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Eastern Oregon Weather
Will be dolivercd at your residence
or place ol business by carrier at
t5c A WEEK.
Tonight and Thursday, Increas
ing cloudiness.
NO. -ttfSO
.1 HroAv
i w mmm
flnwnrnnr nf Illinois DlP.R
of Apoplexy,
Reach the Ears of His Sick
ft, Illinois, March 12. Ex-Gov-
John P. Altgeld, of Illinois,
ere at 7:09 o clock this morning
stroke of apoplexy received
light while delivering a pro-
flecture at the opera house in,
End Came Suddenly.
ex-governor's end came with-
irarning, although he had been
iscious since midnight there
hao immediate signs of approach
Bsolution. Shortly before seven
this morning, the only physl-
it his bed side, the others hav-
ine to breakfast, noticed a shud-
be through the patient's frame
iw him grasp the bed clothes
den lay quiet Other physl-
iwere hastily summoned and all
ds known to increase his respi-
was resorted to, but without
and at 7:09 o'clock he was
His Last Words.
governor's last words were
to his physician friend. He
"How do you do, doctor." A
aments later he lapsed into un
pusness. Immediatedly upon
taken to the room in which he
le begged the newspapers not
told of his illness, as it might,
the ears of his wife, who is ill
elation of spirits is ascribed
friends as the cause of the
ittack. He recently made an
tion argument before a judge
to be a believer in the princi
lis injunction seemed, to the
Er to have made favorable im-
on the judge, and this great
ed Altgeld. Following this,
aer in which his recent Buf-
eh of Saturday night was re-
t the press of the east added
f The B oer Victory.
victory over General Me-
as the climax, and when he
on the platform last night
tion had assumed a complete
of him and, In his Intensely
up condition, his not too ro-
astltution could not stand the
body will be taken to Chicago
Iternoon. Funeral arrange-
.re not yet made, but his bur-
II probably be from his late
ce In Sheridan park, to Grace-
deceased belonged to no
nor secret society. He was
a democrat, believing in the
He that each individual, with
rights, could amply take care of
and better preserve his Jnde-
ice and individualities.
promises Smokeless Coal.
risburg. Pa., March 12. An-
bment Is made of the incorpor-
h.ere today of the Somerset
Hess Goal and Coke company.
few company proposes to supply
Ity of coal that, when handled
lompetent flr.eman, will be al
fee from smoke. The company
acres of coal land near Ber-
I, and aboul 300 tons of coal a
now being mined. ,The coal
at 50 feet beneath the sur-
id Is said to be a different
from the ordinary coal.
Inters to Meet Walcott
Mass.. March 12. What
to be an Interesting contest
for the arena of the Crib
light, when TTne-h McWIntn
IWMcott are to come together.
wm weign in at 140 pounds
fe nrteen rounds;
Pay Death Penalty.
. Va' Mornti tO All
its' hare been jnnte for the
aiiernoon.oc vmu Star-
O In hllf IS vaom' n'lA' -
t to assaults Mrs. Elteabetli
r Portsmouth:"""""" " " "
Vienna Newspaper Publishes Startl
ing Piece of News.
Vienna, March 12. The Tageblatt.
in a sensational article printed today,
warns the civilized world it has dis
covered that preparations are under
way for the invasion of Europe by
Isllams, from the Ottoman empire,
the northern countries of Africa, Sou
dan, Arabia, Persia, India nnd Afghanistan.
South Dakota Democrats.
Sioux Falls", S. D.. March 12. Mem
bers of the South Dakota state dem
ocratic committee are in session here
today in response to the call of Chair
man Pusey. The purpose is to de
cide upon the time and place for hold
ing the state convention, but of more
interest than this routine work Is the
discussion as to -what position will be
taken by the democrats in. the cam
paign of this year. Under the pro
visions of the law passed at the last
session of the legislature for ballot
reform, there can be no complete fu
sion between the democrats and pop
ulists, unless either party consents to
lose its identity in favor of the other.
The law provides that any ticket
placed on the ballot must be under
one party name or the other and the
same name cannot appear twice on
the ballot. This will force the reform
element to unite under the "name of
populist or democrat and place their
ticket under the one head, or else
form a united party under a new
Massachusetts F.ruit Growers.
