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    make government bottor, or to ad'jsltlcd over ly a comnilBsIonor and
minister It more economically.
The ofllce Itch Is a disease and
there is au epidemic of it.
This Date In History March 12. ;
As reported In the Enst Oreconlan's
IMS-John , Lorimer Worden. rear admiral ' dispatches on Monday, by direction of
?. Y : lie conimniiilpil
jhv'hen she beat the Merrlmnc.
1S23 Tlionms Buchunun Head, distinguish-
fed American artist and poet, born In
Chester county. Vn.; tiled 1S72. Read
'passed many years in Kurope. particu
larly at Home and Klorenco, studying
sart. He published a volume of poems
tin Kiipland. The poem "Sheridan's
SRIde" Is the most popular production
lot hi3 pen. and one of his very best
pictures Is a group illustrating that
8 poem and bearing the same title.
KSS-IIenry Bergh. the devoted friend of
ritulmals, died in New York city: horn
IKS John Lee Davis, rear admiral. U. S.
K., retired, died In Washington; born
fin Carlisle. Itid.. 1S2J.
2S0O The lirltish government announced
'Its Intention to destroy the lndepend
once of the South African republics.
Secretary Shaw, of the "United
States treasury department, and a
members of President Roosevelt's
cabinet, in a recent address spoke of
the west that found no place in even
the imagination of the founders of the
republic. Washington and Hamilton
caw the importance to the new na
tinn of the great lakes and the Mis
sissippi river, but the west did not
extend beyond this stream until 1S03
and did not really include the Rocky
mountains and the Pacific coast
states until 1S4G and 1S48. In short,
the "Great West" has only been a
short fifty years unfolding and devel
oping. "Now the states formed of the oldj
northwest territory and the territory
annexed after ISO!! are the great
-wealth producers of the nation. Sec
retary Shaw poiuted out that the
west, which had no commercial or
jiolitical standing a hundred years
ago now produces 99 per cent of the
gold, silver and copper output of the
United States. 75 per cent of the iron,
75 per cent of the cereals, 65 per
cent of the sheep, 50 per cent of the
cows and GO per cent of all other
This is the raw material, but Min
nesota alone manufacturers 1G.O0O,
000 barrels of flour per annum, and
Elgin 3,000,000 pounds of butter. Chi
sago sends eastward over her rail
roads 150 tons of provisions every
hour, and the west sends forward by
lake 150,000,000 bushels of grain
every year. The Detroit river floats
four times as much tonnage as the
Suez canal, representing in numbers
of vessels a commerce eaual tr that
of London, Liverpool and New York
combined. '
The United States paid 15,000,000
for .the territory included in the Lou
isiana purchase, in a single year the
states produce grain to the value of
?344,9G1,193 and the people hold real
and personal property to the value
of 53,500,000,000.
And the Pacific Northwest is add
ing still to the reputation of the
"Great West." and rapidly forcing
recognition of its merit as an integ
ral part of the union of states. As
help to further progress in this di
recHon the proposed Lewis and Clark
centennial in Portland in 1905 will
serve a great purpose in calling the
nttentlon of the whole world to this
important part of a Giant Republic!
States, a suit was filed at St. Paul in
the circuit court of the United Stntes
for the district of Minnesota, In the
case of the United Stntes, complain
nnt. ngalnst the Northern Securities
company, the Great Northern Rail
way company, the Northern Pacific
Railway company and others, defend
ants, to test the legality of the alleg
ed combination or merger of the two
roads and others named in the bill
The action was brought under the
act of July 2, 1S90, known as the
Sherman anti-trust law.
After reciting the fact that the
Northern Securities company is a cor
poration organized under the laws of
the state of New Jersey; that the
Grent Northern railway was organlz
ed under the laws of the state of Min
nesota and the Northern Pacific un
der the laws of the state of Wiscon
sin: and that the last two named
companies are common carriers, do
ing an intertstate business, and that
these two companies at and prior to
the doing of the acts complained of,
owned and operated two sepaiaie, in
dependent, parallel and competing
lines of railway aggregating over
5500 miles In length, the petition
goes on to say that they "were the
only transcontinental lines of railway
extending across the northern tier of
states west of the grent lakes and the
Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean
and were then eDgaged in active com
petition with one another for freight
and passenger traffic among the sev
eral states of the United States and
between such states and foreign coun
tries, each system connecting at its
eastern terminus, not only with lihes
of railroad, but with lake arid river
steamers to other states and to for
eign countries and at its western ter
minals with seagoing vessels to oth
er states, territories and possessions
of the United States and to foreign
one assistant commissioner.
