, when he removed t)
Oakland, Douglas county, Oregon, and
remained there 22 years. He came to
Adams iast October and has since
made this his homo. The deceased
leaves a wife, six sons and four
Could Not Breathe.
Coughs, colds, croup, grip, bronchi
tis, other throat and lung troubles are
quickly cured by One Minute Cough
Cure. One Minute Cough Cure is not
a mere expectorant, which gives 'only
temporary relief. It softenB and liqui
fies the mucus, draws out the Inflam
mation and removes the cause. of the
disease. Absolutely safe. Acts at
once. "One Minute Cough Cure will
do all -that is claimed for it," says
Justice of the Peace J. Q. Hood, Cros
by, Miss. "My wife could not get her
breath and was relieved by the first
dose. It has been a benefit to all my
family.'" Tallman & Co. and Brock &
Rose Coghlan Appears in Pendleton
on Thursday, March 20.
Rose Coghlan's "Forget Me Not" is
tho most talked of play of the season.
It achieved instantaneous success on
its merits as a polished Batire on
modern social shams, and is a strong
ly dramatic play. It packed the
house nightly at the Fifth Avenue
Theatre, New York, and on its road
tour because there is nothing hack
neyed about the theme, because of its
brilliancy in situation and dialogue,
because, it amuses by means of easy
satire and humor and because of tho
splendid emotional work of Miss Rose
Coghlan who appears in the role of
Stephanie De Mohrivart, which pre
sents this superb actress at her best.
From grave to gay, from lively to se
vere, she runs the scale of human
emotions until the climax of the third
act displays the art and power of this
gifted woman, who Is recognized as
America's greatest actress in parts of
this character. The company choson
to support her is in all respects an
excellent one. The ladies of the cast
who represent titled and aristocratic
personages, and the men chosen to
interpret their associates are tho pick
of New York's society actors and ac
tresses. The sensational character of
the story and the quick succession of
dramatic incidents are intensely in
teresting and tho satire of the au
thor's lines Is as keenly Incisive as a
suregon's knife. The best society
will doubtless bo represented In tho
auditorium as -well as on' the stage
when Rose Coghlan appears hero on
Thursday, March 20.
J. B. Wilson, Chairman.
Walla Walla, March 17. Jdhn B.
Wilson, of this city, was elected chair
man of the republican central com
mittee, at a meeting Saturday after
noon, at which Dr. Y. C, Blalock, who
has been chairman for several years,
tendered his resignation. Mr. Wilson
at once took up the duties of his of
fice, aad will for tho present bo one
of the most Important personages In
political circles In Eastern Washing
ton. Wilson is a strong personal
friend of Hon. J,ovi Ankony, and in
his caro will be left much of tho .fu
ture success of tho wealthy politician,
so far as Walla Walla county Is con
corned. Dr. Blalock retires on ac
count of his recent appointment as
receiver of the local land office. He
expects to assume his duties in a
short time.
Smoke Pendleton Boquet Cigars.
Will Be Sent East to Answer Inquir
ies Can Be Obtained Free for Dis
tribution In the East The re
sources of Umatilla Stated Conserv
atively. Tho Pendleton Commercial Associ
ation has just Issued a 14-page fold
er . descriptive of Umatilla county,
which is for the purpose of nnswerlng
tho many questions that are bplng
nskod by people of the East and Mid
dle States who nro thinking of com
ing here. So ninny inquiries about the
country have been received by differ
ent ones recently that the associa
tion thought they could not spend a
few dollars to more advantago than In
getting out some advertising matter
to answer these questions in an intel
ligent nnd reliable way and, conse
quently, they have Issued the folder,
ad It 13 tho purpose of the association
to send one to oveny inquirer that cat.
bo readied, beside having thorn dis
tributed along tho transportation
linos and at different points so that
the rush of honieseokers who arc go
ing into Washington and otlior places
may sec what Umatilla county is, mid.
if they are not satisfied, when they
reach the place they are destined,
some of them mny come back and find
a place that suits thent hereabouts.
This folder contains information
along the lines of the questions
asked by the Easterners who
are seeking information about tho
country, such as tho population of
the count', population ot Pendleton,
cereal products per acre, prices of
land, livestock Interests, liny, grain,
fiults and grasses, rainfall, climntio
conditions the year round with tho
temperature, dairying and manufac
turing possibilities of tho future,
transportation and educational facili
ties, along with the wnges paid to
tho laborer and the chances for a
working man or the man with capital.
It is a fact that this country has
either been over estimated to most
Easterners and its possibilities over
drawn to them by the railroad com
panics, or the occasional "grafter"
who happened to be In tho real estate
business, and many who come, here
are of the opinion that all they will
have to do to got a first-class homo
will be to take a homestead and be
gin to make money from tho very
start, with practically no outlay ot
money. To offset this idea and get
the real value and possibilities that
exist in Umatilla county beforo the
inquiring Easterner is the object of
the Commercial Association in issu
ing this folder. The writer has talked
to several Easterners recently who
have been persuaded to abandon a
fairly good homo and come to the
West by the overdrawn statements of
someone nnd when they reached hero
and found things are not what they
were led to believo they aro dlsf-fs-fied
and the first tiling they did Avas
to write back to other intending com
ers to stay at homo and being dis
appointed in the country give it a
"black eye" to thoir friends, which
does the country an injustice.
Umatilla county has room for many
more thrifty, Industrious people, and
all such who gain a foothold hero
need have little fears as to tho fu
ture. Opportunities aro offered es
pecially in farming, stock raising and
dairying, that will yield good returns
on the investments of capital and la
bor, and to any one having tho neces
sary means to get hold and make a
fair start success Is almost asaured.
For the working man, of course, tho
opportunities hero are not as good as
a few years ago, although the timo
never has been in Umatilla county
that the man who sought work and
was not afraid to tako hold was com
pelled to go without it very long at a
time. Wages aro very good, especial
ly during the harvesting season, when
from $2 to $1 a day Is paid, and
many seasons It is difficult to get men
to handle the crops. Other times of
year wages aro not so good but gen
erally there is work for all, at fair
wages tho year round,
Last Week's Weather Report.
Following Is the weather report for
tho week Just ended as given by Wil
liam Hilton, volunteer weathor ob
server: The maximum temperature
was: Sunday, 08; Monday, CD; Tues
day, CO; Wednesday, C2; Thursday,
48; Friday, GO; Saturday, 45, Average
for week, CO, Minimum temperature:
Sunday, 40; Monday, 49; Tuesday, !)8;
Wednesday, 34; Thursday, 30; Fri
day, 40; Saturday, 31. Average, 39,1.
The total precipitation was .02 of rain
which fell on Thursday. Tuesday was
the only clear day of tho week, but
three wore partly clear. Sunday,
Monday and Saturday wore cloudy,
while Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day were partly cloudy. Tho wind
bio wfrom tho south on Sunday, from
tho soutli Monday, from tho west
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, and from the southwest Sat
urday. Professor George, teacher of draw
ing In the ppbllo schools at Wfiatcom,
WtiBh., has been missing since Mon
day last. His frjends can offer no
theory to account for IiIb disappearance.
We have just
opened our New
Store in the
Where we have
the Cleanest
Neatest and
Most Up-to-Date
Gfocety .
and Bakery m
To come and see our
New Store and inspect
oar Low Prices.
Will find it to their in
terest to secure our
prices on Groceries
and Provisions before
We Handle Groceries , in
Large Quantities
We Sell Them
Margins .