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For Won, Boys and Children
"We claim tb have the Ie3t anrtmeut of popular .priced Shoes
j . ', . In the uit.v.
Childrens Shoes $1.25 to 51.50
Boys' Shoes 1 .25 to 2.25
' ' Mun' Working Shoes. . 1-40 'to' 2.5 '
k - Mens' Dress Shoes 2.50 to 5.00
We have just received u line of Canvas and Bicycle Shoesvhich
va a'eselling twenty-live per cent cheaper than any other store
in the town.
One Price Clothiers, Furnishers and Hatters, Pendleton.
.MONDAY. MARCH 10. 1!)02.
Roosevelt is the new name given to i
what was formerly known at Greenr
wich point, a small village south of
Hemstead, L. I. The village has just
been renamed.
The foremast of the German em
peror's yacht. Meteor was stopped in
New York Saturday. The ninsj is
80 feet high and 22 inches in diameter
and is of Oregon pine.
It is claimed that in one week S5
000,000 worth of automobiles have
been sold by dealers who have their
machines on exhibition at the auto
mobile shew in Chicago.
Captain Charles P. Bigger, one of
the Civil War captains .of the Rich
mond Light Infantry Blues, and Com
mandant of the Lee Camp Soldiprs'
Home, committeed suicide at Rich
mond, Virginia, Saturday.
Representative Pearre in congress
introduced a resolution extending the
thanks of congress to Admiral Schley
for his services in the battle of San
tiago on July 3, 1898. He presented
also a joint resolution of the Mary
land genera! assembly requesting the
senators and representative m con
gress to use their utmost endeavors
to secure such action.
The commission of internal reve
nue has decided that the proceeds cf
a life insurance policy payable to a
person Insured or to his legal repre
sentative, is a part of the deced
ent's estate. If, however, it is pay
able to someone else, the proceeds
are not to be treated as a part of his
estate, but are payable direct to the
beneficiaries named in the policy, and
are not subject to legacy tax.
The statements of the four national
hanks in Portland show 2.000,000 in
crease in business.
H. H. Stanton, at his home near
Salem, died Saturday night. He
leaves a wife and six children.
Nancy A. Lofton, the wife of Steph
en Lofton, of Hamilton, Grant county,
died on the 23d ult, after a short ill
.ness of pneumonia.
George Marshal died Saturday,
aged 74 years. He was born in Brad
ford county, New York, November
14, 1828, and came to Oregon in 1870,
settling near Currinsvilie. A wife
and seven children survive him.
Tuesday evening, March 11, the Sa
lem lodge of Elks will give a minstrol
show. The entertainment will be
given exclusively by members of the '
Salem lodge and several of the songs 1
have been written by the Salem Elks. ,
Ttev. George M. Pierce, a well
known Methodist Episcopal minister,
and founder of the Trinity. Central
Alblna, Woodlawn and University
Methodist churches, and the Patton
House, Portland, died Saturday at his
home in Sunnyside. ;
Tho newly elected bishop of the
Mormon church, of the La XJrande dis
trict. George Stoddard, of the Stod-
dard Brothers' Lumber Company, of
Baker City, has just been elected gen
eral manager of the La Grande Sugar
Works, and has taken charge of the
Senator Turner, of Washington,
states that when the river and harbor !
hill comes before the commerce ccfin
initteo of the senate, of which he Is a j
member, he will endeavor to supple- J
mont it by an increased appropriation 1
which will provide for opening the up
per Columbia to navigation and bo. i
;Boves he will be successful. I
Mrs. Sarah H. Jeffors, who died Fri-'
day morning, March, at tho home of
her daughter, Mrs.' George L. Hub-!
bard, at Montavllla, near Portland,'
was born September 21, 1808, in Ponn-!
sylvanla. She was married in 1829!
to Joseph Jeffors, of Wheeling, "SV. 1 tho north side of tho river in Raloy's
Va. In 1847 Mr, and Mrs. Jeffers came addition. Fine location and well grad
to Oregon, settling first In Oregon ed. Inquire of N. W. Potwine, Pondlo
CUy, ton, Or.
The Pendleton.
A. Sinsheimer, Portland.
J. A. Davis. San Francisco.
G. S. Youngman, Portland.
E. B. Corman. Portland.
C. A. Willits, Boston.
J. F. Young, Spokane.
Mrf. Young, Spokane.
T. lV. Jackson, Portland.
J . Burns, Portland.
George Dallman, Chicngo.
W. S. Marcus, Chicago.
F. W. Schmidt, Boise.
Edgar Sibray, Portland.
A. Ii. Grant. Portland.
H. V. Carpenter, city.
Thomas M. Chamberlain, Montana.
Mrs. T .C. Warner, Fort Wayne.
Master Harold Warner, Fort Wayne.
George Stevens, Spokane.
C. B. Horen, Pullman.
C. M. Smith, Pullman.
H. Donly, city.
F. W. Vallle,. Portland.
Sig L. Cohen. Minnesota.
T. Held. Portland.
Orion Klnersley, Portland.