Worcester, Mass., March 12. Hor
ticultural Hall was filled this morn
ing di the opening of the eighth an
nual convention of the Massachusetts
Fruit Growers' association. Those
present Included delegates from
granges, farmers' clubs and kindred
organizations throughout the state.
The annual address of President H.
O. Mead was followed by an illustrat
ed lecture on "Some Problems in
Planting and Pruning," delivered by
Professor F. A. Waugh, of Burlington,
Vt., one of the leading authorities on
matters horticultural. Officers for
the ensuing year are to be chosen this
afternoon and the discussion of var
ious questions pertaining to fruit
growing will be taken up. The ses
sions are to continue through tomor
rpw and promise to be the most inter
esting ever held by the association.
McPartland vs. Burns.
Detroit. Mich.. March 12. "Kid"
McPartland expects to encounter lit
tle difficulty in disposing of Eddie
Burns, the Cincinnatti mifdlist. when
the two meet in the squared circle In
tne ught Guard armory tonight. It
is 'o be a ten round atfalr under the
auspices of the Twentieth Century
club. On the other hand, Burns is
in splendid condition and annenrs
confident of his ability to make a
gooa snowing oerore the New York
fighter. Under the terms of agree
ment the two are to weigh in late
this afternoon at 140 pounds. As a
preliminary to the main bout Joe
unerry and Biz Mackey will appear in
a ten round go.
New Thirteen Cent Stamp.
Washington, D. C, March 12. The
postofflpe department is preparing to
issue a new stamp, designed especial
ly for the foreign mail service. It is
to be a denomination new. tn rhn
tal service 13 cents. At present it
is lmpossioie to send a registered
letter through the foreign mniia with.
out using two stamps, one of five
cents to pay the postage and one of
eignt cents to pay the cost of regis
tration. When the 13-cenr. stnmn la
on- sale this will be obviated by the
use or one stamp. The new stamp
win oear a portrait of President Har
rison, shown seated at his desk in
the executive mansion.
, Machinists May Strike.
Chicago, 111., March 12. At a mass
meeting to be held in Association
Hall tonight It is expected that dofl.
nite arrangements will be made for a
genera strike or machinists when the
present working agreement expires,
May 20 unless better terms are erant.
ed by the employers. The demands of
ine men can ror a nine hour day
with a minimum wage scale of 30
cents an hour In all machine shops,
and an eight hour, day with a mini
mum wage scale of 45 centu nn linur
for' all machinists fimnlnvnd nnfnfrie
the shops. The employment of union
men exclusively is demanded also.
r 11 " -
Seventh District Democrats.
.Sedalla. Mo.. March 12. The demo-
crats of the. Seventh district are In
convention here today to jiom'Innte
a .candidate cor congress. Congress
man JameaCopney, Jls .seeking re-nom,'
Nominates a County and Legislative Ticket With Much Enthusiasm.
Most of Nominations Made by Acclamation, There Being Contests Only for
Recorder and Treasurer Dr. F. W. Vincent, of Pendleton, Named for
State Senator and Henry Adams, of Milton, and C. E. McComber, of
Ukiah, for Representatives The Platform.
Republican County Ticket.
State Senator Dr. F. W. Vincent,
Representatives Henry Adams,
Milton; C. E.. McComber, of Ukiah.
Sheriff M. J. Carney, Pendleton.
Clerk Frank O. Rogers, Athena.
Assessor George Buzan, Pendle
ton. .
Recorder William Folsom, Pilot
'County Commissioner T. P. Gllll
land, Ukiah.
Surveyor J. W. Kimbrell, Pendle
ton. Coroner Dr. W. G. Cole, Pendleton.
First and foremost, it was a Furn
ish convention which assembled in
the circuit court room this morning.
