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    FRIDAY, MARCH 7, lflOI
4t9.t KtT CO
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lit, an unequaled combination
Tnf ease, eloquence and economy
Successors to Clearer Brothen.
Candidate's Announeament.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
the nomination of county treasurer of Umatilla
county, subject to the will of the next republl-
i county convention. a. r . muta.
Ed Hastings, of Milton, is in town.
-j -J), f Stewart is in town from Prine
ttille. J T. H. Beattie, a prominent "Weston"
citizen, is In town.
Lon Williams, a farmer of Weston,
-was in the city Thursday.
(Will Lyons 1b confined at home with
a cold and a touch of fever.
Deputy "United States Marshal Zo
cth Houser is in Pendleton from his
home in- Portland. .
lee W. Roberts and William Hos
Jdns are at the Golden Rule hotel
from Walla W&lla,
A. H. Tovel has filed his intention
jsvith the county clerk of becoming an
American citizen. He is a German.
Thomas Jaques has filed his bond in
the sum of $200, as road master. R.
H. Wilcox and W .P. Temple are his
Edmond Tobin and Ethel Mclnnls
jwere united in marriage Thursday, at
the Church of the Redeemer, by Rev.
-iW. 13. "Potwlne.
Marriage licenses were issued by
County Clerk Chamberlain yesterday
to Edmond Tobin and Ethel Mclnnls,
fcoth of Umatilla county.
Jeff Fosset, of Baker City, spent
last night in Pendleton and left this
morning for Walla Walla to visit his
parents. Mr. Fosset expects to re
turn to Pendleton in a few days and
locate here.
Iter. J. C. Douglass, pastor of the
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MF Main
I intlacilv A1I, lUWllAVU vJUUl, VA., Btreet.
Baptist church in Pendleton for sev
eral years, will dollvor an address to
night at Mount Tabor, near Portland,
In the Methodist church, on "Scenes
: In Alaska, Yellowstone Park, Pales
! tine nnd Europe," Mr. Douglass hav
ing visited all of these places In the
ktfct lew years.
Miss Bertha Sumner, chief doputy
of the Women of Woodcrnft, returned
from Ukiah this morning. She had
gone there at the request of that camp
Hfer the lnstttntlen-of a circle. Miss
Sumner rcports-aJCharter being filled
that at no distant Tlay-a circle ofJ
the Pendleton order will be establish -
ed there.
George Roberts, half brother of
Judge Ellis, accompanied by his fam
ily, arrived today from Peoria, 111.,
and will make their future home in
this county. Mr. Roberts was -here
during the winter and was so well
pleased with the country that he went
back home, sold his farm and town
property and returned to spend the
rest of his life in Oregon.
C. W. Courtney stopped at Hotel
Pendleton last night, on his way to
Weston with his father, S7 years of
age, who was thrown from a rig at his
home near Hailoy, Idaho, three weeks
ago and laid four hours in a rain
storm before he was found by his
friends. The old gentleman escaped
having any bones broken, but Is in a
serious condition from the exposure.
He is going to Weston to make his
home with his daughter.
Picked Up a "Grounder" and
Died from the Effects of It.
A valuable milch cow belonging to
Mrs. T. J. Gallaher met death Mon
day in a manner unrecorded, per
haps, of any other cow on this hemis
phere. Ray Gallaher had just bought
a league ball at Proebstel's, and by
practicing at home was perfecting
himself in the national game. He
"muffed" a "fly" thrown into the air,
and as the ball rolled along the
ground it was suddenly seized by the
C6W under the mistaken impression
that it was some delicate morsel par
ticularly suited to her gastronomy.
Ray had paid $1.26 for the ball, and
strongly objected to the cow's unwar
ranted interference with the gamo on
account of her ignorance of national
league rules against chewing the ball,
as well as "chewing the rag"' with
the umpire. He promptly gave chase
ad tried to get the sphere out of her
mouth, L'Ut she hung on like a poli
tician to a Sinecure, soon sne nau
it half swallowed, " after a period
of desperate choking She departed to
that mysterious pasture" from which
no quadruped returns, Jeaving a
young calf mntherless.--;Weston
In Hull's District.
Des Moies iai March 7. Among
th1 annnnrters of Congressman J. A.
T. Hull, who is a candidate for the
renomination, no fear is felt over the
outcome of the republican primaries
being held today. Congressman Hull
has an opponent in the person of
Judge S. F. Prouty. The latter has
made a spirited canvass, but the gen
eral feeling is that Hull will win out
Gen. Lee Honored in Boston.
Boston, Mass., March 7. General
Fitzhugh Lee, former Consul-General
to Havana, who came to attena tne
reception to Prince Henry, remained
in Boston today as a guest oi tne
city. Before the Minute juen oi
Tremont Temple, an organization
founded by the Rev. Dr. Lorimer, ne
will deliver an address tonight on
"Peace and War in the United States
and Cuba."
lmportant Postal Change. ..