R. D. Sawyer, Portland.
T. E. Roster, Portland.
H. W. B. Smith, Baker. City.
J. C. Lonergan, Tacoma.
A. S. Heatfield, Spokane. .
W. R. Glendening, Portland.
J. H. Kloeckner, Portland.
Frank Bruce, New York.
W. R. Ferguson.
R. W. Browne, Portland.
J. N. Cole, Arkansas.
George Harris, Portland.
Andrew Nylander, Portland.
Frank J. Parker, Walla Walla.
E. A. Bower, Huntington.
H. H. Scovef San Francisco.
George McGilvery, Spokane.
H. W. Loveland, Portland.
A. W. McEwan. Indianapolis.
T. T. Fountain, Chicago.
S. S. Gill, Spokane.
Dr. Christie, city.
J. P. McManus, city.
A. Galbraith, Janesville.
William Maher, Portland.
The Golden Rule.
John Spencer, Montana.
Sam Spencer, Montana.
Mrs. M. E, Wester and family, Pull
H. Fudden and wife, Boise.
A. C. "Connelly, Seattle.
Mike Jacob, San Francisco.
Charles Carroll, Spokane.
J. T. Lucas, Wasco.
John G. Htlfrlch, Spokane.
R. B. Hayhurst, Spokane.
M. B. Runkle, Spokane.
W. .H. Zellor, Adams.
D. G. Hill. Milton.
A. Schwartz, city.
T. N. Churchill, Chicago.
G. H. Greer, Beatrice.
J. J. Holbrook, Granite.
Silas O'Neill, Movlile.
Emily Harris .Boise.
Mrs. Sam Miller, Joplln.
E. D. Gay, Glen Ellon.
Henry Sharkey and wife, Spokane.
H. Fanning.
F. J. Parker, "Walla Walla.
E. G. Stonebraker, Delmar.
Mrs. H. B.B Corey, Delmar.
P. tE. Hunsucker.
R. E. Porter and wife, Meacham.
W. N. Cole, Durkee.
J. T. Sutton, Joseph.
W. M. Fraker.
W. R. Hilyard, Merwln.
R. Hilyard, Meacham.
Richard Abell, Meacham.
Dick Adams.
J. E .Young.
T. D. .Tanens.
J. M. Duval!.
J. T. Bailey, Chicago.
Alonzo Riggs, Portland.
Mr, M'astratte and family.-
A. P. Wingfiold, San Francisco.
William J. Mono(i Spokane.
H. Honker, Portland.
D. Lindsay, Portland.
R. E. Ginchard, Walla Walla.
J. B. Catrous, Wnlla .Walla.
Thomas J. Smith, Walla Walla.
G. D. Galley, Walla Wlalla.
G. W. Bradley, Athena.
For Sale.
Twelve hulldintr lots In block 14. nn
mm world
The Year 1902 Promises to be an
Eventful one for the Arbiters of
Styles; New and Original Novel
tics. New York, Alhrch 10. This promises-to
lie an eventful year for the ar
biters of fashion, for in the demand
for something new and original so
many novelties have been put upon
the market that, speaking in the
terms of business managers, they are
drugs. Yet it must be acknowledg
ed that the majority of these novel
ties are fetching and just sufficiently
unique to appeal to the fom Inine
There never was a year when there
was such a rage for naming now fads
after the popular plays of the season.
For instance, there is displayed in
one of Gotham's most exclusive shops
a dainty arrangement for the coiffure
styled the "Du Barry Hair Orna
ment." It consists of a fluffy rosette
of chiffon whicli is placed at the back
of tho right ear at one end of a band
of the same material laid over a
strip of taffeta. This band is then
carried over the crown of the head
and fastened behind the left ear when
It is finished with another rosette to
correspond with the opposite side.
The effect is very charming and with
the low style of headdress which
prevails no prettier arrangement for
the coiffure could be desired.
Another fashion with a theatrical
name Is the Toredor collarette. This
consists of a tiny turnover to bo worn
with the stock. It comes in linen and
various shades and rather heavv in
appearance though light in weight.
The surface of the linen is finished
in rather dull effect and when the
collarette is embroidered with silk
of a contrasting color, the pattern id
urougnt out quite nicely. The pat
terns most used are French polka
dots, small traceries of runninsr vines
j-and tiny groups of small flowers. To
accommodate tlie vogue for appliques
many of the little Toreador collarettes
have applied bands of insertiou'very
narrow and equally elegant in quality
and these are stitched on with colored-
silks. Cuffs .and belts come to
match the collettes, and now that
Easter preparations are in order, it
would not be a bad idea for the wo
man who is skillful With her needle
to utilize the idea in' making gifts for
Then there is the Florodora ruff, a
chic and artistic creation to be worn
about the neck. The strictly "Floro
dora" ruff is carried out in black
silk crenon of finest nualitv and light
est -weight, but there are many pretty
conceits in other colors, and also a
few combinations. The ruff is com
posed of several double frills of cre
pon stitched upon a band of taffeta,
having their greatest width in the
back. At the front and sides there
is a graduated effect which narrows
regularly until the front ends are no
wider than the long streamers of ac
cordian plated chinon into which they
The fancy bodices for spring are
out in full glory and the fominine
heart turns to them as does the
young pan's thoughts to love, to us
a, poetic comparison, but not so light
ly, for the bodices make tho double
impression of beauty and cost. Thov
are not as radical in the disclosures
of newness as are the skirts, .but
many of the old ideas are carried, out
so artistically that one is satisfied to
have the innovations of treatment
transferred to skirts.