The convention represented the
brains, brawn and balls!! of th
county of Umatilla in a very large de
gree. It was not a cut and dried af
fair, but it was especially noticeable
for its good humor, prompt business
methods and enthusiasm. The feel
ing for Furnish, while not particularly
demonstrative, there being nothing to
call out demonstrations, as Lowell
was not in the fight at all, was strong
and universal. The resolution en
dorsing him for governor passed unan
imously and a delegation standing
faithful to him was selected. The
same delegation was chosen for the
congressional convention, which gives
Furnish a very considerable advant
age in the future. The convention
was the most remarkable one ever
held in the county from the fact that
not a single speech over a minute in
length was made by anybody. All
controversies were settled by vote,
pleasantly and without friction of any
kind. Th e proceedings were as follows:
At 10:15 this morning the republi
can convention of Umatilla county
was called to order at the court house
by County Chairman F. W. Vincent,
who called for nominations for tem
porary chairman". L. B. Reeder nomi
nated ex-Judge J. J.. Balleray, who
was cnosen ay acclamation. L. G,
Frazier was chosen secretary.
Naming of Committees.
On motion of L. B. Reeder, the
ciiair appointed the following commit
tees: On credentials. J. R.
Hogue; J. A. Best, Weston; Alexan-
aer Montgomery, Helix; J. E. Krause,
i-enuieion; w. ti, liuiiuord, Vinson,
On permanent organization and orrim
of business, J. A. Fee, East Pendle
ton; xranic uurl, East Pendleton; A.
h. yuant, Alba; Sid Saylor, Umatilla;
John S. Gurdane. Fulton. On nlnt.
form and resolutions, h. B. Reeder,
worm I'endJeton; j. c. Smith, Adams;
Georgo Hcnsel. Athona H. C. .Tnnns
North Milton; Gsorgo Willie ms, Wes-
ton; i)r. G. w. Cole, Pendleton; J. W.
Cornellison, Reservation.
Delaeate James A. Fee then mnvnd
the chair appoint a committee of five
to select anu report 14 delegates each
to the state and congressional conven
tions. Carried. -The chair namnd .T.
A. Fee, who declined, Herbert Boylen,
ol Pilot Hock, being appointed In his
stead: Asa B. Thnmnsnn. Uhn;
Thomas P. Gilllland, Ukiah; George
Doane, Pilot Rock, and James Brown,
North Pendleton were named.
The temporary organization was ef
fected and the several committees ap
pointed In less than 30 minutes)
whereupon the conyention took a re
cess until 1 o'clock p .m.,. to. receive
reports of committees.
Afternoon Session.
The" convention mot at 1 p. m., but
was informed by Chairman Balleray
that the. comroKtee on credentials
woujd not be able to report until 1:15,
at which time the committee reported
the following list of delegates:
Names of Delegate.
East Pendleton, F. S. Curl, B. E,
Kennedy, O.-B.- Boettcber,,- J, "H. Ly-
cett, H. H. Hallock, C. S. Wheeler;
North Pendleton. John J. Balleray, J.
M. Ferguson. James Neagle, I. B.
'Reeder, J. T. Brown; F. E. Judd, E. W.
McComas; South Pendleton, L. G.
Frazier, A. J. Gibson, Sam Thompson,
Charles Dutton; Pendleton, W. G.
Cole, T .B. Sweringen, J. E. Krauso,
John Bryant; Echo, A. B. Thompson,
Frank Rack, R. Jones; Helix, A. B.
Montgomery, Chris Lembke, D. B.
l..t,hardsoh; North Mlton, H. C.
Janes, George Cowl, Fred Evans, Wal
ter Putnam; South Milton. Ed Gn've
Harry Hopkins, J. W. Dykes, C. J.
McKenzie, Matt Mosgrove; McKay,
A. N. Reed, M. H. Gillett, W. Con
nerly, Charles White; Hogue, J. E.
Bean, M. McCracken; Adams, J, D.
Gregoire, J. O. Hales, J. W. Perlnger,
J. C. Smith; Alba, A. S. Quant, James
Shipp; Cottonwood, Walter Glnn,
Walter Greer and O. C. Cockburn;
Umatilla, Sid Saylor, J. H .Duncan;
Encampment, Richard Able, H. J.
Newcomb, J. A. Baker; Juniper, Ken
neth McRae, L. E. Huson; Ukiah, T.
P. Gilliland, Fred Hewett, by C. E.
McComber, proxy, Ray Harpolo, by J.
B. M,cDill; Vansycle, Karl Kupers, J.
A. Crosswell; Willow Springs, Harry
Whittaker, Harve Taylor; Gilliland,
Clarence Morse, George Adams,; Pilot
Rock, C. W. Matthews, Alfred "Hemp
hill, Thomas Jaques, Herbert Boylen,
Oliver Knotts, George Done; Union,
Thomas Hampton, Abe Molstron,
David Nelson; Weston, J. A. Best, J.