Seattle. Wash.. March 7. Begin
nlng today., mails for Australia, ori
ginating In the United States, which
heretofore were made up for ship
ment at Vancouver, are to be made
up at the Seattle postofflce. The
chance is expected to result in a
great improvement in the service.
Smoke Pride of Umatilla Cigars.
The Cunard line is to build two
passonger steamers to eclipse in size
anything afloat. They are to be over
700 feet long and of 48,000 horse pow
or each.
Smoke Pride of Umatilla Cigars.
Thlfl signature) is on erery box ot the genalna
Laxative Dromo-yuinine Tbieu
lie remedy that it cM in ea tar.
Combinations Being Made as the
Fighting Progresses; a Number of
Candidates for State Senator;
Those who Want Other Offices.
" 'a r , nnm, nf Z,
8 vo-- "ft of the couple of dozen
II 1.. 1 A. ll. I - XI . A
men who are aspirants for the differ
ent positions, the nominations to
which will be made at the republican
county convention to bo held at the
court house in Pendleton on Wednes
day, March 12, and at the democratic
convention to bo held later. It;would
however, require the gift of clalr
voyancy developed to a remarkable
degree to fortell the names of those
who will be nominated. In fact, It is
impossible, owing to the numerous
combinations which will undoubtedly
be made as the campaign progresses.
The preliminary political battle is
being waged today between the
friends of Judge Stephen A. Lowell
and W. J. Furnish. Upon the out
come thereof hangs the hopes of the
condidates for county positions.
Again, the result of the republican
county convention will have an im
portant bearing upon the nominations
which will be made by the democratic
county convention.
The Senatorial Office.
First in importance, perhaps, par
ticularly from a political standpoint,
after the favorite son for governor,
has been decided upon, is that of
state senator. Umatilla is entitled to
one state senator, and, in connection
witli Union county, a joint senator.
On the republican side a number of
candidates are in the field, the more
prominent being the following: Dr.
F. W. Vinent, Judge J. J. Balleray and
Hon. T. C. Taylor, of Pendleton; Hon.
G. W. Proobstel, of Weston. It has
been rumored for the past ten days
that-the Furnish faction was willing
to allow Mr. Taylor to have this nom
ination. The Lowell crowd are
not willing to admit, for the
fractional part of a second,
that Mr. Taylor' nomination depends
upon the willingness or unwillingness
of the Furnish contingent. Mr. Tay
lor has been a lifelong republican and
gained the honorable distinction of
being the president of the senate at
the last session of the legislature
of which he was a member. He has
recently expressed himself as being
anxious to have a strong ticket nom
inated, regardless of hi$ personal as
pirations. It is a possibility that Mr.
Taylor might be the nominee for
joint senator, in case the struggle In
Union county should result in a dead
locit'benTC"" tlie branclies of the par
rv there "controlled by J. M' ChurCl'i
and .1. M. Scriber,
That wouiu giYt
. 1 i 1
Mr. Proebstel pretty fair sailing, pro
viding the Lowell men control the
republican county convention. The
nomination of a joint senator is con
ceded to Union county if it unites up
on either Church or Scriber with a
reasonable degree of unaninilty. It
is quite a natural inference that Dr.
F. W. Vincent will receive the nom
ination if the Furnish star should lie
on the ascendant, this prediction be
ing based upon his management of
Pendleton municipal affairs, hut
more particularly in his ability shown
in conducting the campaign of poll'
tics as chairman of the central com
mittee. a position giving him full
scope for his executive ability, which
is acknowledged by all to he of a
high order. Judge Balleray has many
friends who would be pleased to as
slst him to obtain anything within
reason. He has fought many a good
fight for his party and has seldom
asked anything for himself.
Dr. Smith for Senator.
On the democratic side but one
name, that of C. J. Smitji, of Pendle
ton, has been mentioned with any
particular assurance as a candidate
for state senator.
Umatilla county is entitled to two
members of the .lower house. Three
prominent republican candidates are
T. J. Kirk, who is a representative at
present; L. M. Watrus, of Adams;
Claud Steen, of Milton, with several
other precincts to hear from. The
name of Sheriff William Blakley has
been montloned aB a democratic nom
inee. He refused to give the sub
ject much consideration when asked
about, it not being personally anxious
lor the position. As Mr. Blakley lias
jiover refused to respond and assist
in the battles of his party 1J. is rea
sonable to suppose that ho will not
refuso the nomination If tendered him
by a unanimous convention. Ho has
been honored by his party In the past,
and, if nominated, will cause a hustle
on the part of his republican oppon
ents to keep him from winning.
Candidates for Sheriff.
The candidates for the shrievalty
nomination on tho republican ticket
are M. J. Carney, of Pendleton; C. A.