There is an average of 150 applica
tions for patents filed ench day or !
about 50,000 a year. Up to the pres-;
uul uiij ueuny iuu.uuu patents nave
been granted since 1S3G and about
half that number rejected for wunt
of patentability. The work Is di
vided Into thirty-six divisions; each
division contains one principal ex
aminer, one first assistant and four
or five other assistants. The princi
pal divisions are those of steamon
glneorlng, electricity, railways and
lolling stock. A few yenrs ago tho
heaviest work fell upon tho division
where bicycles were examined, but
now, owing to the advent of the auto
mobile and locomobile, the division of
steam engineering and electricity nre
crowded with work pertaining there
to. The steam engineering division
is today the banner division of the
TIi a kin
1 IIV 4711111
an mm to
Millinna nf irlntidn nr ttitwa rnmiprt the Wood wltll the elcin. flfld through
these Btnnll drain pipes perspiration passes out, carrying with it the impurities that
are thrown off by the blood. Should the pores of the skin be entirely closed f or
even a brief space of time, and the poisonous matter forced back into the circula
tion, instant death would result. In addition to the sweat glands, the skin is
proviueci wiut certain ouiers wnica pour out upuu il uu uhj buiuiui.& i"- "s
the 6kin pliable and soft and protectmcr it from heat and cold. The blood and skin
are so closely rclnted that whatever affects one seriously interferes with the tunc-
. . . . a . . a l . a 1 . 1 . t A.
uons or the other. Mot only neniui, out lite ltscii, aepenas upon pcxicci. wuuiuuj
between the blood and skin. When, therefore, the .
blood becomes poisoned from any cause, it quickly tnt9imttMt MHO
manifests itself upon the skin in the form
of sores and ulcers, pimples and various EXt9BBtMB 'fOIMOti
pnntiv iHscnQcu. Ttr iUp rhnrnnter nf the
Rorp wi nrt p tinhlrVl to determine the nature of the noison or humor in the blood,
as every .disease oriijinating in the blood has its own peculiar sore or pimple. The
skin is not only affected by the poisons generated in the system, but poisons from
without enter through the open ginnus or pores ana quicitiy lnieci uic uiwu.
Mercurr rubbed unon the skin will produce Rheumatism, and Poison Oak and Ivy
patent office for an adddition to the and other wild plants gain easy access to the blood through the skin. As so-called
hundreds of inventions perfecting the 6kin diseases ongmnte in the blood, the application
fare isrfooif
"The Northern Securities company
was never organized in good faith to
purchase and pay for the stocks of
the Great Northern and Narthem Pa
cific companies. It was organized
solely to incorporate the noolintr of
locomobile, they have all locomotive
and steamboat engines and boilers.
The commissioner of patents, who
has always an eye to facilitating the
work and giving the best of service,
has selected for his division a corps
of examiners of not only the highest
technical ability, but practical men,
one having served on a gunboat and
another taken from the engineer
ranks of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail
" .
It is said on good authority that
the bulk of applications for patents
are filed by the laboring class of peo
ple, those especially employed in
transportation by land and sea. The
most wonderful strides df inventive
faculty have been produced within
the last decade or two, perfecting the
steam boiler, the steam engine and
the dynamo electric machine and the
electric motor.
Judging from the enormous number
of applications for patents now pend
ing in the patent office, we may soon
see perfected not only the wireless
telegraph and telephone, but the
practical derigible baloon. It is also
hinted at the patent office that wire
less electric lighting and supply for
electric motors are next in turn.
Lumber YaJ
Buy their stock byt'hsJ
caiioaa lots and, thJ
Ret the benefit of 2
discounts, which en,l
mew iu acii at a vervi
Lumber,- Building J
Lime, Cement, Brij
aana, Jterra Cott,
or anything in thjJ
get oat prices.
of powders, soaps and washes can do no permanent
ennd. but often do immense damn ere bv fl,.., Jl,... Til i in..
Gf$, til 3Sb! thy Skin closing up the outlet to these little tubes rCIKllUUIl Ilfllllllg ftJJ
Lumber Yard.
and intcnerintr with the natural action
of the skin. The treatment must begin with the blood, and the apid or other pois
ons untidoted or neutralized. S. S. S. does this and purifies the circulation, builds
up the blood ana .flushes the little glands or pores with pure, new blooa, ana
restores health v action to the skin. The use of cosmetics never vet brought health
and beauty to a rounh, red, pimply skin or sallow complexion. What is needed
is rich, pure blood, such as S. S. S. makes. It not onlv relieves vou of all disfigur
ing blackheads, blotches and irritating, itching eruptions, but improves your general
health. S. S. S. contains no mercuty, potash, arsenic or other mineral, but is a
purely vegetable remedy and the safest and best in all blood and skin troubles.