A. Baddley, Frank Greer; East Wes
ton, George Williams, Dave Lavender,
George Staggs; Fulton, John Hagen,
i .1. S. Gurdane, Herman Roehlke, Jas.
Nelson; North Athena, W. H. Reeder,
George W. Hansell, Vick Shick, E. S.
Waterman; Ruddock, E. S. Wilbur,
Theodore Harm; Reservation, Claude
D. Crow, J. W. Cornellison, Frauk
Martin, Martin Butuer; Bingham
Springs, J. F. Thompson, Jerry Swart;
Prospect, John Duncan, W. R. Bit
ney; South Athena, G. W. Bradley, E,
v. Dudley; Vinson, Donald Robs, J. W,
Gulliford; Yoakum, R. A. Dozler, W,
A. Woodstock.
Order of Business.
The committee on order of business
reported as follows:
First Selection of 14 delegates to
state and congressional conventions
to be held at Portland on April 1 and
2, 1902.
Second One state senator.
Third Two representatives to the
state legislature.
Fourth One Bherlff.
Fifth--One county clerk,
Sixth One county recorder.
Seventh One county assessor.
Eighth One county treasurer.
Ninth One county commissioner.
Tenth One county surveyor.
Eleventh One coroner.
Twelfth Justices of the peace and
constables for the various districts In
the county.
After the several committees had
reported it was moved and carried
unanimously that the temporary offic
ers of the convention bo mado the
permanent officers, but no speeches
were mado on the subject. George A.
Cole, of Milton, was mado assistant
State and Congressional Delegations.
Herbert Boylen mado the following
report as chairman of the committee
on statp and congressional delegates;
J, J. Balleray, W. S. flyers, Thomas
Thompson, E. P. Marshall, J. A. Foo,
MasB Mosgrovo, William Ferguson, J.
A. Dudley, J. A, Best, T. P. Gilliland,
L. I. Gault, A. B, Thompson, L. B.
Reoder, P. S, CurL
Furnfsh Indoraed for Governor.
At this point ex-Judge J. A, Fee
offered the following resolution, which
was adopted amid great enthusiasm
by a unanimous vote:
"We, the republicans of Umatilla
county, in conventlop assembled,
pledge anew our loyalty to toe prin
ciples and " teachings and policies of
the party and cherishing the most
grateful remembrance of its distln-
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
New York, March 12. Tho wheat
nuiiKut was without speclnl features
today, although Inclined to bo weak
early. The coarse grains were strong,
corn cIobIdk better than yester
day. Liverpool closed lowor, 6 I.
Now York opened 82 and closed 82 U.
Chicago opened 7GV1 and closed
Stocks steady. Monoy 4 per cent.
Closed yesterday. 82.
Opened today, 82.
Hango today, Sl,fTS2i.
Closed today, 82'd.
Sugar, 120.
Steel, 42.
St. Paul. 161.
Union Pacific, 9S.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, March 12. Wheat 70 VI 3
70V cents per bushel.
Charged With Having Stolen Dia
monds in Portland.
Chicago, March 11. Chained to his
wife an dguarded by live dctoctlvos
and a sheriff, Charles Savago, n ne
gro, who is charged with bolng im
plicated In tho $11,000 diamond rob
bery In Portland, Ore., Inst Novombor,
arrived In Chlcngo from Montreal,
Canada, nnd continued on tho wny to
Portland. Savago and his wife wore
arrested after a chaBo across tho con
tinent. Savago Is charged with en
tering tho room and robbing tho
trunk of A. F. Lowcnthnl, a Now
York diamond merchant, while tho
latter was stopping at a Portland ho
tel. Savago and a woman named
True Johnson, who was arrested in
Omaha, are charged with having dis
posed of tho stolen property.
Plan Propose! to Remedy Tariff
Muddle in Congress,
(Concluded on page 8.)
Missouri Republicans Hopeful.
Excelsior Springs, Mo., March 12.
There are several candidates boforo
tho Third district congressional re
publican convention In session hero
today and tho result Is problematic
al, i Tho Third Is a democratic dis
trict, and it wns represented In con
gress by A. Ml Dockory for many
years. The margin Is smaller now,
however, and tho republicans hopo
that they can carry It by making a
long campaign.