The bodices, however, have one fea
ture which outweighs the advantage
of all other designs and that is thnlr
unlimited variety. All manner of
suks, soft satins and sheer mater
ials appear in them, and lace is a
noticeably plentiful trlmmlntr. sunnle
mented with the inevitable bands of
black velvet.
The coming spring and summer
promise to prove more of white sea
sons than did last spring and sum
mer. Eight-tenths of the bodices dis-
played upon the counters urn rinvni
oped In white fabrics, and these are
seconded in popularity by the de
signs figured with stripes, polka dots
or checks. Now silk and cotton
adlnes come In handsome still colors,
in stripes anu checks and made up
nanusomeiy m bodices when trimmed
with lace. Yokes and berthas are
also to be worn with such waists.
rucking, shirring nnd smocking will
be a popular resort in decorating
dress bodices, and, of course, there is
the UBual run of applications nnd in
set pieces of lace.
While a number of hoilfnoK fnntnn
In tho back, those buttoning down tho
irom or at tno .side will bo more in
favor, The closed straicht front i
rathor too exnensive to mont tmnnr.
al requirements and as slender effects
are the ones moat sought, designs
carrying out this Idea will be the
most affected.
Time was when a sown that nnsr
three hundred dollars or so was con
sidered steep, veil for the woman
witn a generous dress allowance.
nowadays a frock secured at this fig
ure Is gobbled up in a jiffy and con
sidered a bargain, If It contains the
fentures of tho newest modes.
Eight hundred or a thousand does
not really evoke a protest and a mo-,
diste hns to figure around tho twolve
hundred dollar mark to make the ul-
tra-fashlonably dressed woman openj
her eyes or draw her breath.
Some of the ""modistes are making
desperate efforts to supercede Insert
ed lace with shimmering pallcttes
and bends. A bewitching frock of
cornflower hlno chiffon is covered
with spangles and trimmed around
the skirt with a flounce of doep lnco
embroidered in mock jewels real
ones are used If one can afford it.
The flounce is kopt In place by
an embroidery of knots of tho liver
order and tho fullness at the hips is
gathered In tiny trucks.
There is a yoke of elegant lace that
trims the skirt and elbow sleeves at
the same, finished at the elbow with
a flower frill of plated chiffon.
Although It Is getting late for
wraps, some very lovely designs aro
seen and many are now under con
struction. A handsome model is
made of white taffeta and intended
for evening wenr. The edges of the
front and lower edges are trimmed
with a deep band of Irish point lace
and the sleeves are overlaid with the
same trimming. There Is a lining of
white satin and the lapels turn back
in splendid contrast with the lace and
silk. In addition to the richness of
the cloak material, the wrap curves
into graceful outlines and lends a
dignity to the bearing, that might be
well envied by a queen.
These cloaks will be worn through
out the summer at the varipus resorts
over thin unllnetl gowns and though
In their original form they cost a
small fortune, they can be duplicated
without losing any of their beautiful
effect at a surprisingly small cost.
Could Not Breathe.
Coughs, colds, croup, grip, bronchi
tls, other throat and lung troubles are
quickly cured by One Minute Cough
Cure. One Minute Cough Cure is not
a mere expectorant, which gives only
temporary relief. It softens and liqui
fies the mucus, draws out the inflam
mation and removes the cause of the
disease. Absolutely safe. Acts at
once. "One Minute Cough Cure will
do all that Is claimed for it," says
Justice of the Peace J. Q. Hood, Cros
by, Miss. "My wife could not get her
breath and was relieved by the first
dose. It has been a benefit to all my
family.'" Tallman & Co. and Brock &
Among interesting topics is the at
titude of of England and other powers
toward the United States during the
Spanish war. We know what any of
them would have done had they only
The homliest man in Pendleton as
well as the handsomest, and others
tre invited to call on any druggist
ind get free a trial bottle of Kemp's
Balsam for the throat and lungs, a
-emedy that Is guarnteed to cure and
relieve all chronic and acute coughs,
lsthma, bronchitis and consumption.
Price 25c and 60c. For sale by Tall
man & Co., sole agents.
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you When you are very
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Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Moens, Proprietor.
Tt- - XJ..j r - 631 rwii
j. uuiup&uu iiaroware vuiupaiiy ptiouc
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Spring Stock it 'S a sweeping reduction in
prices, too, and the wise housekcopor will do
well to take advantage of them. Come now
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Vortiers, Rugs, otc. Closing out an elegant
line of Kope .Portiere, Matting and Wall Paper.
Sewing Machines of All Kinds.
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Special Rates ta Eastern Oraa ..l D..ti.ad
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announce the
rival of adva
shipment of
latest styles of
and . .
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merchant tailor I
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Yot Bay
Garden Seeds in
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Finest Hod
Jn the P