Barrett, of Athena; F. M. Kimberk, of
Adams; F. S. Curl, of Pendleton. Mr.
Carney was Georgo E. Porringer's
closest competitor for tho nomination
two years ago, and .acted gracefully
after having been defeated. It Is
quite probable that he will bo selected
for the position this year. On the
democratic side there are but two as
pirants, Til D, Taylor, who has been
Sheriff Blakloy's efficient deputy for
the pnBt four years; and John M.
Heathman, until recently Pendloton's
mnrshnl. The con 'tuition will decide
between the aitils or the two men
The Clerkship Post.
For clerk It niny be statcll with' a
reasonable degree of certainty that
William D .Chamberlain, of Athonn,
will bo selected as the democratic
nominee. As an opponent, Mr.
Cliamheiialn will probably havo
Frank O. Rogers, also of Athena, al
though George A. Cowl, of Milton,
ma yget the nomination. Both Air.
Cowl and Mr. Rogers seem to be
somewhat undecided as to whethor
to try for the clerkship or recorder
Bhip nomination.
Charles H. Marsh, chief deputy In
the recorder's office under Recorder
James W. Moloney, and in charge
since July 1, when Mr. Maloney ac
cepted a position in tho Pendleton
Savings bank, has tho inside track
for the democratic nomination.
The two most prominent republican
candidates for recorder are H. A.
Faxon, who was chief clerk In the
sheriff's offce for four "years under
Sheriff Houser; nnd W. H. Folsom, of
Pilot Rock. It is said also that John
E. Bean has fixed his covetous eye
upon tho position. Mr. Bean is stock
inspector at present.
The Trcasuryshlp.
S. K. YaFes, of Milton, who holds
the office at present; and B. F. Renn
and Dr. E. J. Summorvillo, of Pendle
ton, are after tho republican nomi
nation for treasurer.
No name has ben mentioned out
loud for the democratic nomination
for treasurer or ommlsslonor. How
ever, in connection with tho office of
treasurer, W. D. Hansford's name has
been suggested, and he would make a
good run, being in every way
fitted for the trust. Jerry
Durham, of Pilot Rock, wants the re
publican nomination for commission
er to succeed T. P. Gilliland, of
Ukiah. Mr. Gilliland states that he
has" served two terms of four years
each in that responsible and onerous
position, and, if consulting . his own
personal Inclinations, would decide
to take a rest. His friends here
have been insisting that he again
make the race, and if the nomination
should be tendered to him it would
be a plain case of the office seeking
the man.
George Buzan Is a candidate to suc
ceed himself as assessor, and as op
ponent for the republican nomination
will have Alex Hudson, of McKay,
and Charles A. Frazier of Pendleon.
'John Wf. Kimbrell will be before the
republican convention as an opponent
of Charles E. McComber, who has
been serving In that capacity for the
past two years. Mr. Kimbrell held
the position -for a number of terms,
but refused to allow his name to go
before the last convention, thus giv
ing Mr. McComber a clear field.
Slow in Coming Forward.
Democratic candidates for treasur-
r, surveyor and coroner are bIow in
coming to the front. Georgo a.
Hartman, Sr., county judge, when in
terviewed as to -who would bo the
democratic nominee, said: "That
matter will be decided by the conven
tion in truly democratic style. Since
Furnish went over to the republican
narty it is impossible to tell In ad
vance who are going to be nommau
ed, as the convention is run without
It is quite likely that Dr. W. G.
Colo will again bo chosen as coroner
on the republican ticket, to which po
sltion he was elected two years ago
The Result at the Primaries.
The result at the primaries being
held today will largely govern the
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nominations, hut when it has once
been learned which faction of tho re
publican party is in control, the can
dldates will bo nblo to better figure
upon tho chances or success, u wiu
republican county convention should
endorsed tho aspirations of W. J. Fur
nish for governor, some of the aR
plrants fqr county offices would rush
for cover, knowing that they could .
not get standing room In the bnn-
quet hall, let alone a seat at the pie i
tnblu. On tho other hand, it a.
Lowell should win his point, other
candidates would be In the same situ
ation as regards getting anything in
tho matter of prizes.
For a Model Town.
San Francisco, Cal., Marcli 7. riio
Richmond Land Company has bought
420 acres Just east of tho Santa Fo,
railroad terminal, near Port 'Rich
mond, and is making arrangements to
lay out a model city, patterned after
the city of Pullman, 111. Among tho
features of tho company's plans are
tho erection of churches and school
houses', as well as dwelling houses
'Intended for the use of tho omployes
of tho Standard Oil Company's re
finery. Play for Golf Championship.
Los Angeles, Cal., March 7. Many
Easterners are taking part in tho
tournament for tho opon golf chain
pionshlp of Southern California,
which began today on the links of the
Los Angeles Country Club. From in
dications the tournament will bo tho
most successful of its kind ever hold
on the Coast.
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