Write our physicians for advice or information; they have made a study of blood
ana skin diseases, unu 3'ou can have uie bestmeaical aavice witnout cost. UooJcoir
Blood and Skin Diseases free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CD., ATLANTA, 6A
R. FORSTER, Proprietor
neer of Union county, died at La i Vrtl4 rraf
Grande Saturday night. He leaves an I I Oil JJCl
aged mother, wife and two sons in I t r
La Grande. j UOOO beef-
As a means of making a living pro
fessional begging heats several of
the trades all hollow, said an old time
beggar recently. The proceeds do
not seem large to the casual observer,
but when you figure up at the end of
a day a beggar who caunot average
0,i.. e t. x," ,, i , ' lo vu a any is not a goou nana at
0Cl:L0- .thf..",e'd.C0,,an,e,s a.nt the business. I have made as much
to carry into effect the unlawful I
j combination or conspiracy aforesaid.
mere depository, custodian, holder
and trustee of the slock of the
Northern Pacific and Great Northern
companies and its shares of stock
are but beneficial certificates issued
against said railroad stocko to desig
nate the interest of the holders in
the pool. The Northern Securities
Beardless Barley
Ryeand Sonora Wheat
Select Lots for Seeding at
i ' Pendleton
as a uay tor montns at a time.
My family lived well and I managed I
.w uu nj ut iuc ouuic 1,1 nii. JUk HI 7
gala days and carnival times we clean
up as much as $50 a day. It has
run higher that that. The big crowds
now in the city have helped things
considerably. All th evisitors have
money and they came here to spend
it, and so they turn it loose without
W. S. BYERS, Prop.
When vou drink
Not on Pasco
Pstall have Farms for
Imrt v ZiS nZ and neVT Und be a beggar, but he can some
v nh 2,np.-P t0,7arra,Qt times afford to put his pride in his
anj such stupendous operation, its 1 Tlockpt for a w,'flp if 1' is moHn(r
siiliRprihort mnttol lmli.. w ein nnn i l10chet Ior a ne is making
nn,i wc ,. w ,Ti ; . rnn'wZ money. When he has made the mon
f 1, J? SfSniS I I 1?I74'"0'0(l0!ey he will find that his pride is all
. fl!"fl Ciln ?.a" iB.LBed-1 right-New Orleans Times.
. iicdcui tum Luavmi luu existing
E. O. Crandall, a well known pio-
A Sweet Stomach
comes only by having a perfect
acting liver and good digestion-
both 'can easily be had by using
Guaranteed not to
cause headache, or
Ask for it.
Schultz Brewing Co.
N. Berkeli
Savings Bank Building, Peudfeal
The senseless clamoring for office
all about us passes one's understand
ing. From United States senator to
coroner the desire Is uppermost. "Whv
a lot of sane and otherwise resnect
able men should make such unholy
niBpmys or vanity and their short
comings, is notto be solved!
Ul. U1B army or omce seekers In
Oregon, not one gives evidence of a
hope of serving the state or the peo
ple, to any particular extent, but all
want ofllce for what there Is in it to
them personally. One wants it be-'
cause he thinks it will give him
greater .prominence In the estimation
uf :his. fellows, another wnnfc if J
satisfy .an empty and lustful ambl-i
linn n rirtift'A- a t . ... a I
f"ryfc;v2"Hs it wuu the liono
. gaming - and making a little big:
eers.dl8play;another wanta it so na tn'
enjoy;! larger salary! M.i
nt?rii Pwer h can wield, f
SSllglSgSS'y "e who wants otttf
ee J?KB a trust, or for an op
' 5vai2iKBJrve the state. Irf
( w bUU
or with a desire to.
wi. uuuumuumi; tilt: UULIIU'
stock of the Great Northern and tba! ,
Northern Pacific railway companies
upon the basis and at the rate agreed
upon, which is about 1122,000,000 in '
excess of the combined stock of the !
two railway companies taken at par. 1 Endorses Lydiil E. Pinkliam's
j Vegetable Compound After
If the government fails to prevent Following lis Kecord Eor
the carrying out of this combination! Years
or conspiracy, not only with a virtual '
consolidation of the two competing' "Deab Mrs. Pinkham: Health is '
lines with the practical pooling of I ?ne greatest boon bestowed on human
their earnings to be effected and a I ltv "nd therefore anything that can
monopoly of the interstate and for-l V l0st J,eaUl Is ,a M'-'ssinc I
elgn commerce formerly carried on 1 Sable a Z.m.rf rS.Veg
by them as competitors.be createdand tJSoft JFJ?.
eutsuuve competition between ! ers and daughters and ma them f
such lines and earring of interstate weU and stronir.