Men of Note to be Present
'Newport News, Va., March 12.
xno uusmess men's association has
mado groat preparations for Its an
nual bunquot, which takes placo to
night. Governor Montntrun nnd Proa.
ldont Gtovens. of tho Cliesaneako &
Ohio railway, are among tho men of
note who navo accepted invitations
to oo present.
To Buy Friars' Lands.
Washington, March 12. Prosldont
uooseveit lias decided to appoint a
commission to negotiate for tho pur
chaso of the friars' lands in tho Phil
ipplnes. The matter will bo taken up
by tho presidont and Governor Taft
as soon as tho latter is sufficiently
recovered rrom jus illness. Tho per
sonality of tho commission has not
yet ueen considered.
The Immigration Bill.
Washington, March 12. Tho com-
mltteo on Immigration today author
ized tho chairman to roport favorably
on tho now Immigration bill. Tho
mil raises poll taxes from ?l to fl.DO,
provides for keeping out alion anarch
ists and compels steamship compa
nies to roturn immigrants evon after
a period of fivo years Jf thoy provo
undesirable acquisitions.
Another Bank Robbed.
Now Castlo, Ind,. March 12. Tho
flank of New Castle was burglarized
by seven men tha morning, who se
cured 3800 in money and $500 in
Btaropa and aomo Jowelry. Threo men
held the citizens at bay whllo the
other four robbed tho safe.
Another Bank Robbery;
Lafayetto, Ind.. March 11. Tho
bank at Earl Park was robbed of flQOO
by safe blowoib this morilog.
Triplets Have Reunion.
Baltimore Md March 12. Abra
ham, Isaac and Jacob Prico, sons of
Mr. and Mrs. Ephrlam Price, of Here
ford, this county, celebrated tho forty"
second anniversary of their birth to
day. Physicians sny that cases of
triplets of tho samo sex living till
the prime of life Is romarkablo. The
Messrs. Price wore born In York
county, Pennsylvania. Thoro wore
nino children In tho family, including
tho triplets, and all nro living nnd
enjoying good health. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Ephriam Price, the head of this ro
markablo family, are halo and hearty
and recently celebrated their golden,
Beet Sugar Men Not Satisfied, But
Compromise Will Probably Be En
tered Into, as a Conference has
Been Called by the Leaders for
That Purpose.
Washington, March 12. A move
ment for a compromise between tho
Cuba tariff reduction and beet sugar
republicans In the house took tan
gible shape In the form of a bill thin
afternoon. Tho formal proposal em
anated from tho ways and means men.
Thoyoffored tho plan of Representa
tive Sibley, of Pennsylvania, railing
for a 20 por cent reduction on Cuban
sugar. This reduction Is to expire In
December, 1H03. A committeo from
each sldo was appointed to fix tho
time, for a conference. Tho beet
sugar leaders aro not satisfied with
the plaiiB, but among their followers
there is a disposition to nccept tho
terms and tho solution of tho vexed
question is now nearer than at any
time since tho beginning of tho agitation.
PJstol Shooting Tourney.
Now York, March 12. Many prom
inent revolver and plRto! shots aro
competing In tho tournament which
began at tho Knickerbocker Athletlo
Club today, to contluuo until Satur
day. Tho tournamont Is to decide
the indoor pistol and revolver cham
pionships of tho Ulntcd States Revol
ver Association. To tho winner will
bo awarded a gold medal and cham
pionship cup, to bo held one year.
There nro six ranges bo that amplo
facilities aro afforded tho contestants,
whllo tho sents for tho accommoda
tion of tho spectators being arranged
In tlors permit an unobstructed view
of tho mutch.
Jtist Received
Handsome materials for
Ladies' Waists, delicate
shades of Pink, Light
Blue, White, Red and'
Old Rose, per yard
58c and 85c
i 4
Heavy Goods for Tailor
Made Suits and Unlined
46-inch Black or Blue
Cheviot Serge fJ8e
per yard . . .
54-inch Heavy Oxford
Mixed Skirt- QRr
tag, per yard
54-inch Black
Cheviot and
cords, per,
yard . . .
nd Whip-
Golden Rule