uu luiuKu iiuuic- ub uestroveu nnt
j thereafter, to all desiring to use it,
un avauanie method will he present
ed whereby through tho corporate
scheme or device aforesaid, the acts
of congress on July 2, 1890, may he
circumvented and set at naught and
all transcontinental lines, indeed, the'
entire railway systems of tho conn-'
try maj- be absorbed, merged and'
consolidated, thus placing the public
at the mercy of the holding compan
ies." i
The petition prays that the North
ern Securities comptny, its stockhold-'
ers. officers, etc.. be perpetually en
joined from purchasing, voting, etc.,
any of the shares of the capital stock
of either the Great Northorn or the
Northern Pacific companies, and that
a mandatory injunction may issue
restraining tne Northern Securities
company to call and cancol any cer
tificate stock Issued by it in purchase
ui or in exenance
n i i f i
Beecham's UfeP er rarfl
Alta.St., opp. Court House.
Sold Everywhere-In boxes 10c and tie.
For All Kinds of Building Material
Screen Doors
and Windows
Building Paper
and Sand
And Don't Forget Our Wood Gutters
i-or uarns and Dwellings
' I hnhrdl4tr,n,f' whon t,,ere 18 i hSlt loose."
, i7 f tpoH? PruoK. 1 r whun the running
gear is In need of overhauling, until ho VS
n.Vi .i ..k? 1 " ' hjuu or wuern H will
make double expense to nave it repaired. Our
V.vV i i iiBDie mat mere is no reu
water at., p. ar Main, Pendleton, Oregon
Practicing Physician and Lefcturer.
" Tor fifteen years I have noted tho
effect of your vegetable Compound in
curiiig special diseases of women.
x Know of nothing superior for
for nnv nf tw rt" V' , i.iui wr
shares of the rmnitni . v . ir"l,,u e- barrenness, and it
it. . . .7 ui cuiiur iius preventeu iiuudredff of rinturorniiQ
operations wnere physicians claimed
it was me oniy cnanco to get well.
of the said railway companies.
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFifF (Ulceration and inflammation of the
womb has been cured in two or three
One of the most lmnnnn( weeks through its use, and as 1 find it
mont Institutions in wnHhln Jn n V"aVu7- "nhesitat .
b tho United ,StoR vtTr:r
for Gentlemen
-who cherish
This bureau Is upder thq Jnterior do-
I'urimem; ana is nhout tim nniu
branch of tho executive departments
ia ,e -sustainuig. Mving today
to, .Its credit. In tHo TjWn,i ntt
treasury ;Pyer 50,000.000. Its' .r.,n
complemoni Je a forco ql about 1,000
clorks and ,200 examiners, ,and Is pre-
HfnS' licih-"t6000 forfeit If above tet.
tlmonlal Is not genuine.
If you are ill do not liesitate to
srot a bottle of Xyrtia E. pinjc
hani's VegotaMo Compound at
once, and -write to Mrs. TmTr-
hani at Lynn, Mans, ior spoclal j
uuvxce ic js enurcjy tree
Hold by JOHK 60KMIDT
TheLouyre Saloon
Farmers Custom Mill
Pn Writtm, Proprietor. '
Capacity. ISO barroli a d.
Flour exohanged lot wheat.
The Time
. Servants ';"'
Houses . ,
Why Not?
pass a pleasant era
ing playing Pooh
Billiards at j
Pool and Billy
313 Court Street.
50 YEAti
1 RADE m
Anyone sondlr.g n nketch and descrip
qulcklr aacoruin our opinion freo woetkfl
invnntion Is prolmbly imtenlablc Coraus
tlona strictly conQdentfol. IlanrtUook on Wl
Bentfroo. Oldust at'oncy forsocnrlnciaU
Patents taken through Munn Care
tptcial notice, without. clmrKO, In tbe 1
Scientific Mwm
A bandsomelr Illustrated weokir. TJire
Culatlnn nf Anv fcnlnnfllln l.itirn.il. M'cnCfcl
year: four months, tl. Bold by all nc'i!
rnnnn cnv s f rt waati
To make .space for newgij
AH Stoves and Rani
...Now on Hand...
This Week Oflly
iW. J. .CLARKE & a.
First elate inrnnhnlrinn to
ladies and eentlemen. Oue fori
tOwnebin deairedt Gnnrl nar nndJ
employment. 1 SaarJ lor bdtim
(practical guide-to ngeute at onc.j
. 1 jn. pert ijpw, Ueri
uooanougH Bag., Foru
The Eact CngonlMA Eatt
gon'd representatlvMPer. i1
and the people annreclate It
advertl.lng-midlum of thl
Smoke Pride of Umatilla CWl